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News Report Interview Video [due Mon]

The local news wants you to describe what happened to the public in a short video so the community can have some questions answered.  o to submit to the local news station. , your goal is to educate the public about the chemistry involved in what happened and how chemistry will provide additional answers. I recommend a different approach which follows: The student is advised that you can also just prepare a script instead of the video. I recommend the script (paper) since the video is work extensive and often contains tech skills students may not have used prior. However, make sure you read the rubric and include all the elements in your paper. Also, you must have citations – one minimum and must be not the text or a dictionary such as Wikipedia – must be properly completed with an in text and bibliography citation in APA Website format. Describe what happened. Use your understanding of states of matter, energy, and chemical reactions to support your response.Describe the additional chemical evidence or other scientific factors related to chemistry you will investigate. Use your understanding of acids and bases and states of matter to share the types of information you will gather.Summarize how the public can enhance their safety and prevent fires. Use your understanding of chemical reactions and energy to support your recommendations.Remember, your audience is the public, not scientists. As a scientific professional, you will need to use your expertise in scientific concepts to inform your audience while using language that is accessible and easy for everyone to understand.  In your response, include some of the vocabulary introduced in the course readings, such as:  Matter  Atoms Molecules  Solid Liquid Gas Mixture  Mass  Law of conservation of mass  Temperature Heating Energy  Kinetic energy  Potential energy  Chemical energy  Endothermic  Exothermic  Heating Temperature  First law of thermodynamics  Second law of thermodynamics  Liquid Solid Density Solvent  Solute  Solution  Concentration  Acid  Base  Equilibrium  Molecules pH Reaction Reactants Products Molecules

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