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Module 1 DQ 2

I have an example of what I need. Question: Many learners approach a doctoral program with great enthusiasm. However, enthusiasm and passion alone do not guarantee success. Often, learners want to begin the research process immediately without the proper skills in place to be successful. Although, passion is necessary, it is important that all learners develop a plan of action in order to be successful. All learners must make a transition from being a student completing assignments into a self-directed researcher. This requires students to be self-directed, to engage in reflective scholarly practice, and to be receptive to feedback and critique from peers and faculty. How do these three practices support your development of a doctoral identity? What potential challenges to do you foresee with incorporating these practices into your routine? What adjustments will you need to make in order to overcome these challenges? (This response does not require research support.)Example: The three practices, self-directed, to engage in reflective scholarly practice and to be receptive tofeedback and critique from peers and faculty will help me work to validate thoughts, decisions andfindings for implantation based on data. Of the three, engaging in reflective scholar practice will be mygreatest challenge as I have been away from an instructional setting for years. Personably I know that Ihave to work to change my mindset from that of a student completing a task to a researcher. Up untilthis assigned discussion question, I really never gave this much thought or thought this would be a factorfor me. I know that I read for comprehension and to fact find but I do not think that I have reallyresearched. To me the difference is getting to the why verse just knowing the bases from what one hasshared.I am motivated and passionate about the process and my potential topic. What helps me is knowing thatif I am successful in my quest I can provide help to my districts and others that are in need. Personably Iprefer passion over pressure as my passion drives and pushes me to dig in to learn the why whereaspressure keeps me in the mindset of merely completing the task.Another Example: These activities, I believe, will aid in the development of my PhD identity by forcing me to go outside of my comfort zone when it comes to my studies. I can honestly state that I was not a self-motivated learner throughout my undergraduate education. I was a terrible procrastinator, beginning my homework at the latest possible moment. During my graduate program, though, my attitude about education shifted, and I became more focused and enthusiastic about my studies. I feel that switching from conventional to online classrooms was a big factor in this transformation. Now that I’m a doctorate student, I don’t think I’ve quite figured out who I am yet, but I’m looking forward to learning more about myself. I am not concerned about finding time for my studies since I obtained my Master’s degree from GCU and follow a timetable that helped me succeed in that program. My greatest hurdle, I believe, will be overcoming my fear about the dissertation process. I’ll confess that I’m a bit nervous since I’m not sure whether I have what it takes to succeed in this program. I am certain that if I continue to perform my best job and stay devoted, I will be able to overcome my anxiety.

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