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Media and Fashion

Discuss at least two Hitchcock films of your own choice, engaging with both the Fawell reading and the works on film costume (Gaines and Macdonald). How does costume offer its own feminist discourse? Please pay attention to the roles of makeovers (if present) and the way fashion is implicated in storytelling to complicate the gendered gaze.Or Costume pictures and television shows have been singled out as a form that appeals particularly to women through the use of dress. Yet they are also some of the most complicated films in terms of their use of fashion to play with time, evoke memory, produce spectacular displays, create new dress codes all while playing with women’s own history. Even as they take liberties with the past, these films represent one of the more complicated manifestations of the use of fashion in film. Concentrating on at least one film/TV show of your choice, look at two of the readings on the costume pictures and TV shows, exploring how they establish the significance of dress and prioritize the female spectator.Please support your arguments with references to media examples and engage closely with at least two of the academic readings from the class.Your essay should be 8-10 pages long, double-spaced in a reasonable 12-point font like Times or Palatino.

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