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Need answers for Two questions

1) Do some research on Threat Response software. Find one particular software package to investigate.
What does the software do?
What are it’s major features?
What kind of training is required?
How much does the software cost?
Write 200-300 of your own words and submit in a WORD document.
2) Answer each these questions in a paragraph with at least five sentences: Include the question and number your responses accordingly. Provide a citation for each answer.
1. Describe Digital Literacy (how to know what is real on the web).
2. None of these people exist. What does this mean to you?
3. Why is Wikipedia more reliable than a paper encyclopedia?
4. How useful are crowd sources answers?
5. What are some drawbacks to crowd sourced answers?
6. Do people generally utilize the diversity of sources on the Internet effectively?
7. How reliant are we and how reliant should we be on getting our news from social media?
8. How do humans remain vigilant when we turn over authority to computers? Have you tried to navigate without gps?
9. If models are simplifications or reality, why do we rely on them?
10. Why was this model, used by Amazon for hiring, wrong?
11. Why did Skynet declare war on the human race?

HCI – 670 Topic 3 replie DQ’s (3)

Hi, if you could reply to the following 3 DQs with 100-150 words each. Thank you.
(1) Robert:
Implementation of new technology, clinical workflows, or process improvements are a constant part of health care. Before developing a plan for these implementations, user needs assessments should be done to determine how these changes will best suit the clinicians that will be affected. Needs assessments are effective ways to identify opportunities for improving patient and clinical processes and workflows and should focus on understanding the needs of the end users (Hebda et. al., 2018). Types of needs assessments include surveys, interviews, and direct observation.
One improvement opportunity at my workplace would be related to electronic health record (EHR) downtimes and downtime forms. Health care organizations have become dependent on technology in all aspects of patient care and any disruptions in clinicians being able to access the EHR system were found to have severe consequences (Gecomo et. al., 2020). Therefore, having up to date downtime forms for documentation that closely match the EHR is extremely important to negate these consequences. In order to create forms that help clinicians continue safe, effective patient care, a needs assessment should be done to identify what needs to be included. Interviewing subject-matter experts (SMEs) in different patient care areas would be an effective strategy. SMEs are people who are knowledgeable in their specialty or care area (Hebda et. al., 2018). By gathering information and input from the SMEs, downtime forms that best fit end user workflows can be created to ensure that safe patient care can continue without disruption should a downtime occur.
Gecomo, J. G., Klopp, A.,

Discussion about 300 words

Computer Science Assignment Help After this weeks readings and your own research, describe and discuss ways, if any, we can safely share security data.Are there precautions we can take, technical solutions we can use, e.g., like using the CIA triad, or should we just not share these kinds of data? Feel free to argue for and against, just make sure to back up your statements with scholarly support.

vulnerability was exploited to create the DDoS attack that impacted the Internet

Write a paper that explains what happened and how the IoT camera vulnerability was exploited to create the DDoS attack that impacted the Internet on 21 October 2016. Find at least five references that help answer the questions posed and describe how this type attack can be avoided in the future. This activity requires a detailed 7-10 page written technical report (excluding abstract and references/appendices). The report should be neat, readable, and self-contained. Also, it should be written with the readers in mind. Any knowledgeable reader should be able to understand your report, and benefit from the results you obtain. Therefore, you should include adequate references and/or background materials and you should use tables, diagrams, graphs, figures, and portions of printouts to enhance readers’ comprehension of your project.

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