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MKT 6120 – Marketing Management

Learning Engagement #6TOPIC: Metrics
Please watch the video first.All I need for Week 6 LE initial response are three lines. However, if any other student has chose the same goal and posted it, you need to change your goal.1. Goal:2. Lag Measurement:3. Lead Measurement:After you answered, copy and paste these three lines onto two other students’ posts by Sunday 11:55 PM.Discussion Thread 1 (initial post due Wednesday for full credit)
Please note: All of your discussion threads are to be at least 300-400 words and grammatically correct. Moodle will count the words for you. Late discussion threads will not receive full credit. You must post your initial response by Wednesday for full credit. (see the University Policy)
Discussion Thread 1 (initial post)
As a manager, you will need to create metrics to measure whether you will reach your goal.
Write down a one goal, one lag metric to achieve that goal, and at least one LEAD metric. (the LEAD/LAG Measurement video, might help).
Example include:
Increase customer engagement
o Lag measurement: # likes on Facebook
o Lead measurement: number of company Facebook posts
Book more appointments
o Lag measurement: #sales appointments booked
o Lead Measurement: #leads on website.
Open new target market
o Lag measurement: # of new people on our email list
o Lead measurement: # of initial email sent to new people.
Grading Criteria
Should include an objective listed before
Lead measurement should have something to do with lag measurement and be something that you have control over so that you can increase or decrease it as needed to hit the lag measurement goal.
Discussion Thread 2 (two responses) 200 – 300 words
Comment on two other students’ initial responses, and add specific recommendations on what they should add, modify, and delete from their responses to make their responses even better and more compliant with the case study 2c grading criteria). (Due Sunday for full credit).
You will be graded using the following rubric and standards.

Please answer the question

I want to discuss this topic It consists of 500-600 word
1•Explain why there are both downstream and upstream flows in supply chains. What are the differences?
2•What are each of the activities included in the SCOR model?
Late submission will NOT be accepted.
Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.
All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12) font

Environmental Science Question

Management Assignment Help Environmental Science Paper. Need 3500 words. No plagiarism(under 5%).
1. Topic is set:
The role of volcanic eruptions in twentieth century climate variability
2. Main structure should be:
Introduction – Main Body using subheadings (Including graphs, tables, datas? – Discussion and Conclusion
3. Can be literature based but should include Secondary datas.
4. I think it is to focus on the literature, and then use the data and charts in the literature to conduct some analysis, and then summarize my own thoughts.
5. Read the syllabus provided, try to cover some course topic.
Instruction is attached, along with rubric, and the announcement. Few words to read, please try to go through.

analyzing investment opportunity

Industry level analysis for Cirkul https://drinkcirkul.comHow profitable/attractive this industry is.
What is the market size of this startup company faces?
How would you evaluate this market niche?
What the future of the market looks like?


Today you’re writing about:
Poem: Kaylin Haught, “God Says Yes to Me” (Links to an external site.) (1995)
Video: Roxane Gay, “Confessions of a Bad Feminist” (2015)
Sojourner Truth, “Ain’t I A Woman?” (Links to an external site.) (1851)(or use this version (Links to an external site.), which only includes the speech itself and not all the context. (I find the context fascinating, but the speech itself is what’s important. But definitely read my background note below!)
A bit of background on the Sojourner Truth speech:
“Ain’t I A Woman?” is an 1851 speech delivered by ex-slave and feminist activist Sojourner Truth, who was an amazing person as you will see from her words. In her speech, she advocates for black women to be included in the feminist movement–and she is speaking to a room full of white women and men who– AT FIRST — don’t even want her to speak at all. By the end, they were all taken by Truth’s true words, and while it took a whole lot longer for white women to include women of color in the feminist movement, this speech was the start.
These readings (and all of the readings and videos we’ve explored in this module) are informed by the idea of intersectionality, which we will explore in detail in Module 2. Basically, intersectionality understands that people’s identities are complex and not simply equal to one aspect of identity, such as gender. Gender always “intersects” with race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, nationality, socioeconomic status, (dis)ability, religion, and other factors. We should always acknowledge that women are diverse and not all the same.

“I sell the shadow to support the substance”: Sojourner Truth (1797-1883), born Isabella Baumfree to a family of slaves in Ulster County, New York, escaped with her daughter in 1826, a year before New York state’s emancipation. After living in a commune, she converted to Christianity, changed her name in 1843, and became an itinerant preacher. The publication of the Narrative of Sojourner Truth, recorded in 1850 by her friend Olive Gilbert, and “Sojourner Truth: The Libyan Sibyl,” written by Harriet Beecher Stowe for the Atlantic Monthly in 1863, raised Truth’s national profile. She toured with abolitionists Frederick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison and earned money from these speaking engagements as well as from the sale of images. As demonstrated by the inclusion of text on her cartes-de-visite, Truth actively controlled the dissemination of her image as a proper, educated, middle-class woman to support herself and her activist work. An ardent feminist, Truth often had herself represented proudly engaged in “women’s work,” such as knitting. (source: International Center of Photography)

Forum: Module Four: Prompt Two (macro-reading)

Module Four: Prompt Two (Macro-reading: Misogyny and the Decameron)
This is a class-wide Discussion Board Post activity. It consists of four steps, so please take note of everything. Complete this activity after you have read all of the assigned tales from Days Seven and Eight of the Decameron.
Step One: Select two tales, one from Day Seven and another from Day Eight, that display contrasting views on women. Make a list of the relevant quotes that convey this information, such as descriptions of characters, or snippets of dialogue, and include the page numbers.
Step Two: Now write a mini-essay consisting of three paragraphs that supports the following thesis: “The Decameron displays a complex view of medieval women in society, neither entirely misogynist not entirely philogynist.”
Your first paragraph should serve as an introductory paragraph. It should contain at least three sentences that explain how the Decameron achieves this, in general terms, as you can see in Days Seven and Eight.
Your second paragraph serves as your body/evidence paragraph, that includes your textual citations and support for this thesis. (5-6 sentences)
Your third paragraph serves as your conclusion paragraph, where you explain how these tales relate to other tales in the Decameron from different Days. (4-5 sentences)
Step Three: Post your mini-essay. Your final post should be between 300 and 350 words total. Read the Discussion Board grading rubric to see how your initial post will be evaluated.

Marketing Question

There are two parts of this assignment.
Use two entertainment files for the first part, instructions are in the word doc.
Part two:
Your company is considering entry into the diamond business. You gather information about how diamonds are marketed. You discover that diamonds are rated by PRICE, WEIGHT (carats), COLOR, DEPTH, CLARITY and the size of the TABLE. You obtain data on 30 diamonds (attached) and want to know what is the relationship between these variables. How is a diamond’s price influenced by its characteristics?
Perform a Correlation Analysis and a Multiple Linear Regression on the data. Use EXCEL functions and charts. The EXCEL data file has a data dictionary describing the meaning of the variables.


The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format only) via allocated folder.
Assignments submitted through email will not be accepted.
Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page.
Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.
Read carefully Grading Rubric below for specific criteria: 0-5 Marks
Late submission will NOT be accepted.
Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.
All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).
Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted.

Case Study

Based on the information in the case study, submit a 3 page response to the following six questions.
1. What factors contributed to the safety incident?
2. What is the CM/GC’s role and obligations with regards to ensuring a safe jobsite and preventing incidents such as the one described in this case study?
3. In accordance with the OSHA regulations, were there any safety violations in the workplace? If so, what were the violations?
4. Based on the OSHA regulations provided, what steps could the parties involved in the incident have taken to prevent the injury?
5. As per the Multi-Employer Policy, identify the creating, exposing, correcting, and controlling employers. Did each of the employers complied with the requirement of the Multi-Employer Policy. Identify the entities in the case study who are likely to receive citations due to the Multi-Employer Policy.
6. What safety procedures and controls should the CM/GC have put in place to provide a safe jobsite and prevent safety incidents?

Develop Vulnerable code in PHP file (Vulnerable and Outdated Component)

Develop a code on a PHP file that has only this vulnerable: Vulnerable and Outdated Component
document what you have done and tools used in a brief way.
( The purpose of creating the PHP vulnerable code file is to use it later to create a WordPress Plugin)
A06 Vulnerable and Outdated Components – OWASP Top 10:2021

MGT576 WK2 Assign

Assess the external environment for the organization you researched in Wk 1.
Based on your assessment and the organization’s strengths and weaknesses you identified in Wk 1, evaluate opportunities for that organization to add economic, social, and environmental value.
Recommend an opportunity that best capitalizes on the organization’s valuable, rare, and hard-to-imitate resources; is least impacted by the organization’s weaknesses; and will take best advantage of the external environment.
Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to present your assessment, evaluation, and recommendation. Include the following sections in your presentation:
A cover slide
An agenda
A description of the organization (1 slide with speaker’s notes)
A summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization (2 slides with speaker’s notes)
Key aspects of your assessment of the external environment that present opportunities for adding value, such as trends, unmet needs, unsolved problems, under-served consumer groups, etc. (2-3 slides with speaker’s notes)
An evaluation of opportunities to add economic value (1 slide with speaker’s notes)
An evaluation of opportunities to add social value (1 slide with speaker’s notes)
An evaluation of opportunities to add environmental value (1 slide with speaker’s notes). Note: Some opportunities may appear on more than 1 slide. For example, you may find an opportunity that adds economic, social, and environmental value.
A recommended opportunity to pursue first, with a rationale that shows how the opportunity capitalizes on the organization’s valuable, rare, and hard-to-imitate resources; is not much impacted by the organization’s weaknesses; and takes advantage of the external environment (1 slide, with speaker’s notes)
A conclusion
Cite references to support your assignment.
Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

single array flowchart

John has a weather station in his house. He has been keeping track of the fastest wind speed each day for two weeks. Write a solution that would work for any number of weeks of data.
Assume you have a single array called “speeds” that contains the wind speed. Assume measurements start on a Sunday.
He would like to know the average wind speed over the two weeks, the day of the week on which the highest wind speed and the lowest wind speed were recorded as well as the average for each day of the week.
Submit as a digital flowchart.

physic 230

In this lab the relationship F ILB= (1) is tested, where F is the force (in Newtons) on a current carrying wire from a magnetic field of strength B (T), I is the current (A) in the wire, L is the length (m) of wire inside the magnetic field. The circuit is shown below, where the magnet is placed mass scale balance pan.

2 key ideas, 2 key terms, 2 quotes, 2 questions comments

Write 1-3 pages, Times New Roman, Double-Spaced, 12 Point Font reflecting on the prompts below. Each prompt response is 4 points each, 20 points total.
APA Citation:
Key Ideas (2 minimum):
Key Terms (2 minimum):
Quotes (2 minimum):
Questions/Comments (2 minimum):

The Annotated Bibliography

The Annotated Bibliography
This assignment is crucial; it allows you to explore various positions on your issue and conduct the necessary research before you dive into your Problem/Solution Research Paper. To search for information about your issue, use various keywords to narrow your search and find the best articles, websites, etc. Remember to select articles and references carefully and to be suspicious when deciding which articles to use. Also, remember to include those articles that you might not even agree with. They will be important to you, too. Keep in mind that all of your sources must be substantial sources; a one-page article simply won’t be acceptable.
The Annotated Bibliography: Find five sources that deal with your issue and present varying positions. Make sure to vary your sources (articles from the Web and library databases that include websites, magazines, academic journals, newspapers, etc.). However, the majority (at least three) of your sources must be scholarly journal essays retrieved from the library’s databases; these are the most authoritative and reliable sources.
Once you have decided on your five sources, you will have to read and analyze them and take good notes. If they are long or book-length articles, then do your best to skim them. Always look at the table of contents, the chapter headings, and the index or bibliography in the back. You can learn a lot about a book from doing these things before you read it at length. You will then go back and read carefully the parts that are relevant to your Problem/Solution Research Paper.
To create your draft of the Annotated Bibliography, make a list. List the sources alphabetically by author’s last name, using MLA style, and then write a careful summary of each source, which you will place beneath each citation. Make sure to identify the author’s claim in your short summary. Review the two student annotated bibliographies in this module.
Note: Please carefully review the materials below, as well as the materials in the Week 4 module for support with this assignment.
How to Write Annotations.docx
Sample Annotated Bibliography #1.docx Download Sample Annotated Bibliography #1.docx
Sample Annotated Bibliography #2.docx Download Sample Annotated Bibliography #2.docx
Length: 5 citations, each with a substantial annotation (150 words ) in alphabetical order
Format: MLA (8th edition)
Points: This assignment is worth 150 points
RubricAnnotated Bibliography
Annotated Bibliography
CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThere are 5 sources in full MLA citation format with fully developed annotations that contain the original source’s thesis and all major supporting ideas
75 ptsAbove Expectations
All sources are correctly cited and fully annotated.
50 ptsMeets Expectations
Sources have some citation errors or are not fully annotated.
25 ptsBelow Expectations
Sources have significant citation errors or overly brief or confusing annotations.
75 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThe sources represent various viewpoints of the issue
25 ptsAbove Expectations
There are at least three different points of view represented in the sources.
20 ptsMeets Expectations
There are at least two different viewpoints represented in the sources.
10 ptsBelow Expectations
There are no significantly different viewpoints represented in the sources.
25 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThree or more sources are academic journal essays.
25 ptsAbove Expectations
All requirements for academic journal essays are met.
20 ptsMeets Expectations
Only 1 or 2 sources are academic journal essays.
10 ptsBelow Expectations
No academic journal essays are used.
25 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThe summaries are free of usage, syntax, punctuation, tense use, and grammar issues. The tone is formal and academic
25 ptsAbove Expectations
There are no significant grammatical issues; the tone is serious and academic.
20 ptsMeets Expectations
There are a number of grammatical issues; there are lapses in formal tone.
10 ptsBelow Expectations
There are numerous grammatical issues; there are lapses in tone.
25 pts
Total Points: 150

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