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Obtain an integrated annual report of any organisation for the year 2020 from different economic

Question: Obtain an integrated annual report of any organisation for the year 2020 from different economic sectors (e.g. banking, manufacturing, services, insurance, NPO or government) and: Extract and analyse the HR information by using a human capital disclosure index (HCDI) or any assessment method of your choice. Use this information together with the relevantObtain an integrated annual report of any organisation for the year 2020 from different economic sectors (e.g. banking, manufacturing, services, insurance, NPO or government) and:
Extract and analyse the HR information by using a human capital disclosure index (HCDI) or any assessment method of your choice. Use this information together with the relevant literature to develop a 2022-2025 HR strategy for a global organisation by taking the following into consideration:
Alignment of the HR, corporate and business strategies. The SABPP Strategic HR Management Standard. Dynamics of the future of work HR Governance. HR Risk Management. HR Ethics Talent Management. Digital HR. People Analytics.

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Psych Theorist Assignment | College Homework Help best essay help

Listed below and attached are the questions, reading, a link to the book and rubric for the assignment

A comparative analysis of Lawrence Kohlberg’s morality of justice and Carol Gilligan’s morality of care.

Follow these guidelines as you complete your assignment:

What is the academic background  of each theorist? 
How do you assess Kohlberg’s theory of moral justice?
How do you assess Gilligan’s  theory of morality of care?
Which of the two theories has practical application for moral development? Provide one or two reasons to      support your position.
What is the implication of these theories for teaching and learning?
How do you intend to use these  theories to manage your classroom in the future?

Pay attention to the rubric as you complete your assignment. In order to avoid plagiarism, please give reference to any material you use for your work. Get Psychology homework help today

Report Writing Assignment | Top Universities ccusa autobiographical essay help

Obtain an integrated annual report of any organisation for the year 2020 from different economic

Review the site options and available information – some examples listed here:

Would you want to invest with them
How about employment – careers at Wyndham
Vactaion and where. What do you like or dislike about what is offered.
Vacation Ownership
Social Responsibility
Ethical Responsibility
Going Green

Compose a report ( using MS Word – at least two full pages / double spced ) that describes how Wyndham is using the web site and additional links to communicate with owners, potential owners, and employees.

What do you like?

What would you change? Be detailed. Get English homework help today

Marketing Assignment | College Homework Help ccusa autobiographical essay help

Layoffs are one way for organizations to balance their human capital supply and human capital demands.

1. In GM’s case, why are layoffs strategic, especially considering GM was not in financial trouble? Consider the roles played by Tesla, Uber, and autonomous vehicle (self-driving) and AI technologies in formulating your response.

2. If GM were to pursue investments in electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles, and  AI technologies, how would this influence the workforce planning process? What new kinds of human capital demands will GM face and how can planning help with meeting such demands.

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Individual Project Assignment | College Homework Help ccusa autobiographical essay help

 For the Unit 3 IP, you will submit an annotated outline of your Unit 5 IP. You will then use the comments made by your instructor in order to submit a finalized project in Unit 5.
An annotated outline is a map used to plan a paper, and they include additional information or explanations. Please click here for directions and an example of how to write an annotated outline. Get Business and Finance homework help today

Business & Finance Assignment | Custom Assignment Help ccusa autobiographical essay help


What global marketing challenges would you face if the simulation were based on a real-world situation? Discuss the difference in the experience you would have with the assumptions built into the simulation (e.g., no cultural barriers, language, currency, tariffs, mode of entry challenges).

Fake News United States VS Ukraine Assignment | College Homework Help ccusa autobiographical essay help

I need 20 page paper on Fake News United States VS Ukraine Includes:

 Annotated Bibliography This is a compiled collection of possible sources for your work, complete with notes on each work and its relevance to your project.

Research Paper: Full paper explains how fake news affects people’s perception below is the research question

Research Question:

Given the fact that the Russian government have spread lies and propaganda across news outlets and social media, how does fake news affect public perception in Ukraine and the United States?

I have in the document a short outline and resources use it and add on for meet the 20 PAGE requirement. Be ORIGINAL AND DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Use Minmum of 15 scholarly sources only and trusted research magazines like the Economist or NYT or WSJ Or WP. add on the sources listed in the paper use graphs and pictures when necessary. 

Double spaced 12 pt Times New Roman Get Political Science homework help today

Social Science Assignment | College Homework Help ccusa autobiographical essay help

This final exam comprises of five questions. Please answer each question succinctly and thoroughly. Simply regurgitating the chapter in your textbook that addresses this content will not be sufficient. Rather, you need to demonstrate understanding of the concepts and issues you are asked to examine, both in breadth and depth.

Further, you need to show evidence of critically evaluating the course content, as well as an ability to analyze various arguments and positions. Please refer to the grading rubric for further details. Limit your answers to each question to 500-600 words. If you experience technical difficulties during your exam submission, you must contact the DoIT Help Desk directly and email your work to the instructor by the deadline. Refer to Blackboard or syllabus for completion due date. Late submissions will not be accepted. 

1. To what extent are federal and state government activities focused on the aged? Select one major program that affects older Americans and describe its strengths and limitations. What ideas can you offer to improve this program and why are these improvements necessary? (25pts.) 

2. Explain the importance of studying the process of growing old through the perspective of the Person-Environment Fit model. What does this framework entail? What are the advantages of studying aging this way? How has this model given you a better understanding of the experience of growing old? What conclusions have you been able to draw about aging based on this framework? (25pts). 

3. Select an aging theory that resonates with you and discuss the following: How does this theory recognize the strengths and developmental opportunities inherent in the aging process? What are some every-day examples of the validity of this theory? (i.e., how do you see this theory being applied in everyday life). What limitations can you identify about this theory? In other words, in what ways does this theory fail to capture all aspects of the aging process? 

4. How would you address the common misconception about physical, mental, and cognitive decline being an inevitable part of aging? Be sure that your arguments are specific and scientifically sound and that they address all aspects of functioning. (25pts.)

5. Imagine that you hold a public office position whereby you are in charge of developing policy at the community level (county, state, federal). Describe how you would integrate what you have learned in this course with respect to age-related physical, psychosocial, cognitive, or emotional development to promote the well-being of the older adults in your community. Provide a specific example of your policy initiative and use the concepts studied in the course to support your decisions. Get Social Science homework help today




Taxi Industry Assignment | Homework For You ccusa autobiographical essay help

Many cities regulate the taxi industry by licensing cabs. These licenses are often called medallions because they are issued in the form of a metal shield that must be affixed to the hood of the cab, where enforcement officials can easily see it. Furthermore, most cities regulate the fares that taxis can charge, while taxi medallions are sold and bought in the free market.

Suppose you are elected a City Council Person. At a city council meeting, the Taxi Cab Owners Association argued for a far increase. They note that the market price to buy or rent taxi medallions has been rising, and with these higher costs, profitability isreduced. •Evaluate this argument, and decide your vote whether to approve a fare increase or not proposed by the TaxiCab Owners Association. Get Economics homework help today

Logical Argument To Religion And Religious Concerns Assignment | Top Essay Writing ccusa autobiographical essay help

What is the relevance of formal, logical argument to religion and religious concerns?If so, why?If not, why not?

If both, explain what you mean. If you can’t decide,explain your ambulance, In other words, does rational,formal, logical argument have a place in discussion of religion and religious concern?

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Business & Finance Assignment | Custom Assignment Help ccusa autobiographical essay help

I need to construct a realistic hierarchy to determine the popular vote of the Presidential election. It should have a criteria, sub-criteria and alternative for selecting a president. Can you please help me with this question. Thank you.

Argumentative Essay Assignment | Top Universities ccusa autobiographical essay help

 By completing this assignment, you will:

develop a thesis for an argumentative essay
use claims and evidence to support an argument
practice entering into a critical conversation
practice common methods of using sources in academic writing
practice using common formats and conventions (e.g., structure, tone, mechanics, citation) for an academic argument

TASK: In this unit’s discussion, you spent time discussing the value of Wikipedia for college students and analyzing various arguments on the issue. Hopefully, you began to see that the subject of Wikipedia is a complex one, with many informed perspectives, angles, and positions. Now, your job is to develop your own position on Wikipedia by entering the critical conversation with an argumentative essay of your own.

To complete this assignment, compose an essay, between about 1,000 and 1,500 words, that expresses your position on the value of Wikipedia for college students. Assume that your readers are college students and college professors — not only your classmates and instructor for EN 105, but also college students across the USA. As you write, show your readers that you understand the “critical conversation” around Wikipedia by including references to this unit’s reading assignments and the perspectives offered in our class discussion. And, make sure to make a persuasive case for why your readers should share your perspective on Wikipedia.

One of your goals in this assignment should be to make careful use of reasons to support your claims. As you learned in your reading and this unit’s mini-lectures, reasons can take many forms. You might think about including relevant anecdotes from your own experience, describing your observations, using explicit logic and reasoning, creating a striking comparison, or analyzing patterns of facts and data. You may use outside sources, provided that they add to your argument in some way. Remember that experienced writers use outside sources to provide context to their own perspectives.

As always, you may use any of the material from your Writer’s Journal or our class discussions as a starting point for your assignment. 

COVER LETTER: When you submit this assignment, include a brief cover letter (no more than 300 words) that answers the following questions:

What is your purpose in this assignment? What is it you are trying to do or say in this piece of writing?
What are you proud of about this assignment?
What challenges did you face while completing this assignment?
What sorts of feedback do you want from your instructor on this assignment?

Include your cover letter as a comment with your upload — not as a separate document. Your cover letter will not count for or against your grade, but will help your instructor respond best to your writing.

LENGTH, DESIGN, & FORMATTING: Your assignment should be between 1,000 and 1,500 words (this word count should not include your Works Cited pages). More important than length is quality. Make sure to fully argue your position, using development strategies that help you support, clarify, and extend your argument.

Use MLA guidelines for document design. This includes using 1-inch margins, double-spaced type, a page number in the upper right corner, and a Works Cited page.

Give your work a unique title — not “Wikipedia Argument.”

To allow your instructor the ability to post marginal commentary, you must submit this assignment as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file. You can save files in these formats with most word processors, including Web-based programs like Google Docs, Word Online, and Open Office. If you are using a web-based file storage system like Google Drive or Dropbox, be sure to learn exactly how to transfer files from your storage system to Canvas.

A NOTE ABOUT SOURCES: To demonstrate your familiarity with the critical conversation around Wikipedia, you should make use of sources in this assignment — specifically, the assigned readings for this unit. You may also include reference to outside sources in your assignment, although your focus should remain on arguing for your own position.

Whenever you use sources, cite them using MLA in-text and end-of-text guidelines for citation. This includes placing the quoted material in quotation marks, clearly indicating the author of the work, and providing a page number for the quotation, if applicable.Include a Works Cited page with an entry for each source that you referred to in the main text. Use MLA guidelines to create your Works Cited page. For examples and discussion of how to work with sources in writing, see the Easy Writer chapters on “Integrating Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism” and “MLA Style.”

INSTRUCTOR RESPONSE & GRADING: You can expect your instructor to provide substantive response and feedback to your assignment within 6 days of the deadline. Please review all instructor feedback, including marginal commentary, which you can access by clicking “View Feedback” once your assignment has been graded. You should use your instructor’s feedback to as a guide to revision and improvement for your future writing assignments.

Your assignment will be graded using a rubric derived from the rubric used to grade your final portfolio. Please note that the rubric for this assignment places importance on focus, development, and the use of explicit reasoning and evidence. Get English homework help today

Horizontal Merger Assignment | Homework For You ccusa autobiographical essay help

A firm has the incentive to cheat on a cartel agreement only when it fears that other cartel members will also cheat. 

2. (20 points) The following questions refer to the accompanying diagram, which shows the effects of a horizontal merger. Before the merger, the firm behaves competitively producing Q0 and charging P0. The merger lowers the firm’s marginal cost and gives the firm enough market power to switch to the monopoly equilibrium. 

 a) What is the consumer surplus and producer surplus before the merger? 

b) What is the consumer surplus and producer surplus after the merger? 

c) Provide two possible mechanisms of how the merger may affect the social gain. Get Economics homework help today

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