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Operating System Administration/ Patches

DescriptionAssessment Description

During this topic, the principles of Separation, Isolation, Encapsulation, Fail-Safe Defaults/Fail Secure, and Modularity would be implemented to help the network with layering defense security. This is important for the de…
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Management Question

Jack Dorsey (2013), the co-founder of Twitter and Square (a payment company) said, “Success is never accidental.” He recognized that success comes from setting and achieving goals. As we discussed and practiced in the previous workshop, goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound achieve objectives that support the mission and vision of an organization or individual. Such SMART goals must be carefully written to be focused on the task at hand. In this assignment, we will hone skills in developing succinct goals.
Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:
Evaluate the internal and external environment of a health care organization.
Apply critical thinking to develop specific, measurable goals.
Utilize change management concepts in planning for implementation.
InstructionsReview the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Review the videos provided:Video: Explaining How To Set SMART Goals(new tab)
Video: The SMART Goal Formula(new tab)

Download the SMART Goal Worksheet(Word document), and develop three SMART goals for the organization you reviewed in 1.5 Assignment. These goals will focus on financial, regulatory, and quality issues. Remember to make your goals specific to what you will accomplish, by when, and by how much.

Other Question

Religion and Theology Assignment Help The challenges to initiate transformational change in industry can be overwhelming. Analyze the Brazilian concept of jeitinho and explore how the concept may be useful in breaking the status quo. In your journal assignment, provide two recommendations using the Brazilian cultural concept of jeitinho to address current and future knowledge worker shortages that Nimble Storage may experience. Use global talent management practices to support your recommendations.

Consolidation part 2

please be careful about requirements file and instructions file which is steps you should follow to do the requirements file and I provided the tables which you will use also
Be careful about every details in files because our professor deduct grades for every small missed details

HPEX-345- Nutrition in Health and Disease Calculations

8 questions involving calculations (Resting metabolic rate, total energy expenditure, etc.) that have to do with nutrition and wellness. Please show all work. I had attached a sample question for # 8 so hopefully that will help. Please let me know if you need the formulas. Thank you

Answer following question and comment other peers answer

Course descriptions – POLI 114 – Marxist Political Thought!
Marxism was the single most influential strain of radical Western thought in the 19th and 20th centuries, and its influence continues to be felt in East and West today. In this course, we will analyze major themes in Marxist political thought, from its roots in Western Europe in the work of John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and G. W. F. Hegel to its elaboration by twentieth-century thinker-activists in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Emphasis will be placed on the position of Marx’s and Engels’s conception of politics as an outgrowth of the tradition of “modern” Western political thought. We will examine Marxism as it emerged in response to the changing socio-economic setting of Western Europe and conclude with an assessment of how effectively non-European theorists adapted Marxism to their own national contexts. We will conclude by assessing the continued relevance of the Marxian paradigm of development and revolutionary change in the post-industrial world of the 21st century. Students enrolled in the course are not expected to have a background in the subject matter, although those who have studied political theory and/or world history will find that experience helpful.
What is the purpose of the Socratic (or Noble) Lie, and how is it related to the notion of political legitimacy?
Answer 200 words

Your portfolio must include the following: 1. A letter of introduction. Thinking about your audience and purpose (remember that

Your portfolio must include the following:
1. A letter of introduction. Thinking about your audience and purpose (remember that you can choose to use this for job hunting or use it for your current employer) and write a half page introduction. This should provide an overview of the portfolio and highlight its best features.
2. A table of contents.
3. Audience analysis.– Week 1 Assignment
4. The definition of a problem report.– Week 2 Assignment
5. The feasibility report.– Week 4 Assignment
6. A conclusion. The conclusion must reflect on your learning throughout the course.

Use the same reasearch poposal from the attached file and keep in mind your method of data collection, describe

Use the same reasearch poposal from the attached file and keep in mind your method of data collection, describe how you could potentially analyze your data. If you chose a quantitative method of data collection for your proposal, what quantitative analysis could you conduct? Likewise, if you chose a qualitative method of data collection, what type of qualitative analysis could you conduct? Be sure to also indicate what is the purpose of the analysis in line with your research question (correlation, themes, etc.). Finally, indicate software you could use to aid your analysis.

Locate a press release that is at least one month old on the PRNewswire website (All News Releases Distributed Essay

Locate a press release that is at least one month old on the PRNewswire website (All News Releases Distributed by PR Newswire) (not the Target and Ultra story we covered in class) and then do some research on the web to find out where and how this press release was adopted by other news publication companies. In a short essay (roughly 200-250 words) document what you found. Center the reflection around how the press release was adopted and adapted (how are the various versions similar and different), and on the relationship between public relations and journalism (what concerns, critiques, and thoughts do you have about this practice).

Make sure to include citations for the press release and at least two other versions of stories that you utilized for your reflection (two articles that used the original press release as, or in their articles). There should be three total citations.

Here is the link for this Assignment #8:

You are to read and report on a professional journal article. Reports are to be written in APA paper Essay

You are to read and report on a professional journal article. Reports are to be written in APA paper format and are to be chosen because they relate to the needs and concerns of clients in your field placement setting. The research should enhance your knowledge of academic professional peer-reviewed literature.

You are encouraged to use the Saint Leo University Library. The Saint Leo University librarian will demonstrate how to access journal articles if necessary, and online resources, websites, and videos can guide you to databases to use for this assignment. Use of the Saint Leo Library Guides as well as the Journal of Human Services is suggested.

You should find a relevant research-based article (it should have a methodology section) discussing current intervention techniques, theories, and models that deal with the type of client issues encountered in the field placement setting. You should also consider articles that deal with advocacy and policy issues affecting the clients served such as homelessness, lack of health care, poverty, or inadequate education. You will share their findings with the class in a short presentation on each journal article. The presentation will be your Module 7 discussion. It will require you to do a voice-over.

Your article review/critique should include the following:

Two to three pages, typed, correct grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, third-person language
Bibliographical citation using APA style
The rationale for article selection – Descriiption of reasons, including personal, professional, instructional, etc., for selecting the article. How does it relate to Saint Leo’s Core Value of Respect?
Brief article descriiption – A brief, concise, descriiption of the article that includes the author’s hypothesis, a brief descriiption of the research methodology, the research findings, and the author’s conclusions.
Article critique – Evaluation of the article, addressing the extent to which the conclusions can be tied back into the hypothesis and are supported by the results of the study. Are the conclusions drawn by the author (s) valid? Explain the strengths and weaknesses of the research. (You may want to look over your notes from HUS 311 and HUS 312 to assist you with this activity)
The paper must be typed in New Times Roman, 12-point font using APA format. The paper will be graded on writing style, organization, grammar and spelling, and the use of references with a reference page.

Roberts, A. R. (2007). Domestic violence continuum, forensic assessment and crisis intervention. Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services, 88(1), 42–54.

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