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The a-s-s-e-s-s-m-e-n-t will be 2700 to 3000 words long. Please see the questions shown in the screenshot. I will send you all info after being hired, eg PPTs, student access etc. Please send a draft in 12hrs -1 day time, day 2, and day 3 as well. Will need to draft some questions to ask the teacher and revise base on feedback (Send bk ard in 1 day max)

who teaches one page

Contact someone you know who works in your field or in a similar technical workplace (related to technology, business, engineering, or another industry that you are interested in). Ask them the following questions: What different types of written communication do you do at work (emails? reports? wikis? proposals? documentation? instructions? website content? anything else…)? If you are asked to write something new on the job, how do you find out what is expected (how it should be organized/written)? What do you find challenging or rewarding about writing in a workplace setting? What are some tips you follow or recommend for making workplace writing clear and user-friendly? Reflect and write about the interview or the document you analyzed. First, document the interview/analysis (see format below), then add your reflection as a paragraph or two after documenting the interview. Consider these questions in your reflection: Does the information you found surprise you? How? Is the information you found the same or different from your own experiences (refer back to your discussion post from this week). Describe how it is the same or different. Why do you think that is? What else did you notice?

Hello again! I am back for another order for this essay. This one will be 250 words and the

Hello again! I am back for another order for this essay. This one will be 250 words and the prompt is: USC believes that one learns best when interacting with people of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Tell us about a time you were exposed to a new idea or when your beliefs were challenged by another point of view. Please discuss the significance of the experience and its effect on you.

This is the premise of the story I want you to write about.(this is just an example, but please don’t copy this writing style since it is really not the best.)
I was always of the belief that you should get a high paying job and on your free time do what you actually want to do. I used to work at Mcdonalds and absolutely hated the culture, the management, and environment the company produced for their workers. It was hell on earth with little to no interaction with coworkers since it was always understaffed and way too busy to handle. I currently work at Trek Bikes as a Bike Mechanic and Jamba Juice as well as attend Pierce College. Being able to work there has allowed me to meet people from all walks of life. From military veterans and firefighters at the bike shop to business owners and financial analyst at pierce who significantly older than me, I have gained so much new perspective on various ways of living and have had so much fun talking with the people there about bikes and everything about their lives and what they do. I have been able to now realize how important it is to love what you do.

Basically here are the bullet points
Premise of the essay: do what you love, and creating strong relationships with coworkers makes the work move be like nothing.
Used to work at McDonalds, hated it
Now I work at Jamba and trek, feels like I do less work with both jobs combined vs McDonalds
At trek: have met firefighters, airplane mechanics, military veterans
At pierce: met business owners, and those in the financial sector
Conclusion: declining UCI for Chem engineering and switching to computer science/business admin has been a great decision to finally pursue what I love.

Talk about the environments between mcdonalds vs trek, how the work culture is so much better, how we actually go hangout outside of the shop. How important it is to have a work place where you can actually have fun.
Talk about the importance of loving what you do.

I know this is a lot to take in, so please if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

CPSS/395: Program Facilitation Skills

Writing Assignment Help Watch these videos from the University Library:
Juvenile sex offender interview: Anthony B
Juvenile sex offender interview: Anthony J
Juvenile sex offender interview: Zachary W
Choose one of the offender interviews and imagine the offender as your client.
Consider what you learned through your Week 3 assignment and apply those skills in the 4 parts below.
Part 1: Client Analysis
Write a brief 175- to 350-word description of this client and your strategy for interviewing the client.
Part 2: Interview Questions
Write a list of 16 to 24 questions and statements you would use when working with the offender you chose as your client.
Part 3: Facilitation Skills Summary
Write a brief 175- to 350-word summary of how you would use these questions and statements to facilitate your sessions with your ”client.” Respond to the following:
What is the facilitation skill?
How would you use this skill?
Part 4: Facilitation Skills Session Transcript
Choose 2 to 3 facilitation skills from your facilitation skills summary in Part 3.
Write a 350- to 525-word transcript of a fictional session with your client in which you demonstrate each skill.
Use the “New Comment” button under the Review tab in Microsoft Word® to note when you are using each skill and what the skill entails.

Topic: A review of the U.S. economy and its impact on transportation and logistics management. The project must include

Topic: A review of the U.S. economy and its impact on transportation and logistics management.

The project must include a title page, table of contents, abstract, and reference page. The project will demonstrate the knowledge acquired through coursework completed to date. The project is an application of this knowledge and requires the student to analyze and interpret the topic of interest. The use of graphics and charts is highly encouraged.

This report must be original work. This report cannot include papers submitted in previous courses.


APA cover page

Abstract (1/2- 1 page)

2. Introduction to the topic, problem or thesis statement

3. Literature Review Background Research on the topic

4. Discussion of your ideas on the topic and problem

5. Discussion of new solution(s) to the problem

6. Conclusion

The final paper must have the following key sections, clearly identified, though they can be titled creatively to reflect your question and interests:

I. An introduction that states the problem and why your topic is important.

The research question clearly and concisely stated as a question. What do you hope to answer with this research? This section should also include a definition of terms.

II. Literature Review – background research on this topic

III. The results/ discussions, describes what you have learned that helps answer the research question. What are you ideas about this topic?

IV. The discussion of potential new solutions.

V. The conclusion, which summarizes the key points of the paper and suggests further research needed on this topic.

VI. A list of references in APA format.

you would like to (or theoretically like to) observe about a child (aligned to cognitive, socio-emotional, and/or physical development) And write about the data you collected

Directions: This week we learned about different types of data. For this assignment: Observation Purpose – Identify something you would like to (or theoretically like to) observe about a child (aligned to cognitive, socio-emotional, and/or physical development) Observation Context/Setting – Explain the context and why you want to observe him or her Type of Data – Explain how you could collect quantitative data and qualitative data and which you prefer and why Data Plan – Include a chart or checklist to show your data collection/observation plan Analysis of Plan – Explain the advantages and disadvantages of a quantitative approach and a qualitative approach Conclusion – Analyze about what you wrote and write a conclusion/summary Include a title/cover page and a reference page. PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENTS

2700-3000 word s-commerce proposal -My chosen company is Boohoo -For the evaluation of the company’s current e-commerce offerings I Essay

2700-3000 word s-commerce proposal

-My chosen company is Boohoo
-For the evaluation of the company’s current e-commerce offerings I would like their Instagram account and their brand ambassador to be spoken about.
-For the s-commerce proposal I would like the focus to be on Boohoo introducing onsite reviews (social)
-I have made a start on this assignment but am not confident with it. I will attach it below so you can use some of it if necessary.

-Should mention how they are different to competitors, no direct quotes for value offering, needs to include theory such as electronic word of mouth, trust and influence, network and social proof.

Social commerce is a way of utilizing social media platforms and channels to help promote e-commerce and to assist in the buying and selling of goods or services. Your task is to develop a plan for a social commerce strategy for an organisation of your choice that interacts with its customers online. You must evaluate their current e-commerce and s-commerce systems and look for ways in which they could be improved. You can recommend a way to develop a social commerce presence if they do not currently have one.
You do not need to obtain inside information or access to an organisation to complete this assignment as no primary research is needed. You can base it on information that is already in the public domain.
Assessment criteria

Practitioner research 20% – Introduction to the problem – background to the organisation and an audit of their online presence demonstrating research and evaluation of emerging technologies for e-commerce.
Academic research 30% – Identify and apply relevant theoretical models to and analyse s-commerce, e-commerce, online consumer behaviour and developments in digital culture.
Proposal 30% – An s-commerce proposal outlining your solution for the organisation that makes use of academic research undertaken and the appropriate s-commerce academic models. The proposal should comment on the potential benefits and risks to the organisation of adopting the s-commerce proposal.
Critique 20% – A critical evaluation of the proposal demonstrating an ability to apply and evaluate the psychological structures and processes involved in online consumer behaviour.
See attached marking grid for more guidance
Learning outcomes
LO1 – Research and evaluate emerging technologies for e-commerce.
LO2 – Apply research and theoretical models to identify and analyse e-commerce and online consumer behaviour.
LO3 – Demonstrate an ability to apply and evaluate the psychological structures and processes involved in online consumer behaviour.
LO4 – Develop an s-commerce (social commerce) strategy solution for a specific organisation.
LO5 – Research and evaluate developments in contemporary digital culture.

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