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Module 3 DQ1

Please keep both DQ1 and DQ2 responses separated. Thank you. Module 3 DQ1The primary method professors use to evaluate your ability to absorb and synthesize content is for you to write papers that demonstrate your understanding of various research topics, concepts, and frameworks. Doctoral level writing is distinct from other forms of communication you may have encountered. This shift in process and style helps learners to develop a doctoral identity that will foster productive relationships with faculty and committee members and, ultimately, contribute to a completed dissertation. Discuss how writing process and style help form a doctoral identity. What specific strategies and resources can you use to improve your academic writing?Module 3 DQ2A prepared student is a successful student. Usually, it starts with time management, organization, and dedication to the writing process, but also includes the successful execution of format and style. Applying APA style and formatting is the last step in the writing process, but is seems to be a source of great stress and anxiety for learners. APA style is not the research but rather the documentation of the research. What is the purpose of a style guide in scholarly communication? How can APA style enhance your communication with readers? What specific strategies and resources can you use to improve your skill in using APA style?

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