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My degree: is a BSBA with a concentration in Financial Services i choose this degree because of my knowledge

My degree: is a BSBA with a concentration in Financial Services
i choose this degree because of my knowledge of business. question C. I own a clothing store called chachaworld.

there’s an attachment with the sample on how this assignment should be. if you have any question, let me know

Your Task:
Write an e-mail of introduction
In your message include the following:
a. Your reasons for choosing your degree plan
b. Your career goals
c. A brief descriiption of your employment (if any, and if not of your favorite activities)
d. An assessment of your current communication skills, including your strengths and
Please remember this email should have a clear introduction, body, conclusion. In
addition, please remember to include the ‘subject’ line.
Should be no more than one page, see rubric.
Please post as a word document attachment. With this in mind, you will need to
manually add the “To”, “From”, “Date”, and “Subject”.

Essay 1. Babson College educates entrepreneurial leaders who create great economic and social value-everywhere. Using Babson’s mission, describe your

1. Babson College educates entrepreneurial leaders who create great economic and social value-everywhere. Using Babson’s mission, describe your short and long- term goals and how your goal(s) align with this mission. How do you intend to leverage Babson’s resources to support your ambitions? (300 words or less)

2. Share one thing that you have learned about yourself since starting your most recent as an Entrepreneur (Founder/CEO). How has this learning impacted other decisions or actions? (150 words or less)

3. Tell us about a mistake you have made either personally or professionally, and how you learned from it. Looking back, what would you do differently now? (the best way to answer this question is to talk about a specific example of a time you made a mistake: … Quickly switch over to what you learned or how you improved, after making that mistake. You might also explain the steps you took to make sure that the mistake never happened again). (150 words or less)

4. What are three fun facts about yourself that you would like to share with the Admissions Committee? (admission Committees want to learn about you as a student and person — your goals, your dreams, even your struggles, and not who your parents, friends or teachers think you are or should be). (150 words or less)

Please use this space (150 words max) if you would like to voluntarily share with the admissions committee any extenuating circumstances that have impacted an aspect of your application (e.g. my undergraduate lower GPA due to COVID-19, and a gap in between my work experience and completing my degree over twenty years later, etc.).

Qualitative Data Collection Instrument

Business Assignment Help Overview: Using the topic ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and how it increases sales and customer loyalty’ and the research question you developed as follows, you will design a qualitative instrument that could potentially answer your topic/research question if it were to be applied to a qualitative study. Keep in mind, this may take some stretching if you wrote your question leaning quantitatively. The purpose here is not to box you in but to ensure that you have a solid understanding of both methodologies.
The following are the research questions that can be employed to explore the topic in-depth:
A. How do CSR activities affect customers’ retention and attitude towards the company?
B. What is the role of CSR in enhancing the reputation of the company?
C. In what way do CSR activities add value to the customers?
D. How do CSR activities affect the sales of the company?
You will develop a word document to include:
View the rubric and examples to make sure you understand the expectations of this assignment. Rubric for Data Instrument.docx
Qualitative Instrument Samples.pdf

Your research question is in the form of qualitative questions (if it was not already, turn into qualitative).
An instrument or protocol (interview, ethnography, focus group protocol, etc) that could be used to answer the qualitative version of your research question.
A one-paragraph description/justification of how your chosen instrument/protocol is the best choice for answering the qualitative version of your research question.
Francés, D. S.

Business Question

The problem of practice was the discussion you just did. Its connected to all these assignments at some point. If you need to me to reupload the final submission you sent let me know. Read instructions 100% and APA 7th edition formatting is required. Book information will be attached once assignment is accepted.
Part 1: Introduction to the Problem Assignment – Instructions and example attached.
Part 2: Interview Questions Assignment – Instructions and example attached.
Part 3: Focus Group Questions Assignment.- Instructions attached.
Requirements: varies

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