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object analyst

moving from Description > Deduction > Speculation — the three stages of material culture analysis laid out in pages 7-12 of Jules David Prown’s text also due Week Two.Download Jules David Prown’s text also due Week Two. Refer back to the text for further explanation of how to approach each stage, or to the Prownian Analysis worksheet HERE, Download HERE, also available in Files > Assignments. As explained in class, this writing analysis will serve as primary research to use for your upcoming short essay due for Week 4 (February 13). After reflecting on the three stages, decide on a topic you would like to write about in your essay. For example, as talked about in class. if analyzing the Apple Pencil, your essay topic might be “Technology’s Advancement of Handwriting,” or maybe “Technology vs. Tools in 2023.” Additionally to this, include in your assignment an example of creative practitioner (artist, fashion designer, writer) who uses a research practice (gathering information) as part of their process. This is meant to inspire and inform your approach to research as a creative exploration, with limitless possibilities. Successful completion of this week’s assignment will include: a. Three-stage analysis of your Week One object (2pgs of Description, 2pgs. of Deduction, 1-2pgs. of Speculation = 5-6 pages) b. A topic you would like to write a short-essay about, derived from analyzing your object in the three stages.. (One sentence) c. Example of creative practitioner whose practice involves research methodologies: such as material or visual culture analysis, archival exploration, ethnography, interviews etc. (One Sentence) The object that need to analyze is an foldable ruler as photo shows. Expand it based on draft and refer to resources file

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