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Overcoming Challenges

The overarching project in FOS100 is the
completion of a Student Success Plan (SSP). Completing this project
will prepare you for success, not only during your academic journey, but
during your professional journey as well. You will complete sections of
your SSP in various weeks throughout this course, turning in your final
project in Week 10. This activity will help you to think critically
about your SSP before starting it, enabling you to complete a great
project that you will be able to use even after completing FOS100.
Download the Overcoming Challenges Template [DOCX], answer the questions, and upload your completed activity in Week 2.
This is an activity to determine your
personal challenges and goals, so there are no right or wrong answers.
Answer as honestly as you can: acknowledging your challenges can help
you overcome them.
Assignment Submission Click the Week 2 Assignment link.
After the link opens, scroll down to the Assignment Submission section.
Click Browse My Computer.
Locate and select the Overcoming Challenges document on your hard drive.
Click Open to attach the document. (When attached it will appear below the Attached Files section.)
When you are finished, click Submit.
Note: You may submit this assignment up to three times to improve your score.

Questions, paragraphs

Book crossing cultures
by Annie knepler
#9 pg 135 write a paragraph
#10 pg 136 write a paragraph
Answer questions #1,3,5,9 pg 145
#21 pg 146 answer questions
#23 pg-146 write a paragraph
Make five separate bumper stickers

Write Your Own Expository Essay You will write an expository essay about a social movement which can be defined

English Assignment Help Write Your Own Expository Essay
You will write an expository essay about a social movement which can be defined as a loosely organized effort by a large group of people to achieve a particular goal – typically a social or political one. This may be to carry out, resist or undo a social change.
Step 1
Review Essay Structure Tips
Review What is an Expository Essay
Step 2
Choose one social movement topic from below.
Black Lives Matter
Climate Protest
Me Too Movement
Gender Equality
Trans Movement
Anti-Mask/Vaccine Movement
Opioid Crisis
*ask me if you would like to cover a different social movement.
Step 3
Research your chosen topic to find out more information.
Choose a minimum of 5 sources that provide the basis of your essay.
These must be included in your MLA bibliography and used as citations within your essay.
Narrow down your topic to three things that you’d like to explain.
Topic ? Climate Protests bring awareness on global warming impacts.
3 Components ? Impacts the environment, health and economy.
Thesis ? Climate protests bring awareness to global warming which impacts the environment, health and economy.

Refer to this example to guide you.
Create your thesis and begin!
Step 4
Use the Writing Process to begin your essay.
Step 2 of the Writing Process should use this Outline for a 5 Paragraph Essay below.
Take a look at this example of an expository essay.
Your thesis statement must be underlined in your introduction!

Use the following outline to organize your points.


Thesis statement must underlined in your essay

Body #1
Sub Topic 1

Body #2
Sub Topic 2

Body #3
Sub Topic 3


MLA Bibliography
List the resources used


Find an article from a reputable source discussing current research in this area.
Post in the discussion by giving a brief summary and explaining how it relates to our class and your own health.
Remember to include the URL in your posting.

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