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of “Inequality and Housing.”

5-2 pages (double-spaced)MLA: works cited entry for article being summarized; no in-text citations necessaryFinal Draft: submit to Dropbox with HOWL review and revision memo by February 12th Task:  Write a 1.5- to 2-page summary of an internet article that deals with the topic of “Inequality and Housing.”  (You are free to decide which of the many types of housing inequality you want to read about.) If there were any passages from this unit’s readings that made you react with anger or even disbelief, or think “yes, that was me,” those are good places to start when deciding on your topic. Audience:Write your summary for an audience that is interested in your topic but unfamiliar with the research/article you are summarizing. For example, pretend that I have put you into groups of four and assigned your group four articles to read—and pretend that your group has done the practical thing and divided the readings, one per group member. Now you are meeting for a second time, and you need to provide your group with a summary of your article. Sources/MLA: Your summary should be followed by a works cited entry for the article you are using. Because the article you are summarizing is the only source you will be using, you do not need to include in-text citations of your article (it would become repetitive and distracting to include them).

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