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Mission In Afghanistan College Application Essay Help

provide an essay with 3 points with prof and analysis. ( Thesis: (Canadian who fought in Afghanistan have fought to defeat the threat of terrorism and to ensure that the lives of others are safe and to build a better world.) Was it worth it to go to war? First point: First many Canadian soldiers died in Afghanistan.. prof: when Canada’s mission ended in 2014, 40,000 had served Afghanistan and of these 40,000 Canadians 158 had been killed and more than 1,800 were wounded. David perry estimated that the final bill will reach 22$ Bill.  Second Point: Canada Has improved its diplomacy, community development and security for women rights ensuring education for girls.

CRISIS and DISASTER MANAGEMENT college application essay helpYou are a freelance business analyst with an interest in assessing the performance of private sector organizations which find themselves in crisis. Of particular interest to you, is the minimization of disruption to business during times of crisis and ways in which organizations may continue to conduct business ‘as usual’.
Identify ONE NAMED organization (in crisis or rapidly heading towards crisis) and prepare a continuity of business plan (CBP) for your chosen organization.
Your work should be presented in REPORT FORMAT and should include at the very least:
a. brief background of antecedents relating to your chosen organisation and the sector in which it operates together with a statement as to the function and purpose of your proposed CBP;
b. a recognition of your chosen organisation’s ‘turning point’ and its significance / implications for the organisation;
c. an identification / isolation of the ‘pivotal’ crisis and the stage of crisis in which your chosen organisation finds itself (eg, prodromal, acute, chronic, resolution); and
d. your proposals for business continuity with justification for your proposals.
contract analysis essay help freefind a contract and analyzing it. . Is this contract one that HAD to be in writing under the Statute of Frauds, or could it have been an oral agreement? Why or  why not? 2. What was the consideration each side promised? 3. Does this contract contain an integration (or merger) clause? 4. If this contract contains a choice of law clause, what does it  say? 5. Does this contract contain a liquidated damages clause (if so,  please tell what it says)? 6. Is there anything you would have added to this contract if you were  being asked to sign it?

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