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Nursing Question

This week, you will develop your personal philosophy of teaching in a written statement, articulating your beliefs about important educational theories and practices. Your teaching philosophy should be based on what is meaningful to you in your approach to teaching.
Note: As your experiences and beliefs about teaching grow and change, your philosophy will also change. Therefore, at the end of this course, you will submit your revised teaching philosophy with a brief discussion of how your philosophy has changed or developed during this course.
There is no right or wrong way to write a personal teaching philosophy. However, for the purpose of this assignment, please follow the assignment guidelines below to connect your beliefs, goals, and strategies into a coherent approach to help students learn and grow.
Assignment Guidelines
Philosophy Paper Requirements
The paper should be 2–4 pages, typed in Times New Roman using 12-point font, and double-spaced with 1″ margins.
Use a first person narrative and present tense.
Write sincerely, uniquely, and memorably. Avoid clichés, jargon, and technical terms.
Include specific (not abstract) ideas, using 1–2 concrete examples, whether actual or anticipated experiences.
APA format, correct use of citations.
Show humility and mention students enthusiastically.
Include your conception of how learning occurs.
Communicate your goals as an instructor.
Include actual or anticipated teaching strategies and methods.
Include justification for why you teach (or anticipate teaching) the way you do.
Include a brief discussion of how your teaching (or anticipated teaching) facilitates student learning.
Include a conclusion.
To assist you in developing your teaching philosophy, you may choose to include any or all of the following:
Famous quotes
Your personal experiences as a learner
Your views of the educational system
Your interest in new types of teaching and learning
What you think students should expect from you as a teacher
How you know your goals for students are being met
How you create (or anticipate creating) an engaging or enriching learning environment, and specific activities or exercises to engage your students

Patient Care

The unlawful restraint of a patient can be a legal pitfall for the PMHNP. K.W. was found eating hamburgers out of a Mcdonald’s dumpster and drinking water from an old water hose. She had not taken a bath in weeks. She refused to live in an apartment because she wants to “live off the fat of the land.”
Cite the Baker Act law to defend your position.
Find one newspaper article written in the last 5 years that supports your position. Summarize the details of the case, the laws cited.
Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted, and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources.

Overview: The purpose of the literature review is to utilize peer-reviewed journals to support your SWOT Analysis topic identified Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Overview:
The purpose of the literature review is to utilize peer-reviewed journals to support your SWOT Analysis
topic identified in Week 1. Portions of this assignment will be utilized in the final paper.

Assignment Instructions: Literature Review
(3-4 pages)
1. Conduct a literature review on your identified situation or issue from the SWOT Analysis.
2. Access the Galen library to obtain your peer-reviewed articles.
3. The literature review should consist of a minimum of three (3) articles from peer-reviewed journals
written within the last 5 years.
4. What evidence supports your concerns?
5. How does this situation impact the cost of healthcare delivery?
6. Paper is to be written in APA format

Additional Assignment Instructions: Below is a list of the 6 sections to include in your assignment submission:
• Introduction of the Issue: Provide a discussion of the healthcare issue identified in the SWOT analysis.
• Inclusion of Three Peer-Reviewed Articles: Provide a summary of the three peer-reviewed articles that
align with the identified healthcare issue. Ensure to include in-text citations to reference the articles.
• Application of the Evidence- Provide a synthesis (compare and contrast the articles) of the three peer-
reviewed articles as it pertains to the identified healthcare issue. Ensure to include in-text citations to
reference the articles.
• Impact to Healthcare Delivery- Provide a discussion on the way in which the identified issue impacts
the healthcare delivery access, cost, and collaboration with other disciplines.
• Conclusion: Provide a discussion that summaries all components of the paper. The discussion provides
conclusive comments that reflects on prior components without introducing new topics.
• APA Formatting- The paper is submitted in proper APA format and within the 2-3-page limit.

15% of Final Grade

NURS540 Week 1 Research Topic

This week, you will seek approval for a research area for your quantitative research proposal project due in weeks 7 and 8. Submit a one-page, double-spaced paper addressing the following points:
Identify your chosen research topic
Create at least one problem statement to go along with your chosen research area
Identify your research question/s
Explain the significance of the research topic to nursing.
Using APA format, correct citations.
My research topic is: What is the cause of rising healthcare fraud?
The problem statement: The purpose of this study is to investigate the contributing factors and the effects of fraud in the nursing profession and possible mitigation measures. I have chosen this topic because healthcare is one of the most vital human needs. The idea of fraudulent behavior and corruption jeopardizes the integrity of the nursing profession and healthcare.

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