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Nursing Question

– i need you to answer the attached table then write the essay based on that and based on questions 1,2
Complete two spiritual self-assessments:
Assessment 1) How is your own spiritual health? – use the Spiritual Self-Assessment Inventory provided in Canvas. Save your results as you will need to upload this as an attachment for this assignment.Assessment 2) What is your level of spiritual care competency? – use the online survey feature to respond to a set of questions.
After taking your self-assessments, write a brief essay, guided by the prompts below, to summarize your key insights from these evaluations. Your essay should be 1-2 pages (a minimum of 1 page, maximum of 2 pages); double-spaced, with 1″ margins; and, it should include a simple title line that reads: (Your Name) Spiritual Self-Assessments. No other special formatting or APA is required.
PromptsIn regard to your personal spiritual self-assessment inventory:
Describe your spiritual and/or religious history: what are your spiritual/religious foundations, and what is your status today in regard to your spirituality and/or religious beliefs and practices?
What is important and meaningful to you in your life now?
What inspires you, gives you hope, and/or gives you strength?
What troubles or challenges you or puts your spiritual health at risk?
In regard to the online spiritual care competency survey:The survey was organized into 6 areas of competency for nurses to develop, in order to provide quality spiritual care (1-Attitude Toward Patient Spirituality, 2-Communication, 3-Assessment and Implementation of Spiritual Care, 4-Referral and Collaboration, 5-Direct Personal Support/Patient Counseling, 6-Professionalism and Organizational Improvement).
In which of the 6 areas did you feel the most competent, and why?
In which of the 6 areas did you feel the least competent, and why?

Discussion 2

* Observe Frank or Robert (your choice). (Link for video)
After reviewing the module materials on power and roles, watch the video provided of Everybody Loves Raymond, titled “The Invasion” (season 3: episode 1). You are assigned a character to observe (see below). As you watch the show, closely observe the character you are assigned and take notes about the behaviors the character exhibits that demonstrate different roles and use of different types of power. Then answer the following questions.
1. Name the character you observed.
2. Identify his/her formal roles.
3. Describe some of his/her informal roles.
4. Give examples of the types of power he/she used in different situations.
5. Although this is a TV show and behaviors are exaggerated, in what ways do you see your family displaying a variety of roles like you see in this family? Do members of your family recognize the roles you see in them? For example, if you see your sister as a recognition seeker, would she agree with that insight?

Discussion about outbreak of a disease.

Nursing Assignment Help This week’s graded discussion topic relates to the following Course Learning Outcome.
CLO – 1 – Leadership: Integrate evidence-based strategies when leading and managing nursing care related to pathophysiological processes and adaptive responses.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Information and Communication website provides resources for practitioners and the general public to base decisions about public health CDC Wonder
Imagine that you are representing the staff in the health care agency where you work. In anticipation of a possible outbreak of a deadly new virus, the administration has decreed that all staff must present documentation of adequate immunity against this new virus before gaining access to any client care settings. The required vaccine and immunity test have only been developed and marketed in the past year.
1. As the staff representative concerned for the rights and safety of your constituents, what questions would you raise about the accuracy of the immunity screening test?
2. Based on your general understanding of disease processes, what concerns would you have about this new virus strain in terms of its impact on staff, patients, and the agency’s readiness to handle an outbreak?
3. How can the CDC Wonder site above be used to influence your decision?
4. What are considerations when referring patients to online sources, such as the CDC Wonder site?
Please answer each discussion question.

Interested area of practice

With new information continually emerging, professional nurses must be equipped to critique scholarly literature and discern its value for practice. Select one current, quantitative scholarly nursing article related to your PICOT question and determine its strengths, limitations, and potential application.
Complete the Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence Based Practice Appendix E Evidence Appraisal Tool Download Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence Based Practice Appendix E Evidence Appraisal Tool. Once you’ve completed the tool, use your own words to summarize your appraisal of the article. Include the following:
Description of the purpose
Explanation of research design
Discussion of sample
Description of data collection methods
Summary of findings
Strengths of the study (minimum of 1)
Limitations of the study (minimum of 1)
Recommendations regarding potential application for future practice that are insightful and appropriate.
Attach the article to your post, in addition to including the full reference for the article in your post.
The John Hopkins tool does not need to be turned in, it is a worksheet for you to decide what type of article you have.

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