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Music theory

1. During the past semester we have examined musical Romanticism from its beginnings around 1800 to its final manifestations around the time of the First World War.
Choose two pieces from your listening—one written between 1800 and 1850 and the other written between 1850 and 1918 (the dates of the compositions can be found in the anthology)—that you believe can be considered Romantic.
Compare and contrast the two pieces, and show how they represent both the common features of
Romantic music and the changes that took place over its long history. Be sure to consider both musical style (sound, harmony, melody, rhythm, growth) and extra-musical ideas (how music was understood and what the composers were trying to communicate). Choose your examples carefully.
2. The composers who created the musical styles of the early 20th century arose from vastly different backgrounds and had very diverse goals in mind. Choose one of the early 20th-century innovators represented in your listening—lves, Debussy, Stravinsky, Bart6k, or Schoenberg—and explain how his distinctive musical goals are realized in one of the works we have studied. Be sure to define what those goals are as precise as you can. Do not use one of the same pieces that you discussed in question 1 or the piece on which you based your third writing assignment—there are still plenty left.

PR 473 50 – Psychoanalysis

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Sex has always been central for psychoanalysis as whole, but Boothby further argues that sex is primarily what mediates between our concept of self and Other. What do you make of the role of sex in psychoanalysis and specifically in Boothby’s interpretation? Is the centrality of sex a defensible idea, or is it too problematic for psychology?

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Stress Activity

Psychology Assignment Help PSY-102 – General Psychology
Topic 5 – Motivation, Emotion, Health, and Well-Being
Identifying, Managing and Reducing Stress

You will be examining the role stress can play in your life. For this assignment, you will select ONE of the two formats and then complete the assignment criterion by answering the questions below.
Create a PowerPoint: PowerPoint must include a minimum of 12 slides (including Title Slide and Reference slide). Ensure that information is cited in-text throughout the presentation. Use inspirational quotes, graphics, visual aids, and video clips to enhance your presentation. Ensure that information included on your slides is properly paraphrased and cited; the use of direct quotes is prohibited. A minimum of three sources should be included ; ensure sources are credible.
Create a Newsletter: Newsletters must use an appropriate template – an example of a newsletter template can be found in Word Templates. Use inspirational quotes, graphics, charts, and visual aids to enhance your newsletter. Ensure that information included in your newsletter is properly paraphrased and cited; the use of direct quotes is prohibited. A minimum of three sources should be included; ensure sources are credible. One section of your newsletter should be designated for additional resources that could be used by those reading the newsletter to gain more information on topics presented in the newsletter. One small section of your newsletter should be designated for references used in creating the final product.
Once you have chosen your format, choose a type of stress (schoolwork, family, job, a relationship, etc) and answer all of the following questions:
Give examples that causes the stress.
Describe healthy coping mechanisms you can use to help with stress.
Discuss of the warning signs of stress is in your life.
Describe the short-term effects stress can have on an individual.
Describe the long-term effects stress can have on an individual.

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they are numbered..respond with your thoughts 25 words or more

1.What specific guidelines must you consider when communicating with the public or family members of inmates and offenders? In my opinion I feel as if there should be many guidelines to to consider when communicating with family members or outsiders of the inmates. For family members i would make sure that there was a form of consent that needs to be gone over due to the inmates privacy. Going over information that can be classified should only be shared with family if need be. As far as the public I also think that certain emotions should stay out of each case, as well as certain bias and negative opinions. What are specific instances where an inmate or offender may use manipulation toward a correctional staff member? How would you respond in this situation? There are many possible instances that can happen where an inmate can manipulate a staff member. There can be personal information of these staff members that can get around to the inmates, and then the inmates can harass, and try to get certain benefits off of knowing this information. I would respond to this by making it clear that we are the staff and they are the inmates, there are certain cells and situations that these inmates can be placed in for punishment. 2.Question 1) Make sure you protect the offender’s personal liberty and privacy when talking, and ensure you have the facts you need to respond. Secure the family’s members’ consent to speak as was the offender’s right to privacy. Be respectful by choosing the right words and keeping eye contact while you are addressing an unfamiliar situation. Treating the offender of different genders or lifestyles should still be treated like human beings this could a limitation for a correction officer who has never dealt with the LGBT. Questions 2) In order to deal with limitations of communication with inmates’ family members you have to maintain and address prison procedures and housing administrators. Communication has a time limit on it with inmates. If an inmate is seen manipulating toward a fellow correction officer, I would be respectful and speak with the officer by reinforcing the rules of the facility and also go and talk to the Administration about what I have seen and my concerns for the staff. At the same time communicate and be (acting) Positive around the correction officer and the inmate.

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