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module1: bilingualism

Garcia and Kelifgen – Chapters 1 and 2 (course textbook)
2009 Garcia Emergent Bilinguals and TESOL.pdf
2014 Lucas Bilingualism in the Classroom.pdf

Discussion assignments require that you post your contribution first, read the answers posted by your classmates, and give at least one (1) response to another posting. Your replies should offer new substantiated ideas and/or thoughtful questions. Initial discussion post should include a video presentation and peer response should be at least 100 words. Include specific references and evidence from our course textbook.
Submit an Initial Post(s) responding to the prompt before 11:59 pm on Friday of each week with discussion forums;
Post your Peer Response(s) on at least one other person’s post before 11:59 pm on Sunday of that same week.
You will not be able to see others’ postings until you have posted something of your own.
The use of proper writing style is a must. Write as if you were writing a term paper. Correct spelling, grammatical construction and sentence structure are expected in every other writing activity associated with scholarship and academic engagement. Online discussions are no different.
After reading about bilingualism, reflect on the following questions and then design a short video presentation (5 minutes) using PowerPoint or any other video recording tool to present to your school community about bilingualism. Include all the required questions below in your presentation and then video record it.
What is emerging bilingual? What are the benefits of being bilingual?
Discuss some of the issues that emerge from the different labels (names) that have been assigned to students who are developing English proficiency in schools.
Provide examples of how teachers can reinforce bilingualism in the classroom.
For the video presentation, you can use PowerPoint, Screencast-o-Matic, YouTube or Zoom to record your presentation (Suggestion: PPT Video Recording Instructions
Actions. Below I included a short video about how to video narrate your PPT).
DO NOT USE GOOGLE SLIDES!!! You can use other screencast programs, but the presentation must be visible, and video must be on.
If you use Google Drive, make sure you give me access to your presentation. It is your responsibility to give me access and make sure I can see it.
If you have an issue submitting your PPT to Canvas, you’ll probably need to save it as MP4 first. You can then upload your video presentation in YouTube. Finally, post here by embedding your video (no attachments or downloads).
Short Video Sample:

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Cattell And Eysenck Assignment | Top Essay Writing persuasive essay help

Cattell and Eysenck are two prominent early contributors to the trait theory of personality. In this paper:

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  • Discuss the general foundational position of trait theory and compare/contrast Cattell’s and Eysenck’s theories.
  • Examine the assessments derived from each theory and provide an overview and critique of each one.
  • Finally, reflect on and describe how these theories are utilized in your field, including the use of these assessments.

The paper should be 1,750-2,100 words (or 5-6 pages) and have a minimum of three scholarly journal articles or book references in addition to the textbook. Get Psychology homework help today

Church and State Assignment/Buy Homework Help persuasive essay help

Do you believe in a strict separation of church and state in the United States? Why or why not? Do you believe it is explicit based upon the Constitution?

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Are there specific examples where you think it is okay to blur the lines? Be specific in offering examples or in explaining why you feel this is never okay.Get Political Science help today

Age Group And Developmental Stage Assignment | Top Essay Writing persuasive essay help

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This week, you will begin preliminary work on your final assignment in the course, Integrating the Field of Developmental Psychology: A Review of the Literature, which is due in Week Six.

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To begin, select an age group/developmental stage from the list below:

  • Infancy and toddlerhood (0-3 years)
  • Childhood (3-12 years)
  • Adolescence (13-18 years)
  • Young Adulthood (18-40 years)
  • Middle-Late Adulthood (40+ years)    

In your paper, clearly identify the age group and developmental stage selected. Describe the important physical, emotional, cognitive, and social features of that age group. Analyze that developmental stage from the point of view of at least three developmental theorists (For example, but not limited to the viewpoints of; Piaget, Freud, Erickson, etc.). Summarize the theory you find most useful to explain that developmental stage.

In the creation of the paper, support your selections and conclusions with reasoned arguments. A minimum of three peer-reviewed articles are required for this paper.

The paper

  • Must be three to four double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
  • Must include a separate title page with the following:

    • Title of paper
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted

  • Must use at least three peer-reviewed sources.  These may include the required articles for the assignment.
  • Must document all sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Get Psychology homework help today

Emergency Management Assignment/Buy Homework Help persuasive essay help

The Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 101 discusses a variety of pitfalls communities often face in planning.

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Choose a specific community, organization or type of organization you are familiar with, and describe various pitfalls that might be encountered or represented in its plans or planning processes.Get Political Science help today

Delivering Effective Presentations Assignment | College Homework Help persuasive essay help

As a DNP-prepared nurse, you will likely encounter many different methods of disseminating the findings and implications of an evidence-based project.College Homework Help Each method has unique benefits. As discussed in this course, oral presentations can be an effective medium for delivering the findings of DNP projects.

For this Discussion, consider what makes an oral presentation effective. How might presentation approaches vary for an academic presentation versus a practice-based presentation?

To prepare:

  • Review various forms of disseminating the findings of an evidence-based project, as well as strategies for delivering effective presentations in this week’s Learning Resources.
  • If applicable, reflect on your experiences practicing with colleagues in a small group and presenting in other professional or academic situations. Conduct additional research as necessary to enhance your awareness of what makes a presentation most effective.
  • Consider how the needs or dispositions of the intended audience may inform your presentation 
  • Share two or more insights related to presentation approaches and explain how this information may be used to promote the delivery of an effective DNP Project presentation. Be sure to note any considerations related to the intended audience that are important.Get Nursing homework help today





Nurse practitioners Assignment | College Homework Help persuasive essay help

A minimum of 2 paragraphs 

DiscussionCollege Homework Help

Advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs) have to consider a broad range of factors when prescribing medicines. For instance, professionals in this area have to consider federal and state laws that regulate their practices. The focus on controlled substances is particularly important because registered nurses have a responsibility to prevent fraud and diversion (Klein, 2016).

ARNPs have the authority to prescribe Schedule II, Schedule III, and Schedule IV drugs if they pass certification (Florida Board of Nursing, 2016). It is imperative to prevent tampering to prevent abuse and negative health effects when prescribing such substances. Similarly, nurses have to identify behavioral red flags and demonstrate outstanding communication skills when dealing with scammers (Klein, 2016).

Advanced practice nurses have to deal with a set of barriers that limit their ability to prescribe medicines. First of all, ARNPs have to consider such factors as state licensure and regulations. The situation has improved over the years, and such organizations as the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) seek to improve the prescriptive authority of nurse practitioners. Nevertheless, nurse practitioners have to deal with such issues as supervision and delegation.

It is also noted that physician professional organizations believe that it is necessary to limit the scope of nursing practice because of such factors as the overall quality and safety of care (Hain & Fleck, 2014). Available research indicates that most of the concerns voiced by the opponents of unrestricted prescriptive authority are unreasonable. It is also suggested that payer policies affect the ability of registered nurses to prescribe medicines because of low reimbursement rates (Hain & Fleck, 2014).College Homework Help The situation is challenging because both public and private payers often prevent nurse practitioners from practicing independently. It may be beneficial to cooperate with policymakers to address the problem and eliminate the barriers that have an adverse effect on advanced practice nurse prescribers.


Florida Board of Nursing. (2016). Important legislative update regarding HB 423. Retrieved from

Hain, D., & Fleck, L. M. (2014). Barriers to nurse practitioner practice that impact healthcare redesign. OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 19(2). DOI: 10.3912/OJIN.Vol19No02Man02

Klein, T. (2016). Legal and professional issues in prescribing. In T. M. Woo, & M. Robinson (Eds.), Pharmacotherapeutics for advanced practice nurse prescribers (4th ed.) (37-50). Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis Company.

Advanced Practice Nurses (APRNs) as health professionals, are tasked with the responsibility to care for and safeguard the health and safety of patients. One duty of care owed by APRNs is on ethical and legal prescribing of medication.

APRNs are expected to adhere to strict standards of prescribing, which serve the needs of the patient, minimize medical errors as well as maintain high levels of professionalism and accountability (Mitchell & Oliphant, 2016). In 2007, the World health Organization (WHO), outlined 7 guidelines which were meant to serve as a universal regulatory framework for ethical prescribing for all health practitioners, including APRNs.College Homework Help

They are as follows: (1)Evaluate and define the patient’s problem; (2) Determine the therapeutic objective of the drug therapy; (3) Select an appropriate medication; (4) Provide patients with information, warnings and instructions; (5) Monitor the patient regularly; (6) Consider drug costs when prescribing and (7) Use appropriate tools, such as prescribing software and electronic drug references, to reduce prescription errors.

While the role of APRNs has been extended to include drug prescription, the independence to do so is not absolute. The primary barrier to APRN prescribing involves state practice and licensure (Hain & Fleck, 2014). Only 22 states so far have given full independence to APRNS to prescribe to patients. In the majority of states, including Florida, APRNs can only prescribe with the supervision or collaboration of a qualified physician. Another major barrier lies in the lack of physician cooperation and goodwill.

The American Medical Association for instance, is yet to accept and support APRNs as capable of handling independent practice (Hain & Fleck, 2014). Thirdly, APRNs grapple with a physician-biased insurance system that discriminates against nurse practice. Several payer policies and reimbursement models in various states fail to recognize nurse practitioners as primary care providers, thereby affecting the extent of APRN practice including prescription (Altman et al.,2016).Get Nursing homework help today

Statistics Assignment | Professional Writing Services persuasive essay help

030.5 35.3 29.8 34.5 33.2 32.9 30.7 28.6 31.9 37.835Difference -1.1 -0.5 -0.3 -0.9 -0.2 -1.9 -1.8 -0.7 -0.2 -2.8

a.    p-value > 0.05 so there is not a statistically significant difference

b.    0.0005 < p-value < 0.005 so there is not a statistically significant difference

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c.    p-value > 1.833 so there is a statistically significant difference

d.    0.0005 < p-value < 0.005 so there is a statistically significant difference

e.    0.005 < p-value < 0.05 so there is a statistically significant difference

Get Statistics homework help today

Computer Science Assignment | College Homework Help persuasive essay help

General Instructions for your Website:

During Week 1 through Week 7 of this course, you will be building a personal website on a topic of your choice.College Homework Help  Choose a topic about which you are both knowledgeable and enthusiastic, so that you will be able to easily write about the topic and share your knowledge of the topic through your website.  During Week 1, you will create the home page of your website. 

Make sure that you write the content (the paragraphs of information about your topic) yourself.  Do not copy content from other web pages.  Your website should contain at least 4-6 paragraphs of information, arranged in a logical manner (using headings and sub-headings appropriately).  During Week 2, you will add an external style sheet to your website.  During Week 3 through Week 7, you will either add additional pages to your website or you will add new functionality to your home page, as directed in the instructions for each assignment.

You must write the code files by hand for all assignments in this class.  A simple text editor, such as Notepad or Notepad++ will suffice (or TextEdit on the Mac).  DO NOT use GUI editors, such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc.  You must write the code for your web pages yourself.  If you are using a PC, it is strongly recommended that you download the free Notepad++ text editor ( because it contains extra features which assist with debugging, such as line numbering and color coding of different elements of syntax.  Mac users should use the TextEdit text editor that comes with the Mac OS.  However, if you are a Mac user, make sure you set TextEdit to use Plain Text by default.  You can find instructions for this College Homework Helphere:

Make sure all of your web pages comply with the HTML 5 standards and CSS standards.  DO NOT use obsolete HTML elements and attributes from previous versions of HTML.  By including the HTML 5 DOCTYPE declaration in your webpages, and validating all of your HTML files at, you can be sure that your code complies with HTML 5.  Starting Week 2, your external style sheet (.css file) must pass validation at the W3C CSS Validation Service:  Make sure you use the “Validate by File Upload” option (and NOT the “Validate by Direct Input” option), on both of these validators since this is the way your instructor will check your pages when grading your assignments.

The home page of your website must be named “LastFirstHomePage.html” where “Last” is your last name and “First” is your first name.  For example, if your name is John Smith, you would name your home page file SmithJohnHomePage.html   Starting with Week 2, you will also have a CSS file linked into every HTML page on your website. College Homework Help

Name your CSS file “LastFirstStyleSheet.css” where “Last” is your last name and “First” is your first name.  Your website must only have 1 CSS file and that file should be linked into all HTML pages on your website.  Additional HTML pages created for your website (During Week 3 through Week 5) should be hyperlinked together through a navigation menu that appears on all pages of your website.  Naming conventions for each additional page on your website will be included in each assignment description that requires a new HTML page.

Specific Instructions for Assignment 7:

For this assignment, you will add the following JavaScript functionality to the home page of your website:

1) Add a button on your home page that displays the current date and time on your webpage when the user clicks the button.
(See an example here:

2) Using the onmouseover and onmouseout attributes, write Javascript code that changes the color of the main heading on your homepage when the user mouses over it and changes the color of the same heading back to its original color again when the user mouses away from it.  Make sure the colors you choose provide sufficient contrast for your instructor to easily see the color change when mousing over the heading and away from it.
(See an example here:

3) Write two custom JavaScript functions: one that changes the text of an HTML element to a secret message (of your choice!), and another that changes the text of an HTML element back to the default text (“Mouse Over Me”).  Create a box on your home page that displays the text “Mouse Over Me.”  To create the box, use the <div> element with the height, width, padding, and background-color attributes.College Homework Help  Additionally, use the onmouseover and onmouseout attributes to call your two custom JavaScript functions, to accomplish the following:  A new message should display to the user when they mouse over the box (use some creativity to write an interesting secret message!).  The text “Mouse Over Me” should display in the box again when the user mouses away from the box.
(See an example here:

Before submitting your web site:

  1. Validate all HTML files at, using the “Validate by File Upload” option, and fix any errors that the validator identifies before submitting your web site for grading.
  2. Validate your CSS file at, using the “Validate by File Upload” option, and fix any errors that the validator identifies before submitting your web site for grading.

Note: It is critical that you debug and fix ALL errors identified by these two code validators before submitting your assignments.  Contact your instructor for assistance if you are having difficulty debugging and fixing your errors because it is imperative that your code files pass validation.College Homework Help

Submission Instructions: Create a zip file containing all files related to your web page (.html files, .css file, image files, and/or multimedia files).  Make sure you maintain the necessary directory structure in your zip file so that your webpages will view correctly when unzipped.  In other words, if your images are in a sub-folder on your computer, in relation to the folder containing your .html file, then you need to maintain that same directory structure in your zip file, too.  Submit only the zip file for grading.

Rubric for Grading Assignment


Webpages (HTML files) validate without errors at sheet (CSS file) validates without errors at contains well-written, well-thought-out, creative, attractive, and well-organized content (uses paragraph, line break, heading tags, and horizontal rules appropriately to organize content)10Correct use of all basic elements in a webpage document College Homework Help(Ex: DOCTYPE, html, head, body, meta, title, link, etc.) on every HTML page10Consistent navigation menu on all pages of your website, using local hyperlinks (coded with relative paths)  5CSS style sheet containing appropriate formatting for your website, linked into all HTML pages on your website10Correctly coded JavaScript functionality (as specified in instructions above)40Correctly created zip file that contains all files for webpage (maintaining original folder structure)  5Total100***Note:

Your website must include all required JavaScript functionality, as specified in the instructions above, to receive any credit for this assignment.  Websites submitted without working JavaScript functionality will not receive credit. Get Computer Science homework help today

Political Science Assignment/Buy Homework Help persuasive essay help

   Question1 Specifically identify the various stages of socialization and compare contrast socialization of correctional officers within the inmate population.

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Question 2 Describe how border protection philosophy changed as a result of 9/11. Get Political Science help today

Dental Office Interview Assignment | College Homework Help persuasive essay help

 You may use your current dentist if he/she is willing to be interviewed. Complete the following checklist:College Homework Help

Contact the office manager and set up an appointment to interview either him/her or the physician.

Complete and submit the pre-set interview questions to the drop box below.

Site Interview Questions:College Homework Help

How long have you been in business?

What degree(s) do you need to operate your business?

What are the type(s) of clients you serve?

What regulations/license(s) are you governed under?

How do you ensure the completeness, timeliness, and accuracy of records?

Are you bound by HIPAA rules/regulations? If not, how do you maintain security and confidentiality of the patient/client health record?

Do you have an electronic health record? if yes- what is the name of system? If not, what type of filing system do you have for patient/client health records?

What does the role of a health information management/medical record professional look like at the organization?

One Page

All Questions Need Answered

Format Instructions Attached BelowGet Nursing homework help today

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