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of existing research for a specific Healthcare Administration related topic is important for many reasons.

In a 5- to 7-page paper, explain 5 reasons that a Literature Review is the first step in a research project.
• Evaluate how the Literature Review informs and guides new research related to a specific topic of investigation regarding a health program evaluation topic listed in the Module 1 Background notes.
• Analyze reasons why Recommendations for Future Research or Applications of Research Findings and Conclusions are important sources to consider in the development of a health care-related research project
• Title Page: All written assignments should include a Title Page and relevant information.
• Headings and subheadings: Use headings and subheadings to guide the flow of your papers. Formatting should conform to the most recent APA guidelines.
• In-text citations and reference list: Cite your references in the text of all papers and on the reference list. In-text citations and reference list must conform to the most recent APA guidelines.
• Use of scholarly sources: You are expected to utilize scholarly sources in preparing your paper and to incorporate relevant background readings. Online sources must be limited to credible professional and scholarly publications such as peer-reviewed journal articles, e-books, or specific webpages on websites from a university, government, or nonprofit organization. Unless called for in the assignment, consumer sources are not adequate.
• Use of your own words: Your paper must be written in your own words to enable faculty to assess your level of understanding. Use of direct quotes should be avoided. Only use direct quotes when preserving the exact words of an author is necessary. In the rare instance that directly quoted material is used, it must be properly cited (with quotation marks and page numbers in the in-text citation); direct quotes should not exceed 5% of the total paper content.

Media Writing You will be required to watch the video below (4 links). It will

Media Writing
You will be required to watch the video below (4 links).

It will be 2 full pages, double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1” margins. It will need
to be ASA format with a title page and reference page. The reference page will include the video
You will need to use in-text citations (at least 2)
where necessary.

Unit I Scholarly Activity Ethical Considerations and Research Questions This assignment focuses on ethical considerations and research. As you

Unit I Scholarly Activity
Ethical Considerations and Research Questions
This assignment focuses on ethical considerations and research. As you consider the information in this unit’s lesson and as you prepare your research questions that will guide your assignments over the next eight units, think about the importance of ethical considerations and strategies for preventing unethical behaviors in research.
Note, as you proceed through this course, the research questions and hypothesis will most likely be refined one or more times during the first six units. This assignment and subsequent revisions will be used in the development of your research proposal in Unit VII.
In the first part of this assignment, you will:
• Explain the scientific method and the research process.
• Explain the importance of ethics in research in your own words.
• Explain the importance of ethical considerations in public and nonprofit administration research. Be sure to address the importance of protections of human subjects.
• Explain how researchers engage in unethical behavior in the research process and some strategies to prevent unethical behavior.
In the second part of the assignment, you will develop research questions and a hypothesis. Make sure that the research questions and hypothesis are clear and concise.
• Develop two quantitative research questions based on a phenomenon you are interested in learning more about in public or nonprofit administration.
• Develop two research hypotheses based on the research questions you constructed.

the paper should be at least two pages and include a minimum of two resources, one resource can be your textbook, please select a second (recent within the last 5 years) peer-reviewed source. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.

Course Textbook(s)
Eller, W. S., Gerber, B. J.,

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Writing Assignment Help InstructionsConsider that you found an online job posting for your dream job. Practice completing a résumé package that includes a cover letter, a résumé, and a professional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis. This résumé package is designed to help you prepare for a future job search.
Cover LetterThe cover letter must be at least a one-page (three-paragraph) memo that has been tailored to a specific job that interests you. Outline your cover letter using the following steps:
an opening paragraph that describes the position you are applying for,
a body paragraph that explains your skills and experience, and
a closing paragraph that requests an interview and provides your contact information.
Résumé The résumé must be at least one page in length and should adhere to the steps outlined in Chapter 14 (see page 206). The details within the résumé must be current with all relevant and up-to-date information.
SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis should address the professional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to your professional career. Be honest with yourself as you create this analysis. You may use bullet points for the SWOT analysis, but please use detailed and complete sentences. Your SWOT analysis must be at least one page in length.
Compile all three sections into one word document. Your complete assignment must be at least three pages in length. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources, if used.

Your initial investment stake will be $50,000 (the portfolio should use at least 95% of the initial investment amount,

Your initial investment stake will be $50,000 (the portfolio should use at least 95% of the initial investment amount, but do not use more than $50,000). You may purchase stocks (common or preferred stock), bonds, corporate or U.S. Treasury bonds, mutual funds, futures contracts, or options. You will use the closing prices from December 7 2021 to determine the price of each issue. Only whole lots of any issues may be acquired: that is no less than 100 shares of common or preferred stock with a maximum dollar purchase amount of $10,000, no less than five corporate bonds and U.S Treasury bonds with a maximum value of $10,000 (par or face value $1000). For mutual funds, your maximum amount of dollar investment is $20,000. Your options, future contracts, and any other related investment instrument cannot exceed $10,000. Take into consideration that transaction costs are a flat 6% of the gross purchase.

For the Assignment,

Create a model portfolio of investments, which may include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, and futures contracts. Include the following:

-Describe the risk preferences of your investment strategy.
-Assess your investment alternatives available to individual investors as they relate to professional investors.
–Investment alternatives should be stated in term of both risk and return.

-Summarize the various investment securities and techniques you identified in the assignments in Week 1 through Week 4. —–Explain the impact of market factors that influence them. In your portfolio, you should include your company profiles or fact sheets, your finance analysis, the financial news on your companies, your performance charts, and a securities descriiption.
-Calculate an annualized return on the portfolio (December 7 2021 to January 24 2022).
-Compute the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) return on equity for your selected companies’ common stock, and compare it to the current return on equity; discuss if the CAPM return on equity is more or less than the current return on equity provided by a financial analyst.
-Summarize the risks of your portfolio. Determine which areas you would rebalance in your portfolio and discuss why.
-Summarize the performance and return of your portfolio.

-Discuss the lessons you have learned from BUS405: Principles of Investments.
-If you had more time to manage your portfolio, what additional changes would you make?

Writing Question

InstructionsThe Body Revision
Follow the directions below for the completion of the body paragraphs revision assignment for Unit VII. If you have questions, please email your professor for assistance.
Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to revise the body of your academic argumentative research paper, which you created a draft of in Unit VI.
Description: In this assignment, you will revise the three to four body paragraphs you wrote in Unit VI. The following requirements must be included in the assignment:
Body Paragraphs: You will revise the body section of your paper based on feedback received from your professor in Unit VI. Please review here the guidelines for the body section of your research paper: This section will include three to four paragraphs comprised of five to seven sentences each. Each paragraph should be between 150-200 words. At a minimum, this portion of the paper should be 450-600 words (for three to four paragraphs); a body section of this length will meet the minimum requirements of the assignment. Revisions must be substantive and should be made in accordance with the direction given by the professor’s feedback. The following components must be included in each body paragraph (in the following order).Sentence 1: Point/reason sentence: This topic sentence will contain one of your reasons.
Sentence 2: Explanation: In this sentence, you will provide information that further develops or explains Sentence 1.
Sentence 3: Illustration: This sentence introduces evidence that supports the reason that is presented in Sentence 1.
Sentence 4: Explanation of the illustration: Because the evidence does not necessarily stand on its own, you need to provide explanation so that the reader will understand how you interpreted the evidence to come to your reason.
Sentences 5-6: Second illustration and explanation (optional): You may choose to include a second piece of evidence that is then followed by an explanation.
Last Sentence: Transition: In this sentence, you will signal to the reader that you will be moving on to another point in the next paragraph. You do this to ease the movement from one point to another.

Be sure to include the introduction and literature review you have already created and revised.
Use APA conventions to cite and reference all sources used to support your argument.
Example paper with body paragraphsThis is a real student example. It is not a perfect example for all grammar, syntax, or APA, though it is in very good shape. The goal of viewing this example should be to see the overall structure and content.
You may also seek out the guidance of the Success Center; the specialists are always there to assist you with your writing and comprehension.

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