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Matisyahu – Youth grad school essay help

Youth Review

Matisyahu, also known as Matthew Miller, is the newest edition to the reggae genre, which has had a lot of recognition in the past couple of years. A lot of his attention is likely due to the fact that he is an Hasidic Jew singing Reggae and Rap which is dominated by black Rastafarian artists. Youth, his major debut album, arrives after a couple of live recordings and rocking numerous festivals around the nation. The first song, “Fire of Heaven/Altar of Earth”, kicks off the album well with crazy drumming. Its evident that his time following Phish influenced his music. With the Reggae traditions of Bob Marley, Matisyahu has uplifting songs like “Youth” that chants “young man the powers in your hands slam your fist on the table and make your demands take a stand, you better make the right move.” This means something; with the vibe of Bob Marley’s “Get Up Stand Up”, is talking about how people need to take a stand and express themselves.

Most of Matisyahu’s songs are about spiritual-living, self awareness, and the value of knowledge and learning. I think he blends the teachings of Talmudic and the roots of Jamaica with honor. The thing that I respect the most is that he sings of peace and harmony getting the message across to the youth without the need for parental advisory stickers on the front.

Scars by Papa Roach college essay help online: college essay help online

I tear my heart open. I sew myself shut, my weakness is… that I care TOO much.

Papa Roach’s song, Scars, is art within itself. With a powerful chorus, deep emotions and a fierceness not easily uncloaked, this song can send you into a raging rampage, or, if your like me, into a bawling frenzy.

That powerful chorus, simple, but completely relate-able. The way the words are fit so perfectly, the way the band plays, the way the song IS, you can’t help but be touched or moved by the familiar feelings this band can emit.

“The scars remind me, that the past is real, I tear my heart open, just to feel.”

I mean this song, it can go with a breakup, a death, a loss. This song could easily bring you intense emotions on your best or worst day. Personally, it’s given me determination at times, to get my life in order, to start feeling again, to stop caring TOO much when I know I shouldn’t, at times its also help me simply wallow in self pity and remorse. Songs that are able to provoke thought, and real true feelings, can’t help but to be a favorite in your playlist. You know the feeling, that feeling when a song you just simply must hear comes on, and your heart’s almost restored just by the low bass, the precise drums, the voice, the words, the soul of this song. This song is one of those songs for me. I recommend this one to EVERYONE. Sometimes we need to FEEL. And music is my best friend when this need knocks on my door.

Native Speaker by Braids professional essay help: professional essay help

If you are into idie music then this album could be for you. Braids is a four-piece band that makes music similar to Animal Collective’s but not quite. The sounds might be the same but the vocals are a bit different. Speaking of vocals they might be a turn off the first time you listen. The lead singers voice is sometimes melodic but gets deep at unneccecary points of the song. Which is keeping me from rating this LP a 9/10. Hope you enjoy.
Fav tracks: Lemonade, Native Speaker, Plath Heart

Ten/ Jeremy by Pearl Jam essay help from professional writers: essay help from professional writers

The American Rock Music Band, Pearl Jam, which was formed in 1990 in Seattle, Washington, released their song “Jeremy” in 1992 from their debut album called Ten. The lyrics were written by leader singer/vocalist Eddie Vedder with the music having been written by bassist Jeff Ament. The song was their third single from their album Ten and reached the number 5 spot on the Mainstream Rock and Modern Rock Billboard Charts.

The song was written having been mutually inspired by two events that occured in lead vocalist, Eddie Vedder’s life. On the morning of January 8th, 1991 at about 9:45 A.M a teenage boy from Richardson, Texas, who went by the name of Jeremy Wade Delle, (hence the song title ‘Jeremy’) shot himself during his English class.

After coming to class late that morning he was told by the teacher to go get a hall pass, instead he went to his locker, pulled out a .375 magnum, and walked back to class. He told the teacher, “Miss, I got what I went for,” put the gun up to the roof of his mouth and fired. Eddiie Vedder had read up about the story in the local newspaper and was inspired to not only preserve Jeremy’s memory but to also inspire awareness to all that one must live on despite all of the adversity because when you are gone the world moves on.

This song, “Jeremy,” has a very powerful meaning and Eddie Vedder’s voice is filled with so much passion and soul that it is sure to pull your heart strings to the limit.

In the beginning, the song describes a young boy “drawing pictures of mountain tops,” which to me symbolizes the innocence of a boy in the world who wishes to escape from all of the drama and negativity that exists within. It says, ” with him on top, lemon yellow sun, arms raised, in a V,” his arms are raised upwards towards the sun, which I believe to symbolize the hope he receives from being alone in his own mind. A quiet place, a place where there is no life, for in the real world, life becomes the antynom to happiness.

As the song progresses, it describes how Jeremy isn’t given any attention or affection by his parents but is instead neglected. This part of the song really spoke to me and I would hope it would speak to others in that it is very sad realization and truth in that those who love you the most tend to be the ones who hurt you the most. All the young boy wanted was to speak with his parents about his feelings, that he was scared and alone in the world. All he wanted was the love of his mommy and daddy. But to no avail, nobody would listen to him. He was alone, this is the feeling this song was able to envoke within my mind, heart and soul.

The song was also written in mind with another child-hood experience from Eddie Vedder’s life.
During his highschool years he was a rebellious teenager and had often gotten into many a scrape and fight with one of his peer named Brian. Brian would later shoot at the students in an oceanography class although he did not commit suicide himself. I believe that a lot of the soul and heart-filled passion from the song was derived from the flicker of emotion within Eddie Vedder’s heart, certain windows that had suddenly been opened and the light of inspiration flooded in to create this master-piece of a song.

In the song he says, “my jaw left hurtin, ooh dropped wide open,” in my opinion describes this second inspiration for the song, in which it symbolizes the fights that he had often gotten into with his one of his peers. There is an interesting twist when he says, “just like the day, oh just like the day I heard,” this refers to when Eddie Vedder reads about the tragic suicide of Jeremy Wade Delle and the pain he felt from reading about it equaled, if not exceeded the severity of when he had been hurt in those fights he had during his high school days. I find it very interesting how current events can summon the pain from the past.

Yet, what really set my heart a-crying was when he sings, “Jeremy spoke in class today,” this in my opinion implies that because of all of the taunting by his peers, because of all of the parental neglection, because of all of the feelings of loneliness and sadness of being in a world in which he felt so out of place, having been muted by the pain, he finally spoke.

Eddie Vedder ends the song by singing about trying to erase this memory from the blackboard whicih I have come to believe to not only give the meaning a classroom feel, which appeals to the context of the situation, (having occured in a classroom), but also as a symbol of wanting to forget what happened. Wanting to just erase all of the memories of that tragic cloudy morning.

This song really touched me where I had never been touched before. After listening to the song I just wanted to reach deep down inside of my heart and pull out some of the love I had within and just use it to bring back Jeremy Wade Delle and give him some of the love I had and show him that the world isn’t the big bad wolf that it may sometimes seem. I would pull him out of the wolf’s mouth and bring him back from the mountain tops and lead him out of the woods and bring him back from despair.

I believe this song could really reach out and touch kids and teenagers and speak to them. It would make them think twice about picking on the kids in their class because you just never know what they are feeling deep inside, and you may never know how they will respond.

This song truly is a master-piece and should be listened to by all.

Jonas Brothers essay help cheap: essay help cheap

I will admit that I have OJD, (Obsessive Jonas Disorder). I take no shame in it, either. I am a fourteen-year-old girl, who LOVES the Jonas Brothers. Everyone who doesn’t know them or their songs thinks that they are still the Disney Idols that sing “Year 3000” or “Kids of the Future”. Those are catchy and memorable songs. However, it’s not what they sing now. Their lyrics are deep but relatable. They write and sing songs that about what every other teenager in the world goes through: relationships and hardships. The words to their songs can go so deep that you really feel like you are in the song. It’s not necessarily the words themselves, but the meaning behind them.

“I don’t want to fall asleep. I don’t know if I’ll get up. I don’t want to cause a scene, but I’m dying without your love. Begging to hear your voice, tell me you love me too. I’d rather just be alone, if I know that I can’t have you.” This is the chorus of their song ‘Can’t Have You’. It is one of my favorites. The lyrics are simple but the truth is not. The emotion put into these few words makes them come alive.

“Broken hearts and last goodbyes. Restless nights but lullabies help to make this pain go away. I realize I let you down, told you that I’d be around. But building up the strength just to say… I’m sorry for breaking all the promises that I wasn’t around to keep. It’s on me. This time is the last time I will ever beg you to stay. But you’re already on your way.” The first verse and chorus of ‘Sorry’ come so close to my heart. I’m sure everyone has had a break up, or lost a friend, or even just quarreled with one. But more than that, I know we have all been sorry, at least once, in our lives.

This next song is very touching. Nick, the youngest of the three, wrote it about his type-1 diabetes. “Got the news today. Doctor said I had to stay, a little bit longer, and I’d be fine. When I thought it’d all been said. When I thought it’d all been done, a little bit longer, and I’d be fine. But you don’t know what you got until its gone. And you don’t know what it’s like to feel so low. And every time you smile, you laugh, you glow. You don’t even know. No, no. You don’t even know.” It continues on with a kind of story. This song doesn’t have to be about an illness or disease. It means hat there is always a tomorrow, even when the world is looking dull. It is titled ‘A Little Bit Longer’.

C’mon, lets face it… they ARE teenagers, or close to it, so they do have more light hearted songs. An upbeat, fun song is ‘One Man Show’. “I’m a one man show. I don’t need no one. I’ll be fine alone. Oh yeah. You can call me but I won’t pick up my phone because I’m a one man show. Oh yeah.” Another one is ‘Video Girl’ “Video girl rocked my world for a whole two seconds but now I know I’m not about to be another victim, of the video girl syndrome. Get out of my face, get out of my space. Get some class and kiss the past.. I’m not about to be another victim… of the video girl syndrome.”

The Jonas Brothers aren’t just Disney pop stars. They are three brothers who get to live their dream and encourage others to not give up. They truly are an inspiration to many.

“Live like you’re at the bottom, even if you’re at the top”

– Jonas Brothers

Sean Kingston – Sean Kingston instant essay help: instant essay help

My analysis of this CD is all good. If I had to choose between this and any other that I know, I would choose this one. Seventeen-year-old Sean Kingston has raised my expectations of ­reggae music.

The instruments reflect Kisean Anderson (a.k.a. Sean Kingston) and his Jamaican heritage. The compositions and overall sound by producer Jonathon “JR” Rotem are nothing short of spectacular. With hard-hitting bass at times and less at other times, Rotem produces an album of hits. The strings and brass enhance his voice when he sings or raps.

In “Beautiful Girls,” Rotem brings a ’50s doo-wop feel to the record. Likewise, he adds drums and instruments that reflect Kingston’s voice and the overall feel of the vocals. King­ston brings the heat whether he’s rapping or singing.

A lot of these songs reflect Kingston’s heritage in inner-city Kingston, Jamaica. He sings of his mom and other women, and also raps about ghetto wars of his hometown. The meaning can be less noticeable at times, or they can be plain as day.

My opinion of Kingston’s debut album is that this is only a piece of what we will see from his future working with Beluga Heights and Rotem. In other words, this should be in everyone’s collection, if not on their all-time favorites list. It by far exceeded any expectations I had. For 17 this kid has some serious talent, and I hope to hear more. This album gets five out of five stars from me. Go pick it up today and see for yourself!

Imma be by Black eyed peas essay help app: essay help app

The Elusive High School Diploma
Through the use of musical talent you can live a life of fortune and prosperity. The Black Eyed peas hit single “Imma Be” topped charts all around the nation with its catchy nonsensical beat. The song is broken up into 3 different pieces and is then sang/ Rapped by the members of the group. The members of the group each describe how in the future they will be rich and famous due to their futuristic, new age, music being better than everyone else’s. The song makes a mockery of the English language by imploring popular slang terms and poor structured rhyme schemes to fit to the catchy techno beat. Ultimately the message of the song is that, what you learned in elementary school English is no longer necessary when you have become rich and famous. As well that once glorified by your mediocre music you will spend all of your time at parties and clubs living what you imagine the perfect life to be. Lastly once you have Become Popular and made large amounts of money due to your music, education and common since are a thing of the past.
The song begins immediately lowering the IQ of the listener. The first words out of the mouths of the performers (musicians was a stretch) are “imma be” a slang term used to mean “I am going to be.” At first it was believed they were saying “I am a bee” but many were sadly mistaken when the lyrics were later released. This is only a first in a litany of new vocabulary that the song introduces in an attempt to possibly create a hybrid English language. But sadly this cannot be done and instead just creates an atrocity of grammatical errors and nonsensical words. This song takes the English language and attempts to crush it into a pulp ignoring every simple grammar rule ever taught to you in your elementary school years.
With the use of a catch beat the song entraps young children brainwashing them unsuspectingly. Now often times the lyrics are difficult to understand so many people do not know what they are saying when they chant along to the hypnotic beat, but when looked at the lyrics are vulgar and incredibly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. There is a moment in the song where Will.I.Am references himself become so famous that every woman will want to be impregnated by him, “Imma be ya banker loading out semen.” If parents had any idea the kind of vulgarity behind this song they would most likely never let their children listen to this garbage but the catchy beat gets them hooked. Not only are the words vulgar but the entire idea behind the song is idealizing a filthy way of living popular to Hollywood movie stars and prostitutes.
This song blatantly insults the intelligence of the listener. Not only do they believe that they have to use slang terms and low level English for the unwashed masses, they make blatantly wrong statements and poses the idea that you have the same unhealthy rich fantasy that they do. About half way through the song they say “Imma be in Rio rocking Tokyo” you can’t get much more wrong than that. Not only are these two completely different cities but they are on different continents across the world. Do they truly believe that that the listeners are dumb enough to think this is possible. Besides the completely wrong geographical information, and the use of improper English they go so far as to insult the listener’s intelligence another way. They believe that because of their rich and prosperous life style that “all these folks want to flock to us.” Why would we want to be around some of the most ill informed unintelligent people? It is truly just an insult on us the listener.
The Song “Imma Be” by the Black Eyed Peas has suck a catchy and hypnotic beat that you almost miss what the lyrics are really saying. The first time I heard “Imma Be” is a day I will never forget, it was on the radio in my car on the way to a track meet. By the 3rd stanza I was singing along too as the simplistic lyrics made it quite easy to catch on to. By 3 minutes into the song when I noticed that the lyrics had not varied by blood began to boil, and as I ran my 3200 on the track that meet the catchy beat and butchered lyrics stuck in my head the whole time. This may be the source of my strife but does not change the fact that this song is moronic, unintelligible, and insulting to all who listen.

Every Kingdom by Ben Howard essay help services: essay help services

Ben Howard’s debut album, which was released in 2011, is a remarkable gem of extraordinary consistency and excellence. One of the several things I love about this thing is that in every one of the songs, Ben Howard shows just how good of a singer he is, and it makes for quite an impressive first album.

My favorite song on Every Kingdom would have to be Old Pine, which is the first track. It opens with a minute long acoustic guitar intro. I found this to be incredibly relaxing, and it builds up until Ben Howard starts singing with his smoky voice. The lyrics of this entire tune made me feel as if I was relaxing on a beach on a summer evening. That’s how good the lyrics are: I felt completely immersed in this song, as well as the others on this album, as I kept listening.

This solo artist is one that I discovered on Spotify last year, along with many others. He has a musical style that is so genuine, and his debut album is a beam of light among a sea of mediocrity. This is further proven by the song Black Flies, in which his vocals are brought down a notch, but not in quality. This is the first song on Every Kingdom, in my opinion, where his vocal delivery became truly angst-ridden. The part where he sings, “No man is an island, oh this I know. Oh can’t you see, maybe you were an ocean, when I was just a stone,” is one that I found to be very heart-wrenching. The lyrics are just so powerful. You see, lyrics are one of the things I look for when determining if a song is enjoyable to me or not. And each track on this album has some of the best lyrics I’ve heard, in all of my time spent listening to music so far.

Keep Your Head Up is my second favorite song on here, mostly because of the overall tone of it. I found this song, in its entirety, to be surprisingly uplifting.
Only Love is another one that is really upbeat, both in its instrumentation and lyrical content.

The Fear is vastly different, because to me, it conveys a powerful message. We all have fear at more than one point of our lives, and it can be quite difficult to overcome this terror that takes hold of us. It can come from a wide array of different situations. The main thing to take away from this particular tune is that, like Ben Howard sings, we live “in the confines of the fear,” and in those moments, we shall overcome, no matter what the situation may be.

Yes, this album is different. But that certainly did not pull me away from it. In fact, this very quality drew me closer. This is an experience not to be missed.

Pink – Mizzundastood my assignment essay help london: my assignment essay help london

Pink returns to the charts with “Missundaztood,” an album with a different sound and style from “Can’t Take Me Home.” Here, Pink moves from an urban pop sound to a more sincere, dark sound. She sings about growing up, becoming a star and other events in her life. With some help from Linda Perry (4 Non Blondes), Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, and Scratch, Pink lets you know a few things about herself and why she may be misunderstood. Never failing to amaze, Pink explains that she is a strong person while still having moments when she wants to be different.

Pink has released four singles: “Don’t Let Me Get Me” is about wanting to be a different person and having little self-esteem; “Just Like A Pill” is about drug use; “Get The Party Started” is about partying; and the latest, my favorite, “Family Portrait” is about her parents’ divorce.

If you have heard and like any of these, you should buy this CD. Then sit back, relax and be amazed by the wonderful sounds of Pink when you get “Missundaztood.”

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