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My current position is an Account Executive for Housing and Urban Development. The instructions listed below will need to Essay

My current position is an Account Executive for Housing and Urban Development. The instructions listed below will need to relate to my current position.

The course materials this week address why data and statistics have become an essential foundation for quality analysis and improvement initiatives.

Identify two quality-related metrics that are collected in your industry, product or service.
Are these the “right” metrics? Why? Which stakeholders use the data and for what purposes? For example, are they regulators, customers, internal operators, others?
What summary statistics (for example, mean, median, mode, standard deviation, variance, range, quartiles, etc.) are reported on a regular basis for these metrics, and by whom?
What could be done to improve how the data is summarized and reported to make it more useful for management? Explain.

Visual Research Methodology!

Write an individual pre-assignment that is based on Leadership and Decision Making and the mentioned literature on visual methodologies. Focus of the assignment is to consider how you can enhance your research project—or another academic article project—by employing a specific visual research methodology and approach. Describe briefly the research project’s aims, objectives, analytical approach, data collection, and intended research plan. Consider in particular what would be the benefits but also the challenges and requirements of employing the visual research methods you have in mind. What kind of knowledge would be produced with the visual methodologies and approaches you consider? Important: study in advance the course readings to improve your research plan and focus accordingly. Pre-assignment report should be not more than 4 pages (Times New Roman, 12 pt. 1.5 line space, 2.5 cm margins on all sides)

Business Question

Business Assignment Help I have this assignment due and I will provide all the information and if you can finish it earlier I will appreciate it. If there is anything else let me know.
Discussion: (40) total points
Due: 1/25/22
Contracts Rules Everything Around Me
Contracts move every aspect of commerce; big and small; down to every transaction in which you participate; down to the home you buy; the products you buy on Amazon; to the food you buy at the grocery store.
What questions do you have regarding the necessary elements required to form a legally binding contract; or in what circumstances is a contract legally formed or not?
• (15) points will be awarded for a thoughtful question in this discussion thread that proposes a question of law for the class to answer whether a contract was legally formed or not? You must also provide a sufficient set of facts in which to apply the question of law. This can even be from a simple personal experience such as when you select an apple in the grocery store: are you offering to purchase the apple or accepting the advertised offer to purchase the apple? (more facts would be needed here to make this a thoughtfully proposed question but hopefully you get the idea).
(25) points will be awarded for a correct, thoughtful response to a question. In your response you must provide a source for the law or laws that support your conclusion (which will be a citation to the textbook). If your response does not have a source of law, then it is merely opinion. Law is formed by caselaw, statutes and regulations; both state and federal; also to a lesser degree by city ordinances. Your textbook summarizes the law to the degree necessary for this course. Please also provide the necessary elements to form a legally binding contract in your answer. Expound in depth where necessary to support your conclusion. It is encouraged to have more than one answer to a question as the first responders are not always correct or awarded full points for having a meaningful response.
(40) points total are available per student on the basis of: one question worth (15) points and one answer worth (25) points.
We will moderate the discussion if the responses are going in an unproductive direction but I’m guessing that with the high number of students in this class, that the correct and best answer will get refined over time (or not – the best could be the first?) I am hoping that this exercise can 1) help you understand all the various ways we are affected by contracts and 2) expound on the knowledge you have already learned on the subject matter.

Case Study Question

Amberton University
MGT 6203 – Case Study JJ Water Fun Company
JJ Water Fun Co. (JJWF) is an organization that has contacted you for some help. As a consultant and close friends to the owners, you are going to assess their situation and address their concerns. Jason and Jack are both good people and individuals you have known for years. They are excellent in their field, but they are no financial wizards! They did not help you a lot in providing information. You will notice that some of the totals in the financial statements were not even completed. As a result, you will have to total the financial documents and make sure the statements are correct. Their concerns are below.
JJWF is a Dallas based company that originated in 2010 with two employees: owners Jason Smith and Jack Thompson. By degree, Jason is a chemical engineering and Jack is a mechanical engineer. Jason and Jack have been friends for many years. Tired of the corporate world, they started their own business. When the company began, Jason and Jack had two trucks which both of them drove. Initially, they focused on swimming pool servicing (cleaning the pools and spas and adding chemicals on a weekly basis). They service residential and commercial pools, both chlorine and saltwater pools. Over time, they expanded their business to include repairs and maintenance (replacing vinyl liners, repairing leaks in gunite/concrete, and resurfacing the pools, replacing motors and pumps, etc.).
Within the last year, they have started considering getting involved with pool construction. This seems to be a great opportunity for the organization, but the initial costs to enter this market are very high. They served as a subcontractor about three months ago on the construction of two large pool and did an incredible job. The money they made, minus their costs, was very lucrative to say the least. In addition to their residence and commercial accounts, they secured a long-term contract to maintain several municipal pools and several YMCA’s pools. Just these long-term contracts alone have tremendously increased their bottom line.
Something else that is very interesting is Jack developed a device that increases the longevity of the chemicals in the water. The device is very small, and it costed about $675.00 for Jack to make. As a courtesy to the customers, Jack had the technicians place these devices on all their customer’s pools and spas. Whereas in the past, the chemicals were lasting for about four days, this new invention prolongs the life of the chemicals for fifteen days. The cost savings in the use of chemicals when maintaining these pools and spas has been outstanding. Jack has started the process of patenting the device but has not completed the patent.
Everything seems to be going well and although the business is growing, they don’t have a strong presence within this industry; probably because they are lacking in marketing the company.
As their services expanded, so did their need for employees. They own their own building where they have their office and equipment. Currently, they have 14 employees (including Jason and Jack), a store where chemical and other pool and spa accessories are sold, 12 trucks, ten technicians (that work on the pools), and two employees that work in the store. Jason and Jack focus on marketing their business and only go into the field if there is an issue that the other employees cannot solve. Thanks to training provided for the technicians twice a year, Jason and Jack seldom go out into the field. The turnover rate is minimum. Within the last two years, the organization has lost only one employee, and whereas this is commendable, the organization really does not have a succession system in place. Jason and Jack feel they need a succession plan where they are preparing an employee for their next position. Overall, the organization seems to be doing well. Other than a few problems regarding “a poor repair” according to one pool owner, the organization services their customers very well.
Something else that is really interesting is Jason and Jack have empowered all of their employees to make decisions in the field with the customers. For example, if a customer feels the costs were too high and the technicians agree, they can reduce the price charged for their services. Jason and Jack give them a 10 to 15 percent liberty to negotiate the price. Although this is great customer service, some of the technicians are not comfortable with making this decision because they lack these specific skills. However, the employees are very innovative and creative when it comes to problem solving. In fact. Many will claim the organization has a competitive advantage in area of creativity and innovative. Within the last five years, the organization has incorporated as a partnership, and they took on about 75 stockholders.
Jason and Jack treat their employees with a great deal of respect, work with them on their schedules, provides three-week vacation, five days for sick leave, and benefits include medical, dental-, prescription-, short- and long-term disability, and life insurance. The company does not offer benefits for the employee’s families. The employees are required to pay a $25 co-pay when they go to the doctor, a $20 co-pay for dental visits, $40 for specialists’ visits, and a $20 co-pay on prescriptions. In addition, Jason and Jack believe there is a correlation between good health and exercising, and as a result, they reimburse their employees up to $35 a month. This has proven to be very effective because within the last two years, the company has recorded only five days where employees were sick.
The company focuses on the Dallas area but are constantly getting calls outside of Dallas. Interesting to note, their customers are equally coming from North, South, East, and West side of Dallas. As a result, they are able assign two employees in North, South, East, and West Dallas, and thanks to technology, the employees do not have to come into the office on a daily basis. They are sent their work orders each day through the computer or mobile device. Two employees are “floaters” meaning they go in the area where demand in the highest.
There are 48 Swimming Pools in Dallas County, Texas, serving a population of 2,552,213 people in an area of 873 square miles. There is 1 Swimming Pool per 53,171 people, and 1 Swimming Pool per 18 square miles. ( The swimming pool and spa business has many competitors, and as a result, the organization is in a monopolistic competition market structure. They have grown over the last ten years because of the quality of work they provide. They are very good about being at an appointment when scheduled and according to their latest data, they are on time about 98.5% of the time.
Whether it is their service, repair, or chemicals, their prices are about 10% lower than their competition, and if they enter the construction market, it too will be 10% below the competition. The economy is really good in Dallas. In fact, within the last two years, research indicates new pool construction has increased 30 percent. The market that is responsible for this is the millennials. Some analysts believe that COVID had something to do with this because people are staying home more. Also, research suggests that swimming and water activities is great exercise. This goes hand-in-hand with the millennial generation because they are of the healthy mindset.
Due to a City Ordinance, the Dallas area and Dallas County requires a fence to be placed around the pools for public safety. With this ordinance, the JJWF is considering branching out to include installing fences.
With the Dallas area growing, business is good, and according to the last economic forecast, growth will continue for the next 10 -15 years. The only concern the company is facing currently is some analysts indicated that the housing industry is about to burst. With homes being overpriced and building at an all-time high, economists think this market has hit its apex and will rapidly decline within the next six to twelve months.
Here are the organization’s financials.
JJWF has provide you with a partial list of their finances. Although they have confidence in you regarding their privacy, they wanted to limit their information to just a few categories they felt were important, and to prevent information overload. Below are their mission, vision, and financial statements.
Mission Statement
JJWF dedicates its products and services for the betterment of its customers. The organization focuses on providing reliable services and products that are environmentally safe. We are also committed to creating loyal customers but serving our communities by giving back.
Making unclean pools and spas obsolete.
Income Statement
Sales $ 8,900,000
Governmental Contract Income $ 6,500,000
Total Revenue
Employee Salaries $ 2,200,000
Employee Benefits $ 420,000
Utilities $ 31,000
Equipment $ 1,600,000
Maintenance and Repair $ 45,000
Insurance – Building $ 5,000
Supplies $ 200,000
Taxes $ 1,100,000
Total expenses $ 5,550.000
Net Income
Balance Sheet
Current Assets
Cash $ 1,900,000
Accounts Receivable $ 325,000
Inventory $ 1,050,000
Investments $ 3,000,000
Total Current Assets $ 6,275,000
Property and Equipment
Equipment $ 1,400,000
Total Assets $ 7,675,000
Current Liabilities and Stockholder Equity
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable $ 400,000
Notes Payable $ 200,000
Accrued Expenses $ 300,000
Long Term-Debt $ 200,000
Total Current Liabilities $ 1,100,000
Stockholder’s Equity
Common Stock $ 4.000,000
Treasury Stock $ 2,575,000
Total Stockholder’s Equity $ 6,575,000
Total Liabilities and Stockholder’s $7,675,000
Copyrighted© – Dr. Steve Tidwell – August 1, 2021
MGT 6203.e1 – JJWF Case
Case Questions.
Adhere to APA format
Use at least one outside source when answering each question
There is no page number. Just be thorough in your assessment
1) Based on the case, consider the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the organization. It is very important to remember that without a thoroughly SWOT analysis and a thorough IFE and EFE, the strategy cannot be an effective tool. Therefore, be as thorough as possible in identifying the SWOT factors. Be sure to distinguish between internal and external. (Use bullet points to identify each and provide a brief explanation of how they are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). Use this format:
2) From the SWOT analysis, create and Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) and an External Factor Evaluation (EFE). Upon completing both of these evaluations, explain the total weighted score and if the organization is doing well or needs to improve. Use a Chart for both the IFE and EFE.
3) (A)What do you see as the organizations core competencies and competitive advantage?
(B) Based on the case, the organization’s core competencies and competitive advantage, the data provided, their SWOT analysis, IFE and EFE statements, what should be the organization’s strategy as for competing?
(B) In addition, who should be their target market?
(C)What means of marketing would you use to attract your target market? Validate your comments.
4) Consider the organizations, mission and vision statement. Are they appropriate, or should they be revised? (See the appendix for the example to use)
(A) Regarding the mission statement, are all nine components of a mission statement included? If so, identify each of the nine within the current mission statement. If the statement should be revised, revise it including the nine components of a mission statement. Show the number next to the components as shown in the example at the bottom of this document.
(B) Regarding the vision, it is appropriate? Does it provide what is required to have an effective vision statement, and does it provide guidance on where the organization should be headed. If it does, validate why it is appropriate. If it is not, revise it to reflect a strong vision statement.
(Use this format for the vision and mission)
5) JJWF seems to have a lot of positives. Based on their financials, calculate their ROA, ROE, Current Ratio, and Total Asset Turnover. Upon calculating it, what do these ratios tell you about their organization. Remember, providing a definition of an ROA, ROE, and Current Ratio, is ok, but it is very important to explain what each of these mean to the organization specifically. Use this format.
Mission Statement Format – Example
At ABC International, we focus on our valued customers (1) and the communities we serve to not only produce a quality product (2), but to maintain a spotless reputation (8).
1. Customers
2. Products or services
3. Markets
4. Technology
5. Concern for survival, growth, and profitability
6. Philosophy
7. Self-concept
8. Concern for public image
9. Concern for employees

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