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movie choices

This assignment will be due by next Wednesday, 2/8/23 by 8am. It should be written in APA format, using the instructions below as your guide. Please do not overthink this. It is meant to be a fun activity for you to evaluate the main characters in the movie and how they handle their diagnoses. Think about how you as a nurse would care for this patient. If the main characters are healthcare professionals, evaluate the type of care they provide and give your insight… if you agree with the way they handled their patients, what you would do differently, etc. Additionally, include/cite any references you used to further understand the medical condition depicted in the film. Additionally, if there is a film you are very interested in reviewing that I have not listed, please email me with you selection so I can review it for approval. Thanks!Still AliceLorenzo’s OilYou’re Not YouThe UpsideBrain of FireAlive Inside    Gifted HandsAwakeningsPatch AdamsOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestA Beautiful MindWitThe English PatientFlorence NightengaleMASHThe Bag of Kneesexample  of the format

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