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**Part 1*** Why should we look at art? Where can we view art? How should we look at art?

**Part 1***
Why should we look at art?
Where can we view art?
How should we look at art?
Do the views expressed in the video agree or disagree with the textbook? (I know it ask you to say if you agree or disagree with the textbook just I agree with the view’s expressed with the video and textbook.)
***Please Make it Noticeable that you Separated the two parts***
Part 2
**Picture will be presented in the attachments.*
Is this image representational, abstract, or nonobjective and why?
What elements of art do you see (color, line, texture…) in this painting? An in-depth analysis is not needed. Just describe what you see.
What is the subject of this image?
What is the emotion that the artist is portraying?
This artwork was soon rejected by its culture because it was created at a time of change when the culture’s interest was becoming one that appreciated speed, modernism, and nationalism. How do you think this painting would be received in our current culture? Why?

Please read instructions carefully. Please use provided resources Once you have finished reading about Qantas and reviewing the background

Please read instructions carefully. Please use provided resources

Once you have finished reading about Qantas and reviewing the background materials including Buhler (2001) and Kourdi (2003), write a 4- to 5-page paper addressing the following questions:

Is the decision whether or not to sell Qantas’ frequent flyer program a strategic or operational decision? Is it a programmed or non-programmed decision? Explain your answer using references to Buhler (2001) or Kourdi (2003).

Suppose Alan Joyce decides to take a rational approach to the decision whether or not to sell the frequent flyer program. List a step-by-step approach you would recommend, and include specifics regarding what kind of information or choices should be considered at each step. Do not just list the steps, give detail at each step and use material both from your research on Qantas and from Buhler (2001) or Kourdi (2003) to come up with these steps.

Joyce has been the CEO of Qantas for six years and is an experienced airline executive. Given his experience, do you recommend Joyce use a rational or intuitive approach to this decision? If there is a new CEO who comes from another industry and does not have this airline experience, would you recommend they use a rational or intuitive approach? Explain your reasoning, and make references to Buhler (2001) or Kourdi (2003) as appropriate.

Follow the assignment instructions closely and follow all steps listed in the instructions
Stay focused on the precise assignment questions, don’t go off on tangents or devote a lot of space to summarizing general background materials
Make sure to cite readings from the background materials page. Rely primarily on the required background readings as your sources of information
Include both a bibliography and in-text citations.

Topic: Teachers Perceptions towards ESL/ESOL Delivery Models (Keywords: push-in, pull-out, sheltered instruction, co-teaching) Please read carefully the files attached

Topic: Teachers Perceptions towards ESL/ESOL Delivery Models
(Keywords: push-in, pull-out, sheltered instruction, co-teaching)
Please read carefully the files attached for specific guidelines.
The concept paper or research proposal includes the following components:
Statement of the problem/descriiption of the project
Goals and Objectives
Preliminary (brief) review of literature (include at least 10 current peer-reviewed sources, and if appropriate identify the theoretical approach, no more than 5 years old)
Research Design – how you will address the research questions (including definitions, sample, data collection strategies, and ethical considerations?)

We began our semester with a discussion of sport as performative public discourse. Drawing on ideas from Plato, Aristotle,

Writing Assignment Help We began our semester with a discussion of sport as performative public discourse. Drawing on ideas from Plato, Aristotle, Kenneth Burke, Richard Weaver, and Chäim Perelman, we sketched out ways in which sport functions as a form of rhetoric, a constructed public discourse in which rules establish preferred values and behaviors and the actions of athletes become proofs or examples of those behaviors in action. Sports build discourses of praise and blame from the athlete’s actions, discourses that work to modify the behavior of the audience; to get the audience to see the goals of the sport as having moral purpose, to identify with the praised actions of the athletes and embrace them, ultimately, to act in manners consistent with the values praised in athletic performance.

Your first paper is a think piece. You are to examine your favorite sport as performative public discourse. You are to identify one well-known rule from that sport. You are then to offer at least one illustration of a story from the last two years (2020-2022) in which an athlete succeeded or failed to fulfill this rule and was praised or blamed for doing so. You are to find at least one story on popular media that covered the story (this could be newspaper, magazine, popular blogs or podcasts). You are to show how the story used the athlete’s actions as a proof or example demonstrating something praiseworthy or blameworthy. You are then to draw conclusions from the story regarding what readers are supposed to see as right/wrong and the values they are motivated to embrace (e.g. a story in which it is praiseworthy to “win at all costs” would represent a much different value scheme from a story in which it was praiseworthy to “lose by playing the game fairly and not cheating”).

Papers must be three pages in length and have a minimum of three cited references. Papers will be graded on clarity of argument, application of class theory, and writing quality. Papers with excessive errors in spelling or grammar (over fifteen) will be returned to the author for a rewrite. Rewritten papers will lose a letter grade and the authors will receive a zero for the assignment until the rewritten papers are handed in.

Film Question

For this assignment, You will write 15 lines of an original scene!
The title of the play is: Student Life at University, A Glimpse Beneath the Surface.
Think about: What have you experienced at UniversUniversity that might not be apparent to everyone? Challenges? Celebrations? Relationships? Desired relationships? Tensions? Struggles? Dreams? Accomplishments? Distractions…
FIRST, Briefly Answer the 4 questions below. Then follow the instructions to write the scene.
Where is the scene set?
Who are the 2 characters?
What is each of their objectives/what does each want the other TO DO?
Besides “conflict of need,” what is one other level of conflict that is present??
NOW write 15 lines of dialogue for your scene. (a line of dialogue is not lines on a page, but one character’s statement)
You will get the full 5 points credit for answering the 4 questions, and writing 15 lines of dialogue for your scene!

Assignment #2-1 Lethal Force / Deadly Force READ these descriiptions relating to appropriate use of deadly force: Texas Penal Essay

Assignment #2-1 Lethal Force / Deadly Force

READ these descriiptions relating to appropriate use of deadly force:
Texas Penal Code Chapter 9; see “Subchapter E” (Section 9.51 paragraphs c, d, e, f, and g) regarding police officer use of force:

FBI police on deadly force (for FBI Agents, but is consistent with other Department of Justice federal agencies such as DEA, US Marshals Service and others as well as federal law enforcement agencies in other Departments of the US Government):

REVIEW these articles:
Different deadly force mindsets…or just different agency policies ? (focus on how different deadly force or other policies can cause a legal or policy conflict for an officer from another agency being assigned to a task force sponsored by federal agency, and his/her department policy conflicts with the task for agency policy he/she is assigned to):

Opinion Column – Fear and Use of Deadly Force (think about ones fear affects one’s view as a person or situation as a threat…which leads to deadly force under the policies…does one person’s framework of “fear” or threat differ from another person’s framework of “fear’ or threat when it comes to a decision to use deadly force legally?):

Implicit Bias (focus on the sections relating to how implict bias is formed and how to counteract it…recognizing that one’s unconcious implicit bias can frame how one assesses potential violence, an escalating situation, and/or use of deadly force):

THINK about
The assumptions made by the authors, the Texas statute and FBI policy about use of deadly force, and your own sense of when it would be appropriate to use deadly force if you were a police officer (as in, would your personal standard be more limited than the statute or policy allows, or do the policy and statute provide enough flexibility for confrontations?) ..Is there clarity for law enforcement officers trying to be guided by the policies?
What about the subjective language in the statute and policy….words like “reasonably” and “believe” and “justified” and “necessary” and “imminent?” Are there advantages and challenges with those words?
Is there bias in any of the articles?
Any other analysis (not just opinions…but analysis of the issues and challenges and solutions, if any).
THEN, WRITE an essay relating to the articles, noting the below:
you must read all 3 articles and in some way refer to or incorporate ALL of them into your essay, but your essay will focus primarily on one of the articles.
Spend some serious time thinking about what you have read and your analysis and reaction to each piece….make notes and plan your answer before you begin writing. Again, don’t just say “I agree with this” or “that,” or give broad opinions generally about what you believe are injustices in the world or your community.
Focus on the articles and statutes/policy.
Guidance for length is 3 pages at a minimum (excluding title and sources pages), and make sure to give proper credit for work that is not your own (quotes, etc) using APA format for citation.

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