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Milestone One: Benefits and Compensation Analysis (Section I, Parts A–C)

or Milestone One, you will prepare a draft of Parts A–C of your total rewards analysis (Section I of the final project). Your submission will have the major heading “Total Rewards Analysis: Parts A–C.” Your instructor will grade your submission using the rubric below and will provide feedback you can apply to your final project.
Begin by analyzing qualitative and quantitative data for the current system (as identified in the case study) that will inform your future recommendations and revisions. Once your analysis has been completed, compare and contrast the provided quantitative data regarding the current benefits and compensation system with external benchmarking data from Medtronic, an organizations within the same industry. Then draft Parts A–C of your analysis. Thoroughly cover each of the critical elements, and include your answers to the guiding questions.
Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Benefits and Compensation Analysis: For this part of the assessment, you will analyze given aspects of a benefits and compensation package from the provided case study. You will analyze qualitative and quantitative data regarding the current system and determine gaps in that system that will inform your future recommendations and revisions.
A. Analyze the issues or concerns of employees through a review of the qualitative data presented in the case study, for their validity and importance. Be sure to consider the needs of different demographics of employees within the organization.
B. Determine the key issues or concerns of employees that should be targeted and addressed, based on the provided qualitative data. Justify your response. What issues or concerns should be targeted and why? Why should other concerns be made less of a priority? You could consider the underlying reasons behind the issues voiced by employees.
C. Compare and contrast the provided quantitative data regarding the current benefits and compensation system with external benchmarking data from the provided Medtronic data to complete your response. What does the current system have that other organizations do not? What do other organizations offer that the current system does not? Be sure to justify your response.

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Present three distinct informal logical fallacies you have discovered in these types of sources or in your life. Make sure to identify the specific fallacy committed by each example. Explain how the fallacies were used and the context in which they occurred. Finally, explain how the person should have presented the argument in order to avoid committing this logical error.

Management Question

Management Assignment Help Research Paper Overview
In this course, you will study advanced logistics. A primary requirement for this course is to analyze a contemporary topic in logistics, write a research paper, and create a professional presentation on your paper.
For this project, you will research a topic on a new technology or innovation in logistics. You will need to cover the history of its development, current status and future developments and use. Make sure to cover the current and future application of the technology or innovation and apply it to a firm. Use trade publications, published research, and the Internet to determine your issue.
All reference sources should be from academic journals, professional trade publications, and respected business or industry magazines. Limit the use of books as sources. Do NOT use articles or sources from Wikipedia! Use references published within the past six years.
Research Paper Requirements
The basic rules for your research paper include:
Follow the current APA style rules for manuscripts closely.
Paper should be 10 pages at a minimum.
Use one-inch margins on all sides.
Left justify all narrative.
Use Times New Roman font, 12-point.
Indent the first line of each paragraph one-half inch.
Double space everything in the paper. Do not add extra lines or spacing between paragraphs or sections of the paper.
Insert the running header at the top left and the page number at the top right of each page of the paper.
Minimum of 10 valid references with at least 5 peer-reviewed sources should be used to support your arguments.
Video Presentation Overview
Once your research paper is complete, create a 4-5 minute narrated presentation video based on your paper. You are free to use any format or tool to create your slides, however you are to use Studio when recording your presentation.
Your presentation should meet this basic criterion.
Title slide with the topic, course number, and author (student) identified.
Overview or introduction slide to describe the presentation content.
Sufficient number of slides to convey the method and findings of the review.
Audio that further describes the slide content.
Summary or conclusion slide to close the presentation.
Reference list to show the sources cited within the presentation.
Video, animation, or other supporting elements as desired to enhance the presentation.

Examine each of the articles listed below, and then respond to these questions: What does a review of the

Examine each of the articles listed below, and then respond to these questions: What does a review of the literature do? What is its relationship to the predefined problems identified by the researcher?

Read the Greenwood et al. paper. Note how the review of the literature is broken down into two subthemes, “Generations Research” and “Values Research.” Note the first hypothesis that the authors pose (see the “Methodology” section): that there is a difference in terminal values among baby boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y. How is this proposed hypothesis supported by the literature? Discuss other examples of hypotheses that are supported by the literature in the other two articles.

Which of these three articles do you think contains the most valid and reliable findings? Defend your choice using specific examples.

Your writing assignment in this module will conduct a similar review of the literature on your problem statement. Clearly state the problem you intend to research (writing assignment attached). Find one article that you think you can cite. Post a short summary of the article, and tell how it relates to your problem statement. List one step you will take to increase the validity and reliability of your eventual findings.


Greenwood, R. A., Gibson, J. W.,

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