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milestone 3

OverviewIn this lab, you will use TI Code Composer Studio (CCS) to program the TC CC3220x LAUNCHXL to send a Morse code message via the LED using a synchronous state machine. This work will build on the concepts you learned during your activities in the zyBook this week.
During this milestone, you will use CCS to edit, compile, and load code into the CC32xx board. You will then proceed to use it for debugging. Throughout this process, you explore the components of a CCS project and the CCS code generator (system config). You will also be able to learn more about the timer and interrupt drivers.
Goal: Your objective is to blink the green, yellow, and red LEDs in the lower right corner of the board (the corner opposite the USB connector). Design a synchronous state machine that creates a pattern of blinking lights from the LEDs. This pattern should contain a message in Morse code. When a button is pressed, the Morse code message of the blinking LEDs should change.
PromptBegin your work by accessing the Milestone Three Timer Interrupt Lab Guide PDF document. While this document was written for a Windows interface, the tools can be used on Mac or Linux as well. You may also watch the Project Example Video or its transcript Word Document to gain a better understanding of what you are creating. Note that to accomplish the work outlined in the guide, you will need the following:
TI Code Composer Studio (installed)
USB connection between the PC and board
Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:
Develop code for all of the specified functionality. The goal of this criteria is for the code to result in the expected functionality (note how this is different from the state machine functionality). This includes functionality of both the state machine and the button change.
Create code that initializes the timer and uses it to drive the state machine.
Create code that uses interrupt to detect button presses. Make sure that the interrupts used to detect button presses have a result that is used by the state machine.
Implement (in code) the state machine functionality described by your documentation. The goal of this criteria is for the code to accurately reflect the state machine documentation, rather than for it to have perfect functionality.
Create state machine documentation to describe the operation that matches the technical specifications. It must match all required functionality. This should be completed as a file and saved as a PDF.
Discuss the lab questions. Address all the questions thoroughly and thoughtfully, with supporting evidence from your work.
Apply coding best practices in formatting, commenting, and functional logic.
Guidelines for SubmissionYou will have four different file submissions for this milestone. Once you have completed your lab work, first zip your workspace and submit the zipped file for grading. Second, submit a maximum 1-minute video of the LEDs blinking Morse code on your board, along with you pushing a button to change the Morse code. You may wish to narrate your video to explain what is happening. If you encounter any difficulties filming the lights on your hardware component, please reach out to your instructor. Third, submit a document containing your answers to the questions from the Milestone Three Timer Interrupt Lab Guide. Finally, submit a state machine diagram completed using and exported in PDF format.

week 7 pro

xercise ContentAssignments:Draft a press release after very personal, and somewhat offensive material, was leaked to the public, thus, jeopardizing his/her employment and professional reputation.
Develop a mini proposal designed to receive monetary donations. Cover the legal fees for clearing up viral mess caused when incriminating content went public. Apply various E-commerce tools, including tools for marketing and promoting this project.
Draft a paragraph summarizing FNU’s Plagiarism Policy and a subsequent paragraph explaining at least three specific steps that can reduce the amount of copied content
You own a business. Draft a memo to your employees explaining three strategies that will be implemented to prevent the loss of client data and other personal business records.


Programming Assignment Help Exercise ContentAssignments (select only one subject from the two options below):1 – Write a Word document where you will focus on conference apps like BB Collaborate and Zoom, and other web-based similar resources (minimum of 150 words).
2 – Write a Word document where you will consider Hypothetical scenarios illustrating examples of protected speech that exceeds the limits of speech (minimum of 150 words).

week 6 program

Exercise ContentAssignments (select only one subject from the two options below)::1 – Use digital visual media and streaming media in a PowerPoint presentation (minimum 5 slides).
2 – Create an FNU email using folders to organize files, attaching, and uploading files, embedding “links” to reduce the file sizes.

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