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One question- Related to support email

A customer files the following question:
My engineering team is trying to use the (XXX- Company name ) Chat JavaScript
embed code on our website via Google Tag Manager – but it’s just not
showing up on the site for my Director of Marketing! It is, however,
showing up for me. Can I get some assistance here?
Internal debugging steps:
You determine that the issue is occurring because the Director of
Marketing has an Ad Blocker extension, and blocks all things Google Tag
Manager. You think the customer can fix the issue by embedding directly
on the website instead.
How would you respond back to this customer to give them clear
directions? Keep in mind the user is non-technical and may need a bit of
help with eng. communication.

In our stratified society, it seems counterintuitive that tribal leaders gain power not by how much they have, but rather how much they give away. Why would this be the case? Can you think of any recent, high-profile examples of this kind of behavior in the US? Question 2: What is the purpose of fraternal polyandry? Forget cultural differences for a moment: what similarities does this practice have with marriage in the US? What general conclusions about marriage can you draw from these commonalities?

Please answer both question in a complete sentence! This is not an essay question it only needs to be answered in 230 words. Also please use example from the source I will be providing for both question. The reading I have attached is to answer question 2. Question 1: Here’s an youtube video to use as a resource

Ethics SDA45 Module 4 – Virtue and Character Based Ethical Theories

Deliverable 4 – Training Sessions
Utilize virtue and character-based ethical theories in case studies.
For this assessment, you will get the chance to highlight your creative writing skills and your knowledge surrounding Aristotle. Be the Best You, is a career coaching and mentorship agency that works with employees to not only achieve their professional goals, but their personal goals as well. By using a virtue and character-based approach. As a coach for Be the Best You, you are part of the training committee that creates new training material for the clientele. The agency is seeking 3 new training sessions related to the golden mean, Aristotelian friendship, and eudemonia. Part of these trainings include scenarios that the clientele read and then answer applicable questions. You will be creating three, fully developed scenarios for the golden mean, Aristotelian friendship, and eudemonia.
Your submission, in its final state will include 3 scenarios including 1 for the golden mean, 1 Aristotelian friendship, and 1 for eudemonia. For each scenario, include 3 questions, 9 in total.
Each scenario must include:
A fully developed fictional scenario that clearly highlights which of the three (the golden mean, Aristotelian friendship, and eudemonia) is being presented. Clearly define the characters and the actions that are representative of the selected topic.
Three, open-ended questions pertaining to the scenario that the clientele would answer in relation to the facts and the topic of the scenario.

After reading Lesson 10, complete Optional Lab 10-1: Evaluating Multimedia Site Design Principles.

Writing Assignment Help After reading Lesson 10, complete Optional Lab 10-1: Evaluating Multimedia Site Design Principles. The lab will be located within Chapter 10 in the Optional Lab section.

Go to the website, enter your responses to questions 7–15 from Optional Lab 10-1 in one Microsoft Word document. The Word document containing your responses must be at least one page in length.

Who is the audience and what is the message? Does this site seem to be well-designed for the target audience? Does it serve its purpose in conveying the information a user would visit to look for?

Which multimedia elements fit into the interface and complement the message?

What types of tools and expertise were needed to create the multimedia elements and author this Web site?

What do the site developers want users to do when they visit this site? Is the Atlantis site designed effectively to accomplish this goal?

What is the navigational structure of the Web site?

Is this site designed with the target audience’s viewing capability in mind?

What site features make this evident? Is a text-only or low-resolution graphic mirror site provided? How will users access it?

Is this site accessible to users with disabilities and/or specialized software? In what ways? What alternative content is offered for greater accessibility?

What is your overall impression of this multimedia site design? Does it use multimedia effectively and appropriately? What elements might you replicate in your own design? What elements might you improve upon? Do you think this site is capable of bringing users to the heightened state of complete engagement discussed in this lesson? Why or why not?

Ethics SDA45 Module 5 – Eastern Ethical Systems

This competency will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of notable Eastern ethical systems through explanation and description.
Often, when one thinks of ethical perspectives in the workplace, the focus tends to be on theories such as utilitarianism and egoism. While there is certainly a place for these two theories in the workplace, there remains a whole world of different perspectives and systems. For this deliverable, you will be creating a pamphlet that highlights Eastern Ethical Systems and their benefits within the workplace. Your pamphlet will need to address the following topics:
A description of Buddhism and Confucianism.
Key ethical themes that run through each of these traditions.
Describe similarities and differences between the two traditions.
Relate themes of Buddhism and Confucianism common themes within American culture.
Describe features of the ethical perspectives of Buddhist and Confucian traditions that would be beneficial within a workplace/community.
The pamphlet that you are creating will vary in length. Draw attention to your pamphlet by using well-placed art, an easy to read design with your content, and effective use of color.
Looking for information on how to create a pamphlet? Check out

Descriiption Follow this instructions (I’ll do the other part of the assignment) B: Using the site survey provided: (the

Follow this instructions (I’ll do the other part of the assignment)
B: Using the site survey provided: (the design you have to reproduce in scale it’s at the bottom of the assignment pdf)
( screenshot are for EXAMPLE how the Design SHOULD BE, PROFESSIONAL not just a scribble )
Using a scale of 1:100, produce an accurate plan of the survey drawing provided present your drawing on A3 paper.
Your drawing should be presented with a border and technical title block, containing all relevant information and use of appropriate symbols.
The drawing must include a scale bar for accurate assessment (an example is provided at the end of
the assignment).
C: Using the site survey drawn in Assignment B:
Trace or copy the site survey to produce a simplified base drawing to show the boundaries and important features but removing any items you definitely do not want to keep in the new design

SO: the design can be hand drawn BUT it MUST look professional similar to the examples on the jpg file and must follow the instructions

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