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Module Five Project Research Assignment Questions

Human Resource Management, 15th Edition,Pearson) comprehensively answer each question.  Examples and comparisons may be used to explain answers.  Complete sentences and proper grammar should be used when answering each question.  Identify each question you answer with the corresponding number.  The questions should be answered in your own words and if quotes are used, they should not be more then 10% of the answer.  Follow APA format and include at least two different references. You should have a reference page.  Each answer should have at least 1 in text citation.  Approved references are books, published journals and professional magazines.  You may use the assigned book for this course as one reference.  Course notes or lecture notes are not approved references. If you do not have access to Pearsons then please use reliable sources and I can adjust.Questions to answerProject Research Questions1.  What is the staffing function of human resource management?  Identify and discuss what staffing involves.2. What is the purpose of the EEOC?  What is the relationship between Title VII and the EEOC?3. How can age be a BFOQ?  Provide specific examples in your answer.4. Discuss how technological tools, such as O*NET and HR databases, benefit human resource managers.5.  What are the primary reasons for conducting a job analysis?  What individuals in an organization typically conduct the job analysis?6.  What is succession planning?  How has succession planning changed in recent years?7.  Explain how medical examination and drug testing effect the selection process?8. What are the steps in the performance appraisal process?  What are the characteristics of an effective performance appraisal process?9. What is pay compression?  How can firms overcome the problem of pay compression?10.  How has federal legislation affected the benefits employees receive?  Provide specific examples of laws and their effects in your response. Please provide source for every answer

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