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NURS540 Week 2

Question 1: What are the key differences between quantitative and qualitative research? Why would you choose to develop a research project that is quantitative instead of qualitative, or vice versa? What are some considerations to be made when deciding between quantitative and qualitative research?
Question 2: What are some of the challenges involved in combining methodologies when creating a research proposal and carrying out a research project? How can these challenges be overcome?
Question 3: As you view the video about clinical teaching and learning, there are a number of things to consider. Students need and want opportunities to learn and participate as part of the healthcare team. If ignored or not included in inpatient care, they become frustrated and feel cheated by the clinical experience. The nursing faculty should guide the clinical learning process, assist students with administering medications and treatments when needed and ensure that students are learning. Students view the RN preceptor as the clinical expert and role model, as well as the person nursing students look up to. Identify the problems and challenges presented in the video and discuss how you would respond to and handle the problems and challenges from 1) the faculty role 2) the RN preceptor role, and 3) the student role.…

Question 4: Examine your own beliefs about the student–faculty relationship and discuss the effects that your beliefs and practices may have on the teaching-learning process, the academic performance of your students, and your students’ behavior. What are your beliefs about interactions with students who are failing? How do you (or will you) deal with issues related to student misconduct and academic dishonesty? What are your thoughts related to managing honor code violations and substance abuse problems? How do your responses to these questions correlate with your personal teaching philosophy?
At least 1 paragraph per question, APA format with proper citations.

Discussion question # 2

What strategies might a professional nurse use in his/her work environment to advocate for the implementation of nursing theory as a framework for quality practice?
Submission Instructions:
Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted, and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources. Your initial post is worth 8 points.
Submit your initial post as a Word document to the Discussion Initial Screening.
You must receive a Turnitin similarity report that is less than or equal to 20% in order to post to the Discussion board.

Requirements: at least 500 words Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced APA Format | .doc file
Be sure to include an introduction with a clear thesis statement along with a conclusion
Please be sure to use at least 2 academic sources
No plagiarism

nursing 375 patho

Nursing Assignment Help AAppendix B – Annotated Bibliography
Students will search the literature and retrieve a minimum of two research or evidence-based practice
articles focusing on physiologic well-being as related to lifestyle factors. Choose two of the following
lifestyle factors as areas of focus: nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, and/or hydration. After
retrieval of appropriate articles, students will write two annotated bibliographies. Each annotated
bibliography will include a minimum of two sources that meet criteria included below (for this
assignment, two annotated bibliographies = a minimum of four total articles).
An example addressing oral care is included in the Evidence-Based Practice Article Summary folder in
D2L Brightspace. Please go to the Annotated Bibliography folder (materials, then content in the course
shell) for more guidance.
Grading rubric anotated biography.

Nursing Question

PC-4.3: Apply concepts of multiculturalism and diversity to become an agent of change.
Recent audit results revealed several data entry errors associated with hospital encounters of patients who speak English as a second language. In a 2–3 page paper, explain errors that could occur due to the MPI infrastructure, data entry error, lack of a translator being present, and any other possible cause of these data errors. Recommend a solution.
Write a 2–3 page paper that addresses the scenario Cover page and reference page are required, not counted in the 2–3 page minimum requirement
A minimum of 5 references are required, one must be your textbook
In-text citations must be used to support your writing and to give credit to your source

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