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organizational behavior

When one thinks of organizations, it would be natural to first consider businesses. However, we are surrounded by and probably part of many other types of organizations, including religious groups, social clubs, volunteer organizations and government. Even families can be viewed through the lens of organizational behavior.
Consider the Executive Branch of the federal government. What ideas from our reading do you see evident in the way the Executive Branch is organized? How do these principles contribute to the successful function or dysfunction of this branch of government?

Learning Journal

Using the Wall Street Journal menu link, select an article that relates to this week’s readings, videos, and discussions. Briefly explain why you chose the article and how it relates to your leadership journey.
This article I selected is attached and it relates to Jack Welch’s rule # 4 Establishing trust with candor, transparency and credit.

Advocate a Corporate Responsibility Position

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You are responsible for writing and submitting a paper that advocates either the shareholder-value perspective or stakeholder-theory perspective on corporate responsibility, as discussed in the video, book, and classroom discussions. Only those sources may be used in fulfillment of the assignment—the use of any outside sources without citation (which will not be accepted) constitutes plagiarism.
Begin by clearly stating that one position is morally superior to the other, then develop a carefully structured argument to support your position. You should NOT use your very limited word count to explain the perspective to the instructor. Take for granted that your reader is an expert in your source material, and add value by convincing the reader that the perspective you have chosen is more moral than the alternative.
If you have kept up with the corporate responsibility course content, absorbing the readings, videos, and class discussions, you will be able to write the paper effectively and efficiently. If you have not, you will need to become well versed in the both corporate responsibility positions before writing (without the benefit of class discussions), which will reduce the amount of time that you have available to craft an excellent paper.
The paper must be between 275 and 300 words (absolutely no more); place your name and word count in the upper right-hand corner of your paper. As you did with your Business Ethics News Item paper, you should think in terms of writing a 350-400 word paper, and then paring it down and crafting it into a very tight, brief paper that fits into the required word range. Do not write a “short” paper and then engage in puffery. The paper must be double spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font, and attached to this assignment as a Microsoft Word document by the date and time listed in the course schedule. This time is a cutoff—you are welcome to submit the paper early. Papers that miss the cutoff will lose 25% of their points if submitted anytime in the following 24 hours, and will not be accepted after that time. Your grade will be determined based on how closely your paper matches the above requirements, along with the depth and persuasiveness of your advocacy for your position. Invest sufficient time into thinking through, drafting, and refining your paper: It accounts for 20% of your course grade.

2-1 Discussion: John D. Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Trust

Read the Standard Oil case study beginning on page 75 of the textbook as well as pp. 145–150 of Exxon and the Control of Oil. Your instructor will designate whether you are to support the position of either the pluralist theory or dominance theory of business power. My position is dominance theory.
From the perspective of the theory which you have been assigned, consider the following prompts in your initial post:
With reference to the seven levels of corporate power addressed in the text, how did the power of Standard Oil change society?
Was the power exercised in keeping with the social contract of Rockefeller’s era?
Does the story support the position of either the pluralist or dominance theory of business power?
Also in your post, state which theory (pluralist or dominance) you personally ascribe to. Did the arguments you read on this discussion topic change your perspective?
My position is dominance theory. (please put each of these questions in bold, and then answer for each question)

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