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Need 300 words and APA format please

Enter the question # you have chose at the start of each answer so that others know what question you have chosen. (i.e. Q2, Q4, Q5)
1. What is Project Initiation?2. How do you Determine Feasibility?3. How do you determine Costs and Benefits?4. Define how Time is Managed within Tasks/Activities.5. What is a WBS?6. Describe Project Scheduling.7. How do you Control Projects

Computer Science Question

You have ONE attempt at this assessment (quiz) and you are required to attempt to answerall questions.
? There are 4 questions and 40 marks available. Each question is worth 10 marks. [ each answer will be about 150-170 words]
? This quiz is timed and you must complete it in one sitting without logging out of canvas.
This is an open book assessment – you may use lecture notes, textbooks (physical or online), as well as web sites. However, it is time limited so you do not have an extensive time in which to research answers: this is to enable a better reflection of your knowledge, and complements the longer earlier coursework in the module.
it is a time limited assessment that requires you to demonstrate your understanding of the theory and practice covered in the module: in particular the material covered in the first half of the module, but also from the second half that reinforced that and provided a wider context. This is an open book assessment – you may use lecture notes, text books (physical or online), as well as web sites. Your answers should be your own wording/paraphrasing – in the event that you are copying anything verbatim (exact copy) from a source (lecture material, websites or books) ensure you place it in quotation marks AND include the reference. Submitted work will be checked through TurnItIn.
i have attached the sample questions and answers outline.

Discussion board help needed

Computer Science Assignment Help Hi all, I need help for discussion board.
Research the internet for scholarly and/or professional material about trends in Information Technology associated with system’s analysis, modeling, or design over the past 10 years. Pick one trend and present its key features; then, discuss how these features relate to system’s analysis, modeling, or design.
You must post the links to the resource(s) you used to identify the trend’s key features
Scholarly and/or professional material does not include:Wikis, Blogs, Social media content
Books or Articles written by unrecognized “experts”
Articles or papers in popular and trade publications
Material presented to inform and entertain the public
The textbook and any other material from the textbook author or authors

WTD- Discussion

Chapter 4: Extent (How Much) Decisions.Chapter 5: Investment Decisions: Look Ahead and Reason Back.
Describe an investment decision you or your company has made. Compute the opportunity costs and benefits of the decision. Did your company make the right decision? If not, what would you do differently? Compute the NPV of the investment.
The post should be at least 450 wordsAPA format ReferencesNo Plagiarism

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