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Module 4: Discussion: Literature Review

For this module’s discussion, please consult the library guide developed for this course Links to an external site.and answer the following:An icon indicating that this assignment involves seeing or applying research in action.develop a research question that relates to a population or topic you’re interested in. The research question should be something that is not a yes or no question, usually beginning with “how” or “why.” Write your research question in your post.Review the library research guide for resources on writing a research question.Links to an external site.Identify one peer reviewed scholarly article from the literature that help you understand your population or topic better. See this guide from the library for help on finding peer reviewed articles in Social Work.Cite the articles in APA citation.Make sure you don’t simply pick the first article you see – you’ll want to read at least the abstract and ensure it is relevant to your topic.Reflect on your research process. What databases did you use? What terms? Were there any terms you had to revise? What difficulties did you have in your research process?

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