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MBA 3008 Introduction to Marketing

For your initial essay, choose Starbucks as a example and identify process, people, and presence of its marketing mix.
Explain the organization’s marketing mix in an essay
In your replies, consider these questions: What can we infer about the organization based on its marketing mix? How is the marketing mix related to the organization’s mission? Is it consistent with the organization’s commitment to sustainability? Why or why not? Keep in mind that replies might include requesting additional details, contributing additional information, or sharing relevant experiences. Remember to cite your sources using APA format.

Microsoft Exelence Case Study

Critically examine
the Case Study : 1- Evaluate Microsoft’s product and marketing evolution
over the years.
What has the company done well,
and where did it falter?
2-Evaluate Microsoft’s recent expansions into areas
such as search engines and smartphones. Do you
think these are good areas of growth for Microsoft?
Why or why not?
word document of 500 words/ three references/ free plagiarism/ powerpoint 3 slides to cover main questions.

Marketing Question

Marketing Assignment Help Select a Post A made by another classmate that includes a different county.
Compare the seven items ?There are details in the file I uploaded.?with the county you selected for your Post A.
Discuss differences in the demographics between the two counties.

Marketing Strategies Question

Draft 1
Marketing Environment. Analyze the dynamics of the marketing environment for your company’s product.Summarize the marketing mix for your company’s product and explain which market orientation (or combination thereof) you will adopt in setting product strategy.
Who is the most influential actor in the microenvironment for your company’s product and why?
What is the most influential force in the macro-environment for your company’s product and why?

Buyer Behavior. Determine the purchase decision process for the buyer of your company’s product.What is the purchase process for your company’s product? Is it B2C or B2B? What stages of the buying process are most critical for the buyers of your product and why?
What are the strongest buying influences on the purchasers of your company’s product, and how can you use an understanding of those influences on your buyers to a strategic advantage?
Where does your company’s product fall on the diffusion of innovation curve, and what are the strategic implications of this on the marketing of your company’s product?

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