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MySQL Question

Refer to the film table of the Sakila database. This lab loads film with 100 rows from Sakila. Consequently, SELECT * FROM film; generates too many characters to display in the zyLab environment. However, statements with less output, such as SELECT title FROM film;, execute successfully.
This lab illustrates the use of indexes and EXPLAIN to optimize query performance. Refer to EXPLAIN documentation for information about EXPLAIN result columns.
Write and run seven SQL statements:
Explain the query SELECT * FROM film WHERE title = ‘ALONE TRIP’;.
In the EXPLAIN result, column key is null, indicating no index is available for the query. Column rows is 100, indicating all rows are read. The query executes a table scan and is slow.
Create an index idx_title on the title column.
I attached the assignment detail below, please follow all the instructions.

Writing question

hello, there is a worksheet that you need to answer its questions in 5 to 6 sentences. the answers are in the videos and the two books which are
Edwin Gaustad and Leigh Schmidt, The Religious History of America: The Heart of theAmerican Story from Colonial Times to Today, rev. edition. Harper One, 2004. ISBN:978-0060630560.R. Marie Griffith, ed. American Religions: A Documentary History. Oxford: Oxford UniversityPress 2007. ISBN: 978-0195170450.
Gaustad and Schmidt (152-161, 177-183; 226-230)Griffith (164-183)………


the last three links are on canvas, and I’ll provide you with the passwords. the questions are in the file section. thanks

Add words and change phrases in the given document.

Add words and change phrases in the given document..
We have two things to do with this one,
1. Fix the highlighted issue, and change phrases to more fluent.
2. Add 600 words into the paper. (Please keep in mind that you are only here to add words as evidence for each paragraph, hence the final paper should also be 5 paragraph essay.
SinceThe words you add should be the evidence support for each paragraph, the citation you should use is MLA. (With page numbers).
Thank you.
The topic is can law protect from racism. No plagiarism.Under 5%).

Communications Question

Writing Assignment Help hi thank you for accepting this assignment , My topic that I chose is : How to get rid of depression ?
Instructor :: Just make sure your speech is “How to…” and doesn’t become informative.
I uploaded one sample for easier to know what and how to do this . make sure you are using the sample
as a guide and the way he explained for grade . thank you so much and let me know if u have any question 🙂
It is an outline, not a written speech, so bullet points to guide your speech are acceptable.
Please upload some word-processed, digital file of your work.
if you need an idea about myself : I am an immigrant from iran , i work and study full time , if u wanna use it in your outline

Watch Nikita Mikalkov’s Burnt by the Sun (1994)

1. Why is Nadia important to this story? Answer in 7-10 sentences.
2. When all is said and done, do you think Kotov or Mitya bears more blame, is more morally culpable for what happens at the end of the film? Answer in 7-10 sentences.
Watch Nikita Mikalkov’s Burnt by the Sun…

Evaluating Internet Sources

The Internet has been called the world’s biggest library, but unlike library material, Internet material is not always subjected to rigorous editorial procedures. Never has the adage been more true than when applied to the Internet: “Don’t believe everything you read.”
Choose a website and evaluate it according to the three criteria discussed in Chapter 7 for evaluating Internet sources. Be sure to provide a link to the site and include the criteria in your main post.

View the Medical Robots Speech. Identify the main points of the speech and the supporting materials used for each. Evaluate the speaker’s use of supporting materials in light of the criteria discussed in Chapter 8. Be sure to incorporate the criteria in your main post.

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