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This Be The Verse By Philip Larkin(Poem)

Essay Preview: This Be The Verse By Philip Larkin(Poem)

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Being punished as a young child, life seemed harsh and uneasy. The way parents would yell at you, tell you what to do, what not to do, and they always seemed to have gotten in the way of doing what us children wanted to do. It was all done for a reason however. The “cruelty” our parents showed us was out of love. They just want to use their experience to help guide our lives to success. With their guidance we are given opportunities to change some of the things we do for the better. Parents were raised a generation before us, therefore making them not as “chat-friendly” as someone whose our age. Mom and dad have helped in so many ways that we would not be able to name them all. From teaching us about nutrition to what words not to say they have helped us grow, mature, and turn into wonderful young adults.

“They fuck you up, your mum and dad.” (ll.1) the first line of this poem comes off very harsh, because it is! Larkin is getting the readers attention with the first line. Your mom and dad “fuck you up” by giving you insights on how to better yourself and punishing you for the wrong things you have done. “They may not mean to, but they do” (ll.2) Parents dont mean to hurt you, they are trying to mold you into a better person by sharing some of their life experiences with you. M They sometimes comes off as being rude, but really they are being firm and attempting to rub off some of their experience on you. “They fill you with the faults they had” (ll.3) Larkin is basically saying that they share their experience with you because they know that it is very valuable information which can better your life. “And add some extra, just for you” (ll.4) Parents not only use their own experience but also look at their childrens life and they try to explain to them what they notice is wrong and how to change that for the better. “But they were fucked up in their turn (ll.5), by fools in old-style hats and coats” (ll.6) Larkin is saying that the parents who try to better you by using their experience were in the same shoes as you when they were children. Mom and dad were once children who were being ridiculed by their parents for things they were doing wrong. The only difference between the mom and dad and the child is that they grew up in different generations. Mom and dads generation wore older style clothing because they were in an earlier generation than us. “Who half the time were soppy-stern (ll.7), and half at one anothers throats.” (ll.8) the parents of our parents were much stricter in punishments. They would get straight to the point and beat their kids if it was needed. Instead of talking to their children they would

Martha Stewart And Peter Bacanovic free essay help

Martha Stewart’S How-To On Insider Trading

Essay Preview: Martha Stewart’S How-To On Insider Trading

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From being a very successful businesswoman to calling a prison cell home, Martha Stewart has definitely had an interesting past couple of years. She started her career about 30 years ago with a catering business and has since built from that becoming the CEO and Chairman of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. Her success also includes the publication of her magazine Everyday Living, being the commercial spokeswoman for K-Mart, and having her own popular television show, From Martha’s Kitchen. She had built the reputation of being a public figure with how-to advice on creations in the kitchen to gardening. Despite these accomplishments, Stewart managed to become entangled in some insider trading scheme that damaged not only parts of her career, but also her public image.

Insider trading is the act of purchasing or selling securities based on material, nonpublic information. Information is consider to be material if a reasonable person would use it in such a way that would persuade them to partake in an exchange of securities, or if it was reasonable to believe that it would affect the market price of a security once the information has become public (Carlin 2003). Information can only be acted upon once it has been made public, otherwise, unfair trades would take place that could negatively affect the general public and shareholders of the company. Those who are employees of the company upon employment have a signed agreement to put the interests of the shareholders first. Acting on tips from within the company or other sources could negatively affect the corporation’s success, resulting in a shareholders loss.

Martha Stewart became involved with an insider trading scandal back in December of 2001. Suspicion came about when Stewart and other executives of a company called ImClone made a timely sale of their stock. Soon after, an investigation was launched by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), who then brought charges against them of committing securities fraud by engaging in illegal insider trading (Carlin 2003).

The investigation traced all the way back to Stewart’s earliest involvements with ImClone. It discovered that Stewart and Samuel Waksal, a co-founder and former CEO of ImClone, had become friendly in the early 1990s (Carlin 2003). ImClone is a biopharmaceutical company that specializes in the development of treatments for cancer. They are incorporated with their headquarters in New York City, and are publicly traded on The Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol IMCL. Among several products they have Erbitux, which is their leading product.

Stewart and Waksal both had accounts through the brokerage firm Merrill Lynch, where they shared the same broker, Peter Bacanovic. Stewart also had history with Bacanovic as it was reported that they have known each other since the mid-1980s. Stewart had become a client of Bacanovic in the mid-1990s and soon was one of his high profile accounts. Stewart placed Bacanovic in charge of her pension, personal accounts, and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia’s 401(k) plan. He also administered Omnimedia’s Employee Stock Option Program and through this became a financial advisor many of the employees. Through Stewart’s account with Bacanovic, she owned 3,928 shares of stock in ImClone.

Since 1992, ImClone had been focusing mainly on the development of Erbitux, their new promising anti-cancer drug. The last hurtle they had was to receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). On October 31, 2001, ImClone submitted their final portion of their application for approval, called a Biologics License Application (BLA). Upon completion of turning in the final portion of the BLA, the FDA had 60 days (December 31, 2001) until it was required to decide whether to accept it or not for filling (Carlin 2003). Stewart was aware of the new drug that was being developed and awaiting approval from the FDA. As the date of when the FDA would make its decision approached, investors awaited the news. Somehow, on December 26, 2001, Waksal privately learned that the FDA was not going to accept the BLA from ImClone. Having obtained this nonpublic information, Waksal and his family sold their very substantial amounts of ImClone stock (Caillavet 2004).

Once Bacanovic discovered Waksal had placed an order to sell his stock, he decided to contact Stewart. At first he could not get a hold of Stewart, so Bacanovic left a message with Stewart’s assistant saying “Peter Bacanovic thinks ImClone is going to start trading downward” (Caillavet 2004). Later that day Bacanovic told his assistant to attempt to contact Stewart again and this time tell her that Waksal was selling his stock. Stewart was temporarily unreachable because she was in her airplane on her way to Mexico; however, she landed in Texas to refuel and checked her messages there. Stewart then contacted Bacanovic’s assistant at Merrill Lynch, who informed her that Waksal was selling his stock and that she may want to consider the same with her own. With that information, Stewart ordered that all 3,928 shares of ImClone stock be sold. They sold at an average price of $58.43 per share (Carlin 2003). Once the information of the FDA’s refusal of the ImClone’s Erbitux had been made public, the stock price per share dropped 16 percent. Stewart’s sale of stock prior to this saved her from losing $45,673.

The information that Waksal had acted on was considered material because it had not been publicly disclosed. Bacanovic knew that the information he was passing on to Stewart had not been released to the public. Also, Stewart knew that the information she had received was not known by the public, but yet decided to act on it. These actions make both Bacanovic and Stewart guilty of insider trading.

Once the SEC learned of this transaction, they began to investigate. Stewart and Bacanovic attempted to cover up their wrongdoing by lying

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Martha Stewart

Essay Preview: Martha Stewart

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Martha Stewart, former model and stockbroker, business mogul, editor, author, and homemaker extraordinaire, has been on Fortune magazines “50 Most Powerful Women” list four times (, 2007). Americas fascination with Stewart stems from the fact that she successfully combines being an aggressive business woman along with an organized homemaker. Stewart is founder and CEO of a multi-billion dollar organization called Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.; she has seven magazines, television shows, various holiday and entertaining videos, books, several satellite radio channels, her own line at K-mart, and soon to have her own line at Macys. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia focuses on the home, cooking, entertaining, crafts, holidays, organizing, weddings, babies, and kids (, 2007).

My Fascination with Martha

My own fascination with Martha Stewart began shortly after her release from prison. I had heard of Stewart before, but she had not interested me one bit. The first day the Martha show aired on NBC, I was flipping through channels and it caught my attention. Martha had on her first guest, David Spade, who was wearing a poncho matching Marthas and a blonde wig imitating her hair. Stewart and Spade made a sandwich that Martha was famous for in prison, and I thought it was hilarious. For months I had heard of Stewarts stock scandal that had landed her in prison, and here she was making fun of herself with David Spade.

I had just gotten engaged when I discovered the Martha show, so it was interesting to learn new recipes, housekeeping tips, and wedding advice. Since my mother, who was always busy with work and school, had never taught me how to cook or clean, I began looking up to Stewart. In my eyes she was the perfect woman and mother. I thought it must have been nice to have a mother like Stewart who would make cookies from scratch and do arts and crafts projects, but then I realized it was just an act. Martha was actually a horrible wife and a neglectful mother. She appears to be a wonderful person to the public, but in fact, Stewart is a very selfish woman who has low morale (Brady, 2002). Although I now see Martha Stewart for whom she really is, I still look up to her for what shes accomplished.

Marthas Background

Stewart has succeeded as a woman in the business world by being ruthless in private, and soft and feminine to the public. OConnell observed

“defenders of the driven, enormously successful entrepreneur have often said that shes judged too harshly because shes a woman — that an ambitious, ruthless man wouldnt be so reviled. Maybe so. Nevertheless, its hard to imagine that belittling employees and family members, cheating friends and partners, and displaying an arrogance of epic proportions would seem noble, appropriate, or admirable in a man, either” (OConnell, 2003. Retrieved from


Martha Stewart was born in Jersey City, New Jersey on August 3, 1941. Her father, Edward Kostyra, was a pharmaceuticals salesman, and her mother, Martha Kostyra, was a schoolteacher. Martha grew up in Nutley, a quaint suburb in New Jersey, with her five siblings in a stern, Polish household. The Kostyras were strict, catholic parents who pushed their children hard to succeed (Multi-Media Lifestyle Entrepreneur, 2005). Edward Kostyra was allegedly an alcoholic with a short temper, and her mother was a neglectful and bitter woman. According to Martha Inc., a movie about Marthas life and career, the imposed competition between the Kostyra children may have led to Marthas cut-throat attitude toward succeeding in business (Brady, 2002).

Early Homemaking Skills

Edward Kostyra, an avid gardener, began teaching his daughter gardening when she was just three years old. Since Martha was the oldest girl in the family, she was expected to help out by doing more chores. She showed great organizational skills and enjoyment of her chores; she commented, “I love the art of homemaking I liked my chores. I dont think I even complained about them.”(USA Today, 2002). Martha senior taught her daughter cooking, baking, and sewing; Martha learned her exceptional pie baking skills from her next door neighbors, retired bakers, and she learned how to preserve and can food from summer vacations with her grandparents in Buffalo, New York (Multi-Media Lifestyle Entrepreneur, 2005).


Martha was a serious, straight-A student who loved to read and was involved in the school newspaper and the art club; she graduated in the top ten of her class and earned a scholarship to Bernard College, a Liberal Arts college for women, in New York City. She worked as a model to pay the expenses not covered by her scholarship. In 1963, Martha earned a bachelors degree in history and architectural history (Multi-Media Lifestyle Entrepreneur, 2005).

Modeling Career

Martha began modeling in high school for department stores, commercials, and magazines. During college, Martha did commercials for Breck shampoo, Clairol, Lifebuoy soap and Tareyton cigarettes; Glamour magazine named Martha one of the best dressed college women in America. Martha ended her modeling career when her daughter was born in 1965, (Multi-Media Lifestyle Entrepreneur, 2005).

Marriage and Family

Martha married Andrew Stewart, a Yale law student, in 1961; she was a sophomore college. Martha was married in a wedding dress that she had made with her mother. Martha and Andrew lived in an apartment in New York until the birth of their daughter, Alexis; after Alexis was born, the Stewarts moved into a small home. The lived there only a short period of time while Martha was working as a stockbroker.

The Stewarts then bought Turkey Hill, an old farmhouse in Connecticut built in 1805. Martha discovered her true passion in life while restoring and decorating their new home. She claimed she wanted to “remove the unsightly and replace it with the beautiful.” Turkey Hill was her second renovation; her first renovation being an old schoolhouse she renovated with her husband right after Alexis was born. Martha said she always regretted not keeping a journal about the first two renovations, so when she bought her new home in Bedford, New York, she kept a journal. She later published her journal about her renovation called Martha Stewarts New Old House: Restoration, Renovation,

Majority Of Crime And Agenda Setting college essay help online free

Is the Majority of Crime in Our Society Voilent in Nature?

IntroductionCrime problems are arguably misinterpreted throughout all types of media whether it’s on social websites and the news, people now days tend to believe everything they see on television, but what is seen on the screen is merely another form of entertainment, my beliefs differ, the information presented by the media tends to be significantly different and inaccurate in comparison to the official information that has happened in crime scenes itself, this occurs for reasons such as the content being inappropriate or may be confronting to certain individuals or the reason could be as simple as its too uninteresting, We only get to view what is considered “news worthy “ so what actually happens in detail will never really be known by public . The agenda setting also plays a big role as whether the crime scene gets aired live or not, the media structures the way people think and essentially helps form political realities, this theory was introduced by (McCombs and Shaw, 1972).

According to the researchers, one of the main reason that the media targeting and reporting violent crime is because the society wants to know. The reason why people wants to know about this is because it is entertaining and anything that entertains people and catches their attention then that is what the media would want to show people. The research of crime newspaper shows that only 54 percent of report violent stories while 75 percent of the crime presented on the media were mostly sexual and there wasnt any specified assault reported (Ertter and Vinson, 2002). However, alot of  this violent crimes are dramatic because people viewers will be attracted to this type of Top of Form 1Bottom of Form 1references: 1. Agenda Setting: Definition, Function, Process & Examples – Video & Lesson Transcript | (2017). Retrieved 5 April 2017, from

Martha Stewart Insider Trading And Sam Waksal best essay help: best essay help

Martha Stewart Insider Trading: Case Study

Essay Preview: Martha Stewart Insider Trading: Case Study

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Martha Stewart Insider Trading: Case Analysis Report

Part I: The Case

Fraud, lying, conspiracynot terms that any individual generally wants associated with their history, nonetheless with their reputation and personality, especially if that individual happens to be Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart: a name which almost every person who calls themselves an American can recognize. Her name pronounces itself across cookbooks, magazines and even has its own show on Style and The Learning Channel. It now pronounces itself with yet another captivating theme, as part of one of Americas major scandals.

Martha Stewart may be Americas most famous businesswoman. Considered a “cultural icon” (Byron, 3), she made a name for herself through the fundamentals of home-making. As an expert on home decorating, cooking, gardening, elegant weddings and do-it-yourself crafts, Martha entered the homes of millions of Americans with the 1982 publication of her book Entertaining. Eventually, she turned her book and a small catering business into an empire. By 1999, Martha took her company public on the New York Stock Exchange as Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. The new company astounded Wall Street with its opening stock rising from $18 to $52, and finally settling at a solid $36. Her once small business, now includes a website, 27 books, two magazines, two TV shows and a partnership with Kmart (Byron, 5-6). However, despite ones wealth, success and fan base, people make mistakes. On December 27, 2001, Martha made one that put her career, her company and her reputation in jeopardy.

Trouble Brewing

The case started with a company called ImClone. ImClone was a hot biotech company in which the owner, Sam Waksal, thought was about to get a lot hotter. With the introduction of a cancer drug called Erbitux, Waksals company was going to skyrocket…or so he thought. The drug had only one stipulation until its success, and that was to pass through the strict eye of the FDA. Waksal thought that the drugs success was in the bag, however, the FDA decided otherwise. On December 20, 2001, the FDA notified ImClone executives that it had reached a decision on Erbitux and that its announcement would be made on December 28, 2001. On December 25, 2001 someone from Bristol-Myers Squibb notified Harlan Waksal, Sams brother, that the FDA would indeed reject Erbitux in a public announcement three days later. Harlan immediately contacted his brother to warn him of the disturbing news. Maybe it was out of panic or maybe it was sheer disbelief and shock, but something ignited Sam to make a horrific decision; he began calling his friends and family to advise them to sell their shares of ImClone (Slater, 23-26).

A Brief History of Long Friendship

Sam Waksal knew Martha through her daughter Alexis Stewart. He had once dated Alexis despite her being 18 years younger than him. Through Alexiss relationship with Sam, Martha got to know and became close friends with Waksal. Possibly due to her friendship with Sam, in 1999 Martha bought 2500 shares of ImClone at $32 a share. Later, the stock split, leaving her with 5000 shares. In 2000, Martha sold 1,072 shares, leaving her with 3, 928 shares of ImClone (Slater, 12-14). Marthas account was managed by a young man named Peter Bacanovic, a broker for Merrill Lynch. Ironically, Peter was also a close friend of Sam Waksals. As a former director of business development at ImClone, Sam and Peter knew each other well. Also involved in the relationship circle was Doughlas Feneuil, the assistant to Peter Bacanovic. Feneuil would be the one to find out that Waksal and his family were dumping their shares of ImClone the morning of the FDAs announcement (Steinhaus, 2-3).

The Beginning of the End

So how did Martha Stewart, a power woman, one of the top businesswomen in the country get tangled up in such a debacle? It started with four phone calls exchanged between her and Sam Waksal on December 21, 2001, the day after the FDA announced that they had made their decision concerning Erbitux. One of these phone calls involved Martha telling Waksal where and how she could be contacted between December 27th and January 2nd (Slater, 15). As Christmastime closed in, Bacanovic and Stewart met to review her portfolio. While Martha insisted that she hold her shares of ImClone, Bacanovic urged her to sell. Allegedly, they finally determined that if the stock fell to $60, she would at that point sell her shares (Crawford, 2). However, authorities later determined that the particular agreement never took place.

A Day of Infamy

On the morning of December 27th, 2001, the day before the FDA would make their announcement concerning Erbitux, Sam Waksal and another member of his family called Doug Feneuil to insist that he sell his ImClone shares. He then made the call to Peter Bacanovic, warning him that Sam Waksal was dumping his $7.3 million in ImClone shares. Within minutes of the call, Bacanovic went through desperate measures to reach Martha Stewart. However, Martha was onboard her private plane headed toward Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, so he contacted the next best person, Marthas secretary Ann Armstrong (Slater, 25). With Ann, he left possibly the most infamous 10 words of the entire case: “Peter Bacanovic thinks ImClone is going to start trading downward” (Slater 25). Officials later concluded that Stewart actually changed the wording in her phone log from “Peter Bacanovic thinks ImClone is going to start trading downward,” to “Peter Bacanovic re Imclone [sic]”, and then later told her assistant to return to the original phrasing before handing her records over to authorities (Steinhaus 5). With that, Marthas plane touched down in San Antonio, Texas where she called Ann to receive her messages. When responding to the message left by Balcanovic, there is controversy concerning whether Martha spoke to Feneuil or Bacanovic. Officials alleged that she spoke to Bacanovic who tipped her off that Waksal and his family were dumping their shares of ImClone, while Stewart claimed to have spoken to Feneuil. Either way, after receiving the disturbing message, Stewart contacted one of the two and gave him authority to sell her shares of ImClone which took place at $58.43, totaling $228,000.00 for Martha Stewart. Various evidence indicated that the agreement between Martha and Bacanovic agreeing to sell her shares of ImClone at $60.00 never existed. On a worksheet that Bacanovic kept indicating information on what was to be done with Marthas stocks, ImClone was marked

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Islamic Finance – Incief – Course Guide

An opportunity to further my study in postgraduate level is something that I am grateful for and thoroughly thrilled at the same time as is opens a new frontier for me to secure a promising future. A new challenge will always be a channel for us to redefine our limit. With the current new environment and culture at INCIEF, I would have to push myself to a new level in order to be on par with the standard and expectation from INCEIF. Therefore a financial assistance will help me a lot in completing my study in Islamic Finance.  Having learning the financial assistance offered by Khazanah, the de facto financial organisation in Malaysia, I know that this is an opportunity of a life time that I cannot miss.        INCIEF is well known for its reputation in providing the best training in Islamic banking and finance around the world. INCEIF build their syllabus with the view of equipping the students with the knowledge of both conventional and Shariah finance. As for the course that I am currently enrolled in; Master of Science in Islamic Finance, it focuses on the key element of Islamic finance which is Islamic economics, Islamic finance and Sharia both in theory and application. The program seek to enrich the student with a thorough understanding on economic, financial and legal matters which revolves around where Islamic financial services operate, which is what I hope to achieved.

Malaysia is one of the countries that are pioneering in Islamic finance. In the 90’s, Malaysia foresee that Islamic finance is a highly potential field that will grow and we were right as it is still growing until today. With the introduction of Islamic Banking as one of the pillar of Financial Sector Master Plan by BNM, it shows the commitment of Malaysia in mapping the nation as one of the major Islamic Finance hub in the world. With this tremendous effort, I believe that equipping myself with the knowledge and skill in the related field will give a certain edge as I will be able to contribute to the growth and development of the said field.  I verily hope that I can give back to the nation by becoming one of the forces that will develop Islamic finance further both in Malaysia and the globe.        In INCEIF, research for coursework postgraduate programme is optional. However should I choose to carry a research, my area on interest will be on solving current economic problems through Islamic financial instruments. The financial instruments used in this research would be sukuk, zakat, ethical investment and maybe the recently developed module of waqf instrument. Using quantitative approach, with economic module as a dependent variable which the problems resolve within it, the first independent variable would be the effect of the instruments towards the economy followed by on what degree the instruments affect the economy and last but not least on how effective is the instruments towards the economy. My research would measure how these instruments would help in solving current economy problems in Malaysia and hoping to find a fine solution towards the problem based on the results.

Unknown Authors And Fuzzy Zoellen Wikipedia college application essay help online

Is Wikipedia a Reliable Source?

Is Wikipedia A Reliable Source

Wikipedia is the number one website that provides millions of users with articles on a large range of topics. Is the source reliable? Many how have used Wikipedia say yes but there are skeptics who say no. Let us get an understanding by defining reliable source. In Webster Dictionary reliable is defined as: that may be relied on, dependable and source is defined as; anything, or place from which something comes, originals or developed.

Considering that the articles are mostly written by unknown authors whom have no professional knowledge of the information they are writing about, how can we trust the information if the authors don’t know anything about the subject? Professors and Teachers recommends to their students to not use Wikipedia as their source for their information. The site does have it good points of being easy to use, its free, information is comprehensive and it goes beyond printed books contents, context and currency. But even with all of the good points listed above, Teachers tell their students to not to use Wikipedia as a primary source but as a starting point for information. People in the news industry also use Wikipedia a source of information in their news reports. Wikipedia is known as “people’s encyclopedia” because it allows corrections, contributions to its site by everyone.

Allowing unknown authors to post to leave the site open to racial and ethnic bias will leave the site filled with no independent and creditable verification of the information.

Wikipedia allows contributing authors to write what they want on the site even if they are knowledgeable on the subject they are posting to. Wikipedia’s authors write false statements that are gone uncorrected for months. Which by that time have created drawback that ruin someone’s’ reputation personally and professionally. In 2011 the golfer, Fuzzy Zoellen Wikipedia was vandalized by a post made by an unknown author that stated on Zoellen’s page that he was a alcohol and pill user , wife and child beater. This was a clearly a vindictive act off malice. None the less Wikipedia went to work and traced the post back to a law firm in Miami, but could not pinpoint the author. Zoellen was unable to sue Wikipedia due to the protections from Sect. 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which provides immunity from liability for providers and users off an “interactive computer service” who publish information provided by others. What this means is Wikipedia is not responsible for what its contributors place on its site and finding out who wrote the false information is at most impossible. Zoellen’s page was corrected, but the damage was already done without the one responsible and identified or punished.

Wikipedia’s founder, Jimmy Wales said “Editors are aggressive about cleaning up inaccuracies reported to the site, but people do misbehave on the internet”.

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On the Paradox of Corporate

On the Paradox of Corporate


Recently, some authors have argued that there is a

need for a paradigm shift or a fundamental

change in the practice of business, in organizational

behaviour and performance if the ideals of

corporate social responsibility and sustainable

development are to be achieved (Gladwin et al.

1995, Ehrenfeld 2000, Hueseman 2001, Senge &

Carstedt 2001, Welford 1998, 2002). However,

these calls are in a sense a re-statement of radical

calls for sustainable development already presented

in the 1960s and 1970s (M’Gonigle 1999).

This article shows what are the consequences of

the fact that these radical calls have failed and

become overshadowed by the technocentric paradigm,

by the conventional modernity paradigm

that already prevailed before the birth of modern

environmentalism. I concentrate on corporate

environmental management, a major issue within

the existing corporate social responsibility debate.

The article defines sustainable development as

development that does not systematically increase

the underlying causes of negative environmental,

social and economic effects (Robe rt et al. 2002,

2004). In this way, it is relatively easy to determine

whether a certain activity is sustainable or

unsustainable. We know that, in the long term,

it is not sustainable to use non-renewable natural

resources, such as fossil coal, oil or natural gas.

Ehrenfeld (2000) views sustainable development

as development that sustains itself forever into the

indefinite future. By definition, the world energy

system is not sustainable. Eighty per cent of the

world energy production relies on non-renewable

fossil fuels (Williams 1994), which are emission

intensive, and often on fuels imported to national

and regional economies. We also know that the

production of chemicals and substances foreign to

nature is risky even if there are no currently

known negative impacts of certain substances.

If the over-harvesting of renewable natural

resources exceeding their reproduction capacity,

as is currently the case in tropical areas, continues

systematically, this is not sustainable over the long

term. The social dimension of sustainable development

is under risk. Twenty per cent of the

world population possesses roughly 80% of the

resources (Hueseman 2001). The (systematically)

increasing gap between the rich and poor, both

between and within countries, is systematically

decreasing the opportunities for education, social

and healthcare services, security and communitybuilding or is reducing the accessibility to

resources and information to a small elite in the

developing countries.

When sustainable development is defined in such

a broad and qualitative manner, i.e. as development

that does not systematically increase the

principle mechanisms of negative impacts, it can

be possible to agree

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Online Greeting & Wedding Cards

Essay title: Online Greeting & Wedding Cards

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Products & Services

Business model

Information System Requirement

Key Business Function

Initial Set Up

Initial Set up Process

Cost Benefit Analysis

7.0 Analysis



Executive Summary is a global online invitation/greeting card shop that is focused on streamlining the greeting card process to serve the needs of busy customers. We create and deliver uniquely designed cards at affordable price. With our own team of designers, features a compelling variety of in-house card designs that will definitely cater to the different needs and interests of our customers. In addition, will enable customers to create and customize their own cards with the aid of special features on the online website. Hence, the choosing and sending of cards are just a click away, making the whole experience efficient and hassle-free.

Highlights of

Breakthrough products. will develop a unique website that provides customers various ways to choose uniquely designed cards. A design workshop will also be provided, enabling customers to create their own cards with pre-designed templates.

Trademarks. The company plans to register a corporation under the name of and operate under the same name.

Large markets. Recent studies by Forrester Research Inc. reveal that business-to-business (B2B) commerce will total $2.7 trillion in revenue by the year 2004. The data emphasize that e-marketplaces will be responsible for 53% of all online business trade.

Seasoned management. The companys management is highly experienced and qualified.

Customers. The company will primarily target big organizations and individual customers locally as well as globally.

The biggest competitive threat for will come from other card publishers. However, we will have a competitive advantage over our competitors by offering uniquely design cards for each customer and efficient system that smoothes the purchase and transactions. Customers in this industry are sensitive to both quality and price, and at they will benefit from both offerings. has a world-class management team with direct knowledge of the industry, extensive research experience, and unique administration skills. The team will be led by NAME.

The company projects that between July 11, 2007 and December 31, 2007 it will generate revenues of $200,000. Our revenue for 5 years forecast is estimated to be around $1 million. is seeking $350,000 in venture capital to be used for:

Establishing an organization and office presence in Singapore

Completing development of the online card shop.

Marketing the website and its services and products.

Products & Services is an online greeting cards solution provider that strives to be a fun and dynamic brand in the market today. Here at, customers are offered a one-stop shop for them to peruse, choose and order thousands of uniquely designed cards in our catalogue. In this time-pressing era, we aim to streamline the greeting card process to serve the needs of corporate businesses as well as the major public. Hence, customers can relax in the knowledge that their greeting cards are receiving individual care and attention and will be posted on time to a delighted recipient in a time-efficient and stress-free manner.’s edge over other enterprises in our field is the uniqueness of the designs of our cards that leverages on the excellent talent of our designers. Each greeting card ordered is processed individually by our small Singapore-based design team. We emphasize that each design is limited to a single order only and we actively update our designs every month. This retains the uniqueness of the card and hence each customer will be entitled to a design that will not appear in

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Literature Case – Hanan El-Sheikh Story Review

Essay Preview: Literature Case – Hanan El-Sheikh Story Review

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In Hanan El-Sheikh story, we have the deception and it cause, trailed by the secondary cause to finally reveal to us that it is a deception. After that, we have the confession and finally the end that shows us the importance of that silly deception.

Some of the expressions in the text prove that: “raising her skirt above her bar knees”. Also, the reader is dazzled by the husband social status and the madness of the wife that only at the end is revealed to be faked and the reason of faking it. The whole story, the purpose of her insanity is to get a divorce from her husband and be with the man she loves. But the kindness of her husband who loves her and wont give up on her, even though shes “insane”, was the main issue for her. Although her mother in law tried to make him remarried because she despised Fatin, but he refused. There is a part where she gets her insanity spilled on her mother-in-law before she decides to tell the truth and reveals that shes fully sane. In the text we have parts showing her madness, she tried to make herself ugly by drinking milk and eating gassy food and by not brushing her teeth only to disgust her husband and push him away. But all this is in vain. Even when she tries to tell the truth in a sober condition, they presume that her insanity is speaking.

In Hanan El-Sheikh story, we have the deception and it cause, trailed by the secondary cause to finally reveal to us that it is a deception. After that, we have the confession and finally the end that shows us the importance of that silly deception.

Some of the expressions in the text prove that: “raising her skirt above her bar knees”. Also, the reader is dazzled by the husband social status and the madness of the wife that only at the end is revealed to be faked and the reason of faking it. The whole story, the purpose of her insanity is to get a divorce from her husband and be with the man she loves. But the kindness of her husband who loves her and wont give up on her, even though shes “insane”, was the main issue for her. Although her mother in law tried to make him remarried because she despised Fatin, but he refused. There is a part where she gets her insanity spilled on her mother-in-law before she decides to tell the truth and reveals that shes fully sane. In the text we have parts showing her madness, she tried to make herself ugly by drinking milk and eating gassy food and by not brushing her teeth only to disgust her husband and push him away. But all this is in vain. Even when she tries to tell the truth in a sober condition, they presume that her insanity is speaking.

In Hanan El-Sheikh story, we have the deception and it cause, trailed by the secondary cause to finally reveal to us that it is a deception. After that, we have the confession and finally the end that shows us the importance of that silly deception.


Job Training And Short Video admission essay help: admission essay help

On the Job Training: Orientation and Training Program

On the Job Training: Orientation and Training Program


On the Job Training: Orientation and Training Program

On the Job Training: Orientation and Training Program

Any company that has hired employees knows how important orientation and training can be. Without the proper training employees will always be one step behind. The proper training early on can save countless hours of error correcting and re-training. Explaining the company policies and expected work ethic early on can make the difference in a new hires attitude toward the job (Rue & Byars, 2004).

I am the training supervisor of a large retail company. My responsibilities include training the new salesclerks effectively. I have designed an orientation and training program designed to orientate, train, and evaluate the new hire. This program is quick, lasting only 3 days, and effective, utilizing many different concepts in the process. By following the techniques laid out in the following model, new employees will feel comfortable and knowledgeable from their very first day on the sales floor. Supervisors will also feel comfortable, knowing that the new employee has been thoroughly trained and is ready to begin work.

The program is broken down into three days. On the first day orientation is at the fore front. Day two is reserved for training, not only on the computerized system, but also on the merchandise and floor plans of the store. The last day is set up so that the trainee can be supervised while performing the job associated tasks. Each day is broken into manageable sections, utilizing checks, questions, and review periods. Beginning with an orientation will enable the trainee the gain a feel for the company and why each step of the training process is necessary.

Day one of the program is dedicated mostly to orientation. Introducing the clerk to the crew they will be working with and familiarizing them with the layout of the department will enable the clerk to feel comfortable on their first day. Explaining each function and responsibility that is required and a necessary aspect of the job will ensure that the clerk is fully aware of their duties. All of these tasks are performed by the clerk’s direct supervisor. This technique provides for a relationship to be built between the employee and supervisor. The day is spent in the store and the trainee is encouraged to make use of this time to gain a better understanding of the operations of the store.

During the orientation a short video has been created to explain the benefits, promotion procedures, safety and fire prevention measures, dress code, and other company wide procedures in effect. During the video employees are encouraged to take notes and ask follow questions. The information given during the video is also followed up in a handbook that is given to each employee on the first day of orientation. The employee is required to sign the last page and return it by their first day on the job. This technique enables the employee to retain a copy of the policies for future reference.

Once the supervisor and trainee feel comfortable with the information provided during the orientation, formal training can begin. Formal training consists of having the trainee learn the specific tasks that the job will require of them. The first step is having the employee familiarize themselves with the stores merchandise. We have created a virtual store, accessible through our intranet. The trainee will be required to log time on the system which will ensure that they have received the information. Once the virtual training has been completed the trainee will be required to show what they have learned via a questionnaire provided at the end of the session. It is the responsibility of the immediate supervisor to revue this information and follow-up with the trainee if necessary. This will conclude the first day, and possibly lead into the second day. Either way at this point the trainee should be well prepared for the next step.

The second day of the program is dedicated completely to training. During this phase the employee is taught how to use the register, pricing gun, intercom system, and any other device necessary to perform the job requirements. The first part of the training consists of the clerk learning the operation of the cash register. This takes place in our offices utilizing ‘vestibule training’. The clerk uses the same equipment that is located on the selling floor (Rue & Byars, 2004). Supervisors are on hand to lend instruction and lead the training. Our system is completely computerized, with each sale being registered in the main office and warehouse. The register

Martha Stewart Scandal And Martha Stewart Scandalbaf3Mjune 12Th aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

Martha Stewart Scandal

Essay Preview: Martha Stewart Scandal

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[pic 1]Martha Stewart ScandalBAF3MJune 12th, 2015Corporate OverviewWith over 100 million customers and consumers,Martha StewartLivingOmnimedia Inc. is a very successful online and merchandising company worldwide. The company influences[pic 2]its customers and consumers by offering different lifestyle materials in each of their magazine issues andproducts sold. There are a variety of magazines offeredthroughonline versions and the physical magazines such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Martha Stewart Living and Everyday Food. The company also offers many television programs such as Martha Stewart’s Cooking School, Martha Bakes andother“madefortheweb”videoseries. Finally, Martha Stewart’s companylifestyle products are available throughlimitedretailers such as The Home Depot, Macy’s, Staples and more.ImClone Systems LLC is a biotechnology company that creates, as well as produces, many different treatments for cancer and other antibody drugs. The company was founded by Samuel Waksal in 1984; there is roughly 1,128 employees according to the companys annual report from 2011. ImClone sales figures were estimated at $1.3 billion dollars worldwide in 2007, roughly $70 per share.ThescandalincludingMartha Stewartoccurred after the company discovered that one of their cancer drugs was not going to be accepted by the FDA. Sam Waksal, with the help of Peter Bacanovic, informedMartha Stewartofthe rejection, also telling her to sell her stocks before news got around. The company has now won clearance from the FDA to sell the drug, which occurred in 2004.ScandalMartha Stewart’s career was threatened by her association with a pharmaceutical company, ImClone Systems, in which Stewart owned stocks. Stewart sold 4000 shares of herImClone stocks on December27, 2001.Thenextday, theFoodandDrugAdministration rejected ImClone System’s cancer drug called Erbitux. Following the FDA’sannouncement, the company’s stocks plummeted drastically. There were similar situations that occurred with a number of the company’s insiders, all in the same time frame. ImClone’s Counsel John Landes, sold $2.5 million dollars worth of stocks on December 6; Ronald Martell, the vice president of marketing, sold $2.1 million worth of company stock on December 11; and four other executives dumped their in shares between the dates of December 12 and December 21. These events were very coincidental, which raised much suspicion surrounding ImClone Systems.A later investigation revealed that after Sam Waksal, the CEOof ImClone anda goodfriend of Stewart, learned that the FDA would reject the drug, he contacted his broker, Peter Bacanovic. Bacanovic was also Stewart’s broker. Waksal told Bacanovic to get rid of $2.4 million worth of stocks. Phone records indicate that Bacanovic contacted Martha Stewart on December 27 and advised her to sell her stock; herstockwas soldten minutes afterthe phone call.Sam Waksal was arrested on June 12 and was charged with insider trading, obstructionof justice, and bank fraud. Waksal eventually pleaded guilty to insider trading, as well as1[pic 3]another six out of thirteen charges. He was sentencedtosevenyears inprison, howeverhe was released after five. Inhis plea, Waksalstated: “I amawarethat my conduct,while Iwas in possession of material nonpublic information, was wrong, I’ve made some terrible mistakes and I deeply regret what has happened.”Although Martha Stewart claimed she was innocent, a jury found her guiltyonfour counts of obstructing justice and lying to investigators. On June 17, 2004, a judge sentenced Stewart to five months in prison and two years of probation, along with a fine of $30,000.

Since this scandal does not specifically relate to financial statements, no GAAP’s would apply, however there are many moral and ethical standards that were violated in this situation. Stock brokers are expected to keep confidential information private. Since Bacanovic was a broker, he clearly violated the ethical standards that stock brokers are supposed to follow. Bacanovic revealed confidential information to the CEO and toMartha Stewart as well; he was the one whoinformedStewart togetridof herstocks andrevealed information that should have been kept private. Because of the broker, Stewart was allowed to benefit off of a situation that was extremely unethical.The financial statements that have been affected are mainly the balance sheet and income statement. The balance sheet was affected as soon as Martha Stewart sold her stock. By selling her shares, Stewart has decreased the amount of assets that she owned, and when she sold her shares, her total assets decreased. This affected her equity, which has decreased by the selling of assets. Also, the income statement was affected. By selling her shares, Stewart was able to prevent any major losses. If she had kept the stocks, there might have been more losses and expenses, which canlowerthe net profit.However, since she sold her stocks before they were able to depreciate, she evaded any possible loss of money that would have affected the company. Therefore, by selling her stocks, her equity remained significantly unaffected.Evading DetectionThe insider tradingscandalthatoccurredin December2001 involvingMartha Stewarthad three key people involved. The three people were Martha Stewart, SamWaksal, andPeter Bacanovic. Martha Stewart was convicted of insider trading, sentenced to 5 months in prison, 5months house arrestanda fineof$30,000. SamWaksal, CEOofImClone, knewthe drug was not accepted by the FDA therefore informing only few people of theinformation and telling them to sell their stocks, he was also sentenced to prison. Finally, Peter Bacanovic, who was both Stewart’s and Waksal’s stock brokers at the time, was also involved in this crime as he assisted in unethical accounting behaviour.2[pic 4]All three key players managed to take part in this insider trading scandal by communicating with each member through several personal phone calls. It is known that Martha had attempted to reach Sam before she sold all her ImClone stocks, however she could not reach him. Each person involved had a plan; Sam Waksal had called Martha and his daughter informing them that they should sell their stocks they had invested in ImClone. Martha and her broker also had a plan: if the stock reached below $60 a share Martha ordered a “stop-loss” therefore selling all of her 3,928 stocks owned. Before the FDA rejection, they had planned out their responses just in case they were discovered.

Sarah Talley Negotiation And Wal-Mart compare and contrast essay help: compare and contrast essay help

Sarah Talley Negotiation with Wal-Mart – Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis

Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis

Mgt 445

Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis

Negotiations can be an in-depth process that may have a huge impact on an individuals future. Choosing an affective negotiating strategy is important when negotiating with other parties. There are many kinds of negotiation strategies that an individual can use to have a successful negotiation. This paper will compare and contrast negotiation strategies that are addressed in two different articles.

Sarah Talley Negotiation with Wal-Mart

Small business owners negotiate with major organizations in order to obtain contracts that will intern produce profits. Major corporations may not consider the interests of the organization and enter into a negotiation that benefits the major corporations interests only. Small supply companies negotiate with major retailers in order to obtain contract to sell their goods. Many times they find themselves in a negotiation that benefits the retailers interests only. This can force small suppliers to accept a contract that may not befit the company and may lead to liquidation of the company.

In the article “Negotiations with Wal-Mart” Hanna J. (2008) Sarah Talley enters into a negotiation with Wal-Mart to sell her farms pumpkins and watermelons. Wal-Mart has a reputation of being a major retailer and enters into hard ball negotiation practices in order maintain low prices. Sarahs intent is to negotiate with Wal-Mart in order to obtain a contract.

Sarahs first step in her negotiation strategy was to get an understanding of Wal-Marts prospective and what kind of deal could be beneficial to the organization. In-order to find a deal that would be beneficial to Wal-Mart she needed to find ways to cut cost in her organization. By cutting cost she would be in a better position to generate higher profits. She found cheaper was to transport her produce to warehouses.

Sarah Talley looked for ways that she could share responsibility and generate a partnership relationship with Wal-Mart. She looked for mutual goals that her organization had in common with Wal-Mart. She represented herself as flexible problem solver and was willing to work with Wal-Mart to avoid contract cancelation. She developed clear objectives and worked on developing a mutually beneficial relationship.

Ken Griffey Jr. Negotiation

In the Article “The Ken Griffey Jr. Negotiation” verducci (2000), Ken Griffey Jr. an outfielder and an accomplished hitter with Seattle Mariners contract was ending. Ken was a highly valued player in the Major baseball leagues at the age of thirty years old. Ken had the option to let his contract run out that would entitle him to become a free agent or he could be

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Online Food Order System

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Identify a technological opportunity that you propose to assess. For each of the following criteria, discuss how your proposed idea stacks up.

Technological Opportunity: (hereafter referred to as CM) will provide an easy to use and navigate user interface that will allow users to place online order at any of the participating restaurants within the given area. The website will also allow users to place order for weekly or weekend lunches and dinner choosing from the available cuisine types. Every order placed at CM will earn user points that can be redeemed for gift vouchers from the participating restaurants. The workflow diagram for site navigation is described below:


Order food online from restaurants take outs

Order homemade lunches and dinners

Order for small parties

Select frequency and cuisine type

Enter zip code, select the desired radius

Select cuisine type

View the weekly menu

Place an Order

Select from restaurant or home providers

Place an order

Place an order

Earn points, save order history

1. Market

1.1 Need for technology

Americans love takeout. However ordering on the phone is a pain sometimes specially when

a. You have misplaced the take out menu

b. You know the menu but prices are not displayed on the website. You are down to last 100 dollars that need to last the whole week

c. You like to make substitutions

d. You have difficult pronouncing ingredient names

e. You love ethnic food but cant understand ethnic waiters

The site would cater to the following main clientele

a. The Business Person

They work hard all day and often stay overnight in a strange city. CM with its global presence would allow them to order food from the same user interface they are familiar with from the comfort of their room and the food would be delivered hot and fresh while they shower

b. Special dietary needs

People with special dietary needs (kosher, vegetarian) can research the menu online and make appropriate selection after determining the ingredients and nutritional information available on the site.

c. Double Income couples

Double income couples often face shortage of time to shop and cook and freezer dinners tend to be expensive and boring and often have poor nutritional content. They can opt to have dinner delivered to there houses on days they foresee they will be busy. They can place the order on weekends and relax knowing food will be hot and ready when they reach home.

d. Ethnic

People from ethnic areas like IndiaChinaGreece often crave home cooked Indian food. This would be a great place to get them home

Vertical Integration And Supplier Of Certain Car Parts college essay help nyc

On Synergies and Vertical Integration

Essay title: On Synergies and Vertical Integration

. Introduction

When trying to explain the reasons for the large number of mergers among both multinationals and small specialized businesses in recent years, the realization of potential synergies among the merging firms is often invoked.1 In particular, it is usually claimed that when integrated a supplier of inputs will adapt his technology in a much higher degree to the needs of his customer than when he is separately owned. In this paper we focus on vertical mergers and analyze the impact of ownership structures on the realization of synergies. Hence, a key question is why two separate firms might be unable to implement the same degree of relationship specificity as they would choose if they were commonly owned.

For example, consider a supplier of certain car parts who has to make investments in order to produce a specific input for an automobile manufacturer. Suppose that there is only one asset used in the production of the input, namely the supplier’s plant. Following the seminal contribution of Grossman, S.J. and Hart, O.D., 1986. The costs and benefits of ownership: A theory of vertical and lateral integration. Journal of Political Economy 94, pp. 691–719. Full Text via CrossRef | View Record in Scopus | Cited By in Scopus (928)Grossman and Hart (1986), ownership is defined as residual rights of control over the use of assets. Provided that complete state-contingent contracts cannot be written, the owner of an asset can threaten to withdraw the asset from a relationship in order to use it otherwise if a contingency arises which was not specified in the initial contract. Asset ownership can hence improve investment incentives of a party that has to make unverifiable investments that are worthless without the asset. In our example, if the automobile manufacturer does not have to make any significant relationship-specific investments, the Grossman–Hart–Moore (GHM) analysis recommends that the investing party, i.e. the supplier, should own the plant.2

In this paper we want to emphasize that the investing party’s decision in practice is more complex than simply deciding on the amount of effort invested in production. In particular, it has to be decided exactly how to spend the invested amount and how to design the production technology adopted. One important aspect in this context is the degree of specificity with regard to the needs of the buyer. For example, the supplier might choose highly specific machines or workers’ training adapted to the buyer’s needs. In this sense the supplier has an impact on the degree to which synergies may be realized within the relationship. Of course, if the input is only produced to be used by the buyer, the realization of the complete potential of synergies is optimal and would be accomplished in a first-best world. But the more specificity the seller chooses, the higher his dependency on the buyer and the stronger the threat of being held-up if contracts are incomplete.

In the first part of the paper we follow the GHM framework and assume that only asset ownership can be contractually determined. This is meant to capture the idea that specificity, much like investment in the sense of effort, often may not be verifiable by the courts. It is shown that this might lead to suboptimal adaptation and therefore to a failure to realize the entire potential synergies, given that firms are not integrated. However, if firms are vertically integrated, i.e. if the buyer owns the supplier’s plant, no such effect arises and hence all gains from specificity are realized. Hence, if besides the investment decision the supplier also makes a specificity choice, the optimality of non-integration in the illustrative example is no longer clear. The following trade-off arises: While vertical integration leads to full specificity but underinvestment, non-integration entails a loss in specificity but might provide better investment incentives.

The property rights literature has

Sap’S Inclusive Approach And Sharp Minded Individuals scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Sap’s Inclusive Approach to Recruiting

SAP’s Inclusive Approach to Recruiting

SAP is a multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. Their headquarters in located in Germany and they have a striving business proposal that seems to really work for them. They currently have 65,000 employees in 130 countries and are continuing to grow all over. They have a very unique and special recruiting feature about them that most people would shy away from.

SAP has a couple recruiting methods they use to hire the best and most focused employees to keep the company running smoothly. One way is making sure that the people they hire have young innovative minds, they want someone who’s wheels are constantly turning and someone who is thinking at all times. The employees they hire are sharp, and they don’t necessarily need to know everything about the company because SAP’s Human Resource department is more than willing to get their employees up to speed and trained properly. They have a great training department to get the employees educated on the business and how the company operates. Anyone willing to learn and take on the challenge is more than welcome to apply. They have their hiring advertised through social media, and other great websites including their own, that explains what each job title would be doing, salary ranges, and benefits. They hire young and sharp minded individuals because SAP believes that sustainability is more important than just hiring someone to come aboard and get the job done, learn about it and then move on. They want someone to love what they are doing as well as stay and grow with the company.

Another thing that SAP does for recruiting is look amongst people who would normally be turned away or shunned from a job that is anything but easy. SAP specifically looks and hires people who have disabilities, particularly Autism. They have done their research and have figured out that people who have a disability, or Autism carry a special talent. They realize that some are extremely gifted for example Asperger syndrome and Rett syndrome which effects their social manner and makes them socially awkward. They are not able to communicate normally and have a hard time striking up a normal conversation like you or I would. It is hard for them to be in social gatherings and in groups. On the flip side of having this disability, they are able to focus and concentrate on certain things better, it enables them to pay attention to detail and illuminate room for error, not all the time of course but it is less common. Someone with a disability is still better at one subject more than another, they will place certain people in areas they will strive in which helps not only the company but the individual themselves. SAP is so pleased with the work being done and the studies that are being worked

Facebook Ceo Mark Zuckerberg And Numerous Complaints global history essay help

Online Advertising

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On November 6, Facebook outlined a strategy to integrate more targeted advertising into its popular social networking website. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg saw the new initiative as an opportunity for users to refer products to each other and allow friends to share information as they shopped online and visited other websites. The system, called Beacon, was also intended to lead to more relevant — and profitable — advertising through precise targeting based on a users buying habits, social circle and geography.

But on December 5, after receiving numerous complaints from the high school kids, college students and young professionals who populate Facebook, Zuckerberg issued an apology for a program that, among other things, could track a users web behavior and report it on a Facebook users profile page. The problem: Facebook didnt initially ask its customers to opt in to the targeting program. As a result, some customers were caught off guard by Facebooks sudden use of detailed user tracking. In conjunction with the apology, Facebook introduced new privacy options to give users more control over how Beacon operates.

The incident raises many questions, according to experts at Wharton. For example, what is the balance between privacy and online ad targeting? Will marketers continue to experiment? Are these early efforts just a precursor of whats to come? Will consumers become more wary of sharing information? Does privacy really exist online?

Those questions dont have quick answers given that online advertising is entering an experimental age where marketers, Internet giants and consumers are fumbling to find the proper balance between more advanced ad targeting and privacy. Indeed, experts at Wharton say that companies arent quite sure where the line between the two is until they trip over it.

“We are in a situation with the Internet where we are having an escalation of marketing activity to hyper-target consumers,” says Joseph Turow, director of the Information and Society Program at the Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) at the University of Pennsylvania. “The Facebook incident is symptomatic of the direction we are headed. We will see more attempts to mine peoples habits and relationships. We are in the post privacy era. Its not just that companies are using data: They are using statistics to figure out the probability of a person” making a purchase, for example, or visiting another site.

Facebooks broad ad strategy, which also lets partners such as Coca-Cola, Fandango and create pages and befriend users, is designed to allow marketers to target groups based on location, college and peer group. That strategy, however, was largely overshadowed by Beacons tracking technology, which includes the ability to report back to Facebook when a user makes a purchase or similar transaction on a Facebook partner website. For example, if a person buys movie tickets, jewelry or a DVD on a partner site, Beacon can broadcast that fact to anyone who has access to the users Facebook profile. As originally configured, Beacon was enabled by default, unless the user declined the action on each transaction or went through a series of steps to opt out of participation for each vendor.

Privacy worries arose almost immediately, and partners like stopped using Beacon after complaints started pouring in. One customer wrote on a blog post that he bought an engagement ring to surprise his girlfriend on New Years Day, only to have the secret broadcast on Facebook. Forrester Research analyst Charlene Li said in her blog that she was “blindsided” when she bought a coffee table from and saw it on her Facebook profile page. Her biggest complaint was that she didnt know Facebook was tracking her. Like every other Facebook user, Li was included in the Beacon program when it initially launched. Only after numerous complaints — and advertiser angst — did Facebook create a blanket opt-in policy for Beacon that requires the customer to give prior permission before being included in the program.

“We released a new feature, called Beacon, to try to help people share information with their friends about things they do on the web. We have made a lot of mistakes building this feature, but we have made even more with how we have handled them. We simply did a bad job with this release, and I apologize for it,” wrote Zuckerberg in a blog post on December 5. “The problem with our initial approach of making it an opt-out system instead of opt-in was that if someone forgot to decline to share something, Beacon still went ahead and shared it with their friends.”

At issue is the evolution of online advertising. Companies

Following Report And University Of Ottawa college admission essay help houston tx

On Line Tutor

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U Ottawa Online Tutor

June 14th, 2005

Ms. Joelle Hamilton

Dean, School of Management

University Ottawa’s School of Management

136 Jean-Jacques Lussier Street

Ottawa, ON K1P 1C8

Dear Ms. Hamilton,

The following report is the report you requested on June 14th, 2005. It has proposal in regards to an online tutor database STS Consultant Firm developed to links students in need of academic assistance with potential tutors. Contained within the report is a detailed analysis of how the online tutor database benefits University of Ottawa and its students.

In order for University of Ottawa’s School of Management to accept STS Consultant proposal to endorse advertise through the School’s various communication channels. University must first understand all the benefits of online tutor database. Also, the report details challenges the University must consider before accepting the proposal. The report will also have a set of recommended actions that must be taken in order for School of Management to make full usage and maintain an online tutor database.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and co-operation. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call me at (613) 262-2469.


Danny Chow

Chief Information Officer

Online Tutor

For University of Ottawa’s School of Management

Prepared for

Joelle Hamilton

Dean, School of Management

University of Ottawa’s School of Management

Prepared By

Danny Chow

Chief Information Officer

STS Consulting Firm

June 14th, 2005

U Ottawa Online Tutor


It is recommended that University of Ottawa’s School of Management begin to advertise through the School’s various communication channels. However, before the university decides to advertise it must begin by decided how to implement and maintain the website.

In order for the online tutor service efficiently assess students, they will have to begin to implement the service to be online. Also, University of Ottawa (O.U.) will need to follow the recommendations in order to be able to successfully benefits the student. Advertise must be done to get the service out will be one of the steps that need to be taken in order for O.U. to successfully benefit the university, tutors and its students.

The report will outline and detail the benefits of online tutor service, as well as the actions necessary in order for U.O. to successfully implement an online tutor system.

Setting up an online tutor system enables students to search most desirable tutor on the database 24 hours a day. The database combined with today’s advanced technological tools to will help organize and service efforts. Student can create log in and search out tutors. Tutor candidate profiles can be viewed instantly in real-time, facilitating students quickly and accurately identify potential tutors to contact.

With an online tutor service implementation time is required to setup and additional expenses maybe incur and website maintenance. Securing the privacy of personal information is another risk to take into account.

U Ottawa Online Tutor


Each year hundred of students at University of Ottawa are in need of academic assistance. Currently through the Student Federation of the university Peer Help Centre service. Students require tutoring may go in person fill up

Travel Agency Supply Chain And Travel Agencies medical school essay help: medical school essay help

Online Travel Agency Supply Chain

Online Travel Agency Supply Chain

Travel Agency Supply Chain

Travel Agency Supply Chain

With eCommerce technology rapidly improving and the number of people using the Internet increasing everyday, “brick and mortar” travel agencies are turning to non-traditional methods when developing their supply chain. Over the past 10 years the supply chain of the travel agency has evolved tremendously in order to incorporate the use of websites to promote online sales. In the following paper we will first describe the supply chain for a traditional “brick and mortar” travel agency. Second, we will describe the supply chain for online travel agency. And finally, we will describe the differences in the supply chain from a traditional “brick mortar” travel agency to an online travel agency.

Brick and Mortar Travel Agency Supply Chain

The supply chain for a standard “brick and mortar” travel agency is quite simple. The American Heritage Dictionary of the

Online Recruitment Service And Job Vacancies persuasive essay help

Online Recruitment Service

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Online Recruitment Service

This paper will assess (an online recruitment service), evaluate the pros and cons of dealing with virtual rйsumй’s, identify the advantages and disadvantages of online recruitment, and develop a criterion that an organization can use for selecting an online recruitment service.

The internet offers a direct interface between organizations and it is a marketplace for a variety of services, which we use in our offices and in our homes. Online recruitment service provides a marketplace for candidates to market their skills and for employers to market their job vacancies. is part of the worldwide Monster network, the Number one career portal in the world, serving job seekers and employers in 22 countries (“About”, 2004). has an average of 25,000 job postings available at any given time (Dessler et al., 2004, p.143). is easy to use, convenient, fast and user friendly online recruitment service. It allows companies to post job vacancies and the job seekers to search through the job postings (“About”, 2004).

Within a few clicks of my mouse I was able to search through jobs and get some information on employment laws in British Columbia (“About”, 2004). This site is very easy to navigate. The job seekers can search jobs, post their rйsumйs, and get career advice and employer’s can post, track and screen applications (“About”, 2004).

The organizations and job seekers using online recruitment websites have to be careful of the pros and cons of virtual rйsumйs. Pros of virtual rйsumй’s are: this method of sending out rйsumй is both efficient and cost effective. Job seekers can send out hundreds of rйsumйs to employees in a fraction of time. For employers, it gives them the opportunity to choose from a larger number of applicants. Virtual rйsumйs can be managed efficiently as there are no actual rйsumйs to be filed, they can be stored and managed electronically.

Cons of virtual rйsumй’s are: Job seekers do not always send out quality rйsumйs. Virtual rйsumйs may be out of date. Virtual rйsumйs may not always speak the truth; it is easier for job seekers to lie on a virtual rйsumйs. Communication skills can not be determined through a virtual rйsumй.

Advantages of Online recruitment:

Cost Effective: For employers, online recruitment significantly increases hiring speed, which in turn reduces costs of vacant positions and cost of advertising. For job seekers, online recruitment saves money as most websites offer free basic services. They do not charge anything for posting a rйsumй or putting up a profile on their site.

More Efficient: Since there is no human intervention, the information on job search websites is well categorized. The job seekers qualifications, experiences and background is compiled and matched against suitable job postings. This process takes less time for an employer to find an employee and vice versa (“About”, 2004).

Flexible: Online recruitment can encourage job seekers to do part of the selection process for the prospective employer. Employers can offer various skill testing questions to their potential applicants, this makes the website useful for weeding out unsuitable applicants before the recruitment process even begins. Online recruitment is flexible as there are no time constraints for employers or job seekers (Harvey, 2004).

Couple other advantages of online recruitment are, broader exposure to job seekers and speed of recruitment.

Disadvantages of Online recruitment:

Project Show And Total Inr 15.7M rice supplement essay help: rice supplement essay help

Saraf Foods Case

1. What do you think of the way the investment was structured? Did GVFL function as a

true VC firm or were they acting more like a bank? Could GVFL and Mr Saraf have done

things differently with regards to financing the venture?

Ans) Following is the breakup of fund invested:

Total INR 15.7M = (GVFL (equity)INR 2.5+ GVFL(income note) INR 7.5 M +state Govt subsidy INR3M+ Promoter INR 2.7M)

GVFL invested almost equal amounts as promoter and also provided additional financing in income notes. But instead of going for income note financing GVFL and promoter could have gone for more equity financing with equal investment. This would reduce the cash outflow in terms of interest expense which would have reduced fixed cost further. This would have enabled project show positive returns in much faster pace and would have helped to finance its further expansion.

2. What is there in the company that is of any value? How would you go about valuing the company?

Ans) Company has been showing increasing sales volume except in the year 1998-99 in which it was struck by raw material crisis. So company would have created a brand value among buyers. The projected future cash flows can be considered as a tool for valuing the company. Project cash flows with expected sales for at least 7-10 years and value company based on it. Asset value of company equipments can also be considered for valuation.

3. Looking back, was this a potential VC investment to begin with?

Ans) The Company did a detailed study of buyer side market as explained in the case. But it seems that company did not do a proper study on supplier side issues including Government regulations, potential fluctuations in supply of raw materials due to climate related issues etc. This resulted in understatement of the risk associated with the project. The company did not had any control over supply of raw materials including the quality ( Use of pesticides and restricted materials). In India production of vegetables and fruits is considered to be highly cyclical with a period of high yield followed by a period of low output. The stability of Indian agricultural sector is minimal so it is very difficult for a small company like Saraf food products to handle all the issues related with supply chain.

The project could have been implemented with large corporation with previous experience in Agro industry and handling supply side issues in the agri business. It seems from the case that both venture capitalist and promoter was not experienced enough to handle widely risky supply issues of the business. May be if the promoter had partnered with someone with experience in Agro business or at least brought some expertise from outside to handle

Open Source And Source Code argumentative essay help online: argumentative essay help online

Open Source for E-Government

Join now to read essay Open Source for E-Government



1.1 E-government, is commonly understood as electronic form of government. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are used by the govt. to provide its functions to the citizens. Some of the delivery models are Govt. to citizen, Govt. to Customer, Government to Govt. (G2G), Govt. to Employees (G2E), Govt. to Govt. (G2G) etc.

1.2 E-government is not only computerization of the various departments of the government and it is also not only use of internet by govt. It is much more than that. ICT are just tools, i.e. means, and not ends in themselves. In fact, use of any electronic mode by the govt. like wireless networks, Bluetooth, SMS, email, biometric identification, smart cards etc. falls under the purview of e-government.


OSS is a term used when the source code as well as the software (executable code) are provided to the user for free (Ken Coar, 2006). It also includes, free redistribution of the software, free distribution of source code, no restriction on modification of the source code and derived works, distribution of license etc. The commercially available software is termed as proprietary software (PS).


3.1 Before advocating OSS for e-government, three issues are required to be examined.

a. Whether OSS is cost effective?

b. Whether quality of OS is comparable with proprietary software?

c. Whether OSS is the appropriate technology

Online Advertising And Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp nursing essay help

Online Ad Revenue over $21b in 2007

Online Ad Revenue over $21b in 2007

Online ad revenue over $21B in 2007

Online advertising revenues exceeded $21 billion for the first time in 2007, although it is suggested that growth is slowing. The growth exceeded last year’s growth ($4.2 billion) at a stunning $4.3 billion, which is a 25% spurt compared to last year. This does not surprise me because of all the ads that I see online every time I get online. It seems to me that companies are wasting their hard earned money on online advertising because I’m sure that a lot of people are like me in the fact that I do not pay attention to these ads. But with online advertising still being less than 10% of all U.S. ad spending there is plenty of room for it to grow, even at a slow rate. “PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, which conducts a quarterly survey for the advertising trade group using data from the 15 largest online ad sellers, said fourth-quarter revenues totaled about $5.9 billion, topping the previous record of $5.2 billion in the third quarter” (USA Today). This is such a large amount of money to be spent on advertising, that it would be amazing to not think it affects internet users.

Online advertising has affected

Ibm Company And Sap’S Innovations history essay help: history essay help

Sap Analysis

Company Background

Five people from former IBM employees founded SAP in 1972, after they were working on a project that was cancelled after from IBM company, they decided to scream a new company to complete this project.

SAP is a German-based multinational B to B company, known for providing software solutions like the Enterprise Resource Planning from that allows businesses to run and manage all of their departments’ business processes. It also ensures and help the traffic of data within the company to facilitate coordination and thus promote productivity and efficiency. In a nutshell, SAP’s software solutions aim to make running and managing businesses easy and efficient.

SAP’s innovations are not only concerned with the economic wellbeing of its customers, they also place great emphasis on providing social and environmental solutions for societies.

The German company first went public in 2007, and now is a member of the fortune global 500 list. In 2016, SAP had more than 335 000 clients in 190 countries. More than three quarters of SAP’s customers are small and medium companies. And according to the company, three quarters of transactions are in contact within an SAP system. In fact, the society propose deployment models with computing options. SAP works for the future of its customers and is ranked on the 3rd place of the largest software and programming businesses.

SAP operates in the software industry sector. A sector known for its high returns and its vigorous competition. Up until today, as one of the market pioneers, SAP have been able to survive the monstrous industry, but without rapidly innovating and adapting to the new environment, the industry will mercilessly drag SAP out of the competition.

Admittedly, innovation and the ability to anticipate technological developments were the foundation of SAPs success. Nevertheless, the failures of some of its products and their implementation, as well as competition from other publishers (Oracle, Peoplesoft, Baan, etc.), show that the ability to create new products has not Been sufficient to consolidate the existing business ecosystem, or to maintain it as a leader. Successful companies are those that innovate, but innovation doesnt just lie in the continuous creation of new products and services. To grow, whether it is to develop skills or create new markets, Joining other organizations to create value. Businesses must therefore build economic communities based on inter-firm synergies With different partners to build their business ecosystem. Thus, SAPs innovation has mainly been in the choice of alliances, which are based on three types of partnerships: partnerships with customers (vertical relationships),

Christmas Shopping And Convenience Of Online Shopping medical school essay help

On Target

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With the holidays approaching, this is the time of year when millions of Americans have shopping on their minds. Everyone is scrambling to find the perfect present for their friends and loved ones. Christmas shopping is suppose to be fun and enjoyable, however, sometimes it can get frustrating with pushy crowds and long lines. It is also difficult for some people to find affordable gifts. Target is the answer to these holiday frustrations. Target offers a fun and festive retail store environment to shop all year round and it is just as special during the holiday season with its spacious store layout and large selection of products. For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, they can avoid Christmas crowds all together and shop at There is something for everyone at Target including seasonal items, toys, jewelry & accessories, stationary, cameras, phones, automotive accessories, music, movies, and books.


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