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LE#2 BUS 6190 – Capstone

Learning Engagement #2TOPIC:
1) What is Strategic Planning?
2) Is your company a solid business idea?
3) Write your business plan definition summary identifying the critical aspect of the potential business growth.
4) Make sure you present your submission as an APA style write up with in-text citations and references.
Making your plan compelling, time is valuable for business people especially for PRBC members and financial institutions, banks, venture capitalists, and other investors who are inundated with business plans and proposals. Evaluate the PRBC. Remember, to have the answer the questions before they are asked. The members/potential members will ask the following:
1)Is the business idea solid?
2) Is there a sufficient market for the product or service?
3)Are the financial projections healthy, realistic, and in line with the investors’s expectations?
4)The key management described in the plan experienced and capable?
5)Does the plan clearly describe how the investors will get the return on their investment?
post your 300-400 word
Offer at least two 100-200 word comments (replies) to posts from your peers’ discussions
you will be graded using the following rubric and standard
You will be graded using the following rubric and standards.
Grading Rubric and Standards

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WK#2 BUS 6190 – Capstone

Week 2: Report Part One — General DefinitionsThis week you are putting together your first report in a chain of reports that will be parts of your final report. This aspect of the capstone will continue developing for five consecutive weeks until the final draft report of week 6. You have to adhere to APA 7.0 and cover the sections as required for a particular week. Now that the makeup of your team has been finalized and you have organized your team to manage the work ahead, for week two your report should contain (30 points- note the breakdown):
Cover Page (2 points)
Table of Contents (2 points)
Service and Product Offerings (5 points – 150 words)
Competitive Analysis (11 points)
Market Overview (Describe the Market You Are In) (5 points)
Relevant Market Size (5 points)
You must have a presentation of each week’s progress report using a video PowerPoint Presentation to the project owner—Use zoom to record the presentation and ensure a proper setting, appropriate dress, and professional presentation (10 points).
Fill out a Team Status Report by the end of the week and turn it in. There is a status report template in the attachment (10 points).
PresentationUpload your presentation. Review the tips included in the following link for preparing your presentation:…
Presentation Requirements:
Your presentation should be 10 minutes in duration.
Use PowerPoint slides (no more than 15 slides)
Do not use wordy slides and no more than TEN bullets in each slide
Do not use fancy fonts.
Dress nicely; make sure your background and lighting are appropriate. Your face should have enough lighting, do not sit with your back to a light source!
Look at the camera, do not look sideways.
Use zoom recording or similar, and make sure your video does not cover any part of the presentation.

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