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Matlab (Network traffic/ Erlang B formula/ Erlang C)

I have an excel file that contains a table with UE, Start time, duration in seconds and a matlab file
I want to calculate the erlang b formula based on the excel file provided.
I want to have a plot that counts how many calls recieved in a specific second
time between each call is discrete

. Use the Java class you posted last week (corrected based on any feedback you may have received) and

. Use the Java class you posted last week (corrected based on any feedback you may have received) and add encapsulation to it to include making all attributes private, adding constructor, and adding get and set methods. The main method should create an instance of the class and demonstrate the correct functionality of all the methods.

2. Reply to another student’s post. Suggest different constructors and/or methods and/or behavior of the class that would be consistent with the real object that the class is modeling, or suggest a different version of the code. Write the main method to demonstrate the correct functionality of the additions/modifications. As you reply to the other students, try to reply to a post that does not have a reply yet, and if not; try to reply to a post with a fewer number of replies.

Be sure to create a program different from any of the programs already posted by your classmates or the examples in the class materials.

As you answer these questions, use proper Java naming convention (Camel case), name the class, attribute, and method in a meaningful way to represent the business meaning, and add comments to the Java code as applicable.

The deliverables are the Java code and the documentation. The documentation is a single Microsoft Word document, or PDF containing the screenshot of the results obtained by running the code.


Programming Assignment Help She requires a when[space]key_pressed script that will take a word from the user and display a new word that is the same as the original except that all letters in the second half of the alphabet (n to z inclusive) have been removed.
The user should input the word as a single string and the new word that is displayed should be a single string.
For example, if the user enters
is displayed.
One way to think about creating the new word for display is to start with the new word as an empty string and then work through the letters in the original word from first to last, creating the new word incrementally. This might be visualised as in Figure 2.
a.Create and write down an algorithm to solve this problem. You might like to use the ideas above, or alternatives of your own
b.Create a when[space]key_pressed script to implement your algorithm. Depending on your algorithm and the way in which you choose to implement it, you may also decide to have a when_green_flag_clicked scriptaa
add to it two tests you would perform to check whether the completed program fulfills the specification. (Several tests might be appropriate: you are only required to add two

Modify pwmled2

OverviewIn this lab, you will use TI Code Composer Studio (CCS) to program the TC CC3220x LAUNCHXL to blink some LEDs. Blinking LEDs in the embedded space is equivalent to “Hello, world!” in the desktop space.
During this milestone you will use CCS to edit, compile, and load code into the CC32xx board. You will then proceed to use it for debugging. Throughout this process, you explore the components of a CCS project and the CCS code generator (system config). You will also be able to learn more about the PWM driver.
Goal: Your objective is to blink the green and yellow LEDs on the board.
PromptBegin your work by accessing the Milestone One PWM Lab Guide PDF document. While this document was written for a Windows interface, the tools can be used on Mac or Linux as well. Note that to accomplish the work outlined in the guide, you will need the following:
TI Code Composer Studio (installed)
USB connection between the PC and board
You should have already set up the tools you need to complete this task during your work last week. However, if you would like to review any of the setup information, you may review the guidance in the Module One Assignment. The general setup steps include the following:
Proceed to the CC3220S-LAUNCHXL resource and review the documentation on the Texas Instruments microcontroller.
Download and install the SDK from the CC32xx software development kit.
Sign in to the cloud tools that you are going to be using for development at the Code Composer Studio Downloads website.
Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:
Develop code for all of the specified functionality of the PWM peripheral. The LEDs should alternate between 10% and 90% duty cycles.

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