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NR449 Evidence-Based Practice Skills Module: Nutrition

Speak with your faculty member if you have questions.1.    Computer with internet access.2.    Recommend using Firefox browser and clearing your cookies and cache if you are accessing ATI on laptop or desktop computer.3.    Log into ATI, “My ATI”, and select the “Apply” tab. Click on Skills Module 3.0 and title “Nutrition.” Click onthe “Begin Lesson” tab. Open the “Evidence-Based Research” tab on the left side.4.    There is one (1) study under the Evidence-Based Practice tab. You may review the entire module, but this is not a priority for this assignment. Other main topics and accompanying studies are listed in the table below.5.    Choose one of the main topics from the table and then choose one (1) article for review under that main topic.Read the article chosen from the table below and answer one (1) of the topic questions listed.a.      What methods can be used to assess nutritional status?b.      What methods can be used to identify those at risk for malnutrition?c.      What specific health conditions increase the risk of malnutrition?d.      What associations exist between nutritional status and health outcomes?e.      What type of interventions improve adherence to recommendations on nutritional intake?Create a 2-3 page scholarly paper which supports the topic question you selected. Search for a current research article (less than 5 years) to support the topic question selected. The 2-3 page limit does not include title and reference pages.Main Topic: Person-centered feeding care.Article for review:•    Bell, C., Lopez, R., Mahendra, N., Tamai, A., Davis, J., Amella, E.,

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