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organic speech, language. or swallowing disorder in depth

or swallowing disorder in depth.  Your research paper should be about 5 pages in length using double spacing.  Choose an organic communication or swallowing disorder for your topic.  Below are some possible topics:Dysphagia                                          Intellectual disabilityDementia                                          Cleft lip and palateCerebral palsy                                    TBIAphasia/CVA                                      Organic voice disordersLaryngectomy                                    Neuromotor speech disordersFind research journal articles through Sjc library.  Click on academics–Callahan Library Long Island–databases–Callahan list of databases–click on a database such as EBSCO–sign in–search for an article.* Hearing impairment/cochlear implant is not a choice as a topic for your abstract or paper*How to complete your research paper:1.  Choose a broad subject area then develop a specific question about the topic:          broad subject: (traumatic brain injury) or (cleft palate)          specific question about the topic: (What is the impact of cognitive deficits on social communication in traumatic brain injury? ) or  (How is speech production affected in children with cleft palate?)2. Gather informational articles and at least 3 research studies that match your topic.  Gather as many research studies that you need to write about your topic.    Example:    Informational articles may be the textbook, websites, or articles that describe a disorder.  Research studies are articles that studies or discusses the effect of variables in a disorder. (sample articles for the question for traumatic brain injury:  pragmatics/turn-taking skills in TBI, school reentry issues in TBI, memory deficits in TBI,  attention deficits in TBI)3. Introduce your topic on the first page4. Then discuss and integrate the information from your research studies on the next 3 pages (see below how to integrate information in this section).  Organize the body of the paper around subtopics, not each article.  For example if you are discussing TBI, possibly the first subtopic is impact of turn taking skills on social communication, then possibly impact of attention deficits on social communication, then possibly reentry into workforce using social communication skills.5. Then come to conclusions about the information on the last pages. and develop an idea of your own depending on your topic and based on the research you have studied.  Don’t use “I” in your application of your idea, keep wording formal.          (i.e. idea of medication of Ritalin, often used for ADHD, for TBI symptoms of attention deficits in order to improve social communication.)Use APA format for works cited page and citing sources in your paper.Sample of how to integrate information from research studies:          “For those professional voice users with voice disorders, there are a number of consequences in terms of economic, psychosocial, and voice related quality of life.  For example, Van Houtte, Claeys, Wuyts, and Van Lierde (2011) reported that 20% of teachers had missed a minimum of 1 day of work due to voice problems.  Roy et al (2004) found that teachers experienced reduced activities or interactions with others as a result of their voice disorder.  In addition, Chen and colleagues (2010) found that teachers with a voice disorder reported decreased ability to communicate effectively, had reduced social activities, made fewer phone calls, and that the voice disorder had a significant impact on their overall emotional state….there is a growing body of research showing the negative impact that voice disorders have on professional voice users”. (Evitts, et al 2016, The impact of dysphonic voices on healthy listeners: listener reaction times, speech intelligibility, and listener comprehension, AJSLP, vol25 561-575)

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