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Nursing Concept Map

From your HESI dashboard, you will identify a concept from your “Weak Performance Areas”. This will be the concept utilized in this assignment. You may use a concept only once for each course. This assignment will utilize a template designed to promote critical thinking and clinical judgment and to see how these relate to the nursing process. Gather the patient data and organize the information on the nursing process template of the Concept Map Worksheet. The nursing process template (located on page 1 of the assignment) will help you complete the concept map assignment located on page 2. The example below shows how the nursing process relates to clinical judgment.After completing the nursing process template, utilize this information to help you build the concept map assignment. The arrows in the map show you the order in which the map is intended to be completed. All boxes should be completed related to the concept you chose.1. Recognize cues. What matter the most? What client findings are significant, most important, and of immediate concern to the nurse?2. What is the pathophysiology and disease process affecting this client? 3. Analyze the cues. How are the cues related? How do they link to the client’s conditions/problems?4. Prioritize hypotheses. Rank the client’s conditions/problems in order of severity and complexity. What is most important?5. Generate solutions. What are the desired outcomes for this client rated to your identified concept? Identify SMART goals for this client. What interventions support achieving the desired outcomes?6. Take action. Implement your identified interventions. How will you accomplish these interventions?7. Evaluate the outcomes. How will you determine the effectiveness of your interventions? Give credit to your references. You do not need a separate ‘Reference Page’, but APA-style references should be identified at the bottom of the assignment.

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