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Module 8 DQ 1 and 2

Please keep both DQ1 and DQ2 responses separated. Thank you. *Articles Attached**DQ1In a doctoral program, a learner must assume the role of independent researcher in order to become an expert in their respected field of study. Along the way, learners will need to identify a gap (an area of study that needs to be researched) in order to formulate research question(s). Klingner, Scanlon, and Pressley (2005) detailed the process a researcher takes to produce a scholarly article. Discuss how a review of literature contributes to a doctoral identity by transitioning a learner into a scholar. As you make your way along your doctoral journey, other than completing one course and moving on the next, when and how will you evaluate that you are growing as a learner and as scholar?DQ2Looking back at Topic 1, how has your dissertation topic changed in the last eight weeks? (No, I still want to focus on the Special Education Population) Looking ahead, how will you build time into your schedule to work independently to continue to develop your literature review and uncover a gap in the literature that you will address with your dissertation? Discuss a theme or trend you have noticed while completing your Topic 8 assignment. (This response does not require research support.)

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