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Sulafa Alasiri is
the director that was responsible for producing the short film “The Lover” that was done under a
restricted budget. The number of cast onset was allocated approximately $400
and this as categorized as above-the-line. The total number of staff including transportation,
production staff, prop room, make up and craftsmen were awarded $2,425. The special
effects team comprising of the editing and post-audio music group were
allocated $800 and this was an indicator that the film was either short, on a
low budget or of a low quality. The finance steam responsible for handling the
money during the shoot spent $1,100.  In
this cluster alone, the contingency was 10%. The full amount above the line was
still $400 while the total below the line was $4,325. Combined, the figure totaled
to $5,198.

The earlier
covered the summary of the whole process. The successive section covered the
detailed financial breakdown of the expenditure that was used in the film “The Lover”. The camera team that
included cinematographers, 1st and 2nd assistant cameras,
as well as the digital technician was not included in the allocation. The
rentals received $300. The location for shooting the film was allocated $1,000
while acquiring the private and public permits for the sites used $75. The
actual transportation for materials and props to the site used $150. The craft
and catering services for the shoot were allocated $200 and $300 respectively. Other
significant tasks that received a hefty allocation include marketing that was
awarded a total of $950 to cater for postage, screeners and festival fees.  The conclusion of the budget awarded the final
figure of $5,198 in the budget.

Surname: The Feminist Perspective college essay help near me




The Feminist Perspective

The article under
analysis titled “Why should married women change their names? Let men change
theirs” is a feminist article written by Jill Filipovic on March 7, 2013. The
author is a frequent columnist at the newspaper that won the Pulitzer Prize
2014, theguardian. It follows that
her column has been instrumental to the recognition and accolades her paper is
receiving. Her audience is the entire public with emphasis on the female gender
to recognize their deprived state and subsequently liberate themselves from the
oppressive regime of a patriarchic society. It also aims to make the males
aware of their privileged status and the discrimination they evade hence the
tribulation the other sex has to endure to attain equality. Filipovic posits
that a person’s name is the basis of his/her identity, as such the female
surname should persist beyond the institution of marriage.

The article
implies that women comply to change their names after matrimony rather than
conform. This alludes to the fact that it is male driven societal pressures
that forces them to accept their spouses’ name; it is not voluntary. From their
formative years, the female child is prepared to relinquish her name once
married. This destabilizes their psychological wellbeing as it shows them their
impermanence. After marriage, they cease to exist as independent individuals
and become the sub-entities of their husbands. Filipovic speaks of the
entitlement the male gender has towards the subject of name adoption in
marriage. They assume that it is the natural thing for their wives to assume
their names. Any other eventuality is unthinkable. The author shows the
importance of the name as a culmination of one’s identity. The portfolio of an
individual’s achievements is attached to their name. She further argues that it
is inconsiderate and discriminatory to expect the female to sacrifice her
entire being at the altar of marriage. The female usually has to acquire new
identification. Filipovic highlights the massive strides the feminist movement
has made in the emancipation of the female species. She supposes that the
illegalization of marriage rape can be attributed to their concerted efforts. These
efforts have far-reaching implications. For example, they have changed the denotation
of family from a male dominated partnership with the female becoming the
subservient wife to a union of equals founded on mutual love. To her, making
the female surname permanent will be yet another milestone towards equality.

The author employs
logos to portray the importance the female surname acquiring permanence. Logos
entails appealing to the audience’s logic. Filipovic uses deductive reasoning
to highlight the double standards that society condones eventually showing the
inequity present in society. She shows that if the males avoid changing their
names for the social and professional implications it may bring such as lost
contacts, the same should apply to the female gender. Similarly, she utilizes
facts to show that the name determines a person’s social role. The human brain
uses names to categorize substances and make them easier to understand. By
taking up the male name, the females are condemned to secondary existence as
merely somebody’s sister, daughter, mother, or wife. Their being becomes
confined within the relational dimension. The use of the institution of
marriage as the case study to show the importance of name is logos by default
as every reader can identify with a similar situation.

Filipovic leverages
pathos to show women that society’s expectation of females to relinquish their
names is innately degrading. Pathos is as aimed to appeal to the audience’s
sentiments. The author attempts to evoke rage in the females by his word
connotation. He uses the word Miss pejoratively asserting that its mere
existence is an insult to the female sorority. The word implies that females have
no purpose beyond their relational roles. Likewise, she equates the term sexism
to racism to show the severity of the issue under discussion. She states that
female discrimination should not be the norm. Society should strive towards

The author uses
ethos to show that she is a seasoned authority on matters feminisms and an influence
in restoring the lost female name. Ethos attempts to substantiate the
credibility of the author’s work. The writer draws from her personal life to
show the importance of the surname. She explains that even though her name is a
difficult to pronounce it distinguishes her identity. It can therefore be
easily found in Google accompanied with her achievements. When her surname
changes to Jill Smith, it represents another person. Ethos is similarly
employed when she claims though in undertones that she is widely acclaimed
frequenting television and radio shows.

The article helps
the audience to take a more holistic perspective towards the name issue.
Filipovic reiterates that the female surname is central to achieving female
liberation and eventuality gender equality. She challenges other females to be
at the forefront of reclaiming their name in society. Similarly, they are
encouraged to start living life beyond the simple relation existence. The
author employs pathos to charge her audience emotionally by showing them that
adopting a man’s surname is tantamount to losing one’s identity. Filipovic
appeals to her reader’s intellect to show the absurdity of the double standards
prevalent in society. Lastly, the writer shows the readers that she is well versed
in matters pertaining to the depravation the female individual via name

Survey: IT for E-Learning, HRM, and CRM writing essay help
IT for E-Learning, HRM, and CRM



IT for E-Learning, HRM, and CRM

DMOZ Open Directory is a simple search platform characterized by an easy to use
and navigate user interface. Simplicity is prioritized in the search engine, as
it does not have many features. The overall look is appear kind of cliché, but
in software the less content put on the user interface, the greater the level
of information. In this case, of Open Directory, less is more. The lightweight
program contains all information categories relevant to a student and a work
professional. It is developed through all the software basics and integrates no
extra components that negate the overall efficiency of the programming.
Platforms with many features lower the running efficiency of the platform
(Fogel, 2005). The engine has a minimalist design and starts up quickly. Comprising
of sixteen information categories, the DMOZ Open Directory represents one of
the largest human edited web directories.

DMOZ Open Directory captures the basic characteristics of good web based
software. In one, the simplistic feel and design of the platform is user
friendly and search engine friendly. The lack of many details means that the
platform is fast loading and has consistency. When one navigates through the
different categories, one derives the same feeling and appreciation of the
software. The software gives perfect information content that can have the user
glued to the platform. The content is error free in terms of grammar and gives
highlights on interconnected data. In detail, one information category can
highlight that its pages are interlinked with another category. The open engine
can run in a number of browsers highlighting its high compatibility ratios
(Reich & Daccord, 2008). Drawback in the platform is its poor
functionality. Not all elements of the site perform seamlessly. For instance,
the Twitter link is not functional or interactive.

Directory software in production and development use an approach that promotes
universal availability and access to information, design, and blueprint
improvements to users. The DMOZ directory captures this function. Through
integration of the editor login and blog, users can comment on various
functions of the engine. It is from here that the editor identifies strengths
and weaknesses in the program therefore making improvements. The target audiences
of the universal directory are learned or learning person across all education
fields. The open source software as stated earlier is comprised of sixteen
categories all of divergent information fields. The DMOZ Open Directory equally
depicts quality control of data that is impressive and allows growth. The
engine is knit loosely with thousand of log in contributors who add on
information and initiate quality control especially when problems are

Open Directory has a number of technology-based links that were beneficial to
my trade. Moreover, the content is easy to understand suggesting the site is
not entire targeting highly expertise individuals. Despite the site being
suitable in design, usability, and compatible, the general appearance of the
site lacks attractiveness. The web platform has poor color utilization and
design of categories that apart from its rich information content would make
the page extremely unattractive. The developers can integrate the numerous informatics
detailed in the stored resources to improve on the research tools, design and
general appearance of the platform. The Open Directory is valuable when it
comes to search and locating of information. The software though lacks vale
when it comes to highlighting the best characteristics of a web-based program.


K. (2005). Producing open source software: How to run a successful free
software project. Sebastopol, CA: O’Reilly.

J., & Daccord, T. (2008). Best ideas for teaching with technology: A
practical guide for teachers, by teachers. Armonk, N.Y: M.E. Sharpe.

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I am looking
forward to majoring in Education Management, which provides me with extensive skills
to aid learners in achieving success in different careers. As an educational
management profession, I have options of working in educational settings such
as elementary, secondary schools and institutions of higher learning such as
universities and colleges. In addition, I can also work in private entities,
governmental agencies, and various not-profit organizations. This is important
because it provides me with opportunities for excellence and social
interactions with diverse individuals from different professions.

My primary aim is
to gain skills and knowledge that will enable me to become an exceptional
decision maker given that I am hoping to gain a position as a policy maker. As
a policy maker, I would focus on ensuring that my decisions serve to enrich and
improve the educational system and outcomes for modern day students. This is
critical in enabling them to gain appropriate skills, strategies, and
capabilities for effective decision-making in a competitive environment. I am
looking forward towards enhancing my educational and skills competencies by
undertaking additional professional qualifications.

This also includes
undertaking a masters and doctoral degree program to ensure that I keep up with
the overly competitive labor market. I hope to achieve such goals by ensuring
that I keep up with all my schedules in my major. This includes ensuring that I
attend all classes and competition of syllabuses and examinations to obtain the
relevant qualifications. Furthermore, I am also seeking additional course
materials and activities, which will be critical in supplementing my overall
knowledge and skills. This is important to ensure that I attain the highest
level of skills and knowledge and more so qualifications in my major.

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