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Paraphrasing my report to be less that 8% or replace sentences and match the content with report

I have a report that needs to paraphrase which are currently reached 26% of similarity. if you paraphrase or replace sentences that should be matched with references that mean linked. The topic is
(The sustainability of artificial intelligent approaches in facilities and maintenance management)
The checker of similarity should be the latest Turnitin officially no checker
The report will share after being awarded the tutor.
The required similarity should be less than 8% and the same meaning
The most similarity came from one site that means no need to show that site never.
Match the content with the report
The checker should be Turnitin

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Decision making and problem solving discussion

Hello, Please I would like to have an answer for the below questions with avoiding plagiarism and expressing in your on word
After studying and reading the below book of Decision making and problem solving, please discuss the following question (100 to 150 words):
What skills have you learned in this course?
What was the most useful part in this class?…

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Humanities Question

Management Assignment Help I need help with two essays , one is 1000 word essay with prof comments to be rectified and another essay essay word count not mentioned. I need the revised version in 6hrs and the other one in 12hohours. So a total of 18hours from now. Attached below are the instructions to the second essay

Management Question

The assignment is a set of questions part1,2 about a fake company don’t search its not real “GoTech”
Please read the requirements and Imagine that you are a Advisor to Abdullah and answer the questions . Thank you
Please read the guidelines it’s very importrat
No plagiarism at all please
And using APA style reference

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