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Nursing Question

This week you will identify the focus of your project and anticipate the ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns that may arise.
For this assignment, you will: I would prefer to use FALL AS THE PROBLEM
Define the problem.
Identify the problem to be addressed and the setting in which it occurs.
Outline your proposal to address the problem.
Identify and discuss ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns relating to the problem.
Explain why you chose the problem.
Format: your assignment as one of the following:
875-word paper
All papers must be in APA 7th edition format –
You must cite at least two Scholarly references other than the course text to support your assertions
1.Identify the patient-centered problem and the setting it is found.
–Clearly identified a problem and the setting in which it is occurring.
2.Explain how the proposal will address the problem.
—-The outline was focused and clearly articulated; the project scope was reasonably manageable for
the proposal
3. Identify and discuss ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns relating to the problem.
——Accurately identified the primary ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns relating to the problem and discussed each concern’s relevance sufficiently.
4. Explain the reason for selecting the problem.
The explanation was meaningful and the reason for selecting the problem was sufficiently delineated.
5.Information Utilization: ability to incorporate research that supports proposal; quality of research.
References are supported by industry and academia; application to the assignment was relevant and thoughtful.

Discussion 1

Please answer the following questions based on your readings from Module 1
All questions must be answered in a paragraph form for credit.
Question 1.- A mother is admitted to Labor and Delivery. She is 21 weeks gestation. She hears the word viability and does not understand what that means. Please try to explain it to her in simple words.
Question 2. A baby is weighed at 2500 grams. A. What would be the baby’s weight in pound and ounces? B. What would be the weight in kilograms? C. A dose of Gentamicin is ordered. The dose is 4.5 mg/kg every 36 hours. What would the dose be that this baby will be receiving?
Question 3. A mother is admitted to Labor and Delivery in preterm labor. She is 27 weeks gestation based on her LMP. You are the nurse caring for the baby in the NICU. The mother would like to know how long her baby is going to be in the NICU. What is your response?

Describe the NP core competencies as identified by NONPF

Nursing Assignment Help InstructionsCore Competencies
Using the South University Library and your assigned text answer the following questions.
This week we will be discussing core competencies:
If on NP track: Describe the NP core competencies as identified by NONPF and discuss how you can attain basic mastery of those competencies.
If on a track other than NP: Describe core competencies in your role and who defines these. Discuss how you can attain basic mastery of those competencies.
Once you have defined and explained the core competencies to your role choose two of the competencies below in addition to the leadership competency and discuss how you will demonstrate competence (for a total of three). The competencies are:
Scientific foundations
Practice inquiry
Technology and information literacy
Health delivery system
Independent practice
Leadership journals from South University Library are The Journal of Nursing Scholarship or Nursing Leadership Forum or the American Journal of Nursing, Journal of Nursing Administration, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Nursing Management or Health Care Management Review.
Submission Details:
This will be a 2-4 page paper (excluding the title page and references).
Literature support should be used and points are assigned.
Peer reviewed articles that are non-research and nursing organization websites may be used. All articles must be current (not more than five years old, unless it is a hallmark reference; e.g., Institute of Medicine (IOM) (2010). The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health.
Format your paper, citations, and references using correct APA Style.
Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.


Create an Excel Sheet using the following data information.
Each variable should be represented in one column. Each participant should be represented in a single row. If there are any categorical variables (i.e., nominal or ordinal levels of measurement), make sure that you create a method of coding those variables. For example, if you had the variable of gender, you could assign all males a value of 1 and all females a value of 2.
“Blood pressure (S)” is systolic pressure and “Blood pressure (D)” is diastolic pressure. For Excel enter systolic and diastolic as separate variables.
Use 4 APA reference for citation.

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