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Overview The Field Of Communication Is Always Changing. As New Technologies Are College Essay Help Near Me

The field of communication is always changing. As new technologies are created and societal trends shift, best practices and career opportunities evolve to meet these new demands. In this assignment, you will apply your knowledge of the history of communication and its influence on communication channels and technologies to draft a portion of your project. You will submit your completed Hiring Request in Module Seven.
You are the communication director at Acme Widget Co. and oversee a small team of direct reports. The CEO has recently informed you that your department has been given a substantial budget increase in order to hire for three new communication positions that will help the company address current and emerging trends in the field. While the funds have been allocated for this purpose, you need to explain the need for these new roles.
Fill in the Historical Context section of the Hiring Request Form to describe a few key events in the field of communication and how these events have impacted current business practices. As you complete this section, make sure to use the module resources to guide you, and cite any sources you use in APA format.
Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:
What are three to five key events that have impacted business practices?
How have these events influenced business practices?
What are some general examples of these influences?
Think about tools, technologies, and channels that are commonly used now that weren’t a decade ago. These may consist of interpersonal, group, or mass media channels
Guidelines for Submission
To complete this project, you must submit the following:
Template: Hiring Request Form Word Document
Use the provided Hiring Request Form to complete this milestone. You only need to complete Section One: Historical Context for this assignment. You will complete the other sections later on in the course. Make sure to cite any sources you use in APA format.

ELIT 340: C.S. Lewis Analysis Paper
The goal of this paper is to explore Lewis’s custom essay helpELIT 340: C.S. Lewis Analysis Paper
The goal of this paper is to explore Lewis’s writings on a deeper level by tracing a theme across two or more of C.S. Lewis’s works (including books, essays, poetry, lectures, etc.). These may be works we have read in class, but you are welcome to include others as well.
To fully explore your idea, your paper should be 1,500-2,000 words (excluding the Works Cited). This paper will be logically organized (not organized by sources), with an introduction including a thesis statement and preview, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
To give your topic context and/or support, you must cite a minimum of three well-chosen, scholarly secondary sources. Your thesis should also be thoroughly supported with textual evidence from whichever of Lewis’s works you are writing about. Paraphrased evidence and short quotations are preferable; sparing use of long quotations is permitted, but block quotations do not count toward the length requirement. Smoothly and accurately acknowledge all borrowed material using MLA style.
Outline: Submit your outline on eClass by 8:00 p.m. EST on Monday, April 4. Follow the format provided on eclass.
First Draft: Your first draft is due on Monday, April 11. You will meet with me individually to discuss your draft. Make sure to submit your first draft before your conference time so we can discuss it together.
Final Draft: The final draft of your paper must be submitted to turnitin through eclass by 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, April 18.
Analysis Paper Scoring Guide
1. Unity ______ Essay’s purpose evident and appropriate for the assignment (20 pts)
Engaging and full development of a clear thesis
Essay is clearly unified on the thesis
Anticipates and answers reader’s questions
Essay follows requirements on assignment sheet
2. Support ______
Substantial, logical, concrete development of ideas (40 pts)
Topic sentences support thesis; explanations given clearly
Main points sufficiently supported with specific evidence
Sources are credible and academic
Sources are paraphrased completely, quoted exactly, and cited accurately
Information is skillfully incorporated, mostly paraphrased
Works Cited page correctly follows MLA style
3. Organization ______
Introduction sets up essay well; conclusion provides clear wrap-up (20 pts)
Logical and effective sequencing of essay and paragraphs
Ideas divided into logical paragraphs
Transitions show why points belong where they do
4. Style ______
Word choice is academic/professional, concise, creative, precise (10 pts)
Varied sentence structures
Standard English throughout paper
Format appropriate for assignment; follows MLA style
5. Mechanics ______
Correct spelling and accurate punctuation (10 pts)
Grammar and usage contribute to clarity and style
Overall Score ______
(100 pts)

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