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Newsworthy Geological Events!

Question:In order to allow time for your classmates to respond, an initial response should be posted no later than Wednesday, 11:59 p.m., ET. Your response needs to adequately cover the topic which in general. Geological events are in the news every day. Search the Internet for a news article related to geology that you can personally relate to, and provide the title, URL, and write a short summary. (Hint: include articles on topics such as the price of gasoline, earthquakes, floods, and global warming.) Include in your posting why you found this article interesting. Describe how you can relate to the event in a personal way, for example if it is about earthquakes, have you ever experienced one, or do you live in California and are concerned about them?Include the subject of your post in the title. For example, title your post “Fracking Caused Earthquakes”, or “Florida Sinkhole”, etc. Do not simply title it “Discussion 5”, etc.

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