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Need APA with reference and citations please follow instructions-st

Learning Objectives and OutcomesResearch and report on the zero trust model.
Assignment RequirementsZero trust is a security stance for networking based on not trusting any users, devices, or applications by default, even those that are already on the network.
The zero trust model uses identity and access management (IAM) as a foundation for an organization’s security program.
For this assignment:
Research the zero trust model.
Write a report that describes the following: The purpose of zero trust and what differentiates it from other security models
An overview of how zero trust works in a network environment
How zero trust incorporates least privilege access through role-based access control (RBAC) and/or attribute-based access control (ABAC)

Required ResourcesCourse textbook
Internet access
Submission RequirementsFormat: Microsoft Word (or compatible)
APA 7th ed.
Self-Assessment ChecklistI researched zero trust and the zero trust model.
I described the purpose of zero trust, what differentiates it from other security models, how it works in a network environment, and how it incorporates least privilege access through RBAC and/or ABAC.
I created a professional, well-developed report with proper documentation, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

350 words main post 100 words two responses with APA Format and citations and references-vy

We live in a society where there are many forms of presence. Most recently, we have had to resort to telepresence and virtual presence. What do you feel are social and emotional interaction dynamic consequence for users when they are limited in their abilities express themselves at a distance. Use scholarly research sources to justify your responses.

Civil engineering work

Engineering Assignment Help Look for at article of your choice whether from Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Daily among others or even a brief article available on Google scholar. Blogs or websites are also accebptable so long as they are accurate
Then conduct an analysis of the source selected identifying any advancement that have taken place in civil engineering
The analysis should not be less than 400 words

effects of Implant Alignment angle and bone properties on bone after Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty (rTKA)

write a theory chapter that includes the following points about the ansys workbench software
1. How does the Ansys simulation work? Explain the following points relating to the ansys software
a. Finite element analysis (including the stress and strain equations, the attached chapter may help)
b. The framework
c. Boundary conditions
d. Mesh
e. Convergence patterns

2. Imaging techniques in relation to how they are collected
a. How does ct work
b. Voltage/position the scan runs at

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