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Mi familia / My Family

A. Assignment GuidelinesDIRECTIONS: Write a composition (between 150 and 200 words) in Spanish describing your home and the members of your family. In this composition, you will do the following:Use a form of introduction indicating where you live and with whom.For example, I live in New York City with my parents / my girlfriend and two cats / my roommates.Describe the members of your family using possessive adjectives, the verbs ser and estar with adjectives, and other verbs in the present tense.For example, My sister’s name is Jill. She is tall and friendly. She has blond hair and studies math.Describe your pets if you have any by using possessive adjectives and verbs in the present tense.For example, I have one cat and one dog. My cat’s name is Siri. She sleeps a lot.B. Tips for SuccessRemember to use gender and number agreement between nouns, determiners, and adjectives. Be sure that you have subject-verb agreement, also.Use vocabulary and grammar studied in the units you have completed so far. You can use the verbs ser and estar with adjectives to describe people’s (and pets’) personalities and physical traits. You can also use the verb tener, verbs in the present tense, quantifiers, possessive adjectives, expressions with tener que, prepositions, the verb ir, university subjects, and food and meals.Review your composition before you submit it to ensure that your composition flows and you can understand the language. Revise the language as needed before submitting, and don’t forget to use conjunctions to make your message flow better.Use paragraphs to organize your ideas.Remember that Spanish uses stress marks (accent marks) on some words. Review the rules for accent mark placement in Spanish and learn how to use your keyboard so you can type Spanish special characters, since this is part of learning the language. You could also copy and paste from this list: ñ, ¡, ¿, á, é, í, ó, ú, ü

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