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Movie Essay

For good reason, this movie is regarded as one of the most moving and influential ones ever made, and it is sociologically significant too.  You should be able to watch it for free by using your CSI credentials to log into Kanopy., you can stream it for around $3 on Vudu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc.  If you search for it, make sure the director’s name is correct so that you watch the intended movie. After you watch the movie itself, please watch the 15 minute video below.  That is followed by 3 required articles. you have watched the movie, read the three (3) attached required articles, and watched the discussion video above, there are two more discussion videos following, one on the opening of the movie and the other on its closing: is the whole unit on a truly great film.  The assignment is posted just below this.  It will be due the Monday after Thanksgiving break, the 28th. Bicycle Thieves is a classic of cinema and also presents a series of profound sociological and moral questions. We see the father in the film strive to accomplish many goals for his son: to set a good example; simply to put food on the table; to earn his love and admiration; and to do the job he must to fulfill his role as father and as good worker and citizen. He is faced with challenge after challenge and, as the day wears on, he grows more desperate. His final act of desperation changes his outcome and his son’s feelings dramatically.Please write about 1.5-2 pages about how this pair deals with the material needs (food, money) and ethical problems (telling small lies, stealing, feeling vengeful) they face, with lots of examples to support your argument.You can focus on either the father’s choices throughout the day (what actions does he decide on and why? how are his ethics involved? does he temporarily meet any of his goals? what compromises does he make?) or the son’s perception of those choices (do you feel he really understands the situation? Is he sympathetic to their predicament or mostly shielded from it? What do you imagine he thinks of his father at different points in the film and why?). If you want to include a couple lines on whether you enjoyed the film or not and why or why not, feel free to do that. This is not required, but I would be interested to know.

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