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part Iii: While On An Ecological Trip To The Tropical Rainforest, You College Essay Help Nyc

Part III: While on an ecological trip to the tropical rainforest, you discover a small
unfamiliar object that looks like a living organism. You think it may even be a new species.
What characteristics would you look for in order to decide if your discovery should be
classified as a biotic organism? Apply each of these characteristics of living things from
Unit 1 and identify your “object” as biotic or abiotic

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Ethics In Nursing

List Different Methods Used In A Needs Assessment In 3-5 Pages

The needs assessment serves as the foundation of a successful training initiative. The needs assessment helps understand what needs to be addressed in the training program to ensure that the solution matches the need. Tasks: Using your module’s readings and Internet research, create a 3- to 5-page paper and respond to the following points: List different methods used in a needs assessment. Choose one method discussed in the text and provide the pros and cons of the method.

Phase 3 IP

HSS420-1404B-01 Global Health Systems Task Name: Phase 3 Individual Project Deliverable Length: 2-3 pages Details: Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) will be due by Monday and late submissions will be assigned a late penalty in accordance with the late penalty policy found in the syllabus. NOTE: All submission posting times are based on midnight Central Time. Library Research Project You have decided you would like to work in a foreign country as a health care financial professional. Choose the country and the type of position within health care finance or health care management. You would like to know how medical education, job duties, and pay in the country of your choice compares to the training and experience received in the United States. Using the library, Internet, and other resources, address the following: Provide the education requirements, job functions, and salary for your chosen medical profession in the chosen country. Describe how these differ from the education requirements, job functions, and salary in the United States.

800 Words Essay

800 Words Essay. Brian Smith is a 4-year-old who resides with his mother, father, and younger brother Luke in a four-bedroom home in a comfortable suburban neighborhood. Brian’s father is a civil engineer and his mother is a dietitian. As a newborn, Brian was described as a ?fussy baby who did not enjoy being held by others, including his parents. As he grew, Brian’s parents coped by minimizing their interactions with him, often encouraging him to play by himself. Although he is able to talk, he prefers to express his needs by grunting and mumbling. His pediatrician has recommended speech therapy to encourage him to use a greater vocabulary on a regular basis, Brian’s parents are hesitant to ?label him as a ?special needs child at this young age and have declined any intervention at this time. Brian has had four different childcare providers since he was six months old. For the past year, he and Luke have spent weekdays with their childcare provider, Tracy, who cares for three additional children under age seven, two of whom frequently wrestle, throw food and hit each other during the day. Last year, Brian’s parents decided to enroll him in a pre-school program five days per week. Brian attended exactly two weeks before his parents were contacted over concern that he was constantly hitting others and throwing toys. Rather than work with the pre-school, Brian’s mother decided to return him to Tracy’s house, explaining that the pre-school did not understand the energy level of boys. Tracy describes Brian as exasperating but has been reluctant to discuss her concerns with the Smiths, for fear that they will remove Brian and Luke from her care, and she needs the money. In addition to his preschool classmates, Brian has been aggressive with his now 2-year-old brother Luke since Luke was an infant. For example, he has hit Luke, smashed toys over his head, and recently ran Luke over with his tricycle. Brian’s father has become increasingly frustrated as he struggles to communicate with his son. He responds to Brian by yelling and demanding that Brian speak clearly. Interactions with his father often result in Brian screeching, biting his own arm, or throwing objects. Brian’s mother attributes much of Brian’s behavior to being a ?toddler boy. She disciplines him by attempting to explain the reasons his behavior is ?not nice. Brian’s father has begun implementing time-outs as a means of discipline. 1) Discuss how the key concepts in the chapter may be used to describe Brian and his family. 2) What additional information would be helpful to have about Brian? Focus and Organization (10 points): the topic clearly stated and the paper is organized with an introduction, discussion of the issues and a conclusion. Thorough discussion of the assigned readings (10): the paper discusses the assigned readings in relation to the topic. Correctness (10): there is correct usage of grammar, syntax, spelling, and correct usage of APA guidelines.
800 Words Essay

How Would You Assess Your Visualisation Skills

Consider the personal reasons that led you to buy this book. How would you assess your visualisation skills, your interests in this subject and maybe your role or duties? What help are you seeking and what do you hope to achieve? What aspects of your visualisation capability do you feel is most lacking? This kind of personal assessment will help frame your focus during your reading of the book and offer a means of assessing the value of the book once you have finished it. Assignment Link:

Leading Causes Of Death

Click the link below for question details You have just been hired by your State’s health department to help develop a health promotion program. Your first assignment is to use the CDC database, WISQARS Leading Causes of Death Reports, to find out what the leading causes of death in your State are, and how different groups within your State compare to those of the State as a whole. You will use that information to decide which determinants of health your program should focus on.

Discussion: Effects On The Family-6411-09d

he effects of traumatic reactions on the family can be many, and the intensity to which they are experienced can vary. Families do not always know what their loved one is experiencing or why they came home different from when they left. Supporting the family is a critical aspect for helping professionals who plan to work with active duty military personnel and veterans. For this Discussion, consider the effects of PTSD on the family and the support services you might recommend. Post2 to 3 pages) an explanation of two effects PTSD can have on a military family or the family of a veteran. Explain how these effects can perpetuate the active duty military personnel’s symptoms. Finally, as a social worker, explain what services you would most likely recommend and explain why. Be sure to support your post with specific references to the resources. If you are using additional articles, be sure to provide full APA-formatted citations for your references. Required Readings Dick, G. (2014). Social work practice with veterans. Washington, D.C.: NASW Press. Chapter 7, Military Children (pp. 97-114) Rubin, A., Weiss, E.L., & Coll, J.E. (2013). Handbook of military social work. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley. Chapter 24, Family-Centered Programs and Interventions for Military Children and Youth (pp. 427-442) Chapter 25, Couple Therapy for Redeployed Military and Veteran Couples (pp. 443-466) Chapter 26, Theory and Practice with Military Couples and Families (pp. 467-492) The National Child Traumatic Stress Network. (n.d.). Military children and families. Retrieved March 9, 2014, from Lester, P., & Flake, E. (2013). How wartime military service affects children and families. The Future of Children, 23(2), 121141. Suzannah K., C., & Gabriela, M. (2017). Parenting with PTSD: A Review of Research on the Influence of PTSD on Parent-Child Functioning in Military and Veteran Families. Frontiers In Psychology, Vol 8 (2017), doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2017.01101/full U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. (2013). I am a caregiver / family member. Retrieved from


Male client who reports experiencing symptoms of psychosis which include, low motivation, social functioning, flat/blunted affect, difficulty concentrating, depressed mood, high level of anxiety, perceptual disturbance or hallucination ( auditory, visual) expressed paranoid thoughts and exhibits paranoid reactions including extreme disturb distrust, fear, and apprehension. DSM-5 Diagnoses: 1) Schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type 2) Post traumatic stress disorder 3) History of substance use (methamphetamine abuse) 1. Write extensively on pathophysiology/developmental stages of schizophrenia then narrow it down to schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type. 2. Write on the methods use to define diagnosis and rationale, clinical presentation, appropriate testing and treatment modalities (both medications and therapies) of schizophrenia. 3. Write briefly about post- traumatic stress disorder and substance use (meth abuse) and their treatment plans. – Use APA format 6th edition and peer reviewed sources -8 pages paper (excluding title page and reference

Discussion Post

3 Paragraps. APA. 3 References. No plagiarism. The Central Nervous System (CNS) is a complicated network that controls behaviors and is adaptive to environment. Relate what neuro transmitters are primarily affected in Parkinson’s Disease Describe the class of medication used to treat this condition Explain early and late Parkinson’s symptoms Provide pharmacologic management for patients with early and late stages Define extrapyramidal symptoms and how they are managed

T Week 10b

GUIDELINES: Each STUDENT will hand in one formal paper about a nursing theory. The paper is to be a five to six (5-6) pages total (double-spaced, 12 font, 1-inch margins). Follow APA guidelines for a cover sheet, headers, pagination, references, etc.

Ethics In Nursing

Think of a time when you had a different opinion than another person. Reflect on personal values evident in encounters/challenges with patients, friends, teachers, and others. Note what they think and feel about these situations. Trace how they developed each value and how their value(s) affected these encounters. Identify value differences that may have contributed to conflict or misunderstanding.

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