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Miss Julie Writing Essay Help

The most interesting thing in the drama happens when Miss Julie asks Kristin whether Jean is her fiancé. Miss Julie goes ahead to note that Jean is so comfortable and at ease when he is around Kristin. In reply to Miss Julie, Kristin expresses some sarcasm by mimicking her. Kristin reluctantly says that it’s what they say. Upon Miss Julie questioning Kristin what they say, she answers that Miss Julie herself had a fiancé and therefore she must be knowing what is being expressed in the statement.
Before the drama of fiancé between Kristin and Julie, another exciting thing takes place. Jean wants to put on his black coat and is too ashamed to do this in the presence of miss Julie. Changing a jacket has become the big deal here, and Jean seems uncomfortable doing so in the presence of the ladies. Miss Julie turns to face the other side to allow Jean to change the jacket and promises not to spy. Jean is adamant and replies sarcastically, “as you wish” before he picks the coat and walks out of the room. However, Jens has no problem with Kristin but with Miss Julie alone. In mocking and showing his seriousness, Jean moves out and comes in after putting on his coat.
Besides, Jean gets a bottle of beer for Miss Julie after he tells her that he would do whatever she commands him to. He argues that he would not get one for himself at her request but can only do so at her command. The annoying bit that Jean does is getting to kneel to toast to Miss Julie. He even kisses her foot at her word.
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Challenge with Immigration best essay helpThe department of homeland security was created to improve domestic security coordination and communication in response to the 9/11. The department consists of a large cabinet-level agency that brought together 22 agencies and departments as well as 200,000 federal employees. The reshuffle is termed as one of the largest restructurings since the 1940s when Congress and Truman created the Defense Department, CIA, and National Security Council. However, there is growing evidence that putting together, so many agencies and departments has brought forth more problems than it has solved.
One of the challenges that Homeland security faces are since a majority of its services does not include the secretaries, directors, undersecretaries, and others involved in the department. More so, the external agencies and departments that the homeland security must coordinate with are not taken into account Such as the CIA, DEA, FBI, and Health and Human Services. This has led to continuous intra and inter-agency conflicts. I agree with the author of bulletin of the Atomic Scientists that Lack of coordination is bound to bring forth conflict between the members involved; therefore, it is only fair that the DHS is made into a single entity to reduce conflicts.
The DHS is also in conflict with FEMA, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the office for Domestic Preparedness. Both homeland security and FEMA are mandated with the responsibility of responding to terrorism and natural calamities such as hurricanes. However, due to the lack of coordination between local and state government, they are both considered to be poorly prepared in case of an emergency.
The current situation of DHS whereby there is a relatively weak internal control most of the Department’s mission, are compromised. These include immigration enforcement and border protection against terrorism and natural disasters.
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Extend Fertility online essay helpThis case talks about Christy Jones intentions of starting a business. Jones was able to find an opportunity through the inspiration that she got from her mother at a young age. This encouraged her to explore many openings in life. Besides, her decision to join a student investment club at Stanford was an eye opener than improved her business skills. Therefore, the decision to enter any business or profession depends on one’s attitudes. This was demonstrated in Jones case that refused to join the medical career and instead followed her passion in industry. Anybody can listen to his or her voice by doing what one loves most. Her decision to join the business world matches with his resume since she studied economics in college. Jones opportunity emerged from societal and new technologies. For instance, as a member of society, Jones mother played an essential role in encouraging her to accomplish her goals. This converges with the new technology because she also used it to learn many things. Christy decided to focus on fertility issues because of the gaps she had identified in this business which needed to be filled. The kind of services that were offered by competitors did not meet the expectations of the clients.
Christy entrepreneurial behaviors can be presented as a trustee or a promoter. First, she acted as a trustee when her company partnered with Serono pharmaceutical. In this case, she was not working for her benefit alone but also for the advantage of her associates. As a promoter, she actively participated in registering Extend Fertility Company and committed her funds to ensure that the entity thrives. Christy’s company has many openings of making money, but egg freezing and storage has a capability of attracting many clients to the company. The potential competitors in the industry comprise of fertility and IVF clinics and hospitals. One of the ways of dealing with rivalry is by creating awareness of why it is essential to extend fertility in one’s life. It can influence the clients to buy her products. The second approach is to ensure that are the stakeholders are happy. For instance, the suppliers of drugs should be paid on time, and patients should get quality services.
Other types of competition can also originate from suppliers of the cord blood. They can offer it as a way of extending fertility among women. Her answer to this potential is to provide something that has minimal side effects on the users. One of the competitive barriers facing her is that individuals might not be ready to change what they are used to. The use of cord blood is not good for extending fertility because it can cause infections and bleeding in women. The business uses various ways to build credibility. One of the techniques is by being honest to their customers and offering reliable services. Building credibility is essential in business as it helps in getting the trust of people.
Additionally, partnering with Serono was a wise move as it enables the company to enjoy economies of scale. It is also essential to spread risks. Serono can benefit from the vast experience that Jones has in business. The other stakeholders that she can use to create value in the industry are the media and competitors. In this case, the former can be used for promotion while fair competition can build a better relationship among rivals. Christy uses various methods to carry out market research. Some of the ways are through the use of observation and surveys. In this case, she watches the customers buying trends before concluding. She also interviews her clients to know their demands. Observation is advantageous since it involves fewer costs to conduct. However, one can fail to see some of the essential aspects of the research. Surveys are useful in market research because one can get an immediate response from the audience. Though, they are time-consuming. The surveys by phone were done by sending bulk SMS. She asked about better approaches to extending fertility during the research. If I was the one conducting the interviews, I could have asked about the side effects of each procedure
The prospects of the business are to provide better customer service. Another opportunity is to reduce the side effects caused by fertility extensions. Lastly, the enterprise intends to comply with all government regulations. Jones business won the Harvard competition because it was straight forward and it showed her vision for the future. I like her plan because it intends to search for resources from cheap sources such as friends. Therefore, the business cannot struggle to repay the loans before the company grows. I think she needs around $ 1,000 because health is a sensitive issue that needs substantial resources.
The business should invest in other promotional strategies such as mass media to ensure that it beats the competition in the industry. Additionally, it can involve the clients in significant decision-making processes such as the pricing of their products and services. This can create a better relationship between the business and customers. Additionally, the enterprise should engage in healthy competition and avoid using unethical means to win customers. As a result, this can assist in decreasing conflicts between the entity and the competitors. Besides, it will improve the corporate image of the company.
Additionally, the business should review its performance from one period to the other. This will make it easy to identify its weaknesses and improve in the future. Finally, the businesses should bring on board other stakeholders in the industry and discuss how to improve its efficiency. It is also essential for the enterprise to invest in research and innovation to discover new ideas. The measure can assist the business to serve their clients in a better manner in the future.
The business has good chances of growth because of the high demand for its services in the market. Research indicates that most women are not willing to give birth until they reach thirty-five years old. This is when most of the people are eager to settle and start their families. Therefore, it is an indication that the business has a huge market to sell its products and services.
There are other things that I would like to see in the plan as a potential investor. Some of them comprise the projected income statement, cash flows, and balance sheet. This can assist the business to plan where it is heading. Moreover, some of these statements might be needed by financial institutions such as banks. I might also want to see the description of the corporation’s management. This includes people like managers, accountants and the CEO of the enterprise. Therefore, it will enable the outsiders to know the specific people who they can address in the company if they need any help. It will also show the levels of seniority in the firm. The business plan should also include the addresses of the top management.
Consequently, the business should indicate the promotional strategies it anticipates to use to promote its products and services. Sales promotion is essential as it will help it to remain competitive in the industry. Advertising can also help the firm to get referrals from satisfied customers.
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The Revised Arusha Declaration writing essay helpAfter reading the Revised Arusha Declaration, I determined that in 2001, the fourth WCO Conference was held in Doha, Qatar.  I found out that Qatar is a contracting party to the Revised Arusha Declaration. Qatar plays a significant role in the Declarations of the Customs Co-operation Council bylooking at any issues concerning the integrity at the Customs (Ferreira, 2017). I found out that the ratification by Qatar of the Convention took place on 17th October 2003.
From the Revised Arusha Declaration, I noted that the Customs is an essential instrument for the effective management of an economy. Six human resource management practices are useful forCustoms administrations to address corruption. Human resources management practices describe the vital roles of combating smuggling to ensure the flow of legitimate trade.  I acknowledged that corruption could destroy the efficient functioning of this system and can diminish the ability of the Customs to achieve its mission. The first practice is providing sufficient salary so that the Custom administrators. I believe this will ensure that they do not accept any bribes as they are already paid well. The second practice is recruiting and retaining personnel that exhibits high standards of integrity. I think it will ensure limited cases of corruption because of vigilant Customs personnel.  The third practice is ensuring staff selection, and promotion are based on the principle of merit.  I believe that it is essential to provide that there is no biasness when recruiting the personnel.
The fourth practice is ensuring that the decision of the deployment and relocation of Customs personnel that hold vulnerable positions for a long time.  I agree that staff should be relocated on a scheduled period so that they do not get comfortable in one position and use it to his advantage such as taking bribes. The fifth practice is providing adequate training and professional development to Customs personnel. I believe that if the Customs personnel get the right training from the onset, they will maintain high ethical standards and fight corruption.  The sixth practice is implementing appropriate performance appraisal. I think that if the Customs Personnel are given incentives or rewards for their jobs through appraisals, they maintain integrity by shunning any corrupt deal or activity.
Ferreira, C., Engelschalk, M., & Mayville, W. (2017).The challenge of combating corruption in customs administrations. The Many Faces of Corruption, 11, 367-386.
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Business Research Project: Lashious Beauty Salon UK college essay help1.      Introduction
It is evident that social media has changed the way businesses are operated today in regard to marketing and communication (Armelini & Villanuev, 2011). Small and medium enterprises can benefit from the impact of social media in business today. Notably, social media is supposedly the largest platform that small and medium enterprises can explore. Lashious Beauty Salon is an up-coming medium-sized business that offers beauty salon services across the UK. The business faces challenges in communicating with its customers and building effective customer value online (Dahl, 2018). The purpose of this paper is to explore the role, and eventual impact social media has on small and media business. It aims at investigating the benefits of social media to small and medium enterprises with a case study of Lashious Beauty Salon.
1.2  Statement of the Problem
Lashious Beauty employs social media platforms in promoting its services. The company focuses on advertising only nails services in social media and has no social media engagement practice. Further, the salon uses emails and phone calls in reserving appointments and engaging with customers. The salon has a policy of dealing with customer inquiries within 24 hours. Despite their presence in social media and having an appropriate working communication infrastructure, the salon is struggling to attract new customers and retain existing ones. The Salon has an ineffective marketing strategy with a high number of customers not turning up for appointments or even bothering to cancel their appointments. This has led to lost hours and income.
1.3  Objectives of the Study
The main objective of the study is to explore the role and eventual economic impact of social media have on small and medium business in growing their customer value and promoting growth.  Consequently, the paper will investigate the use and benefits of social media and other communication networks at Lashious Beauty and its impact on building customer value and promoting growth.
1.4  Research Questions

What is the role of social media in the growth of small and medium enterprises?
What is the impact of social media on the growth of small and medium enterprises?
What are the benefits of social media to small and medium enterprises?

1.5  The Rationale of the Study
The paper seeks to identify the role and impact of social media in the growth and performance of small and medium enterprises. The article will review the benefits of social media and critically analyze them to identify gaps.
2.      Literature Review
Social media has changed the way businesses are conducted today.  Over the last two decades, social media has been adopted by billions of people and has led to a social, cultural and economic phenomenon (Chui, 2012). Millions of people rely on social people for their social connections and other activities. With the changes in social media, has led to businesses, especially small and medium enterprises to change their behaviors and take advantage of the benefits of social media. The increased use of social media platforms has led to SMEs to develop strategies for growth (Coles, 2015). Social media has allowed businesses to create policies aimed at reducing operational costs, manage product prices, innovate new ways of brand awareness and increase customer engagement.
2.1  Social Media and Growth
With the establishment of social media platforms, they have managed to become popular with consumers in relation to previous technologies (Frost & Strauss, 2016).  The rapid growth of social media platforms and a large number of users represents potential opportunities for businesses to grow and even increase their market share. Evidence indicates that social media has managed to capture more subscribers than traditional means. Enterprises are now going digital to take advantage of the vast number of users. Today, Facebook has more than 1 billion users while other platforms such as Twitter are not far behind. Over time, social media has been an integral part of the communication strategies of businesses (Mandelli & A. Mari, 2012).  Social media offers an opportunity for small and medium enterprises to reach a diverse and broad base of consumers easily and increasing the chances of better sales activities, reduced costs associated with marketing and advertising while expanding its presence online.
2.2  Social Media and Sales Increase
Empirical research has indicated that the use of social media is the most important strategy for increasing sales. The primary objective of a business is to maximize profits by optimizing sales and reducing operational costs (Coles, 2015). The distinct quality of social media is the ability to improve sales of companies by attracting new customers and retaining the existing one.  Businesses have embraced social media avenues to reenergize marketing strategies.  Increased social media marketing and presence boost the public relations of a company and entice potential customers while at the same time boosting customer loyalty (Smith, Thorpe, & Jackson, 2008). Increased customer engagement through promotions and customized messaging in social media platforms has helped reach for potential customers while retaining potential customers
2.3  Social Media and Communication and Branding
Social media provides an essential avenue of communication between businesses and customers.  Small and medium enterprises have employed social media platforms to build direct communications with customers thus amplifying their brands and public relations (Wilson, 2010). Social media has personalized mass communication, which has allowed business to develop personalized and customized information to consumers. This has changed the marketing concepts of the modern era, as more SME’s try to reach out to more customers through personalized communication.
The use of social media is mostly a strategy employed to create a sustainable and attractive image for business in the eyes of both current and future customers (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2010). So social media is used as a public relation exercise. Regardless of the purpose, businesses have been able to communicate directly to consumers in a way they previously could not. However, the use of social media can be at a disadvantage if not correctly used. In 2009, Toyota suffered negative media attention when consumers used social media platforms to write bad reviews of the company vehicles leading to recall of more than 3.8 million vehicles (Mandelli & A. Mari, 2012). This led to a decrease in the total sales of Toyota by 8.7 % while the reputation of the company was severely damaged. At the same time, Toyota managed to immediately use the opportunity to create online newsroom teams who managed to listen and respond to complaints of the customers. Through this they managed to respond and resolve the concerns and issues that had been raised.
3        Research Methodology
For the purpose of meeting the objectives of the paper, a qualitative approach was used to collect data. The use of qualitative approach is the appropriate method when the research aim is to understand a certain phenomenon (Aula, 2010). A comprehensive critical review of the literature review was undertaken towards identifying gaps on the impact of social media on small and medium enterprises.
3.1  Research Approach
The study used Lashious Beauty Salon as a case study firm in investigating the research questions. An analysis of the company performance and use of social media was initial done. Then, questionnaires were provided to the public and potential users of the company products and services. The use of questionnaires helped to collect data from a large pool of people, the ability to get un-biased responses and simplicity of the process. However, the limits of using a questionnaire such as low response rates and language barriers were noted. During the exercise, 20 customers of the company managed to answer their questionnaires about the products and services of Lashious Beauty.
4        Findings and Discussion
The following is a presentation of summarized findings and discussion from the research methodology subject to presentation constraints.
4.1  Exploring Question 1
Response from the first questionnaire question on the quality of service of the service of Lashious Beauty, 50% of the respondents deemed it to be of high quality, 25% deemed it high quality, 10% deemed it neither high or low quality, 15% low quality and lastly none thought it to be of low quality. The general conclusion is that customers of Lashious Beauty view its service to be of high quality. Therefore, the challenges facing the salon of difficult finding new customers and retaining customers does not stem from the quality of service offered. The quality of service offered is nonetheless to the general liking of the customers. However, there is need to improve the service order to encourage the 10% in neither high or low and 15% low quality respondents.
4.2  Exploring Question 2
In response to question 2, the respondents list on phone call, walk in to make appointment and walk in with appointment as means making appointments at the salon. The salon relies heavily on phone calls at 40% for appoints while other appointments are either coincidences or an action of phone call. This is a poor communication and marketing strategy employed by the company. The company has not employed any social media platforms or applications for making appointments which has led to low level of appointments or people missing appointments. A new innovation scheduling and organizational tool and structure is required to manage appointments.
4.3  Exploring Question 3
In response to question 3, a large percentage of respondents (85%) agreed to highly recommend the Lashious Beauty while 15% would not recommend. The high recommendation rate indicates that the salon has potential for growth. If the customers are integrated online with social media, the recommendation rate of 8.5 would promote the company services. I high rate of recommendation with proper marketing rate will increase the customer share of the salon and promote its services further.
4.4  Exploring Question 4
Question 4 deals with the integration of social media services with the salon services. When asked on the ease of making appointments vial online services, respondents rated Lashious with 5% excellent rate and most notably 50% fair. The system of the salon is further slow and making appointments is slow. This indicates that the presence of Lashious online is low and much is needed to exploit the rich presence of online customers. Online presence gives a beauty company an edge in converting leads to customers and appointments.
4.5  Exploring Question 5
In responding on where they heard about Lashious Beauty, 55% of the respondents heard it from website research, 30% were recommended by family and friends, 5% from walk in and another 5% answered others. It is encouraging that most of the customers of the Lashious have online presence and activity. Which means that, Lashious can take advantage and increase its online presence in order to engage its customers through promotions, offers, events and other activities in order to retain current customers and attract potential customers.
5        Conclusions
The role and impact of social media in small and medium enterprises is undeniable. It is evident that social media can impact the performance and growth of businesses. Social media links businesses with vast pool of active consumers. With proper marketing and social media strategy, businesses can turn their online presence its sales and potential growth.  Lashious Beauty has very little presence online and lacks a social media marketing strategy. Hence, even with high quality and highly recommended services the salon is struggling to attract new customers and retain existing ones. A simple online system, working scheduling tools and increased online presence will help the company to engage its current customers and attract new ones.  With most of its customers online, an increased online presence and social media strategy will help engage its customers through promotions, offers, events and other activities in order to retain current customers and attract potential customers.However, the salon should use social media properly to avoid its disadvantages. With a few respondents not satisfied with its services, it would often receive bad reviews online. How it manages with bad reviews would determine its successful use of social media for growth.
6        Recommendations
Lashious Beauty should develop an online and social media strategy that will help the salon to deploy a simple and effective online system and social media presence to engage with customers. Other recommendations are as follows;

Social media presence to promote its products and engage customers
Start a customer value system involving promotions, discounts, free events and shows
Deploy a simple and effective booking system
Motivate and train staff

Future research should concentrate on dealing with the disadvantages of social media on small and business enterprises. The popularity of ratings can sometimes affect the growth of businesses.
6.1  Reflection
While collecting data I had difficulties convincing respondents to accept the questionnaire and answer them. I had distributed 50 questionnaires but I received only 20. However, I learned valuable experience in data collection, analysis and presentation.

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Direct marketing college essay help onlineDirect marketing is concerned about having direct contact with potential and existing customers to promote products and services. Unlike media advertising, direct marketing enables a company to target a specific group of customers with a personalized message. Direct marketing is ideal for small businesses since it is cost effective and highly powerful at generating sales. The main advantage is that a company can generate a response from the market target and as a result, a small business can spend its limited resources on market segments where they can achieve results.
Role of direct marketing in relationship marketing
The discipline of direct marketing is currently driven by a developing marketing situation where engagement, sales, and direct response is decreasing the line of difference between advertising and direct sales. The process of approaching marketing communication requires direct marketing discipline to increases consumer’s motivation and the ability to respond. Direct marketing majorly focuses on creating a relationship and contacts with the customers to increase the volume of sales. Direct marketing assists in building the confidence of the consumers on a product or service by establishing meaningful relations with the same customers. A positive relationship builds acceptance for the product and any approach to initiate the process must adhere to how the process is designed to enhance the building of relationship and marketing. Whether direct marketing aims to influence, retain or find customers, it is still a diligent communicative tool. Direct marketing is essential in multichannel relationship strategies of marketing since it demonstrates relevance and adds value to the company through guiding the consumers.
Role of direct marketing in IMC
Direct marketing is a system of marketing which is accountable and uses one or more communications media to generate a response. It promotes interaction where all the responses from the consumers are recorded in a database for creating profiles of the potential customers and issuing valuable marketing information. The nature of direct marketing to control costs and manage a database allows for scrutiny of costs and provides the relevant flexibility to develop more cost-effective programs.
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Occupational Safety essay help freeThere have been a lot of changes in the industry especially those that help us do things more efficiently. Although changes can be hard to get used to, positive changes are worth the effort(Price, 2018).  The recent revision by OSHA on how communication on hazards is made improved the standards to global ones. In this regards, chemical labels and data sheets will be identical with its formats. Chemicals used daily create many hazards for the users, and this is the reason for using safety practices. Chemicals can get into the body through inhalation, absorption through the skin or even swallowing (Department of Labor, n.d).
There are rights to help individuals protect themselves from such hazards. Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides information on how to protect ourselves. Companies should prepare a hazard communication program to ensure individuals are protected from chemical hazards(Price, 2018).  Information is contained in the container labels, and this should be in English and visible.  Precautionary statements describe the recommended precautionary measures that need to be taken. It also directs one how to store the chemicals (Department of Labor, n.d).
Contact information on the label shows information for the manufacturers and other agencies that could provide further information on the chemical. Using the company hazard communication program would be beneficial in reaching out to the chemicals manufacturers. Safety Data Sheets can be used to provide more data for a certain chemical (Price, 2018). The new Safety Data Sheets is more informative and provides, more information than the previous ones. OSHA has made directives that all communication should be more open and clear to all users of such chemicals. Lastly, individuals should be aware of where to get the safety data sheets at every job site to reduce accidents at the workplace. The overall aim is to protect everyone and make them aware of the hazards they are working with (Price, 2018).
Price, R. (2018, August 31). Hazard Communication Video. Retrieved from
Department of Labor logo UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR. (n.d.). Retrieved from
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Hong Kong Plastic Disaster essay helpThe Hong Kong disaster involves pollution on the waters in Hong Kong. It was predominantly caused by the storms caused due to the cyclones common in the region. The working environment entails the Hong Kong waters. On the seas, the seven containers which lead to the effects of the Hong Kong disaster affecting the natural state of the environmental conditions of the sea waters alongside its surrounding environs. The plastic pellets that were contained in the container were responsible for all of the mess at the waters. The China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation accepted the claim that they were responsible for the production of the plastic pellets. When the storm had hit the containers, they released the chemical pollutants that lead into the marine debris scattering on the Hong Kong waters thus negatively affecting the ecological and environment states in the region. The Hong Kong plastic disaster involves the pollution that was witnessed in Hong Kong. It is one of the most severe water pollutions ever reported. The disaster brought harm to the waters of Hong Kong as the storm hit seven containers almost which it by the storm wave thus producing plastic pellets from the container. The plastic pellets degraded the surrounding environment. The storm wavers hit the containers, therefore, lead to adverse impacts of the spillage of chemical pellets on the ecological and environmental state in and the local fishery was also affected(Ullah & Zorriehzahra, 2015).
The plastic pellets released by the storm hit containers e chemically known as polypropylene as it is entirely made of propene: a product of petroleum. The plastic pellets are produced in chemical plants when propane is polymerized. The polypropene pellets do not have a direct impact on the state of the waters. However, their effects on water life lead to poisonous impacts. Once fed by the fish, the chemical pellets poison the fish. Local farmers will also lose the confidence they had on fish farming. After the Hong Kong disaster, there was evidence of declining sales of fish. Fish volumes were decreasing thus lead to the loss on the part of the farmers.There have been claims that the plastic pellets accidentally get into the food chainand be consumed by the marine fish in the sea waters. Human beings later consume fish.
Causes of HongKong disaster
The Hong Kong water disaster was caused by pollution of the sea waters by plastic pellets that were released from the containers. The storm waves hit the containers, and six of them had fully packed chemical pellets that were later released into the sea waters and the surrounding environs. The release of the pellets was followed by their distribution in the sea waters thus polluting the environment. Once the chemical pellets get into the waters, they are eaten by fish thus posing a danger to the fish species. Since the plastic pellets are similar to the fish eggs in size, marine species such as fish and sea birds, the aquatic species consume on the plasticpellets instead of fish pellets. This lead to deaths of fish and sea birds as the chemical pellets are pure poison(Chong & Chi, 2019). Local fish farmers do not make huge incomes as they previously did. Since the spill was witnessed, there has been a reduction in the population of fish species thus affecting the fish business in the sea waters.
The toxins existing in the sea water ocean usually are hydrophobic; therefore they react to floating debris such as plastics. When fish species feed on these species, they ingest toxic plastic materials and also ingest the chemicals that are absorbed by plastics.
One of the leading causes of the Hong Kongdisasters on the sea waters is the geographical location of the country to tropical cyclones. Hong Kong is one of the wettest city in the region as it receives enormous amounts of rainfall annually.The probability of being hit by a storm is high due to the city’s geographical location. Also, the increased loss of marine species is due to the lack of adequate clean-up operations in the sea.The failure to remove the plastic pellets will thus lead to absorption of the poison by marine fish and sea birds causing a loss in biodiversity( Lee, 2015).
The manufacturing of chemical pellets is one of the critical causes of the disaster. The plastics usually existing as beads, are used in the production of kinds of toothpaste and other products.Once these pellets get into the water, they are fed on fish due to their shape and size.This leads to toxicity in the sea life as fish and sea birds will be poisoned thus loss of life
Chong, A. M., & Chi, I. (Eds.). (2019). Social Work and Sustainability in Asia: Facing the Challenges of Global Environmental Changes. Routledge.
Lee, F. L. (2015). Internet, citizen self-mobilization, and social movement organizations in environmental collective action campaigns: Two Hong Kong cases. Environmental Politics, 24(2), 308-325.
Ullah, S., & Zorriehzahra, M. J. (2015). Ecotoxicology: a review of pesticides induced toxicity in fish. Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci, 3(1), 40-57.
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What is the significance of Noumbe having a heart condition? essay helpInitially, what did you believe the three days were referring to?
The three days refers to the days Noumbe was preparing for her husband’s visit. The three days also shows us how Noumbe loved her husband, Mustapha. This is demonstrated by her preparations to receive Mustapha who went out to other wives. Also, the three days refers to the polygamous nature of this society as Noumbe was the third wife of Mustapha.
What is the significance of Noumbe having a heart condition? Do you believe its symbolic?
Her heart condition tries to give us a view on how Noumbe was feeling toward her husband, Mustapha. The term explains to us the effects of rejection the women have in this society. This symbolizes the difficulties women in this society undergoes due to negligent they receive from their husbands.
What do Noumbe’s patients say about who she is and how she feels about Mustapha?
Her patience depicts that she is responsible for her duties as a mother. She takes the responsibility of taking care of her children when Mustapha is out for the three days to other wives. Her patience also tells us that she loves and cares for Mustapha. Despite he being away, she cooks food for him, waits for him till late, and she doesn’t leave him because of his negligence to her family an children.
Do you believe that Mustapha was with his fourth wife during Noumbe’s three days?
When Noumbe sends out her children to look for their father, they came and said they found him with his friends at Voulimata’s where he had sped his three days. Noumbe believed that Mustapha would not have spent her three days to the first and second wife as she said they were old for him to stay with them.
Mid-discussion questions
When Mustapha does show up, how do his actions show how he feels about Noumbe?
Mustapha seems he doesn’t care about her condition. When Noumbe faints, he starts accusing her about her being jealous. He does not even bother to help her where he says that she be given just ash and she will be alright. He then moves out and goes his way with his other two friends accusing her of going out to work.
Was Aida a good friend when she continued to tell Noumbe that Mustapha as on his way?
Aida was a good friend as she kept on giving Noumbe hopes about the return of her husband. She took the responsibility of supporting her to feed her children by giving her francs to buy food for the children.
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Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) a level english language essay helpThe Health Maintenance Organization offers health services for a monthly or yearly fee. It is a medical insurance scheme that allows people to get healthcare services from physicians that have been contracted by HMO. The arrangement is likely to work well in an urban setting where a majority of the residents are working class individuals. Therefore, they will be able to pay the fees required by the entity on a monthly or yearly basis. The situation is contrary in the rural setting where many people are employed (Born & Query, 2004). Therefore, they do not have a source of income that can enable them to pay these charges. As a result, the system might not work well under this type of environment.
Additionally, there are many health facilities in urban centers than in rural areas. Thus, a person will have a variety of hospitals where one can decide to go for treatment. Moreover, the literacy levels are high in the urban areas, and individuals might be willing to embrace the plan. This is different from the rural setting where people may not be aware of such a plan.
In my opinion, the HMO plan is the best because of its numerous benefits. First, it is affordable because individuals can pay lower premiums for their services. Thus, it makes the scheme to be more accessible even to the low-income earners in society. Additionally, the plan also enables the public to cost-share their contribution. As a result, individuals can access healthcare at a lower rate than other existing arrangements. There are also fewer network restrictions hence, enabling people to seek treatment outside their systems.This makes it more appealing to me than other plans.
Born, P., & Query, J. (2004). Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Performance and Consumer Complaints: An Empirical Study of Frustrating HMO Activities. Hospital Topics, 82(1), 2-9. doi: 10.3200/htps.82.1.2-9
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Steps of Conducting Root Cause Analysis college admission essay helpThere are six steps in conducting root cause analysis. The first step is the identification of what happened. This is done through clarification of events that led to the occurrence of the condition. It is carried out through the use of a flowchart. The second step is the determination of what should have happened. It is done through the creation of a chat based on the information and then comparing to that chat of what happened. The third step is the cause of determination. These steps involve five processes of asking ‘Five whys’ the give whys are essential in providing clarification of the reason for the occurrence of the event. The use of a fishbone diagram in which a graphics tool is for deploying possible causes becomes necessary. Developing a casual statement becomes the fourth step. This involves the process of analyzing the whys as stated in step three. They are the causal statements linked to the cause. Once a clear analysis of the purposes of the level in stage four is complete, the fifths steps are to recommend the various action steps to prevent the recurring of the event again.  The last level is therefore to write a summary of how to engage the critical stakeholders in effecting the changes towards improvement.
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Managerial Accounting argumentative essay helpWealth Maximization in pursuit of a company’s goal attainment is very important in business. Every business aims to realize many profits and limited loses. In as much as many organizations and companies would like to pursue general goals in the company owner’s wealth maximization, staff salary deduction is not an option. It is entirely unacceptable to reduce the salaries of the staff to build up a company’s reputation and well being. The principal owners of a company are the stakeholders and the shareholders (Sodhi, 2015). The maximization of wealth means that there should be the maximization of dividends to the company owners through time. A company that does not pay its workers well as well as lacking appropriate treatment policies is unlikely to maximize wealth value possible for the shareholders. The staff in a company is the backbone of its well being. They tirelessly work to ensure maximum output for the company. Reducing their salaries is more likely to kill their morale in working diligently. Once they fail to work well, there will be potential risks to the company in realizing its general goals because there will be a reduction in the output (Sodhi, 2015). This reduction will reduce the company’s wealth maximization, and the stakeholders will suffer losses instead of profits.
The attainability of a business’s goal entirely depends on how stakeholders treat other stakeholders of the company. It is essential for all stakeholders to be involved in the company’s project developments. Sidelining other stakeholders in company affairs is unfair and unacceptable. Involving them directly on the beneficiaries of a particular initiative is not sufficient (Sodhi, 2015). By involving every stakeholder in the development projects of a company, there will be knowledge contribution from each stakeholder that will boost the various company projects. As a result of the involvement, there will be maximum wealth maximization amongst the individuals brought about by stable company projects. Once a company has established a firm ground, it would be a milestone in attaining the objectives and goals of the same company. The power and influence of a stakeholder or stakeholders mainly influence the achievements and failures of a company’s project. It is therefore essential to find out how best a particular stakeholder can perform and what capacity he/ she can contribute to the initiative (Sodhi, 2015). Knowing the negative contributions of a stakeholder is significant as it helps in identifying the possible measures to take to avoid the fall of the company by the doings of a single person.
Managers have received better treatment when it comes to providing accounting information than other groups. They are the ones with direct access to this information since they run the business daily. Other groups, however, have come to terms with traditional financial statements as a result of practice (Narayanaswamy, 2017). Managers can identify and capture relevant company information such as bills. They can do so because they have undergone training in this field to provide relevance and skill. They are also able to record collected information systematically. Their ability to run the business in day to day basis has enabled them to Report Company’s data in a manner that fulfills the needs of the company such as income statements (Narayanaswamy, 2017). Their ability to carry out these duties has seen them receive better treatment in providing accounting information because they are relevant to the information. Unlike other groups, they have understandability and a reasonable knowledge of accounting as well as business knowledge which are typical characteristics of accounting information. Unlike other groups, managers are also able to provide a faithful representation of the accounting information that is free from biasness (Narayanaswamy, 2017). Because of their abilities, they are entrusted by the company owners with the privilege of running the company that other groups cannot get.
Narayanaswamy, R. (2017). Financial accounting: a managerial perspective. PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Sodhi, M. S. (2015). Conceptualizing social responsibility in operations via stakeholder resource‐based view. Production and Operations Management, 24(9), 1375-1389.
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A Company’s Purchasing Process argumentative essay helpMany companies apply decentralized purchasing procurement. However, companies whose production system are located in one place have adopted a centralized purchasing system. Microsoft is an example of the centralized procurement system, Paul Allen and Bill Gates access every project and initiatives before providing a direction to the company employees. The company’s purchasing processes vary based on the financial plans bulk of the products as outlined by these founders. However, adopting decentralized purchasing could play a significant role in addressing the recently noted issues especially complains from the employees operating from the global stations. Decentralized purchasing ensures that each office has the purchasing power to order the supplies, thus no approval is required for the process to occur. Even though the system is expensive to adopt, it would provide an opportunity for the company to achieve its vendor sourcing cost and supply integration objectives
Being one of the classic centralized purchasers, Microsoft relies on one individual to provide decisions and directions of the company. Most often small companies often use this structure since the owners are required to make the decisions and develop strategies needed in the company’s success. On the contrary, Microsoft has outgrown the level of small business, thus requiring new purchasing structure. Furthermore, recent concerns have been raised regarding organizational leadership which is not charismatic due to centralized decision making.
The reason for adopting a centralized approach was based on the fact that the vision of the company was based on the founder of the project. Moreover, its goals required micromanagement the required strategies to achieve organizational goals
The decentralized system to allow the employees to have a contribution to the decision-making process. It promotes effective management of the global center and fosters innovation. It facilitates cost management and supports appropriate vendor sourcing strategies. Innovation is the key to the development of a reliable and new product that address market needs. The system would provide a timely supply of the required materials and give a chance, to address quality issues linked to purchases of materials.
Furthermore, the process would send primary complains recent raised by the employees. For example, it improves the management of organizational structures and promotes the immediate reduction of the noted risks linked  Besides. It develops leadership skis among other employees thus providing an opportunity appropriately utilize decentralized substructures
Most often the employees are not happy when exposed to much supervision and control. They often need the freedom to develop precise plans linked to the development of new strategies and promoting marketing to organizational programs. Decentralized systems thus provide an opportunity for this kind f practice.
A decentralized system would provide an opportunity for appropriate assessment, of vendor sourcing suppliers. With the rising issues regarding cost and budgeting conflicts, assessing the views of every manager would reduce the risk and promote appropriate decisions that encourage productivity. Microsoft procurement system is committed proactive innovative and costs effective global solutions that manage of compliant suppliers. Vendor sourcing cost objectives can be achieved through the collective efforts of every employee. The process can be achieved when departmental managers have freedom in implementing the best policies for meeting cost objectives.
Supply chain integration objectives aim to improve performance and develop appropriate relations between the company’s stakeholders. It also aims to optimizing customer services. Significant purposes of supply chain integration seek to promote efficiency and enhance product availability. Decentralized structured management thus provides an opportunity for achieving the goals. Besides, it improves accountability and communication across Improving customer services, therefore, require immediate action and decisive action which can be achieved in the decentralized system. On the other hand, a centralized system could provide similarly efficient customer service provision. However, it could be timely since decision making relies on one person.
Business regulation varies from one level of business to the other. At the local level, the appropriate vendor sourcing supplier cost promotes aggressive cost management and handling the rapidly changing demands patterns of the operating models. It also provides an opportunity for the leaders to address significant cost challenges through the centralized system. Similarly, adhering to the regional regulations through vendor sourcing objectives can be achieved through centralized systems with a limited need of having many consultations and the views of the employees. O the other hand, global regulations provide an opportunity to achieve the objectives through decentralized purchasing.
Structuring the company’s purchasing process is crucial in addressing the company’s purchasing systems. Without appropriate structuring system then the company would face a challenge in controlling costs of purchases. Most of the large companies have many departments with their purchasing protocols. Thus a decentralized system is one of the appropriate solutions to such companies. However, it can  be risky especially when the department leaders
The primary goals of vendor sourcing suppliers are to meet the right suppliers at the right places. Thus the selections would be governed by process affordability and reliability. Reliable suppliers provide timely services with the required product stability. One of the top challenges of centralized supply management is the ability of the leaders to weigh the cost with the efficiency and product suitability however realizing cost efficiencies is one of the primary goals of the decentralized leaders. Through the decentralized system, each leader has a role  to play in addressing the financial crisis and developing reliable fiscal outcomes such as addressing uncertainties and cutting the gross domestic product by a certain percentage
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Asian Pacific American college admissions essay helpThe paper demonstrates how the Margins of Asian America has enhanced great understanding of the Asian American. The main characters in the book are Nam June and Laurel Nkadate. The characters have highlighted how public institutions played a significant role in the history of the Asian Pacific American film. The article also discussed how public schools played a significant role in the grounding of federal funding, broadcasting, and exhibition. The book has enhanced and promoted a lot of understanding of the state was funding public institutions and other policies that encourage multiculturalism. Also, the paper will discuss how the social media platforms have played a significant role in uncovering the previous events that happened on the Asian American movie makers. The Asian Pacific Filmmakers have continued with the legacy of producing communal and institutional films. The writer of the book has also noted that it has been crucial to uphold diversity within a specific genre. The history of the Asian American has been filtered throughout the , and the descendants will have a better chance to understand the history and all the events that happened long before the ancestors died.
The pioneering video art June Pike and Laurel who was a film and video installer have taken a step forward to explain how media has played an experimental role. The writer of the movie have highlighted on hoe there has been continued problem on racism especially on institutions against the Asian Americans. The article has also shown a well and systematic procedure on how there has been constant discursive and invisibility of all the Asian Pacific Americans. The most critical issues in the history of Asian American is the kind of tension that exists between transitional and national identifications. The aspect covers a wide range of cultural and social transformation in the history of Asian American studies. Laurel has also stated on how globalization and various migration have prevented the boundary between the Asian American and the Asian identities in the country. The media explains how the landscape has promoted and enhanced inundated where the Asian American are considered to be people coming from the diaspora. Therefore, I can be in a position to state that transitional is a trend that is seasonal since it comes and goes. If an individual wants to understand the mutual relationship that exists between nationalist and interim, then we need to push for globalization of the Asian American. People also need to give priority to the culture of Asian American by putting an end to cultural criticism. Aspirations and dialogue of the American myths are likely to end up being subverted yet the myths are supposed to be realized by the coming and new generation.
Paik was an excellent example of an artist that experienced racial discrimination, and the activity affected his work both negative and positive. He was at one point not able to publish and properly conduct his actions because some of the influential people in prominent positions never gave him a chance to say whatever he wanted. According to the commentaries about Paik, he was only celebrated by the border aesthetic. Paik produced a video called sculptures which usually has an excellent reference on Buddhism and Zen. The film reaches the members of those origins through the community outreach program, collaborative efforts and social media platforms. The movie also collaborates with other Asian Pacific American organizations which are mainly done through the film festivals. The central theme of the film to bring people from these origins together by encouraging the artistic establishment of the Asian Pacific American arts, movies, and talents. The other themes of the film include raising awareness to the public on skills and creativity. The film broadly covered on the best way to promote arts and opportunities that are aimed in supporting education. The primary outreach and the target group of the movie are the youth together with the adults. The film has created an excellent platform to discuss the issues that are affecting the Asian Pacific American communities. The work of the artist is being read both unproblematic together with transcending borders. The Orientalism critiques often are not concerned with the possibilities that are offered by the technology and the kind of hope that they provide in the present world. I can recommend people to read the article to understand how the artist demonstrates fluidity and how cultural and technological aspect are intervened and joined together to show modernity.
The article also gives hope that the exchanges can bring a lot of change in society if they are absorbed. Besides, the transactions are ably capable of ensuring hybrid identities and cultures are generated in modern society. Paik played a significant role during the time of Asian American transformation in institution building. Paik was always ready to lens the studies since his work was vital since it was related to the identity of New York. Paik promoted a lot of tension between the aesthetic televisual flow that was proposed by the media and the anti-Asian American violence. Paik was a representation of the television and the possibility of reconnecting with people from different regions. For instance, Japan came a great and economic power in the marketing industry just because the country was able to uphold its cultural values. The work of the artist was mainly concerned with coming up with a way of doing away with racial discrimination by supporting equality. Paik suggested for Utopian possibilities that were primarily responsible for erasing and removing racial boundaries. The action is ironic because the removal is to be done through techno Orientalism. The response was to be made possible through cultural odorlessness. When it comes to Laurel Nkadate was an Asian American photographer. She produced her film that was mainly talking about the male conventions. Asian Americans were seen as minority groups in the country. The action of the artist to bring collectivity and individualism I the state was all denied access to be part of the larger community.
Ahn, J. H., & Culture, E. A. P. (2017). Agamben, Giorgio. 1998. Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. Ahn, Geonhyeok. 1978. A Biracial Singer Yoon Su Il’s ‘I Won’t Love.’ Kyunghyang Newspaper, April 8, 5. Retrieved from http://newslibrary. never. com/viewer/index. nhn? articleId= 1978040800329205005&editNo= 2&pri. Mixed-Race Politics and Neoliberal Multiculturalism in South Korean Media, 13(1), 205.
Dave, S. (2017). Racial accents, Hollywood casting, and Asian American studies. Cinema Journal, 56(3), 142-147.
Kauanui, J. K. (2015). Imperial ocean: The Pacific as a critical site for American studies. American Quarterly, 67(3), 625-636.
Okada, J. (2017). Nam June Paik and Laurel Nakadate at the margins of Asian American film and video. Cinema Journal, 56(3), 136-141.
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Annotated Bibliography on Comprehensive Care in Nursing Practices college admission essay helpFlannery, L., Ramjan, L. M., & Peters, K. (2016). End-of-life decisions in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)–exploring the experiences of ICU nurses and doctors–a critical literature review. Australian Critical Care, 29(2), 97-103.
The authors of this article are highlighting some of how they can ease nurses in quick decision making to the patients taken to Intensive Care Units. ICUs commonly accommodate patients whose lives are subjected to question. For this reason, nurses are expected to make the quickest decision possible to save one’s life, and this article provides such insights required for the sake of improving their thinking capabilities and the way they should make things work in the right procedure. Flannery and his Co are aiming in improving the conditions and reducing the lives lost when patients are taken to the ICUs as the decisions are made at a slower rate thus claiming a large number of people. Through these provisions, the nurses involved in such a situation their minds are expanded with quality knowledge and skills which nurtures their field of work thus improving on their working and experience.
Further, the providence of such insights on faster decision making gives nurses aids in knowing what to do the moment the incidence has happened thus relieving the patients from the pain.  Through this, nurses are equipped with various ways of solving the accruing problems thereby preventing more loss of lives. Therefore, this article is beneficial because it analyzes the improvements which nurses must do to have an ability to handle convincing situations. The three authors as stipulated in the article have patients end life care to be advanced together with improvements in the quality of the services given to them. Furthermore, nurses’ capabilities and professionalism are value-added. Although it involves complexities and heartfelt experiences, nurses must be well prepared, and by doing so, their nursing practices will be improved under the health requirements as established by the Australian health body.
Ranse, K., Yates, P., & Coyer, F. (2016). End-of-life care practices of critical care nurses: a national cross-sectional survey. Australian Critical Care, 29(2), 83-89.
In this article, Ranse, Yates, and Coyer present some of the practices nurses should do especially in critical situations of the patients. It is well understood that this caring is compassionate and one should be strong enough to withstand the pressure of the work. The aim of these authors to present such a fantastic article is to raise patients’ situations by providing medications which can heal them and return to their usual ways.Besides, the phases involved are always in the hands of these professionals; nurses and doctors thereby being forced to do their work by saving their lives. The anticipated practices according to the article are purposely for giving aids to patients and at the same time improving their experiences which make them have better skills and knowledge on nursing activities. According to the survey done, the practices makes nurses involved in caring patients to realize their problem.
Furthermore, the practices provided as per the article offers aid to nurses in determining what to be done when the assessing is complete and the problem well known. By so doing, the nurses are in a site of understanding the best steps to be taken which can prevent the life of the patient.In this context, it will be helpful and significant if all nurses and doctors abide to such practices because patients are given a second chance of living and happiness is restored into the family. Besides these,Ranse and his Co article are vital as it analyzes roles of the nurses and their practice which in turn improves their abilityto handle convincing situations. The three authors through their educative piece of the article have arisen the patient’s end of life care and at the same time improving the quality of the services given to them. Through this, the nursing practices reach to the expectation as required by the Australian health body.
Roberts, S., McInnes, E., Wallis, M., Bucknall, T., Banks, M., & Chaboyer, W. (2016). Nurses’ perceptions of a pressure ulcer prevention care bundle: a qualitative descriptive study. BMC Nursing, 15(1), 64.
Under this article, the authors, Roberts and his Co are outlining some ways in which the pressure ulcers can be prevented. According to their qualitative description, they have an opinion that ulcers connected to pressure injuries are difficult to heal and the medications for them are very costly. The nurses and doctors or any other health officials involved are given an outline on how to carry their practices. They have listed resources such as PIP to help the nurses in handling patients’ needs effectively. The resources provided must be used for the pressure injuries, PIs, to be prevented thus being minimized as the Australian health body expects. Through their use, their working experience is improved which in turn contributes to the deliverance of quality services towards the PI patients.
By focusing on the intrusion ways of how to prevent, manage, and treat pressure-linked harms, nurses are directed on how to perform the involved methods to ensure non-persistent of such problems to the patients. It is through this method that they are equipped with knowledge and skills in nursing practices. In addition, the qualitative description provides some of the ways the nurses should pass to the patients when handling them. Because pressure injuries are associated with non-movements among the individuals, the nurses are equipped with knowledge on how to tell the patients, for instance, the patients should change their sitting or sleeping positions regularly to allow smooth flow of blood with the body and circulation of pressure. By gaining these educative pieces, they nurture their profession and also their practice is improved to a large extent. These teachings are not only based on Australian patients but can be applied anywhere worldwide. By practicing this, the involved nurses will get enough experience which will raise their principles of work, therefore, helping them in offering quality care and reducing patient’s illness afflictions.
Implications for Nursing Practices
Nursing practices are essential not only to the clinicians but also to any other health officer. Therefore, they are connected with the substantialgains especially inone’s professionalism and provision of best ways of handling patients’ necessities. These practices improve both the current and future situations of the patients regardless of the place they are getting treatment from. From Flannery, Ramjan, and Peter’s article of 2016, the repercussions are that; nurses are given ways in which they should come up with a quick decision which helps in dealing with patients whose life is in doubts. Their experiences are thus improved because their environmental situation is sturdy and complicated and in the process, their heart is hardened which helps them in saving lives under such circumstances.
Also, the experience without leaving skills and knowledge are enhanced and nurtured when the above is practiced. This is achieved by having the right choice to make whenever they are handling the patients. By so doing, the proper treatment and the management of the type of diseases infecting the patient and it only happens when a patient’s conditions and drugs to be ordered are well-known. Through this, patient’s situations and problem compilations are adequately and fully controlled. If the above is realized, better services such as treatment and caring of patients are enjoyed. Also, nurses’ professionalism is improved as virtues are added to their daily activities. This has assisted Austrian health centers in developing a better working plan whose aim is towards the enhancement of safety and quality deliverance of services to all patients.
Consequently, through the nursing practice as per the Ranse, Yates, & Coyer’s 2016 article, one is equipped with comprehensive knowledge on various ways in which the critical situations of the patient can be handled effectively. These situations have helped the nurses in knowing the most effective medication for patients thus saving their lives. It is by this implication that safety and quality services are delivered according to the Austrian’s health organization body.
Despite the earlier mentioned implications, they are also taught how to manage diverse situations using outlined descriptive analysis as per the Roberts and his Co article.By doing so, they get enlightened whereby their practices with a combination of experiences are improved and maintained to the highest level which includes comprehensive care of these types of patients. Besides, through evaluating patients’conditions using the outlined qualitative description given in their article, their ability to withstand their painful conditions makes them have other thoughtful ways of curbing PIs upon their persistence (Roberts et al., 2016). This type of sureness gained during the nursing practices develops them as persons and as nurses thus significance to their field of work. Moreover, the nurses are educated on what the patients should be handled, for instance, changing of their sitting together with the sleeping positions and the types of food that are supposed to be eaten for the balance and prevention of the pressure injuries. This makes their body have a much better flow of blood and increased pumping of blood to other parts of the body. In summary, implications of nursing practices are abroad, and every health officer should embrace the nursing practices to improve health care services which include saving of life and relieve of pain to mention a few as per the Australian health sector’s aspirations and plans.
Flannery, L., Ramjan, L. M., & Peters, K. (2016). End-of-life decisions in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)–exploring the experiences of ICU nurses and doctors–a critical literature review. Australian Critical Care, 29(2), 97-103.
Ranse, K., Yates, P., & Coyer, F. (2016). End-of-life care practices of critical care nurses: a national cross-sectional survey. Australian Critical Care, 29(2), 83-89.
Roberts, S., McInnes, E., Wallis, M., Bucknall, T., Banks, M., & Chaboyer, W. (2016). Nurses’ perceptions of a pressure ulcer prevention care bundle: a qualitative descriptive study. BMC Nursing, 15(1), 64.
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Labor Relations best college essay helpLabor relations is the management of human resources by human resource managers and the way they relate with the employees. Work involves many people relating to one another in order to coordinate activities and work towards achieving the organizational goal as a team. The relations should be concerned with work and how they work can be promoted to deliver results. Human resource managers resolve conflicts that arise as people are working in the same environment. Labor relations is concerned about the welfare of the employee to ensure the employees get a good working environment.
Workers usually form labor relations organizations that are responsible for taking care of the welfare of the employees. Labor movement organizations solve disputes whenever they come up between the employees and the employers(Konopaske & Ivancevich, 2013).Labor relations involve a lot of activities that are engaged in managing all the affairs of the employees. Good relations create a healthy relationship between the employees and the management. The workers elect leaders that negotiate on their behalf whenever they want specific issues that concern them to be solved. Labor relations organizations are known as trade unions.
Good labor relations entails the organization being in proper working relations with their employees; hence the employees are comfortable working. When there are no good working relationships between the employees and the employers the result is conflict(Konopaske & Ivancevich, 2013). Labor conflicts usually lead to strikes by the employees. Companies need to have proper labor relations in order to ensure that there are no conflicts with their employees. Some factors that human resource managers are responsible for ensuring that the welfare of the employees is taken care of to avoid conflicts.
There are labor organizations that are formed to take care of the welfare of the employees; such labor movement negotiates on behalf of the employees whenever there are conflicts between the employees and the employers. There are many labor organizations that the employees can choose from depending on the profession that the employees belong to(Konopaske & Ivancevich, 2013). The labor organization movement checks the welfare of the employees regularly to ensure that the employees have excellent working environments and their needs are catered forby the employers. The labor movements have policies that organizations and companies are supposed to adhere to when it comes to dealing with the employees. Where their organizationsbreach the policies, they can be sued. The employees are also supposed to adhere to the policies or else disciplinary action can be taken against them.
The labor movements are responsible for reasonably solving the conflicts to ensure that the parties involved get a fair decision. Disputes between employees affect both the employees and the organization. Proper relations ensure that conflicts are solved before they occur(Konopaske & Ivancevich, 2013). Companies should aim at creating good working relationships with their employees in order to ensure that they receive grievances from the employees and address them before they become conflicts. The organizations can motivate the employees as a way of improving relations and enhancing their productivity. Also, employees can be included in decision making through participation. This makes them feel valued by the organization. Also, the employees have a forum to air their grievances.
The figure below shows a performance program that organizations can adapt to help manage the activities at the organization and reduce conflicts between the employees and the management.
The model help in managing the activities within the organization to minimize conflicts. The causes of conflicts are noted and resolved before the conflict occurs. The model ensures both the employees and the organization wins. Employee welfare is also considered to motivate employees to work harder. The model also helps the managers by guiding them on how to manage human labor.
Proper labor relations are significant for companies, among the benefits of having good relationships is that trust is built. The employees don’t have any reason to worry about their concerns being addressed. The conflicts at the workplace are also eliminated; hence no time is lost resolving conflicts(Konopaske & Ivancevich, 2013). More work is done since the employees work as a team to resolve conflicts. Good labor relations are encouraged for the success of the organization. There is also employee loyalty because they know that their welfare is being taken care off by the management.
However, there are challenges that human resource managers face while trying to improve labor relations. Among the challenges include organizations facing challenges to comply with the labor laws. Some laws make it hard for the organizations to run; the employees get more than they deserve (Konopaske & Ivancevich, 2013). Organizations also face the challenge to meet the expectations of all the employees in order to avoid conflicts.The organization needs to be prepared for the challenges that are likely to come up as they implement labor relations programs for their employees. In conclusion, labor relations play an important role in the success of the company. Good labor relations practices contribute to the success of the company; there companies need to take it seriously.
Konopaske, R., & Ivancevich, J. M. (2013). Handbook of Strategic Human Resource Management: Text, readings, cases, and exercises. Irwin Professional Pub.
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Elaiapharm Business Report online essay helpExecutive summary
Our consultancy firm has been contracted by the company Elaiapharm, a France company dealing with the provision of manufacturing, packaging, and pharmaceutical development services. We have the responsibility of coming up with a way to enable the company to be more sustainable. Our consultancy firm will focus on the contribution of the board leadership, stakeholder engagement, human rights, transportation, investor dialogue, accountability, and disclosure towards the achievement of sustainability in the firm. The products and services of the organization are the best and popular in the market.
Introduction –background of the company
Elaiapharm is an organization in France that deals with the provision of contract manufacturing services, pharmaceutical developments, clinical packaging, and commercial services. The development services of the company include formulation and pre-formulation, galenic development, feasibility studies, life cycle management, reformulation management, process optimization, support and documentation of regulations, ICH stabilities, and development and authentication of analytic methods. Additionally, the organization manufactures stable dose, sterile, non-sterile, and liquid products.
The report will focus on the operations of the company, how to enhance sustainability in the organization, the importance of sustainability to the organization, and the individuals who will help in achieving sustainability in the company. Additionally, the report will focus on the benefits of the employees to work in harmony, the findings from the researches, and thereon the recommendations to the entity.
Our finding of the best ways to help Elaiapharm company to be more sustainable include the following;

Engaging employees in the activities of the company will enhance sustainability. The organization is using its human resources to incorporate sustainability into the culture of the company starting from hiring practices, training, and development of employees to enhance their efficiency. Therefore, integrating human resource in the company will improve sustainability.
Management sustainability. Elaiapharm Company has a steering committee and risk committee to hold the top executives accountable for their undertakings to ensure sustainability in the performance of the company.
Human rights. Elaiapharm Company has a policy that integrates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Social and Cultural Rights. The organization applies such rights to enhance sustainability in the operations of the organization by safeguarding the rights of employees and other stakeholders.
Stakeholder engagement. The company engages all the stakeholders involved in the provision, delivery, and supply of its services and products. The company strategizes on sustainability strategies and objectives to deal with climate changes and public issues to enhance sustainability in its undertakings.
Following the sustainability steps. In improving sustainability in the organization, the company follows four steps like designing sustainability goals, assigning people, allocates resources, and looking out for improvements.

Sustainability in the organization will enhance the delivery of its services to its esteemed customers. The company will make significant progress in the achievement of sustainability. The company creates conditions for its stakeholders by ensuring that resource planning is in line with them as they play a vital role in the organization’s sustainability footprint. By incorporating sustainability practices in the company, Elaiapharm will benefit both socially and economically. Therefore, the achievement of sustainability in the company will enhance the growth of the company.
We recommend the company to convene a meeting with all stakeholders immediately to come up with strategies on how to achieve sustainability in the organization. Additionally, the company should incorporate all its stakeholders to ensure the success of the company in achieving sustainability. Finally, Elaiapharm Company should ensure accountability by putting in place clear oversight policies to ensure sustainability.
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Portfolio Essay: Religion online essay helpIntroduction
Religious affiliations have often been likened to the staunch following of a cult. The ideology or belief in one supreme being who is mighty, all-knowing, and always present seems logically inaccurate. It is from this assumption, that specific individuals such as E. Mahatma Gandhi postulated theories about religion (Comstock 10). For instance, the religious war that occurred between Hindus and Muslims in the 20th century was profound to the extent that both parties saw each other as enemies to the truth as they differed in their perception of what is evil and good. From the premise that different ideologies do not necessarily mean that one party is correct while the other is wrong, Mahatma Gandhi stated that “all religions are true but, they have some error in them.” There are common occurrences that prove the Indian activist right. However, a broad spectrum of arguments also provesthat Gandhi’s sentiments about religion were inaccurate.
For the sake of argument, all religions are true as seen from the number of similarities in the different faiths that exist. For example, all spiritual ideologies contain a supreme deity who is preeminent and dominant. The only contradiction between the various religious beliefs is the ability to distinguish the characteristics, nature, and person of the supreme beingthereby creating a disconnect. Therefore, the followers of a particular faith assume that their ideologies are absolute truth and that any contradiction to the beliefs is false. For instance, Jews do not believe in a messiah and dictate that God has not yet sent a redeemer whereas Christians believe that Jesus is the savior of the world (Comstock 15). Therefore, it is essential for each person to acknowledge that all humans have a right to follow the religion of their choice and that everyone must be tolerant to avoid
Christians and Christian-affiliated denominationsbelieve that Jesus is the savior of humankind. However, the messianic belief is contradicted by Islam, which holds that Prophet Muhammed is the true redeemer. The disconnect between ideologies can be brutal and empowering at the same time. Nonetheless, all faiths have a common factor in the description of humanity. The different world religions believe that it is necessary to be equal to all humans and treat them with the dignity and respect commanded by the deities. It is, therefore, paramount that as humans to rise above the distinction of religious worship and synchronize on the belief that peace and harmony is an accord that unites humans around the world. Hence, in summary, Gandhi was right in indicating that all religions were true but, his concluding statement on errors can be arguable and questionable. There are no errors, just a predisposed understanding from different spectrums including issues of same-sex marriages in church. Therefore, this is the reason I believe that Gandhi came up with such a statement.
Same-Sex Marriage
The issue of same-sex marriage or the thought of ordaining gay clergymen and women has always been a point of contention in the Christian setting. The fact is that, according to the Bible, God only created man and woman and from their union, the world’s nations were birthed. For instance, according to Christians, Noah built an ark, and only two animals of the same species were allowed, and each of the two creatures was of the opposite sex (Sharma 360). From this perspective, the church inclusive of the Roman Catholics, and the Protestants have been adamant and relentless in emphasizing that same-sex relations are not acceptable to God and thus not allowed among those that profess Christ. Individuals such as Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI both overpoweringly refuted the need to have same-sex marriages. The emphasis on the sin was considered an evil act and from time to time, including the Hitler massacres, led to the torture and death of such individuals. However, with the myriad of denominations in the protestant church, there have been severe deviations from the norm that gay marriages are not allowed.
To be clear, churches including Pentecostal, Anglican, Presbyterian, Episcopal, and Methodists are staunch against same-sex marriages. However, some protestant churches and their clergymen have been somewhat comfortable with the idea that the expression of gay or same-sex marriage is not in the bible and that it is permissible. For example, Cannon Justin R. of the Episcopal Church is renowned for his belief that same-sex marriage is acceptable and that ordination of gay clergymen is permitted. Similarly, the Anglican church in the past years suffered a branch where some of the followers who believed in gay marriages in Australia and the United States of America thought that gay clergymen are similar to others. The controversy has been continuous with the mainstream churches indicating that the relations and unions are prohibited but, there have been overwhelming indications that ousted branches of the churches believe in the unions and declare their acceptance to the unions.
In my opinion, the need for the state to be neutral to the religious aspects is a gray area. The reason for my presumption is that, from a constitutional point of view, there is no statement, Act or Law that indicates that the state should be disconnected from religion (Sharma 369). Thus, the “no place” theory within the constitution has produced traditions that the state has to either stay neutral to or be disconnected from altogether. However, I would argue that there is nothing wrong with the idea that branches of the government including the president and others invoking religion once in a while. The American national anthem invokes on God to bless America and be part of the success.
Moreover, religion and the state has been involved in a mixed relationship with antiquities relating to political leaders claiming that monarchies were sent from heaven or were heaven blessed. In some countries, for instance, the United Kingdom, the king, and queen are thought to be the head of the church.  However, it is crucial to know that religion should be protected from any political manipulation. But sometimes this is arguable. For instance, the Anglican Church has always been known to be a descendant of the Roman Catholic church whose political influence led to the alteration of some of the worship and faith beliefs. Besides, secularists and pagans want total eradication of religion from politics, daily life, and socio-economic aspects. Therefore, the issue of religion in politics is often a gray area.
In summary, the claim is that political influence should always be neutral when it comes to religion. However, the relationship can be useful and appealing. There should be the freedom to express devotion or not which indicates a democratic nation. The question on whether morality and ethics arise from belief is questionable especially among atheists, but, with the segmentation that knowledge from a long time ago, has played a critical part in ensuring societies know what is right and what is wrong.
Ethics and Morality
For a long time, religion has set the platform on what is ethical and what is moral. For instance, man has always believed that killing is often against God provided commandments or based on other religions, and it is considered an evil act. Over time, however, man has influenced religion and as a result, has corrupted the essence of faith in the society. Presently, numerous stories show how man has diverged from the dogma of ethics and morality to seek justice. The elements of religion are meant to provide and improve on social standings as well as status. From time immemorial, Human beings have sort to enhance their quality of life as and the overall setting of the society (Sharma 389). These endeavors have rendered people immune to their own spiritual beliefsthus allowing humans to engage in deeds that can be considered evil. However, this retribution in seeking justice has allowed the man, as well, to argue that if one’s actions are to do good, then the ends justify the means. In the case of Bonhoeffer’s need to kill Hitler is one exemplary example. It is believed that Bonhoeffer’s desire to end the atrocities that Hitler created was not the main reason for his need to end Hitler’s life. In his argument, Bonhoeffer indicated that his main issue with the German leader was his insistence on influencing the church politically. The sense of social justice allowed Bonhoeffer to conduct his actionsaccording to his personal beliefs.The need to seek judgment on a human being is often known to be deity’s duty. Similarly, Zapata’s church regarded itself as the savior of humankind and began a revolution. The war started as a means to integrate the moral values and showcase the proper standards of societal engagements. Man, through social activism, has regarded themselves as the catalyst to ensuring that moral codes are instituted forcefully in societies by providing that moral decadence is eliminated.
Regarding social activism, there has been an intertwine with politics. In the beginning, religion has always served as the platform from which justice on what is right and what is wrong is understood. However, with humanity’s evolution, engagement in moral good and evil has separated man. At one point, religious’ involvement in politics has always ensured that people acted and enacted laws based on what was right and not what was evil. As such, the inclusion of religion improved on the level of governance among people. For example, Christianity has amended the welfare of people through the generational success of morality and ethics (Sharma 382). The works of Dorothy Day and Fr. Torres are explicit examples of where Christianity has shaped societies into adopting relevant policies that are morally based. The two individuals are renowned for engaging in social activism in modern politics to improve on how policies are framed, consequently, improving on humanity standards.
Controversies in the Catholic Church
Since its inception, the Catholic Church has always ordained male clergies as a result of the notion that Christ adopted disciples who were all male. With the recent evolution in churches, the involvement of women in the church has increased. As a result, the need for women clergy has also been raised. This is as a result of the fight for women rights and gender equality. Improving human standards based on activists such as Fr. Torres and Dorothy have ensured that women have had a voice in relenting issues such as church representation. Social justice has transcended into the church and women especially in the Catholic church have grown since the ordination of other women in other churches. Categorically, women in the Catholic Church have always played a secondary role including nuns while the priestly function has been performed by men (Sharma 379). The current outlook is that women also have a great position to play in the church. According to the Bible, when Jesus was crucified the curtain at the temple tore into two. In previous times, women were not allowed to worship or enter the church. The symbolism of the curtain tearing indicates that women were now allowed to enter the church. The traditional take of women’s role in the church is now in question since man has always interpreted the bible to his doings.
The evolution in the church including the issue on women’s role in the church is based on the role played by theology movement for Christianity in the modern world. The primary purpose is the streamlined growth of society while maintaining the morals and ethical aspects relayed through religion. It is clear that society is changing especially when it comes to practices and conduct. The liberation of theology movements is to institute morality but, also engage in the integration of social values. The campaign, as such, has been pivotal in engaging people in proper values which are the essence of a society. The liberation theology is sometimes characterized by the consistency in the incorporation of principles that are more refined to suit the current societies — for instance, providing an understanding that boosts the growth of values among people. Hence, the movement is part of the global need for change and succession of generations.
Christianity in the Modern World
Christianity has undergone numerous changes in respect to issues about the endorsement of various political and social agenda. Christianity in the past required a person to denounce the world: its actions, its misgivings and what society demands of a person and engage in what their faith and religion entailed. To be precise, Christianity is about piety and objectification as well as subjection to morality and ethical conduct. For instance, women were required to be submissive to their husbands which translated to the inability to engage in tedious work that entailed bread weaning (Sharma 407). The old testament and new testament had bold statements on what a human being especially those of Christian following were required to adhere to including prayer and keeping the Sabbath day holy.
This is all but a dream with the modern forms of Christianity. With the revolution in modern theoretical philosophy, people are engaging more and more with what society deems right than what the Bible considers correct. It is commonly known as modern Christianity. This form of civil religion is based on the ideology that one’s character is the only factor that matters and people are more invested in ensuring that living is about what people perceive. As a result, most of the present churches under Christianity sell the idea that ‘monetary’ investment is the best outcome; investment in relationships all in the name of the deity is the major issue. This gravitates away from the ideologies that the Christianity of the past to the faith of today. In other words, the church has seen that investing in an individual and not a society is deemed the best direction (Sharma 410). The numerous books and innovation strategies that clergies use in the modern times target Christians who long for success from the financial perspective. The downside is that it does not dictate that morality and belief in the main God is the only way to salvation. The ‘down-to-earth factor’ has been the primary concern as to how to get followers to believe in their faith.
In conclusion, Christianity has changed over the centuries, and to some extent, it can be argued that it is not for the best. The reason is that corruption of the faith has been appreciated through the aspect of individualism among its congregation. Regardless, the alterations are here to stay, and within the distinct remaining times, faith in God remains the underlying factor that characterizes Christians against any other religion.
Question E: Diversity in Religion
Change in religion regardless of the denomination has created an influence among people. In most cases, it is common for people to engage in activities that are regarded as unwanted within a certain following.  The following story is a depiction of that. Chaim is a Hasidic Jew who has no association or knowledge of pop music whereas Billy is the leader of a pop band. The two individuals lived in the same block within the same neighborhood. In the beginning, Neither Chaim and Billy knew about each other nor did they know anything about each other (Sharma 300). However, when they met Billy introduced Chaim to pop music. In times, Billy’s interests seemed to grow while Chaim grew to like the music culture he was added to as well as a liking to Billy’s band.
Consequently, Chaim grew interested in the group and evolved into the role provided to him within the band. He took up a new name: Curly Oxide. Soon, Chaim became a successful musician. The purpose of the story is to depict the essence of Hasidic Judaism. The natural spirituality allows them to live and grow in exotic experiences. As a result, what they cherish and what they worship are a full dedication.
However, their historical outlook has not always been as beautiful as religion. In particular, one Jewish persecution b the Nazis is considered as the worst occurrence in history. Jews in particular during Hitler’s rule underwent inhumane and atrocious mistreatments. Mostly, Jews were persecuted by the majority Germans who viewed the Jews as vermin that needed to be eradicated. Under the dictator, the Jews were placed in encampments where they were either subjected to forced labor or used for human experiments.
Samuel Heilman describes that during 70 and 135 CE changes in what would become the book of Torah was significant. This marked the historical and religious thinking of the Jewish people. It was during this time that monotheism became more apparent. This was significant due to the establishment of the special covenant with God. The contract drawn upon was an exchange between God’s laws and how to worship him only. Samuel Heilman indicates that monotheism was influenced by Zoroastrianism which was faith the Jews would have encountered during the Babylonian exile.
Issues with Judaic followers has been synonymous with them. For example, Judith questions whether her religion would be a continuous status in her life. She questioned whether she would continue pursuing the religious following and would it have an effect in her new-found land. At one point, she indicates that she did not believe anymore in the sanctity that Judaism brought. Through her memoir, she has been able to highlight her plight after the Holocaust (Nasr 350). As a result, her self-identity as a religious person provided her a positive outlook on the response the ordeal she went through. It gave her a new perspective about how others see Jews including when she relocated to America.
With Jews migrating to America, rabbis have had fears about their people’s assimilation into the Western nation. The main issue that the Jewish rabbis grapple with is the influence of the Western culture on religion. The religious leaders believe that American practices will erode the Jewish traditions and beliefs. Moreover, the Jewish leaders are wary of the effect of secular worship, dress codes and culture.
Question 7

Samuel Heilman describes that during 70 CE and 135 CE changes in what would become the book of Torah was significant. This shaped the historical and religious thinking of the Jewish people. It was during this time that monotheism became more apparent. This was significant due to the establishment of the special covenant with God. The contract drawn upon was an exchange between God’s laws and how to worship him only. Samuel Heilman indicates that monotheism was influenced by Zoroastrianism which was faith the Jews would have encountered during the Babylonian exile.
Judith questioned whether her religion would be a continuous status in her life. She wondered whether she would continue pursuing the ideologies and if that would have an effect on her new-found land. At one point, she indicates that she did not believe anymore in the sanctity that Judaism brought. Through her memoir, she has been able to highlight her plight after the Holocaust. As a result, her self-identity as a religious person provided her a positive outlook on the response the ordeal she went through. It gave her a new perspective about how others see Jews including when she relocated to America.
The fears that rabbis contend withinclude the issue of Jews abandoning their culture to embrace modern secular western practices. The erosion of Jewish beliefs will lead to the end of Zionism, an eventuality that the rabbis do not want to occur.Additionally, aspects of adoption of the language, dress, and recreational tastes as well as political dogma are high on the agenda. These fears arise from effects of anti-Semitic factors, which are profound with the Jewish individuals.

Works Cited
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Arabic Culture college application essay helpTerrorism is a global threat, and people who propagate it have specific characteristics. In the Arab world, where most of the population is Islam, terrorists are detested for portraying a bad image about Muslims and their religion. To demystify terrorism, therefore, it is imperative to highlight the traits of terrorists as perceived in the Arab world.
First, terrorists aim to promote hatred between Islam and Christianity. These radicals feel that their religion is superior to other religions and that people should convert to Islam. This mentality has been responsible for many religious wars.
Second, with misguided cult-mentality, terrorists execute attacks in various parts of the world.  Terrorists treat non-Muslims as infidels and misuse the concept of “Jihad” to initiate wars.These terrorist attacks have been responsible for many deaths across the world.
Third, extremists defy the teachings of mainstream Islam. Islam doctrines do not motivate Muslims to molest or kill non-Muslims whatsoever. Qur’an propagates peace and respect for life. Hence, people who harm others based on Islamic principles are criminals and should be prosecuted.
Four, extremists endeavor to change the Western and non-Muslims cultures. Although most Muslims dislike Western civilization, they do not get offended by it as long as their beliefs are not affected in any way. Terrorist, however, wishes to radicalize all people to ensure a homogeneous global culture. Such efforts should be thwarted by as diversity makes life interesting.
Five, terrorists condemn Americans as individuals for wrongs they feel are committed against their countries by the American government. They hold the American citizens responsible for their government’s foreign policies and activities abroad. To the extremists, any American equals to the American government and should be castigated. This notion by terrorists has resulted in the killing of many innocent Americans.
In conclusion, the Arab world, which comprises mostly of Muslims do not support terrorism. Some of the characteristics of a terrorist include promoting enmity between Islam and Christianity, executing terror attacks, defying the teaching of the mainstream Islam, wishing to change the non-Muslims culture, and condemning the American as individuals. Terrorism is evil, and perpetrators should be prosecuted.
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What is meant by the phrase, “Correlation does not imply causality?” essay help onlineTo describe what the phrase “correlation does not imply causality “means, we need to define causation first. Causation is the relationship that exists between a cause and an effect. Therefore, when a cause results in an impact, then we call that causation. The phrase, therefore, means that just because one can see a connection of a mutual relationship between two variables, it does not necessarily mean that one causes the other. When an individual, for example, reports that A and B are correlated it might mean that A causes B, B causes A, both variables are not causally related other factors such as E causes them both or it might mean both A and B  are not causally related but the ostensible correlation is a statistical coincidence. This example can be used well to describe the meaning of this phrase.
Compare correlation and regression to other types of “causal” statistical techniques
Correlation measures the closeness of the relationship between two or many variables without functional relationship knowledge. Regression, on the other hand, can show the form of the relationship of one variable that is independent with the other variable that is dependent. The structures of the intrinsic linear relationship such as polynomial, exponential and logarithmic regression tend to have low correlation coefficient values; however, the multiple correlation coefficient (coefficients of determination) is high on the regression function. Regression may involve many independent variables including complex functions of polynomial regression. Other causal statistics techniques such as the causal inference conclude and suggest that there is a causal relationship between two variables that correlate. In such a case two variable A and B will always be assumed to have a causal relationship that results in the correlation. Such statistics are mainly characterized by formulating of hypothesis which has to be tested by a process called random variation.
Provide real-world examples where a correlation would be useful and where an association would be inadequate and inappropriate.
Correlation is useful in investigating the relationship between two quantitative variables. It quantifies the strength of the linear relationship between a pair of variables in patients attending an accident and emergency unit (A and E) for example; we can use correlation to determine whether there is a  and relationship between their age and their urea level. Correlation will best determine whether age and urea level have an impact on each other. The most common error while interpreting the correlation coefficient is the failure to consider the possibility of a third variable related to the variables being investigated, which may be responsible for causality. It is necessary to find other possible underlying variables and whether the relationship holds in different populations. The correlation coefficient may fail to detect the existence of a non-linear relationship that may exist between variables or may sometimes describe the relationship inadequately. Sometimes a data set may comprise distinct subgroups such as males and females which could result in clusters of points leading to an exaggerated correlation coefficient
A research article from a reputable conference proceeding that uses correlation in its research.
The study was done to compare a correlation bet6ween altimetric Attention Scores and citations for six PLOS journals. The study considered all the articles that were published in six Public Library of Science (PLOS) journals in 2012 and the Web of Science citations for the same materials as of May 2015. There was a total of 2406 articles which were analyzed to examine the relationships. The Altmetric Attention Scores (AAS), for an article, provided Altmetric aggregates activities surrounding research outputs in social media. Spearman correlation testing was done on all materials and those with AAS.
Further analysis compared the stratified datasets based on percentile ranks of AAS that is, top 50%, 25%, 10%, and 1%. Comparisons across the six journals provided additional insights. There was a significant positive correlation between AAS and citations although there was a variation in strength for each article. Four of the PLOS journals, Genetics, Pathogens, Computational Biology, and Neglected Tropical Disease, show significant positive correlations among all datasets. PLOS Biology and medicine with high impact factors have results that are unexpected.  The medicine articles showed no significant associations, the Biology articles texted positive for correlation with the whole dataset and the set with AAS. The use of correlation was useful in answering the study questions. The study has a definite conclusion basing on the finding and results. Although the results from these study indicate that a higher AAS  is likely associated with more top citations, such correlations cannot suggest a causal relationship. If AAS is used as a valid indicator, it must be differentiated from citation counts. Further studies need to be done to explore methods that could help evaluate different weighting schemes and should include social media which has a potential to impact but are not included in the Altmetric’s scoring system. Once a rigorous AAS tool is founded and adopted, integrating it with traditional metrics such as citations, to aid in constructing a comprehensive measurement tool for evaluating research impact will be the only challenge.
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Voluntourism college admission essay helpIntroduction
Voluntourism is the act of paying for a trip to travel the world while volunteering. This event is a form of tourism. An important point to note is it is short-term. People go to developing countries to help the poor in the community.  Through teaching English, constructing orphanages and building wells. Travel and altruism hugely combine in voluntourism. People who afford to travel go to such, which is why you find young people are challenged to go to such. Usually,this takes a couple of months usually 3-4 months. Staying more than this is not voluntourism. Also, this is a form of a service trip to give back to society.
Moreover, people sometimes go looking for an authentic experience. There is an aspect of it being poverty tourism. Africa is regarded as a hub of such, that is, also with broad cultural aspect. People go to such places to lend a helping hand. People often stereotype people’s motives when going to Africa. This should not be the case. Age should be not less than 14 to go for such trips. It needs maturity to function well in a closed cultural environment. Non-governmental organizations have the luxury of choosing who to go for to such trips.
The good intentioned westerners make a tangible contribution to the communities as well as be enriched by a new culture that is not of their own. Most of the people are happy because of the popularity of this venture. Voluntourism is now an emerging lucrative venture that has been in existence in the past 20years. A controversy has crept in whether this brand of touring is genuinely helping or creating more challenges. With in-depth understanding, voluntourism can hurt the communities we are supposed to help.
The idea that someone might be having the best intentions doesn’t mean that he or she is skilled. Forexample, to work as a carpenter or a teacher. A challenge can come in when you are required to offer services in the field, which is, teaching kindergarten students in the marginalized areas of the world. A foolish notion is thinking of it as an easy venture of just disseminating knowledge to them with no challenges or barriers. The undertaking requires critical skills to undertake. Therefore it is not just about being well-intentioned. You can find that even the required task of teaching English isn’t done but other activities creep in. For example; painting, playing games, teaching about weather or even animals.
However, there is looking down upon the communities of the less developing countries. The wrong direction is having a notion of having a superiority complex since you are coming from a developed country, Which is not usually the case. It poses a challenge that the communities reminisce of the colonial days_thereby resulting in resistance to such projects.
On a global dimension, voluntourism becomes a subordination of the developing countries as in need of desperate help. With the notion the wealthy nations, that is, the westerners will be of assistance in such a setting. Which brings about the idea of overdependence and this is in the form of enormous interest rates on debts and capitalism imposed by the westerners’ in-play.With such an attitude, it poses an imbalance not easily eradicated. We see such countries not being our equals and as a pitied group in the world’s setting.
An argument comes in, with cultural identity degradation. Westerners bring new ways of handling affairs of handling intracultural problems in play. The westerners employ solutions to intra-cultural issues they don’t fathom. Another challenge being the people undertaking voluntourism when they go to the community. They take employment opportunities which would otherwise be for the locals when they take the role of building orphanages or wells.
Another challenge is that organizations always strive to maximize profits. That’s why they need our money to spend there. The notion of just staying at home to make more money, therefore, creeps in. There is harsh environmental conditions, which the tourists are going to such places are not accustomed to resulting in sicknesses. Thus, the organization in place should cater to such.The language barrier also plays an active role also with the local community. For instance, for some countries learning English may not be their number one priority.
In some cases, guides are not well paid, so they instead do something else than this venture. The organization offering such events should, therefore, cater for their welfare. Small, thus, face a colossal challenge to provide to such. It is left for such organizations to offer stringent techniques to give optimal solutions for this situation.
On the other hand, voluntourism is a vital venture that can be used to create a positive impact on the world as a whole. There is access to more resources to the marginalized communities. A huge stride that should be done is to avoid the mentality of dominance. There is the enlightenment of local communities, which is of great benefit. This increases their cultural understanding bases. Alleviating poverty is also seen as a result of voluntarism. Lots of marginalized communities can experience a taste of life, that is, through funded projects.
It is paramount to note that the pros outweigh the cons of such an event. The only controversial point of view is that voluntourism should be in the form of lending ahelping hand. There are a lot of people in the marginalized communities living in extreme poverty. Therefore, we should give a helping hand. Which leads to equality and helping developing countries develop. The modern world setting should be that of helping rather than that, of the notion of being exploitative. Voluntarism should  be encouraged in all works of life and instead ofcriticizing. We should promote it. It should be as a prospect of being mindful of others and not furthering our causes.
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Kyphoscoliosis college essay help near meWhat the disease is? What causes the disease? Risk factors? Etiology? Signs and symptoms?
Kyphoscoliosis is the deformity on the spine characterized by abdominal curvature of the vertebral column which can occur in two types of planes, sagittal and coronal. (Daley, 2001)Kyphoscoliosis can also is the as a combo of two thoracic deformities which commonly occur together. The first thoracic deformity is, kyphosis; posterior curvature of the spine, also referred to as humpback. The second thoracic deformity is scoliosis which, is defined as the curved spine to one side that typically appears either in C-shaped or S-shaped. The causes of kyphoscoliosisare;neuromuscular scoliosis which is a weakness in the control of the muscles or paralysis this is caused by diseases likemuscular dystrophy, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, or poliomyelitis. The second is idiopathic scoliosis whose cause is unknown; it is the most common cause of kyphoscoliosis which involves cases that appears in a previously straight spine. The third iscongenital scoliosis; this is the malformation of the spinal column. Also, the vertebrae fused, or the bones do not form properly.The way to recognize Kyphoscoliosisis through the cause, type, and severity of the curves; the more severe the curve, the more likely it will get worse. People with mild to moderate scoliosis will do well with brace treatments. When it is severe, it can bring dangerous effects primarily to the heart and lungs and can also cause death when the spine curvature is greater than 100 degrees.It mostly occurs at a young age ranging from childhood to teenage years andsometimes present from birth due to its genetic factors.Kyphoscoliosisis available mainly in young children who are passing through a growth spurt, and it rarely found in adults except if the condition started during childhood and not diagnosed or treated. If it develops in an adult, it is from a spine, and this usually occurs in patients who are 50 years old plus. However, there are many idiopathic occurrences of kyphoscoliosis where the exact cause is unknown, but it is suspected to be caused by genetic factors.The first sign of kyphoscoliosis is right heart and lung signs of failure.Other symptomsinclude cyanosis, distended neck veins, peripheral edema, and hepatomegaly(Joyce, 2008). Those patients with severe kyphoscoliosis have increased  HR, RR, and BP, digital clubbing, sputum production and cough, Gdynia, hypoxia, hypocapnia, and in development of pulmonary hypertension.
Current Diagnostic Studies (X-Rays), Current Treatment, And Prevention
The diagnoses of kyphoscoliosis are; physical examination, medical history, x-ray valuation, and curve measurement. The following are the x-ray diagnosis, first,the angle of the curvature; it is a measure of the shape of the spine in degrees which helps the doctor to determine what type of treatment is necessary.Second, location,meaning the curve of the spine may occur in the lower back area or upper back area or possibly in both areas. Third, angle, the lateral curvature degree is well showed by Cobb angle. Forth, direction; can bend to the spine right and left. The last, diagnostics is, shape, which has two sides; non-structural scoliosis,these arecurves which are either anS orC-shaped. Fifth, structural scoliosis,this is a curvature ofthe spine relatedto the vertebralrotation; it involves the twisting of the spine and appears in3D.The current treatmentmethod referred to as, treatment in floor therapy which depends on the cause, location, size, curve, and a growth spurt of the scoliosis patients(Goodman, 2015).  Observation is usually the first method of treatment; curvature less than 20 degrees is considered to be small, and it only requires observation to ensure that the curve does not progress, and growing children need observation checkups done in3-6 months intervals. The second method is the brace device that restricts the progressive bending of the spine. However, it is not meant to cure the disease; it is used to limit or prevent the curve from progressing and is mostly used for spine curvature of 25-30 degrees. The third treatment is the surgical treatment applied tospine curvature greater than40-50.However, it does not completely straighten the spin.Note, spine curvature greater than 100 degrees is life-threatening and requires the ICU.There is little that can be done to prevent kyphoscoliosis though early diagnosis and intervention would be beneficial (Bauknecht, 2012). The mainpreventions that help keep good health though does not prevent the progression ofkyphoscoliosis are physical therapy that provides flexibility and stronger muscles, exercises, and proper nutrition.
New Ways of Treatment of Kyphoscoliosis Patients
This new treatment method isthe RT role for respiratory care of kyphoscoliosis patients(Des Jardins, 2001). The first one is Oxygen therapy protocol; oxygen therapy is used to treathypoxemia that is commonly caused by atelectasis and pulmonary shunting; it is also used to decrease work of breathingand myocardial work. The second treatment is bronchopulmonary hygiene therapy and used to mobilize secretions such as CPT pepsuch as flutter Acappella, chest percussion, and suctioning.The third treatment is lungexpansion therapy protocol, and this is used to contract atelectasis suchas IPPB.
Kyphoscoliosis depends on the type, cause, and severity of the curves; the more severe the curve, the more likely it will get worse. People with mild to moderate scoliosis will do well with moderate and brace treatments.The low degree spine curvature mostly does not have many problems, but back pain can most likely occur when the person gets older. However, whenthe spine curvature is severe, this can cause dangerous effects, especially to the heart and lungs. Finally, kyphoscoliosis should always be monitored from the early signs and stages to avoid its risk factors.
Goodman, Catherine Cavallaro. Pathology: Implications for the Physical Therapist. Elsevier Saunders, 2015.
Des Jardins, Terry, and George G. Burton. Clinical Manifestations and Assessment of Respiratory Disease. Mosby, 2001.
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Bauknecht, K. “Scoliosis Dance Therapy: a Worth-While Addition to Conservative Scoliosis Treatments? A Pilot Study Evaluating the Effect of a DVD Led Instruction on the Wellbeing of Scoliosis Sufferers.” Scoliosis, no. S1, 2012.
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Instagram social network college essay help onlineInstagram is a social network platform invented by Facebook 2012 that is a free online photo sharing application. The application allows its users to edit photos and short video clips by use of their mobile phones. The photos shared in instagram by instagramers can be uploaded in other social media platforms such as Twitter, Foursquare, and Tumblr. As such, instagram has become much helpful and famous based on the following reasons.
First, Instagram is the fastest image application. Ideally, images attract people’s attention easily compared to audio and written work. Again, it is easier to interpret information presented in images; therefore, visual marketing specifically influencer marketing has become popular in recent years. Captions are cut off from the main feeds and accompanied by some words, thus, making them secondary to the displayed photographs (Ashpari, 2012). This has created the popularity of instagram as images play a central role in communication.
Secondly, instagram is a confirmed user-friendly application. It is presented with a simple interface that provides quick navigation of its features hence more straightforward to understand and use by new users both young and old. Additionally, instagram is inventing new and improved features for instance filters, slideshows, and stories among other features. Further, they provide log in user instructions easier to follow (Ashpari, 2012). These all together have made the app popular.
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Psychoanalytical, Adlerian, and Existential approaches to counseling essay helpPsychoanalytical, Adlerian, and Existential approaches to counseling have fundamental differences and similarities. Corey, 2017 provides the application of all these methods through videos. He engages in an interview with Stan and demonstrates how the therapy approaches can be insightful. With the psychoanalytical approach, Dr. Corey explores deep feelings by allowing us to understand what is suppressed in mind. This theory is based on the principle of attachment, resistance, and transference. A therapist can also conduct a transference, dream, as well as a word association analysis in the counseling process. Whereas Dr. Corey uses word association, Stan demonstrates transference feelings in their discussions.
The application of the Adlerian approach makes the client familiarize himself with the social context. This process helps the therapist and the client to develop a collaborative relationship throughout the session. The therapy has four main stages namely engagement, assessment, insight, insight and reorientation. All are meant to help the client reflect his/her life with the ability to adopt changes for a positive difference. Also, the therapy is always short term and goal oriented. However, it alludes to the feelings of discouraging, lack of the sense of belonging, as well as inferiority. These feelings may result in neurotic behaviors that may affect the therapy process. Dr. Corey motivates Stan by providing him an assignment. This approach brings Stan to terms with many memories even though he is being discouraged from interpreting them.
The existential approach looks on a client’s factors and characteristics such as self-determination and the free will. Also, it emphasizes the ability of a client to come up with rational decisions with the aim of maximizing the results. This approach borrows a lot from other theories such as being resilient on the past and flexibility in dealing with favorable situations. During the video, Dr.  Corey assesses Stan by the use of an existential approach. This helps him to focus on his present and future conditions. By avoiding the past, Stan is oriented with realities such as death, mortality as well as individual responsibility.
From the analysis of the three theories, there are some similarities that are evident. All of them are meant to help improve client conditions. Also, the results in each video are reliant on the relationship between the therapist and the client. The existential approach borrows a lot from the others but pays less attention to symptoms. However, there is a difference in focus for each of the videos. While the psychoanalytical approach looks at the memories that harm the client, the Adlerian theory focuses on the present and future.

Stan and Corey focus on some issues in the psychoanalytical sessions. Stan censors much of his answers draws past interactions, and also makes an emphasis on his family. The session begun with Corey asking Stan of his censoring behavior at around the third minute. From the 5th minutes and 10 seconds, Corey engages Stan in drawing his relationships with the family. However, Stan seems worried from 5.50 that Corey was thinking different of him. Although Stan becomes careful in their discussion, Corey brings a word association from the 7th minute. At the 11th minute and 15 seconds, Corey tells Stan to see more if he was afraid.

In the Adlerian session, the two focuses on Stan’s memory assignment. Stan is expected to report his recollection process and how the memories affected his present life. At 5.54, Corey asks Sta n to share his childhood memories. At exactly the 9th minute, Core tells Stan that some of his past memories could be affecting his current status. In this regard, Dr. Corey asks Stan that he should be willing to be in terms with some of his imperfections, at 1520. This makes Stan to be a bit critical of himself.
The existential video also shows discussions on the issues of death, self-worth and acceptance. At 1.29, Corey introduces Stan to their previous discussion. Stan elaborates the suffering of his father and the past conditions. This enables Corey to seek clarity on Stan’s overall feelings and perceptions. He tells Stan that he ought to have been in school and not for his father. Corey further encourages Stan to be determined with his career goals.

In the Adlerian vide Corey offers orientation to Stan drawing a reflection to his experiences. The existential video uses observation and a question session. Also, the psychoanalytical video approach used direct and open questions to engage Stan. Excitingly, the existential approach borrows much from the others.
The use of word association in the psychoanalytic approach was not effective. Stan was unable to censor himself. In the Adlerian session, everything was successful while in the existential video, all techniques were also very successful.
Personally, I am working as a case manager in an internship program. Thus, I have never taken the role of a therapist. In my practice, I deal with different populations, both old and young. I always would wish to utilize the Adlerian approach which helps me to explore several issues. At home and when dealing with friends, I apply the psychoanalytic approach. However, I have never used the existentialism approach so far in my practice.
Each population requires a particular theory. For instance, the Adlerian fits all people while psychoanalytic works best for kids. Also, victims of domestic violence may find the Adlerian technique fit. Older clients suitably work with the existential technique which helps them to focus with the present and future.
If I were counseling Stan, I would have been interested in analyzing his dreams in the first video. For the second video, my interest would be on family constellate and past life. In the existential approach, I would have focused more on freedom and responsibilities.
In my opinion, I am attracted to the existential approach. It incorporates a lot of aspects from the other theories and helps the counselling process to be effective.

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The Financial Technology Industry (FinTech) custom essay helpExecutive summary
The financial technology industry or simply FinTech is an innovation of new technology that is aimed at competing with the traditional methods of finance that are used in delivering financial services. The industry is emerging and is taking advantage I the improvements of contemporary technologies to improve financial activities. Essentially, financial technology entails any application of technology in the provision of financial services. It covers areas of management of financial aspects of business, business models, software applications and business processes. The industry makes use of smart mobile appliances and the internet in offering investing, mobile banking services and crypto currencies among others with the aim of making them more accessible to the markets and the general public. The financial technology industry has been a very attractive industry in the contemporary world. As a result, there have emerged many players that include established banking institutions as well as startups. These organizations have competed on the basis of trying to enhance or replace the usage of financial service that is provided by the existing players. For the existing companies, they are trying to implement solutions in financial technology that develop and improve their services in addition to giving them competitive advantages. This project report therefore evaluates the various industry players in the financial technology industry namely; PayPal, WeChat pay and Alipay with a view of giving a detailed analysis about them in addressing the various requirements of this project.
The financial technology industry has been a game changer in the baking services industry. The improved technology and the use of the internet has globalized the international financial services industry and made possible the execution of financial services virtually. Through financial services the industry has automated financial services, trading in the stock markets, insurance services among other financial services. The industry engages an interconnection of activities that are enhanced through open applications, open banking as well as regulations by players in the financial services industry in various economic and market jurisdictions. For instance, while trading in the capital markets, the financial technology industry makes use of innovative platforms that are used in electronic trading to facilitate online trade in real time. There is also social trading that makes it possible for investor to analyze the trading trends of expert traders and peers and make use of various strategies for investment and exchange of currency in the capital markets. Industry reports indicate that financial technology has been a game changer in the financial services industry. It has since emerged from a data processing platform from the back-end to an end-to-end platform for processing business transactions through the internet and other technologies like cloud services.
Evaluation of industry reports
Financial technology has been around for some time; however, following the global financial crisis in 2008, the industry has evolved significantly and disrupted in a big way the manner in investment, payments, insurance, and asset management, settlement of securities, money and reshaping of trade. In the short years following the global financial crisis in 2008, financial technology has redefined the shape, pace of change and direction of every financial services activity. Industry reports indicate that everything in FinTech has been revolutionalized and customers now expect seamless transactions, real time approvals of loans and free and virtual payment of customer-to-customer transactions. FinTechs have thus emerged an important aspect of the value chain of the financial services industry.
The global business industry has immensely been impacted by the advancements in financial technology. This has created many opportunities in business and offer of financial services and inclusion of the global populace. FinTech has enhanced growth in online buying. This area has expanded exponentially at the expense of shopping in-person resulting in the dominance of online transactions and cashless solutions. It has also shifted the balance of power from banks as well as other financial services providers that own customer experience and instead it is the financial technology that engages the customers. Through the financial technology, financial services providers are getting new platforms for collecting data and creating aggregated market views and use of data analytics that uncover various industry trends. Financial product are also increasingly becoming more tailored to customers who in turn seek coverage of those services in their specific locations, timeframe and user needs. It has also made possible for artificial intelligence and enabled financial services providers to differentiate their product and service offerings. Sustaining Fin Tech has also emerged as being an expensive affair for providers because of its dynamic and changing nature. This has pushed players to seek partnerships with market lenders, FinTech solutions companies to evade a regular overhaul of their infrastructure.
To a larger extent financial technology has been touted as one of the key players in the global economy that ahs enhance the global GDP. It has made possible for seamless flow of global capital, enhanced consumer spending, reduced unemployment, enhanced consumer confidence and improved general living standards of the population in the United States in the developed world. However, there are casualties of financial technology as service providers no longer use human resources as customers are now engaged with the technology. There are a few job cuts here and there for individuals in the industry have did not embrace change. However, following the recovery from the global financial crisis, the unemployment levels in the US have reduced significantly ad the economy is expected to rebound as a matter of going concern.
Opportunities and threats in the industry
The financial technology industry has many opportunities in the United States and international markets. The industry is expected to continue growing. This is mainly due to the universal access to the internet in the United States and international markets. Access to the internet has eased electronic commerce and support for online platforms for payment which enhances the financial technology industry. The millennial generation in an opportunity for the industry because of its tastes and preferences. The millennial generation in the US is tech savvy, uses the internet and prefers online payment platforms to traditional channels. The demonetization impact of financial technology has seen many consumers across the United States embrace the technology because of its convenience and usability. The market for financial technology is also growing at rates that are high than expected. For instance, the industry was expected to achieve investment in excess of $3 billion in 2018 however, the industry had surpassed this by huge margin and has already recorded an investment of $19 billion by 2016.  The US market is the leading in terms of transaction volumes and is trailed by markets like China, Europe and the rest of the world.
Threats for the FinTech industry include competition from the retail banks who are the main competitors. Retail banks are coming up with products and financial solutions that offer own customer experience to counter the technology engagement offered by financial technology. There is also the security and safety threat of financial transactions transacted over FinTech. Retail banks are also partnering with FinTechs or even acquiring them to enhance their customer base which may in the en make them captive or control their operations. There are also data issues whereby customer data is used by partners which breach the privacy and safety needs of customers which impede customer confidence on some financial technology platforms.
Evaluation of the selected FinTech firms
This project evaluates various financial technology firms that include the following: WeChat pay, Alipay and PayPal.
WeChat Pay
Wechat Pay is a Chinese financial technology platform that offers multi-purpose services such as messaging, mobile payment and social media. The application that was developed by Tencent in 2011 and by 2018 was among the largest stand alone mobile apps in the world with over a billion users monthly. In china the app is used for everything or super app because of its wide range of platforms and functions. The applications only come second to leading American applications such as visa, America express and MasterCard.
The main competitors for Wechat pay include Alipay, Apple Pay and Union Pay in china. In the global markets, the main competitors for Wechat Pay are PayPal and other US-based payment applications mentioned above.
WeChat pay mainly offers financial technology services in the Chinese market. Products offered by WeChat pay include messaging, official accounts, subscription and service accounts, moments which offers real time feeds for social feeds an friends updates. The platform also offers payment services, city services that have functions like booking doctor appointments, booking transportation and paying traffic fines in major cities in China. Other products include enterprise WeChat, friends seek and services under development, WeChat out which allows users to call mobile phones around the world among others.
The main customer targets for the company are the contemporary global citizens. In China these customer categories include the business community, the millennial generations essentially people from sixteen years of age to sixty five years. This customer segment in China is mainly tech savvy and uses technology for their convenience. This customer segment is mainly in the middle and upper class people with high living standards and disposable incomes.
Alipay is a Chinese mobile payment platform that was developed in 2004. Alipay was developed by the Alibaba group which is a leading electronic commerce in china and the world. By 2013, Alipay overtook PayPal as the world’s largest online payment platform. By March 2018, the application has over 870 million users, the company controls over 55 percent of the online payment market in china along and enjoys continued growth. The products and services offered by the company include its operation of over 65 financial institutions that include MasterCard and visa. Other products include credit card bill payment, management of bank accounts, P2P transfers, mobile phone top-ups, digital identification and documents storage, train and bus ticket purchases and checking out on mail Chinese websites. The main customer segment for the company is the middle class Chinese and other international citizens transacting business that require electronic commerce transactions. These customer segments require flexibility and convenience and have high disposable incomes.
PayPal Holdings Inc is an American company that operates an online payment system that operates worldwide. The system supports online transfer of money by offering alternative to traditional checks, paper money and money orders. The company has been in operation since 1998. Its main products include credit cards and payment systems. The company recorded total revenue of over $13 billion in 2017.
Similarities between the three companies evaluates entail the fact that they are both online financial services companies that offer innovative solutions to their target markets. When ranked, PayPal is the leading, followed by Alipay and then WeChat pay. While PayPal offers its products and services to the global markets, Alipay and Wechat pay mainly target the Chinese market. Alipay and WeChat pay mainly give PayPal strong competition in the Chinese markets. They also move high volumes of transactions because of the high population in china and the position of China as the second leading economy in the world.
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Arguments against hosting of the Olympic games in Los Angeles 2028 cheap essay helpLos Angeles has been selected as a host to the 2018 summer Olympic Games, the 1932 and 1984 summer games defined the icons of Los Angeles landscape from Coliseum to the downtown murals. While some individuals consider the hosting of the OlympicGames in Loss Angeles as an opportunity to city commerce and attention, hosting of the Olympic Games is verydisruptive and expensive. From the statistics done, the last Sochi Olympic Games were allotted $51 billion, a lot of residents were also displaced in the process. The review is, therefore, an argument against hosting of the OlympicGames in LosAngeles.
The Olympics are a financial drain to the host cities. From the statistics done, since the 1960s, no Olympicgame ever spent below the budget. This means that LosAngeles is likely to fall under the trap of fictitious overspending. In the case of budget overspending, LosAngeles will be responsible for the overrun costs.The other reason against hosting isOlympicGames forces host cities to create infrastructures that fall in disuse. After the Olympics, there are much-unused buildings left in the city which has costly maintenance. Many Olympic venues across the globe are left empty, rusted and overgrown with weeds, LosAngeles should note this con. The other disadvantage of hosting the Olympic is because it may displace and burden the residents of LosAngeles. From the Beijing 2008 Olympic, approximately, 1.5 million people were forcibly ejected from their homes with little compensation. Hosting Olympic in loss Angeles may destroy the neighborhood and displace the residents to the outskirts of the city. Considering the above factors, LosAngeles should avoid hosting the OlympicGames, 2028.
Work cited
Woods, Ron. Social Issues in Sport. 3rd ed., Human Kinetics, 2016, pp. 233-254.
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New Age Data Encryption college admissions essay helpIn healthcare, like in all other organizations, data security is of utmost significance to all stakeholders. Therefore, medical facilities should not only find accurate methods to react to security threats but also prevent and anticipate attacks. If the setup of a database is thorough and accurately set up, then attackers might seek other means to try and gain access to the system by “reading or writing the data directly, either when it is stored in disk files or when it is in transit” (Malcher et al., 2014). It, then means that to safeguard this option well a healthcare organization has to encrypt this data, either in use, in motion across departments, or at rest in the company’s hard disks.
Data at rest is relatively secure, though not entirely impregnable. Antimalware and antiviruses enable the organization to protect research and patient records by preventing unauthorized activities in the system. However, with the use of encryption of files, all the information stored in hard drives will be permanently inaccessible to outsiders who may want to write directly on it. Protecting the data may be crucial in saving executives the need to identify the methods to use in determining what is significant to safeguard and what is relatively is not.
Active data, which is always in use, is relatively at higher risk, especially when the number of users with access to that information is high. Protection of this type of data involves the authentication of all users to ensure that attackers do not hide behind guest user accounts and then launch attacks by exploiting vulnerabilities. Encrypted information will ensure that all bits of information are inaccessible unless the user has relevant credentials. The administration should strictly track users to ensure that they “can detect suspicious activity, diagnose potential threats, and proactively improve security” (Janacek, 2019).
Data in motion poses a great opportunity for attackers to gain access and bypass a security system. Information in this state is, therefore, the most vulnerable. It remains easier at this day and age for persons to target data meant to reach a different department. This traffic could then be subject to corruption, manipulation or theft of data without the knowledge of the organization. Fortunately, the healthcare establishment can use SSL or Oracle Native Encryption which provides both encryption and integrity maintenance. This safeguard ensures that when data moves through the secure platforms, it remains confidential and cannot be used a ladder for a grander plan by cyber attackers (Malcher et al., 2014).
In light of this, it is of utmost significance to the organization that this data in all of these three levels is safe. “Data encryption is the process of translating one form of data into another form of data that unauthorized users can’t decrypt” (Technologies, 2019). Information in this format cannot be useful in the hands of unauthorized personnel, and the cybercriminals most assuredly cannot use it for any imaginable purpose. However, executives and staff should also take it upon themselves to safeguard the encryption key, which functions as a gate-pass to all the treasured corporate data of the organization.
Janacek, B. (2019). Best Practices: Securing Data at Rest, in Use, and in Motion – DataMotion. Retrieved from
Malcher, M., Needham, P., Rotondon, S., &Kyte, T. (2014). Securing Oracle Database 12c: A Technical Primer. Mcgraw-Hill Education.
Technologies, B. (2019). What is Encryption at Rest, and Why is it Important for your Business?. Retrieved from
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Sleeping and creativity essay helpA lot of stories have been said about sleeping and creativity and how they relate with many artists attributing their creativity to dreams. Many researchers studying sleeping creativity have found the sleep can influence flexible reasoning and insightful behavior. Additional, recently, studies have come up to support creative insomnia theory. From the perspective of this theory, creativity and sleep disturbance correlates significantly. As a person sleeps, the brain becomes very active and becomes even more active during some phases of sleep especially when a person has learned a new thing. In this case, sleep allows the brains of a person to undergo a mental restructuring of the information that was acquired. It then results in insightful and new responses. Further, the study has indicated that sleeping immediately after learning something new makes what one has learned more creative and precise. I fall asleep immediately after my evening studies or any time am faced with a problem. This has been my sleeping pattern over the years and believe been my path towards my success in research and finding solutions to problems. Therefore, from what studies indicate, creative professionals need to contemplate on the sleeping patterns since they influence creativity.
The data for the study was collected for two weeks from January 26, 2019, to February 8, 2019. The basis for the data was considered the sleeping time the previous night. Variables that were considered in data collection involved the time for falling asleep, the time that was lost as I was trying to fall asleep and the time of waking up. Equally, the attention was given to the issues such a waking up in the middle of the sleep. All the data were made when these activities happened and recorded in the sleep journal. Recording in the sleep journal was the day in the evening when about to sleep, and in the morning when waking up. As a common issue with the sleep, sometimes I could be sleepy that I forget to fill the sleep journal till the time I woke up. It then meant that the data for the sleeping time was an approximation that interfered with the accuracy and reliability of the data.
Over the two weeks of data collection, I had enough sleep of about nine hours on average. The least hours I ever slept within the two weeks were seven hours which I experienced in four days out of the fourteen days. I experienced sleep deprivation over the period where I used to wake up either once or twice in four of the fourteen days recorded.
Over the period, I experienced insomnia where I lost four hours trying to fall asleep at night. On average, the thirty minutes was lost trying to fall asleep. In eleven nights, I took more than fifteen minutes each night to fall asleep which represents 78.57 percent of the entire period. I lost wake up four of the fourteen days during sleep. I took naps three of the fourteen days of the period with a total of five hours of sleep from naps to compensate for the sleep I lost during the night. On average, the sleep from naps was about 0.32 hours which I only did during weekends.
A close look at the results of the data indicates that I used to wake up from sleep towards the morning hours and mostly on weekdays. This could be as a result of a lot of work that I had for my assignment and homework. I lost a lot of time trying to fall asleep almost daily since I had a lot of work over the period so I could not get sleep immediately. It happened that my brain was involved in assignment handling that involved new ideas. The new ideas activated my brain and could hardly allow me to get sleep immediately as I was contemplating the new things I had encountered in my study. I usually have a lot of free time over the weekends so I could not mind compensating for the sleep I had lost.
The sleep data recorded is closely aligned with the ideal sleep pattern of a creative professional since the time lost an average sleep time indicate a brain that is engaged. After leaning and handling studies in the evening, the brain was engaged in restructuring in response to the information learned. This is the way the brain of a creative profession function. It tends to respond to new information.
Therefore, sleep seems to play a significant role in the way the brains function. For one to be creative, the pattern of sleep needs to be as ideal as possible to align with that pattern required for creative professionals. I would, therefore, limit the amount of work I handle and focus more on reading ahead of the teacher. This would expose me to more new ideas that would get my brains thinking heard. The more the brains get engaged, the more active it becomes to create new ideas. Though I may have low interest to focus on reading ahead of the teacher, I will take the challenge with the teacher himself to find out if I have grasped something. All I will do is to focus and take it seriously like any study.
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One Hundred Years of Solitude: Theme of Love essay help onlineIn the novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, the author has discussed several themes all with the intention of showing their impact on society. One major theme that has cut across the novel is the theme of love. Love and lust are seen to be entangled in each other and can only be differentiated after an in-depth analysis of the book. Familial love, especially between siblings and parents has been confused with sexual love. The novel shows how husbands and wives have developed almost no sexual chemistry with each other as they strive to satisfy their sexual needs with other partners. In the same note, the parentage of many characters is kept a secret and thus creating a question on whether real love is existent. Incest has been recorded in the novel owing to the many secrets about parentage that have not been discussed (Summaries, 2016). The complicated situations touching on love have been caused by lack of dedication by the characters to building strong love and adhering to the social norms. “time was not passing…it was turning in a circle…” Many mistakes have been made in the arena of love, and this could only be prevented if the characters were open about love and on who they have a relationship with (Summaries, 2016).
The Buendia family is entangled in a complicated situation as for them they are afraid of promoting love between close family members. It is a huge struggle as their ancestors had experienced these (Summaries, 2016). The greatest undoing is that the fear is not as strong as compared to love. Familial love leading to sexual attraction is seen in Jose Arcadio who goes ahead to marry his first cousin Ursula. Although the family had been against this, Jose cares less and alleges that there is a strong love that cannot be quenched, “and both of them remained floating in an empty universe where the only every day & eternal reality was love…”  For him, he is not afraid of having a child with a deformity. This scenario proves in no small extent that love has blinded most of the characters to a position that they can’t see the worst case scenarios that can happen if they love each other. The situation seems to favor Jose and his wife Ursula, and this is seen as love conquering against all the odds. However, Jose kills Prudencio for mocking him because of his acts. Love, in this case, is seen to have contributed to Jose killing Prudencio. The desire of the two to leave their home for Macondo is proof of strong love and attraction to each other (Summaries, 2016).
Despite the fear of getting kids with a pigtail, it has been seen that none of the individuals is interested in foregoing love because of the dangers that are associated with incest. Most of them are so ready to deal with the social and psychological effects that it brings. The novel has depicted a strong love despite the Buendia’s being unable to grow their families beyond the original bloodline. It is true their love, but again this love has not been proved in a strong way (Summaries, 2016). , although not accepted within the community, has been proved to be a strong foundation of love for many characters. Jose Arcadio himself goes ahead and develops a romantic relationship with his adopted sister Rebeca. To Jose, losing family ties is not as important as compared to being in love with the sister. The two develop a deep and serious love for each other and fortunately this time around they are not afraid of a child with a pigtail. He says “It’s enough for me to be sure that you and I exist at this moment.” Jose and Rebeca sacrifice the closeness they have with their families all in the name of the romantic love between them (Summaries, 2016). According to Summaries (2016), love is the only theme that cuts across the whole novel despite there being many other open themes.
The numerous cases of incestuous developments in the novel show a community that has chosen to ignore the social and moral cues for the sake of their love. However, in some individuals like Aureliano, he decides to forgo love and marry an outsider rather than be a despot from his people. Despite there being a lack of respect between Fernanda and Aureliano, the two have not divorced citing their religion (Summaries, 2016). Love is seen between Aureliano Segundo and Petra Cotes that even affects positively the fertility of the livestock they own together “Cease, cows, life is short.” The scenario proves a real love that is passionate to each other and goes beyond mutual satisfaction. The most intriguing part of this relationship is that they thrived despite having the community being against them. At this point the words “there is always something left to love”  make so much sense. Meme who happens to be the daughter of Aureliano and Fernanda have a passionate, romantic relationship with Mauricio Babilonia (Summaries, 2016). Fernanda believes that the only way to save his family and the closeness is by hiding the identity of the baby. The case proves that although the individuals are not mindful of their actions, they are worried about the familial love that exists.
More scenarios of romantic love are seen between Aurelio and Amaranta who also happen to be a relative. A strong relationship is seen between Remedios Moscote and Colonel Aureliano Buendia. Marquez in the novel has been keen to develop themes of love although most of them have been based on familial love that later on grew to romantic love (Summaries, 2016). In fact, for them, they “made one last effort to search in his heart for the place where his affection had rotted away, and he could not find it.” Love is seen to play a very crucial part of the whole book. It is through love that most other themes have been built upon.
Summaries, B. (2016). One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Marquez (Book Analysis): Detailed Summary, Analysis, and Reading Guide. BrightSummaries. Com.
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Death in the ring essay help site:eduByline
Place line
This was the third meeting between Emile Griffith and Benny Paret a boxing title for the Welterweight Boxing championship. This historical event took place at Madison Square on March 24, 1962, in New York City.
Griffith looked stronger each second, and as he pushed Paret to the corner with heavy punches, things looked worse as the shouting in the arena slowly faded.
In boxing, fights similar to this one were supposed to separate men from boys. Having lost before to Griffith, Paret knew that he was not only fighting to save his reputation but also his life. He took up the challenge, but in the end, he was handed a severe beating which came as a result of his bravery. Paret forgot that in sports its always good to respect your opponent. Before the match, Paret insulted Griffith that he enjoys mens company not knowing that he had sealed his fate. This ignited a winning spirit in Griffith who worked hard and won the first five rounds. However, in the 6th round, Paret worked hard and sent Griffith in the canvas. However, Griffith got back to his feet this time like a wounded animal and pushed hard Paret in the next three rounds. Unfortunately, a grim end of what promised to be one of the best boxing matches came to an end in the 12th round. Using his right hand, Griffith sent Paret to the corner. With his last energy, Griffith gave Paret strong uppercut punches until his end swayed in the ropes before the referee saved the situation. However, it was too late as Paret remained in a coma for ten days before passing. For sure we saw a man with an iron chin until his toughness brought him down.
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Research Proposal: Can E-sport be considered an actual Sport? essay help online freeAbstract
E-sports include all games played on computers. Many people have embraced computer games in the past few years due to advancement in technology leading to cheap computer devices. Some institutions have integrated computer games into their sports Calendar by sponsoring their students to participate in various computer games. In contemporary society, many children and young adults prefer sitting in front of the computer and play virtual games such as football or athletics. Most people in the community including sports stakeholders are confused about whether E-sport should be considered an actual sport or not. The proposed research aims to determine whether e-sport qualifies to be regarded as a real sport by answering the research question, “Can E-sport be considered an actual Sport?”the proposed research will hypothesize that e-sport should a be sport like other sports.
Research Context
Various studies have been conducted on the research topic. To begin with, Kane and Brandon argue that the first criteria of consideration should be the definition of sport to determine whether e-sport fits into the definition (2). The authors define sport as a competition that involves physical exertion. They argue that physical exertion can be gauged through metabolism rate of between 4 and 6. Besides, the oxygen levels also known as VO2 can be between 40% and 60% (Kane &Brandon). The authors found that individual metabolism rate is between 4 and 9 when a person is playing video games (Kane & Brandon 2). The second definitive term for sport is skill, which they argue that a video gamer needs to learn particular techniques to sharpen his skills. A study Jennyby et al. (7), reiterates this argument by stating that e-sports requires skillful coordination to play effectively. According to them, a video game player competes against another real or virtual opponent. Kane and Brandon also argue that many countries such as the US recognize video games as professional sports gamers access p-1 visas like other athletes. Similarly, Jennyet al., say that e-Sport is recognized as a sport in most institutions of higher learning in the US (3). Additionally, they argue that e-sport involves completion like any other sport (6). Kane and Brandon (2), also arguethat e-sport involves competition between two opposing participants.
The proposed study will build on this knowledge by analyzing and comparing the motor skills involved in video gaming to those of athletics. Besides, the study will compare the amount of energy spent when playing video games to that spent in athletics.
The study will use a qualitative approach to collect data by analyzing the findings of previous research regarding the possibility of e-sport to be considered a sport.
Discussion and Conclusion
The study will discuss that e-sport should be considered sport depending on the findings.
The significance of the Research
The proposed study will provide relevant knowledge that can be used by policymakers to include e-sport as an actual sport in society. Besides, it will add necessary knowledge on current literature in sport and gaming. Furthermore, future researchers can use the study as a reference for more information.
Works Cited
Kane, Daniel, and Brandon D. Spradley. “Recognizing ESports as a sport.” Sports Journal (2017).
Jenny, Seth E., et al. “Virtual (ly) athletes: Where eSports fit within the definition of “Sport.” Quest 69.1 (2017): 1-18.
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Evaluation of the Agency’s Human Resources Management scholarship essay helpHuman Resource Processes
According to Wright (2018), HRM involves managing employees strategically and coherently. With proper management, the employees can collectively work individually as a team towards attaining the objectives and goals of the organization. In the Government Publishing Office (GPO), human resource management involves human resource planning and recruiting; employee remuneration and benefits administration; performance management; and employee relation. The first phase includes planning, recruitment, selection and hiring or placing. Planning encompasses identifying current, and future human resources need that is needed by the company to achieve its overall objectives and goals. It links human resource management with the overall company’s strategic plan.   Recruitment is the process used to find and attract potential employees to fill up the gaps or the vacant positions in the company. It entails identifying of job vacancies, conducting an analysis of the requirements of the job vacancy, review of the application, screening, short long and selecting the most qualified candidate or candidates. Interviewing in recruitment is the act of determining if the applicants have the qualifications needed for the position the company wishes to fill. Employee selection involves deciding the right candidate for a vacant job position from a pool of applicants. Only applicants who are highly skilled and qualified are selected.  By selecting the best applicant, the company is in for a quality performance.
Employee Remuneration and Benefits Administration is an HRM process used to decide upon salaries and wages, Incentives, Fringe Benefits and Perquisites. The human resource department understands that the prime motivator in employment is salaries and benefits paid to employees. GPO has through its human resource department has developed salary and wage, and reward and benefits programs which offer motivation to their employee to help them increase and maintain their performance.
Performance management is the other process. It involves helping the organization train, motivate and reward employees. The primary goal of this process is to ensure that employees meet the goals of the organization with efficiency. Designing effective employee training is necessary for the success of the agency. The process provides benefits to employees and the business only when planned carefully and implemented. Engaging new employees in an activity that makes them feel like part of the business translates to motivation and productivity from the employees and profits for the company in the long run. Therefore, training is a process through which the human resource in an organization attain knowledge and skills that help in improving corporate performance. In designing a training strategy, it is essential to develop one that meets the needs of both employees and the organization (Cloutier et al., 2015).
Implications of Human Resource Workforce
GPO human resource management employees are faced with a myriad of challenges which if not attended to in advance and with the right strategy will hinder service delivery. The primary issues HRM professionals and in particular the HR manager face is the issue of staffing. Recruitment and retention of highly skilled and qualified employees is a big challenge. It becomes a challenge since experts and professionals are demanding high pay which is becoming difficult for the HRM department to maintain (Bader et al., 2015). Besides, finding employees who will comply with set regulation and who will work diligently is a challenge. With the current advancement in technology, GPO requires employees who are well equipped with technology. Another issue is improper behavior and personal problems of employees which have become prevalent in the organization. The issue of absenteeism and termination is also evident (Bader et al., 2015).
Compliance with laws and regulation is yet another challenge. HRM managers are finding it difficult to comply with the ever-changing laws and regulation relating to employees recruitment. Internally, management changes concerning strategies, structure, and internal processes are proving difficult for HR employees to cope.
The other issue revolves around workplace diversity. Employees recruited are from different ethnic groups. This means that the HR department has to deal with ethical and cultural differences of its employees. The more the workplace is diverse, the more the risk of lawsuits for failing to protect employees from harassment is high.
Succession Planning for Human Resource Management
GPO human resources department has the responsibility of managing the agency employees to accomplish its mission and achieve its objectives and goals. The following managerial skills and competencies will help to prove the GPO workforce and the overall strategic goals.
Proficient communication skills: Managers need to have excellent oral and written communication skills. Effective communication calls for managers establishing an environment that promotes the sharing of ideas and employee involvement in decision-making processes. Such an environment establishes a good working relationship which helps to promote employee performance.  HR managers who are effective communicators listen to the concerns of employees. They also adapt and select their communication with employees’ personality types.  This way they will be able to communicate with employees of any changes quickly. They will also be able to manage conflicts within the workforce in a way the concerned parties experience satisfactory outcomes.
Provide high-impact performance feedback: managers and supervisors at different levels of management with the agency should at all times provide high impact feedback to the subjects below them. The feedback provided to employees should be by informing, enlightening and suggesting improvements to employees occurring their performance.  High impact performance feedback will help employees in developing full potential. Positive and constructive feedback is a tool for motivating employees to increase their performance.
Coaching and development: Managers at a different level in the agency are required to use their coaching skills to evaluate and address the developmental needs of the workforce. Besides, they will be required to use these skills in helping the workforce select diverse experiences which will assist them in acquiring necessary skills. Employees who are highly motivated through their managers coaching and development skills will have enough reasons to stay at their job and increase their performance. This is because they have been given the opportunity to learn and grow.
To achieve the necessary managerial and professional skills and competencies required to improve the agency’s workforce, GPO should create plans well in advance. First, the mission and the vision statement should clearly outline the goals and objective of the agency. This way, everyone in the agency, including the managers will under so what is required of them long before they join the agency. Second, only people talented to handle human resource well should be hired. This will ensure that people hired are qualified enough to move the agency forward.
Job Analysis and Design
The consultant position I am performing is the Human Resource Consultant. Primary requirements for a Human Resource Consultant are in-depth knowledge of human resource management, and a masterly in IT, accounting, sales, marketing, and finance and, to understand issues and inefficiencies in human resources and how to remedy them. To be an effective Human Resource Consultant, one must possess considerable knowledge of the human resources process @##@@.
In this position, I am required to understand the recruitment process and the dynamics that are involved in hiring people to fill new or vacant positions. As a human resource consultant, I am required to understand in details issues concerning employee remuneration and benefits administration. Lastly, I cannot be an effective human resource consult without a clear understanding of performance management and how employee performance can be improved through training and development. In another dimension, working with an agency like GPO, an effective human resource consultant is required to have mastery with IT and in other fields such as finance and accounting. These two requirements will be measured using the Management by Objectives (MBO) performance evaluation method. Through this method, my actual performance will be evaluated against set objectives.
The human resource consultant position in GPO will be an important factor as it wills the human resource department in numerous ways. First, it will ensure that the agency’s employees serve the best interest of the agency. This will be achieved in some ways. One, advising on human resource policies and procedures to the HR department. Two, analyzing the agency’s current human resource programs and recommending solutions. Second, ensuring that the agency is effectively using its human capital, it achieves its goals and at the same time ensuring employees operate at high levels of performance.  This will be achieved through the creation of a human resources model specific to the agency.
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Selection constructs essay helpQuestion One
A high-structured interview is an interview whereby the interviewer asks questions to the interviewees which are already predetermined. On the other hand, a low-structured interview constitutes the asking of questions where most of them are not predetermined but a random. The constructs of a high-structured interview include those of basing on job-related constructs, availability of background information and type of job analysis(Huffcuttet al., 2001). On the other hand, the constructs of a low-structured interview include impression based constructs, use of an interview panel and the type of questions asked. There might be differences in the constructs tapped depending on structure because of some reasons. One of the reasons for this is the influence brought about by construct measurement for example where job analysis constructs are used in the high-structured interview only. Another reason is that of the availability of background information where if it is high a low structured interview is recommended.
Question Two
The “Big Five” personality traits constitute of openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and emotional stability. Openness to experience refers to the extent at which a person is ready to learn new ideas or the level of intellectual curiosity that a person possesses. Conscientiousness is the attribute of being disciplined, dependable and always aiming to succeed. Extraversion is the trait of being energetic and always being talkative when in a company of others. Agreeableness is where one is cooperative to others rather than disagreeing with them. Emotional stability or neuroticism involves being very prone to physiological torture easily including getting angry. All the above traits can be ascertained to be the better predictors of job performance. According to the study by Hurtz, & Donovan, (2000), they were able to find out that there were those predictors that were better than others and they were conscientiousness and Agreeableness.
Question Three
Personality is the receiving of renewed attention in the contexts of selection and employment purposes (Arthur, Woehr, &Graziano, 2001). Personality is measured through the objective tests where the results are not influenced by the examiner’s beliefs while the projective tests involve getting of results that are influenced by the examiner’s beliefs. Examples of objective tests include Myers-Briggs type indicator, neo-pi-r, Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory, 16PF, and Eysenck personality questionnaire. Examples of projective tests, on the other hand, include the Rorschach Inkblot Test and the Thematic Apperception Test. It is also important to note that although personality tends to be stable with time, there are likelihoods where it may gradually change in people. However, these changes are infrequent and happen as a result of the great disconnection of the person’s body function. On the other side, stable personality traits are fundamental in the shaping of a person’s life, especially in the employment and selection processes.
Huffcutt, A. I., Conway, J. M., Roth, P. L., & Stone, N. J. (2001). Identification and meta-analytic assessment of psychological constructs measured in employment interviews. Journal of Applied Psychology, 86, 897-913.
Hurtz, G. M., & Donovan, J. J. (2000). Personality and job performance: The big five revisited. Journal of Applied Psychology, 85, 869-879.
Arthur, Jr., W., Woehr, D. J., &Graziano, W. G. (2001). Personality testing in employment settings: Problems and issues in the application of conventional selection practices. Personnel Review, 30, 657-676.
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Film Innovation college application essay helpCinema development has gone through various shaping processes through consistent technological advancements (CineFix sec 5). Numerous technological advancements have attributed to the growth of the film industry right from the early stages of film production. Some of the innovations that played a significant role in the film world include the advent of the camera, 3D, sound systems, and color among others. Film making has however made a great journey for more than 120 years to where it is now. The invention of the cinematography in the late 19th century was the actual birth of film. Film producers generated new tools and ways of using the devices and as a result, aesthetic innovations were brought about. The introduction of optical sound to the film industry, however, brought about advancements and change in the film industry.
The introduction of sound changed the way the films were made (CineFix min 3). Even though the introduction of cameras had played a vital role in film making, it was not enough without the introduction of sound. The ability to synchronize sound and image recording simultaneously was difficult at first (CineFix min 3) Engineers in 1914 attached the film camera motors to the photograph motors using gears and the synchronization problem was solved (CineFix min 4). In 1927, an American musical film ‘The Jazz Singers’ featured a more complex arrangement which comprised of sound effects as well as singing. The introduction of sound brought life to the film industry. Viewers were now able to watch a particular film and interpret it. Viewers were able to achieve a better understanding of the particular films they were watching.  Watching movies became more appealing. A visual display is not complete without the accompaniment of sound display. Sound projection makes the viewing experience interesting as the viewers are now able to relate whatever they are watching to whatever talked about in a particular film. Therefore the introduction of sound to the film making process was the most significant film innovation process even in the present day film industry.
Works cited
CineFix.  3 Most Important Tech Innovations in Film History, (2012, Feb). Retrieved on 24th February 2019, from
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Race and Ethnicity writing essay helpQuestion one
One of the stereotypes that I observed is on the treatment of the female gender. A comparison of the male and the female gender indicates that there are significant disparities in the handling of the two groups. This due to the fact the feminine group is regarded as being weaker. While there are minimalcases of gender discrimination in developed countries, there aresignificantdiscrepanciesbetween the two genders in developing countries. There is a tendency to view members of the femininesex as being weak and inferior to the male gender. The stereotype creates the impression that ladies should always be submissive and remain under the authority of men. It establishes the basis of violating their rights such as barring them from assuming leadership positions.
All decisions made by the female gender thus need to gain the approval of their male counterparts. This treatment does not extend to the male gender as men are seen to occupy most leadership and senior positions in both politics and other organizations. However, I feel that such a trend infringes on the rights of the female gender and it bars them from accessing empowerment opportunities. On the contrary, there is a need to treat all groups as being equal as well as providingjob opportunities to all persons without gender discrimination. The current situation has led to an increase in the level of violence and suffering from the female gender. The trend can be linked to social values that tend to give more power to men as compared to women.
Suchnegative trends areevident in employment and access to empowermentopportunities. In the case of leadership positions, it is worth noting that female individuals are given fewer opportunities as compared to men. The underrepresentation of women implies that there are fewer chances of fighting for the rights of the group. One of the ways that such negative stereotypes can be addressed is increasing the awareness levels on the dangers that come with violation of women rights. Similar initiatives need to be placed on incentives that seek to train the female gender and to equip it with skills to compete with the dominant male sex.
Question Two
Whiteness can be defined as being the advantages that members of the white community receive on the basis of their ethnicity/skincolor. The white community is often regarded as being superior as compared to the minority/colored groups. An example is thefact that there are manydisparities between howmembers of the white raceare treated as compared those of the Latino community. The trend is connected to the white supremacy ideology which often leads to the violation of the rights of the minority groups. Discriminatory acts can be defined as being based on racial factors where whiteindividuals are seen as being more intelligent and superior. The trend leads todiscrimination and marginalization of the minoritygroups. Below are some instances of whiteness.

Access to Employment Opportunities

Past studies indicate that white persons have a higheropportunity of being employed as compared to individuals from other races. The argumentis based on the fact that dominant groups are viewed as being better trained and competent. This case happenseven though there are many members of the colored communities who are better qualified or educated. It implies that white members are given undue advantages on the basis of their skincolor. There are thuschances that poorly trained white persons would have higher opportunities as compared to skilled coloredpersons. Upholding of the idea of whiteness supremacythus continues to subject many members of the minority groups to high poverty levels.

Social Interactions

A comparison of members of the whitecommunity and African-Americans indicate that they receive different treatments in term of social interactions. In the case of African-Americans, they are treated as being criminals and less knowledgeable. They are often ridiculed in social interactions as lacking understanding of complex matters. However, this conduct is not extended to white persons as they are often regarded as being refined and competent in different areas. The trend can be linked to the notion that the group is superior as compared to other minority groups. It is a misleading position that does not always represent the facts in the real world setting.

Access to Empowerment Opportunity

While discrimination was long abolished in the USA, there is the view that institutionalized discrimination is still rampant in many organizations. The argument rests on the fact that the implementation of manypolicies and values tend to favormembers of the white race as compared to other persons. It holds that there is a considerable variation in the treatment of white individuals and other citizens when it comes to accessing government services. White persons are often given priority while other groups areassumed as the second option. The treatment is attributed to both whiteness and white supremacy. While theseideologieswerelargely held during slavery in the Southern states, they continue to shape the interactions of differentracial groups in the USA.
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The International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) essay help onlineThe International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) is a biannual event held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The function demonstrates the latest technology used by the armed forces across air, land, and water bodies. This paper is a compilation of the results of the cultural assessment of selected companies at the event I attended on February 19th, 2019. I visited four stands in IDEX:LeonardoS.p.A, Magistral Limited, Emirates Defence Industries Company, and Oasis Advanced Engineering, Inc. The paper will identify the potential cultures of these organizations based on clan, hierarchy, marketing, and adhocracy categories learnt in class.
I visited stand B005 manned by LeonardoS.p.A, an Italian high technology company and a major stakeholder in the field of aerospace engineering, defence, and security. This year, the company was showcasing its products related to maritime defences such as helicopters, radars, and training aircraft. The company thrives on an ever-changing technological framework. Like its peers in the high technology industry, Leonardo is anchored upon flexibility, innovativeness, and creativity of its employees. The company adopts a future-forward posture when making strategic business decisions.The company staff at the booth mentioned that the organization encourages its employees to be dynamic, proactive, and adaptable. The organization relies on providing information superiority, situational awareness, and network communications to land and naval armed forces around the world (“Leonardo”). As such, based on the information provided by the staff at the booth, I concluded that the company potentially falls under adhocracy organizational culture.
Several characteristics of Leonardo as a naval organization were definite from my interactions with the staff when I visited the booth. Apart from offering a work station which favours innovation, the organization also invests in research to identify sustainable and competitive military solutions for the market. Similarly, the company focusses on providing cutting-edge technology to their clients in a reliable, customized, and timely fashion. The fabric of the company is based on the continuous development of key technologies such as microelectronics for advanced radar sensors, unmanned surveillance, and electro-optical technologies among others (“Leonardo”). From these characteristics, the organization has diverse sub-cultures. For example, the research department is adhocracy, but the engineering group is competing since it focusses on external orientation and differentiation of products to beat the competitors of the firm.
Magistral Limited
The Russian protective glass manufacturers were allocated stand 09-C02 at IDEX 2019. The company draws from its rich heritage of producing quality bullet-proof materials for clients worldwide since the year 1992. Magistral Limitedspecializes in production of ballistics, laminated and special glass for executive cars, special vehicles, military machinery, water transport, and personal safety machinery. The company’s main products are therefore centered on armored and laminated vehicle glazing, fireproof constructions, and safety glasses. The organization is the largest special protection equipment producer in Eastern Europe and mainly serves government dignitaries. Information of the company from its profile shows itscultural group it potentially clan.
Observations at the Magistral Limited booth show the personnel working there have a team-oriented approach to handling the company tasks. Interactions with the staff further provide information on the cohesive, friendly, and family like workplace provided by the company. With the advancement of technology and innovations in the glass reinforcement and glazing, the company has consistently focussed on creating a friendly atmosphere for its employees at the workplace. As such, the characteristics at the workplace qualify the organization to the clan category(Tharp 3). Additionally, Magistral Limited regularly tracks the quality of the raw materials supplied by international firms it has outsourced. Emphasis on monitoring the quality of outsourced productsreveals that the company is keen to maintain control. Also, there is a tendency toward internal focus and integration. Therefore, the company values standardization and control, which are fundamental aspects of hierarchy organizational culture (Tharp 3). In summary, the characteristics of the firm reveal hierarchy and clan categories of culture exist concurrently in the organization.
Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC)
The company is an integrated defence manufacturing and services platform in the United Arab Emirates. Its main products include the provision of services to facilitate the production of military goods in the country. The EDIC Bayanat, for example, enhances a seamless interaction between private and public organizations by leveraging on its excellent capacity for integrated geospatial solutions and spatial data. The EDIC Technical Services seeks to build partnerships with world-renowned institutions to boost innovation of military hardware in the U.A.E. Lastly, EDIC MRO Land works closely with the U.A.E Armed Forces to assure equipment readiness. The EDIC is, therefore, an alliance of government-controlled corporations aimed at boosting the stature of the country’s Armed Forces in the M.E.N.A region and the global stage. Potentially, the Emirates Defence Industries Company falls under the hierarchy category of cultural organization.
The EDIC is a classic example of the stereotypically large, bureaucratic organization. High-ranking government officials head the company. Also, it exists for the sole purpose of advancing the interests of the state. The primary source of funding is the U.A.E administration. The organization undertakes all commercial interests with the aim of enhancing the standing of the country’s military. Among its major objectives, the EDIC intends to enhance the position of U.A.E. in military industries through technology transfer and development. Typical with organizations which have a hierarchy culture, the desire for stability and control by the government is well represented by the top leadership of the organization (Tharp 3). The structure responsible for decision-making and authority is well-defined. The focus of the company is on the internal focus and integration of functions. The management structure also has several layers. The evidence which exists on the cultural category for the organization is therefore predominantly hierarchy.
Oasis Advanced Engineering, Inc.
The United States-based company is primarily engaged with the research and development of combat vehicles. Its latest product is embedded gunnery training capabilities which will later be incorporated into the heavy combat vehicles used by the U.S. Army. Fundamentally, Oasis Advanced Engineering is concerned with capacity building both for the Army and the Army National Guard. The staff at the organization comprises engineers, computer scientists, and business managers, among others. The firm values cross-training of its personnel such as quality assurance, production, and field development. The intention is to make sure the staff is highly knowledgeable on combat vehicles to enable them to make necessary adjustments. The human resource at the organization is highly diverse in terms of ability. For example, the company boasts of technical know-how in the fields of software engineering, electrical design, systems design, optical design and testing, mechanical design and testing, and program management. The different skills make the workforce dynamic. Therefore the cultural category of the firm could potentially be marketing.
The company has a bias towards internal focus given the readiness to engage the employees in cross-training. Also, the continuous innovation and improvements made on the products offered by the company imply that Oasis Engineering focuses more on differentiation rather than integration. The outwards approach adopted by the business allows it to form beneficial relationships with the U.S. Army and the National Guard. The emphasis of the organization is on productivity and competitiveness. Positioning in the market is a crucial step in the strategy adopted by the American firm. As such, evidence suggests that the company cultural category for the organization is almost exclusively marketing. The obsession with differentiation and external focus also suggests that the organizational culture could be adhocracy. A combination of the two cultures is possible, although marketing dominates.
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Schools need to teach in a way that helps kids develop grit and dedication college essay helpIntroduction
The education system currently adopted by many countries emphasizes on teaching theory and testing student’s understanding based on how much they can remember and put down on paper. This approach is not ideal for preparing leaders and drivers of the economy. Teachers have abandoned the practice-based teaching approach that equips the students with skills necessary to face real-life challenges. For instance, students who graduate from high school and universities are good at memorizing concepts and theories which they were taught in class, but unfortunately, they cannot apply the concepts to help solve real-life problems in the health, housing, or food security sectors. This paper provides a story about my experience with University, and the story is a reflection of why the teachers must change their teaching approach to one which enables students to develop inner toughness.
There is a need to teach students in a way that helps them to develop grit. I graduated from high school in 2016. I was then required to think about what education had offered me and the direction my life would take. I talked to a few people in my circles of friends and the people I considered to be my mentors to help me figure out what I could do best with my life and what I wanted to be for the rest of my life. During all these consultations, one thing became clear to me. I was not well prepared for the next face of my life despite having performed excellently in my high school exams. I was not able to identify what I could do best or my future career. For a moment, I felt like high school education had not prepared me well enough to beat the challenges of life. Then I asked myself, what was the point of cramming all those theories? Why did I have to garbage in my head all the concepts if they could not help me find direction for my life? In the final exams, while I was able to remember them all and put them on exam papers as they were asked the theories remained obsolete and of no use now in the subsequent face of life. This story echoes the need to change the direction of our current education to more skill based education where kids are taught how to identify their skills and nurture them. This way the graduates will develop grit and apply their knowledge to solve some of the most challenging problems in life.
Developing life skills is very important for children graduating from high school. Life skills help students to decide what direction they want to take in life based on what they are passionate about. When I graduated from high school, I had scored marks points that would secure me a place in some of the most prestigious universities in the US. I contemplated applying for a law degree at Harvard, but I wasnot brought up to become a lawyer. My parents wanted me to become a doctor who still was not on my list of choices. I finally settled on my parents’ preference since they were both doctors and doing reasonably well in their careers. So I joined Princeton University to study medicine. Despite my exemplary performance in high school, I noticed that I didn’t have the passion for a medical degree when I had already completed my freshman years in the university. For me, this was too late for me to think of switching courses. Therefore, the only choice I was left with was to soldier on. I felt like I had lost the direction of my life although I did not understand which direction my life was to follow. I attribute these confusions to my high school years since I believe that those are the years I could identify my skills and talent with the help of my teachers.
Students should work closely with their teachers to be able to find the right direction in life. One day in high school, my class teacher and mentor asked me to list down possible careers that I felt that I could fit in well. While other students took the assignment seriously and did extensive consultations with teachers and parents, for me, that was no assignment. I listed down all the courses considered to be lucrative and forwarded to my teacher. I never asked my self-questions such as what drives one to choose a career? What are the prerequisites for developing a good job? And how can one know what they are good at? To date, I feel like that was the day I lost my direction in life, and I have not been able to find my way back on the right track. This incidence reminds me of the importance of working closely with teachers and mentors to find the right course based on the student’s ability and skills.
The experience I have had with the current education system has opened my eyes to the reality of life that understanding the theories and complicated concepts and putting them down on paper is not enough. As a student, I need to do more than just understanding the concepts and follow my passion for me to be able to find direction in my life. Solving life challenges depends significantly on the ability to apply what was learned in class rather than just knowing what was learned. Teachers must encourage practice-based learning that brings out the learners’ grit to help them do what they are good at.
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Gender and Power: Male and Female Bosses(Ruth Bader Ginsburg) best college essay helpA lot of discussions have been going on regarding gender equalities all over the world from time immemorial. The society has held men in high esteems when it comes to performing some duties than women. The thought of a woman being in charge of a prestigious organization or company to date is an ‘eyebrow raiser’ among many individuals. People tend to think that women are inferior when it comes to handling and managing specific posts assigned to them. This thought is, however, a fallacy because the delegation of duties knows no gender provided an individual can adequately perform in the relevant line of duty.
Female bosses have had a spoilt reputation over the past few years. According to a research that was conducted about sixty two years ago by Gallup Research Company, many American adults were found to prefer male bosses over female ones (Rubio-Marín 603) A small percentage of them, however, did not seem to see any difference between male and female bosses while just a few acknowledged that women could actually make good bosses. This situation regarding male figures as better bosses is, however, changing in the corporate world. The best boss is a partner who can listen and effectively communicate and keep the work passion alive. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Supreme Court judge in the US is a woman. She has effectively served as a Supreme Court justice where she has been able to fight gender discrimination issues (Rubio-Marín 605). By the mare virtue that the state entrusted her with this post; it only shows that she had effective bossy skills. Even though she is 83, she still performs effectively to her assigned duties. Vidi Mehra, the founder of candy cane club, regarded women to be excellent bosses because they possess an inbuilt crew resource management. It all starts with the way they can manage household activities which only show they are critical thinkers and decision makers.
In conclusion, gender does not matter when it comes to leadership. The ability of an individual to deliver and serve in whichever position delegated to him or her is what counts in the long run. Women can make good bosses just like men can.
Work cited
Rubio-Marín, Ruth. “Notorious RBG”: A conversation with United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” International Journal of Constitutional Law 15.3 (2017): 602-620.
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UMUC Biology 102/103 Lab 6: Taxonomy college application essay helpINSTRUCTIONS:
·         On your own and without assistance, complete this Lab 6 Answer Sheet electronically and submit it via the Assignments Folder by the date listed in the Course Schedule (under Syllabus).
·         To conduct your laboratory exercises, use the Laboratory Manual located under Course Content. Read the introduction and the directions for each exercise/experiment carefully before completing the exercises/experiments and answering the questions.
·         Save your Lab 6 Answer Sheet in the following format:  LastName_Lab6 (e.g., Smith_Lab6).
·         You should submit your document as a Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) file for best compatibility.
Pre-Lab Questions

Use the following classifications to determine which organism is least related out of the three. Explain your rationale.

Table 2: Classifications

Classification Level
American Green Tree Frog
European Fire- Bellied Toad
Eastern Newt









The newt is far related from the other two since frog and toad have no tail in adulthood. The newt has a resemblance to the salamander since they both have long tails in their adulthood. According to the diagram, in the order level of classification, both the American green tree frog and the European fire bellied toad are termed as Anura. The frogs and toads have long hind legs that are helpful when jumping. The newts have long bodies and short legs adaptable for walking and swimming rather than jumping. The newt also is able to grow limbs after losing them. This isn’t the case with the frogs and the toads.

How has DNA sequencing affected the science of classifying organisms?

It is now possible to classify all organisms on earth thanks to DNA sequencing. All organisms that resemble each other are easily grouped to understand their history. In the classification, we are able to learn how plants and animals are related to each other and therefore understand the history of evolution. With DNA sequencing, we are now able to predict the future. Thanks to sequencing, we are able to see traits that are on molecular level

You are on vacation and see an organism that you do not recognize. Discuss what possible steps you can take to classify it.

To classify an organism, I will first start with the simple classification then delve to deeper or tiny differences. I will observe its domain, then kingdom then phylum. Is the organism a plant or an animal? Does the organism have mobility? How does it feed and what does it eat? After identifying the simple differences, I will observe the deeper similarities it shares with other organisms of the same class. I will also compare the environment that it grows or lives in with other known organisms available.
Exercise 1: Dichotomous Key Practice

Table 3: Dichotomous Key Results

Binomial Name

 Acer palmatum

 Carya ovate

 Delosperma cooperi

 Echinacea firebird

 Fargesia spp

 Hedera helix

 Hibiscus moscheutos

 Impatiens walleriana

 Jasminum nudiflorum

 Kalmia latifolia

 Lantana camara

 Nepeta cataria

 Mertensia virginica

Post-Lab Questions

What do you notice about the options of each step as they go from number one up?

From the classification, we start from the simple differences to the minute differences. It is easy to classifly an organism as bacteria, eukaryota or archaea. With further analysis, we see differences in organisms that appear same on the naked eye.

How does your answer from Question 1 relate to the Linnaean classification system?

The linear classification system has aided in the identification of organisms. It is quite easy now to match new research with other classified organisms while identifying their differences and similarities. The Linnaean classification system is essential to a scientists daily routine. When a species is identified, one can compare through the system to see if it was classified before. The Linnaean classification has eight taxa which are; domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species.
Exercise 2: Classification of Organisms
Data Tables and Post-Lab Assessment
Table 2: Key Characteristics of Some Organisms

Defined Nucleus
Cell Wall

E. coli






Figure 4: Exercise 2 – Classification of Organisms Flow Chart

Post-Lab Questions

Did this series of questions correctly organize each organism? Why or why not?

From the diagram, we see that organisms under domain Eukarya and domain bacteria are the only ones represented. Organisms under the Archaea domain were not represented. The Archaea domain was originally included into the bacteria domain but after careful analysis, they were seen to be different since they have Phytanyl on the cell membrane while bacteria contain fatty acids.

What additional questions would you ask to further categorize the items within the kingdoms (Hint: think about other organisms in each of the kingdoms and what makes them different than the examples used here)?

Does the cell membrane contain fatty acids?
Does the cell embrane contain phytanyl?

What questions would you have asked instead of the ones that you answered above when classifying the organisms?

Does the organism contain a cell wall?
Is the organism unicellular or multicelular?
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Book Summary college essay helpPart I: Summary
Chapter 11 describes how the failure of the articles of the confederation led to the creation of the US constitution in 1871. Besides, the chapter outlines the outcomes of the constitutional convention that led to the establishment of a bicameral parliament through a compromise. A state produced two members to the Senate representatives corresponding to the population of each state were sent to the House of Representatives. The chapter also provides a historical account of how membership in the House of Representatives continued to grow over the years until it reached a cap of 435 members in 1910; which was later agreed upon as the permanent cap in 1929. Moreover, the chapter states that the bicameral system formed during the constitutional convention is intact to date and is responsible for the formulation and amendment of legislation.
Part II: Definition of terms
The two terms I identified in the reading are “Bicameral” and “Bills” Bicameral means a legislature with two chambers while Bills-proposed items of legislation.
Part III: Term Analysis
The most appealing term in the chapter is gerrymandering, which involves manipulating legislative boundaries to favor a specific candidate. I chose the word because apart from being new to me, it introduced me to anew concept that is a political game played by incumbents and the majority to disadvantage the minority in elections.  I feel that it is unjust and unfair for a dominating party to take advantage of the legislative boundary that it dominates to block or disadvantage its competitors. I am surprised that gerrymandering is legal in the US even though it sounds unethical, and that both the Republican and Democrats use it. I reside in North Carolina where re-election is expected between a Republican candidate male candidate and a female democrat. This means that candidate. The district of North Carolina is gerrymandered to favor republicans and even if I decide to vote the democrat candidate my vote will nothave much impact on the outcome of the election.
The Institutional Design of Congress
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A healthcare system college essay helpIn a healthcare system, the presence of effective teamwork is paramount as it can have a positive effect on patient outcomes and safety. Due to increasing complexity and co-morbidities of specialization of medical care, the need for an effective team has greatly increased. Days are gone when a health practitioner such as a doctor, or a nurse would solely deliver satisfactory care to his/her patient. Today, however, effective teamwork is recognized globally as an essential tool that can be used effectively to construct a patient-centered health care system (McSherry, 2008). Just like in any other work environment, teamwork in a healthcare system promotes open and respectful communication among colleagues and those they are serving. A positive team environment enables people to easily express their ideas, problems, and opinion without the fear of being criticized. Members of a team are made to understand that in order to accomplish a goal, there is the need to pass information around.
An environment with effective teamwork encourages effective ways to resolute conflicts. Naturally, where there are people, problems would always occur, and things may change. Team members help and advice each other whenever there is a problem. When one member is facing some problem, the rest of his/her team may come together and help in finding a solution (Frazer & Oswald, 2009). Therefore, teamwork also helps employees not to feel alone as the rest of his/her team members are present with their insight and experience that help in solving issues.
Team works are also important as they improve employee’s morale and also promote some sense of ownership among them. It allows each employee to take responsibility for the decision that they make, and it also allows them to have more control over their work (Adams, 2005). This can hence greatly improve morale as they gain greater ownership and authority over the projects that they are assigned to work on. Having an extra responsibility may lead to a better working environment and may also lower turnover. Employees who work as a team tend to have a greater sense of recognition and belonging.
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A Path Appears by Kristof and WuDunn college application essay helpOur group has read and analyzed A Path Appears by Kristof and WuDunn. The book talks about how each one of us has the chance to make a difference. The author proves this to the readers many times by whether we know it or not, can make a difference in our communities and the world. We can see this in the stories of Rachel Beckwith, Dr. Gary Slutkin, Lester Strong, Esther Duflo, Jessica Posner, and Kennedy Odede. It is also discussed how studies provide scientific evidence about the mindset of the wealth, how social interaction with a newborn in their first months and years is essential, and how charity can be viewed as a “return on investment” (Kristof & WuDunn X).
Main Characters & Setting
The main characters of the book were Rachel Beckwith, Dr. Gary Slutkin, Lester Strong, Esther Duflo, Jessica Posner, and Kennedy Odede. Some key characteristics that are common among all the main characters are how they are caring, dedicated, and knowledgeable. Every single one of them possesses each of the critical traits established above in their unique ways. For instance, Rachel was demonstrating her genuine interest and passion for assisting those who are less fortunate. This is true because she could have been selfish and took her usual presents for her birthday. However, she chooses to direct her donors to assist those in Africa without clean drinking water. “Remembering her birthday campaign for clean water, they began to donate to it on the charity: water website. […] In the end, Rachel’s campaign raised $1,265,823 – enough to provide clean water for 37,000 people” (Kristof & WuDunn, 2014).
Furthermore, the other main characters participated in helping others in a similar way Rachel did. Dr. Gary Slutkin, The actions of Rachel and the other characters, exhibit a high caliber of public service. It’s also seen in the other characters like Dr. Gary Slutkin, and Lester Strong. Dr. Slutkin is a disease specialist who was battling AIDS, tuberculous, and cholera. He became passionate about ending gang violence at the age of 10. The reason why he did was that it “sounded Somalia and other places he knew”  (Kristof & WuDunn, 2014). He eventually developed the Cure Violence program which helped to resolve inner-city violence with the utilization of epidemiologic strategies.
The traits the main characters exhibit and are showing others is that the fact of being interested in helping to make a difference is just enough to change the world. A study mentioned in the book found that those who make less money, give more of their income way (Kristof & WuDunn, 1994). This is something our group would like to change in society. Our vision of advocacy is one where all citizens, in one way or another, are active members of the world and give back to help others who are less fortunate. You can choose to donate your time or money to get things accomplished for the betterment of society as a whole.
The stories within the book take place in different locations. This can be seen in different periods of the book. For instance, Rachel’s story begins in Oregon but has connections and ties to Africa. The narrator talks about her interest in helping Africans acquiring clean water and her efforts to raise money for an operation that would amount to just that. Provide another example? Indians?  It seems like 1-3 sentences is needed.
Problems of the Main Characters
The problem the main characters faced is how best to help others?
Critical Analysis
Upon an overall analysis of the book, one can conclude that the theme or lesson that can be learned is how everyone should be involved to make a better planet.  This can be seen the quote in the book by President John F. Kennedy which says, “one person can make a difference, and everyone should try”.
Kristof, Nicholas D. A Path Appears (p. 19). Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.
Policy Recommendations
This is the presentation questions below not the book report.
An opinion of the Book & Project
We believe the book provides excellent value to potential readers and the youth. Instilling the importance of giving back at a young age is very important. We also concur with the idea of philan

Describe the characteristic traits of the main character(s) as it relates to your vision of advocacy.

Some characteristics are that they are oppressed and poor

Place the book in its geographic and historical context.


Explain the problem that the main character(s) had in the story including the main themes and key facts and ideas.

Oppressed women are looking for opportunity and jobs.

Present an insightful and critical analysis of issues presented.

These women are being denied their human rights.

Present a recommendation for policies in general or specifically for education.

If society stops to acknowledge these problems happening in Africa and around the world, we may come up with a way to educate these women. With education comes with jobs and opportunity,

Give your opinion of the book and the Global Reading Circle group project.

John: In my opinion, I enjoyed reading “A Path Appears” because it shows how serious some of these issues are. Before reading this book, I knew of these problems happening around the world, but I fully did not understand how little opportunity these women have.
Wilson: In my opinion, this book was a good read on “A Path Appears,” it showed what was happening around the world and that peoples human rights were being violated. It went so far that many people did not have a lot of opportunities and had to sell themselves as the women had too. These problems have been around a long time; however, I did not realize until after reading this book that there has been little change. Even though the book shows us what everyone is doing to try and get the world back on track, we need more people to be aware of the problem to make a more significant impact.
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Wage Inequality between Immigrants and Native Americans college essay helpIn their article Smith, William & Frank,(2015) discuss the issue of wage gaps by comparing immigrants to native employees in the United States. According to the authors, America is one of the most common tourist destinations across the world and some of the main factors that make individuals from different countries to move into the United States include the search for better economic opportunities. The authors focus on identifying the wage differences between the immigrants of two countries and their major aim is to emphasize on the fact that there is a high wage difference between the immigrant American workers and the native American workers. Even though some common factors influence the wage differences almost in every country, most of the factors that determine wage differences among citizens tend to differ from one country to the other.
This paper uses a logical appeal to convince the readers that there is a close relationship between education and wage difference between immigrants and native American workers. The authors are particular when it comes to presenting the evidence and they use facts as the basis for their argument. Rather than making mere assumptions such as making general comments that the main cause of wage difference is lack of good and convenient networking and connections among the American immigrant workers, the authors are very specific in finding out the actual factors that contribute to such inequalities. They conduct extensive research on the same and they only give specific details based on the findings of the research. Firstly, they use the data from the Program of International Assessment of Adult Competencies which enables them to identify the wage differences among peers living in the United States.
This article is an informative article and its authors focus more on finding out data and information that is related to the wage differences among American workers, both immigrant and native. The authors seek out data from a variety of sources which helps to provide a basis for logical argument before they can finally raise their findings and conclusion. Instead of generally persuading the readers just to agree and believe that there are any assumed wage differences by using the emotional appeal, the authors are dedicated to finding out more detailed information that could be used to persuade the readers on the issue of wage inequality, the authors rather ensure that they first have adequate data related to their argument that would help them weave their points and argument easily and accurately. They then raise their points and back them up with the data collected, whereby the authors treat the audience as if they do not have any information or awareness about the existence of such an issue. The article begins with a very informative sentence in the abstract where it states that “The United States and Canada are destination countries for immigrants, attracting more than half of all Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) immigrants and two-thirds of the OECD immigrants who have received tertiary education”(Smith, William & Frank, 2015). By having such an opening, the article dedicates to being extensively informative and it does give any room for arguments and other types of persuasions.
The article uses a comparative aspect which in turn brings the cause and effect context. To start with, the article involves the research which focuses on both education and wage differences among both American and immigrant workers living in both the United States as natives and as immigrants. One of the main reason as to why the article emphasizes on and brings the concept of education into wage inequalities is because it centers its key recommendations and proposals on the importance of education as a solution to wage differences among immigrant and native American workers. The article informs that wage gaps can disappear for only some limited time before such gaps resume. Such a disappearance of wage gaps between the immigrant and native workers tends to happen when their occupational fields match all the workers. It argues that education is the main factor and aspect that makes the value for any effort related to manpower to be valued and respected. An individual who has proficient skills on some grounds and whose presence is highly beneficial to an organization has limited chances of being subjected to wage inequalities.
In their article, Smith, William & Frank, (2015) inform the readers on two main solutions to the issue of wage inequality. The first solution that could be used to reduce the cases of wage differences among workers today includes, ‘offering persistent aid in education by supporting the transition of immigrants into the American education system’ (Smith, William & Frank, 2015). Such an assertion highlights the difference between the American education system and other education systems that are used in other countries across the world. The article suggests that even though some immigrants may be armed in terms of educational qualifications, the teachings that are offered in the American system may differ from other systems in some parts. As a result, the immigrants can be assisted to overcome such differences by being refreshed and being helped to transit slowly from their older systems into the new American education system which would, in turn, make them more marketable in their professions.
The second solution that is provided by the authors states that the issue of wage differences can also be resolved by, ‘training educators to properly support learners that are culturally and linguistically diverse’ (Smith, William & Frank, 2015). Such a claim suggests that cultural diversity may also have some influence on wage inequalities as witnessed in the case between American immigrant workers and native American workers. The article uses a logical appeal to help the readers to identify that different cultures teach their members different values which in turn affect their productivity and effectiveness at their places of work. Making sure that the educators are culturally sensitive and that they can be able to support all learners regardless of their ethnic backgrounds.
In conclusion, the article by Smith, William & Frank, (2015) is more of an informative article that seeks to inform its readers about the differences in wages as presented in the case between immigrant and native American workers. The article informs that the immigrants are often imposed on lower wages mainly due to lack of enough essential educational skills which would help them to focus through specialization. By resolving the education sector in such a way that it becomes more inclusive, the issue of wage inequalities among the immigrant and native workers can be easily solved.
Works Cited
Smith, William, and Frank Fernandez. “Education and wage gaps: A comparative study of immigrant and native employees in the United States and Canada.” Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (2015).
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